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Actualized Clips Channel Launching Now!

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Love this channel already! I still prefer the longer, juicy videos, but this channel is still great for a few reasons. For one: It's good for discovering videos. Sometimes I, and I guess others too, won't watch a video because it just doesn't sound interesting to me. It might be interesting, but I don't necessarily know that just from the title. And I, as someone who is still working on building up patience, won't watch a video if I don't feel drawn to it. This clip channel is good for feeding people little bits and actually getting them exited about videos. So I think that it's a good way of promoting videos to our ADHD generation. xD

I also think that it's great in instances where you, for example, have to wait for a train and have 10 minutes to kill. It's not enough time for an entire 2 hour video, but it's just perfect for a small clip. Watching a clip here and there might actually be a good source of motivation.

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