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  1. Enjoy this perspective from Bashar about free will:
  2. Another beautiful perspective:
  3. This is a short question and answer excerpt from a woman with a channeled ET being who is part of the Essassani civilization we know from Bashar (who has also often talked about the future of our AI possibilities).
  4. Listen to this short fragment of Bashar talking about the government:
  5. Watch this recent docu serie:
  6. Most of the internet websites are built on apache server, php + mysql backend and vanilla html, css + javascript (or jquery js) frontends. Wordpress is still one of the largest overall frameworks used because of the previous decades of development and progression in terms of functionality and flexibility. If you wish to learn web development I advice you to look into php + mysql enough to understand and comprehend their usefulness. Mastering html, css and javascript is essential for all kinds of web development (and with some extra frameworks even for desktop or mobile app development). When you understand the basics of web development you can learn more specific modern approaches and frameworks to specialise in backend frameworks like Laravel (php), nodejs (javascript) or the many frontend frameworks like Svelte, Vue, React etc. There are a lot of job opportunities in the field of web development, because every aspect of our current society is in some way dependent on this technology. Every company, institution, project relies upon some kind of web presentation or product and is in need of capable technical partners who are able to create their unique visions or solve their problems. I guarantee you from personal experience that if you choose to be a responsible tech partner to your customers, empathic and self-reliable enough to translate their visions into practical solutions you will not lack opportunities for work. Everything you might need to learn can be found online these days, the most important question to ask yourself would be: 'What inspires me the most, what do I truly wish to develop, to learn, to create, to contribute in this phase of my personal growth?'. Just follow your highest excitement, to the best of your ability and you will experience through synchronicity all kinds of new opportunities and options to choose from professionally. Best php framework: Wordpress cms framework: Current state of javascript survey results: Current state of CSS survey results: Great youtube channels and videos for web development: Good luck!
  7. For me as a person from the Netherlands, I've always found it quite funny how much the average Americans are conditioned to believe that success is about some kind of fame, money, material gains, amounts of views, friends, followers etc. After some healthy spiritual growth anyone will see more clearly and understand that we are all creating our own personal and our collective reality experience, based on our beliefs and identifications. The simple question: 'What is MY definition of success?' will effectively clarify what you have been taught to believe about the nature of yourself and this reality in general. All kinds of limiting beliefs about scarcity or fear based ideas will become apparent, which can be consciously transformed or replaced with a broader, more enlightened perspective. The concept of 'success' does not have to be measurable in any physical or virtual way, it can just as well be comprised of all the subtle qualities you aspire or are divinely inspired about. I personally use the 'level of inspiration' that I sense as the only barometer or indication of discernment I need in life. Following this inner alignment with the highest frequencies within my consciousness has abundantly supported my well being, independence, creativity, sense of empowerment and freedom, in many valuable interactions, relationships and synchronicities which only point to a higher order of intelligence at play in our effortlessly unfolding journeys of life. For me individually these realisations and experiences feel as the best version of success I am able to imagine, including all the qualities I have ever dreamed about. I don't need the material or external validation to give myself permission to feel happy or successful. It is all imagination anyway, we are free to love and to create as we please. We are only ever in communication with ourselves, fighting, loving, competing, fucking, judging, forgiving ourselves. But we are, and have always been, free to choose, to define or to believe differently, and therefore create a new type of reality experience. Much love 💜👽🤘🏻
  8. I'm curious how this information is received:
  9. To me personally the energy of Andrew Tate comes across as a foolish infant who is not yet able to understand that he is only fucking himself over all the time by fighting his personal reality and exploiting others for his selfish gain. But I did not expect such a large percentage of human males would be so easily conditioned into believing that it might be beneficial to follow that type of example. I guess it all comes down to what you choose (or have been taught) to define as 'success', desirable, wisdom and freedom. Your definitions, expectations, thoughts, emotions and behaviours are the result of what you choose to believe and therefore create your reality by. I view the current state of our human civilisations indicative of the lack of proper spiritual guidance, education and true wisdom. It is my wish and I trust that the example of Andrew Tate will katalyse many into the next level of their spiritual development by at least wanting to go or actually choosing their own unique path to more liberation from the collective insanity in which they are born. In my eyes Andrew Tate is unconsciously embodying this desire for true freedom we all inherently feel are able to create. Similar to the phenomenon of how all kinds of 'conspiracy theories' seem interesting to the ones who are beginning to awaken to the true nature of reality and the self, which will be naturally transcended when more consciousness or wisdom is integrated. I truly invite anyone who reads this to honestly explore what your definition of success is. In order to firstly discover how much you have actually been conditioned into believing all that nonsense and by whom, and secondly to go way deeper into yourself and initiate or continue the most direct and fulfilling contact and relationship with your true divine nature. Once established and more often chosen to trust the intuitive guidance you may experience, you will naturally realise the absurdity of following someone else because they might have once symbolised within your consciousness the qualities you desire to embody. All that you perceive is coloured, or limited by your belief systems, you attract what you believe is possible and about yourself. The main reason I do feel attracted to Leo's type of communication is not the contents of the wisdom he shares, because that is very similar to what I have learned in my own personal path of spiritual enlightenment, but the attitude he brings as a reflection of the wake up call so many obviously need nowadays. Leo is a nice reminder to keep following my own truth and path in these challenging times of collective transformation. Do you want to pursue the illusions of this world or are you ready for the next dimension of experience? Much love 💜
  10. Check the video's from this youtube channel about various kinds of corruption in contemporary companies and organisations: