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  1. This well spoken young (24) guest on this podcast shares some balanced perspectives on the current mental health of today's girls and young women.
  2. I think it's quite funny that Russell in this specific video actually looks like how a typical terrorist has long been presented in mainstream media.
  3. The guest is one of the sons of this earlier guest on this podcast who has had some interesting contact experiences:
  4. For anyone who still enjoys books and resonates with higher intelligence, I highly recommend the 'Seth books', channeled by Jane Roberts in the 70's & 80s. This is a video by Brian Scott who reads a chapter about God and creation from one the books which is a very beautiful perspective you can enjoy as a meditation or visualization: Two of my favorite Seth books are:
  5. Mainstream coverage is becoming more serious:
  6. In this clip from an interview with Darryl Anka, who has now channeled Bashar (an essassani hybrid ET being) over the last 40 years, he explains some of the aspects involving first contact with ET species from Bashar's point of view: The documentary Darryl Anka has made titled: 'First Contact' and referenced at the end of this interview clip can also be viewed on youtube here: This documentary tells the story of how Darryl became a channel for Bashar and sheds some light on the channeling process, a natural ability of our 'human' consciousness being in resonance with higher dimensional information and translating that inspiration into art, writing, music or verbal expression. It also goes into some of the main spiritual teachings and topics Bashar has shared with humanity about existence, consciousness, god, et civilisations, ufo technology and our part in all that is. The enormous body of detailed information these last 40 years of regular transmissions from Bashar include in depth answers to almost all topics humans have wondered about and are able to imagine questions about to even ask an alien. Highly recommended to explore for anyone who is interested in aligning with alien consciousness. Another short excerpt from the full transmission titled 'The Protocols of First Contact' in which many steps involved in the process of open contact with other ET civilisations are explained: The full length video's can be bought through the official Bashar TV session archive: An interesting answer to a question about how contact with his civilisation could be experienced: This fragment illustrates how our mind would react to being in their alien presence: Their Invitation:
  7. This is the earlier interview with Jake Paul by Aubrey Marcus which is referenced in the first part of the previous conversation:
  8. I enjoyed this contemporary conversation, perhaps quite a milestone for the average Jake Paul community members:
  9. This is the tv item with the accusations of the women:
  10. (These links are not embeddable as inline video's because of the limited sharing rights the owner of this channel has configured, someone who is posting a lot of excerpts and some full events by Bashar like this one illegally, but enjoy the spiritual wisdom and meditation while you can) Bashar Channeling - REINCARNATION. A Deeper Explanation 1of3 Bashar Channeling - REINCARNATION. A Deeper Explanation 2of3 Bashar Channeling - REINCARNATION. A Deeper Explanation 3of3 - The MEDITATION
  11. This is a recent summary and some reactions and info about what is currently (after last week's hearing) being discussed:
  12. Vashta Narada is an intuitive artist who creates realistic visualisations of the cosmic connections of her clients using 3d modelling software, usually with a message for the client from the being(s). Check her many artworks of ET's on her website: This Reuben Langdon interview with her used to be on youtube but is now part of a Gaia series about channelers (Interviews with Extra Dimensionals):