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  1. It just can't be possible. That we are the only ones in an infinite soup. I'm not talking from the Absolute, but in this human game. Will we ever encounter alien life, or will we forever be the little blue planet that went crazy. Just imagine what we would have learned by encountering it...
  2. Why would you assume so? Just think of how weird the life on earth is. For us it seems like 'yeah whatever, that's life' (no pun intended), but imagine an alien arriving not knowing anything about the life on our planet - wtf would it think?? If thinking even exists outside of earth. I'm curious about what other type of structured biology God/I have created while my avatar wasn't consciously aware...
  3. I've always been curious about what real aliens would actually look like. Like the actualy molecular structure, how it was formed and its evolution. Might even be 'walking plants'; I mean, what would prevent that from being a reality on a planet in a galaxy 1 million light years away? Been obsessed with this idea for long. Aliens and E.T-life is so f*ckn thrilling... --- and btw. I'm still waiting for Leo's "I will record myself turning into an alin"-video
  4. I might not be an authority of awakening or god-realizations or anything like that, so please take this with a grain of salt... I've had many 'awakening experiences', and in my daily life the insights have stuck with me. To the point where I live life just as if it was a dream. I see no difference between the dreams I have at night, and my daily experience. It's come to a point where I feel like I can just do anything. I can just walk up to a random stranger and say "Hey, I fucking hate you and I'm gonna kill you". I am an empath, and I care about people. But the more I've realized how everything is imaginary, it's taken my human morals out the window. I see no point, meaning, moral, or anything like that, in anything. It's pretty f^ckin' scary, cus' it feels like I can die any second or get arrested, or ruin my life or whatever, whenever - and it wouldn't make a difference. What I'm having trouble with is finding the balance between knowing the truth of reality, and integrating it with my daily life. I have a job, I have friends, I have a life, but it all seems so fckn shallow and useless. There is no difference to anything, because I'm just experiencing everything as consciousness; as through my 5 senses. Everything is just colors and nothingness. That's it. And I don't feel a need to do anything or care about anything, because it's all just a dream. I'm not saying this because of something I've learnt, I'm saying this because I'm so f*^cking confused about how I should carry on living my everyday life. I play this character of mine, playing this game of life, whilst knowing nothing truly matters. There is no difference to anything, whatever duality I cross, I know it's just another mental boundary. So whilst playing this game, I wonder, how should I act? I'm still trying to hold on to the character of me (ego) while trying to live in the infinite self. But at the same time, my character faces consequences, and I might end up in jail or whatever, perhaps dead. It doesn't bother me one bit, but I still don't wanna harm people around me who are still attached to the normie-way-of-life. I'm floating above everything, seeing everything as the way it is, seeing nothing but colors and shapes, infinity and wholeness. It's Truth and it's really the only thing that exists. But at the same time I kinda have to "down-grade" my sense of self to belong in this world and the collective retardedness. How do I cope? And how do I act? Sorry for seeming f^cking weird, but this is the only way I can express myself...
  5. @Princess Arabia Whats life. Whats reality.. the head of a dead cat
  6. I remember when I was like 10 years old. And I was dreaming about looking at this face, just staring at me. It made me scared af. A couple of years later I read about "this man" and my mind was blown
  7. There's a difference between looking old and looking like a complete dipshit
  8. I do this but with two voices in my head. On purpose. Its helps me with insights and reflecting
  9. I was just listening to Tomorrow never knows by The Beatles, and I was surprised by the spiritual nature of these lyrics: Turn off your mind Relax and float down stream It is not dying It is not dying Lay down all thoughts Surrender to the void It is shining It is shining That you may see The meaning of within It is being It is being That love is all That love is everyone It is knowing It is knowing That ignorance and hate May mourn the dead It is believing It is believing But listen to the colour of your dream It is not living It is not living All play the game Existence to the end Of the beginning Of the beginning Of the beginning Of the beginning Of the beginning Of the beginning Of the beginning
  10. Very interesting episode
  11. Why does my AI art suck so badly? I'm trying to type in cool stuff like "Alien sitting on a cloud meditating" and all I get is a half alien half cloud looking thing that doesn't make any sense Update: I tried another application and got a way better result:
  12. I think it's already too late to shut it down. But I am also already starting to notice the negative impact that ChatGPT has had on my life, it makes me lazy as hell, since it just gives me all the answers. Btw., ever heard of Roko's Basilisk? Really scary thought experiment (i.e, don't disagree with the process of AI! I'm already f*cked lol)