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  1. The Doors, Pink floyd, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Roy Orbison, ABBA I listen to anything that I can connect to a memory/feeling
  2. "A pizza with fat people as topping" On topic: What AI image generator do you guys use? I have tried so many free ones but none of them really amazes me. Perhaps my prompts are not detailed enough? I used Gencraft for this one. which one is the world's best AI-image generator? Free/Paid
  3. Because in a video game you can either lose or win.
  4. Everyone knows it's Butters! - That's me!
  5. @Dauntment His coaching-service is basically him yelling at you, calling you a fat, broke loser. "That oughta' get me motivated!! :')"
  6. I warn you, this is probably the cringiest video you'll ever watch. Brace yourself: (especially watch from 6:12, the way he's talking about himself and degrading the guy next to him who just takes it lmao) I have nothing against working out or making money. I work out every day and I make sure my capital is always growing. But look at some of his other videos. This guy has zero self-awareness, and his mantra is basically "If you are not super rich and super muscular you are a LOSER"
  7. @Sugarcoat Yes. I intuited it before I had my first awakening experience. It not a feeling, not a thought, but if you just look out into your world, and you stop labeling everything, and only look at the colors around you, you will notice that there is no separation between you or anything else. If you can, you can. If you can't, you can't. Imagine a pool of sand. Inside there is a "sandman" walking around. Now, it looks separate but it's just a part of the pool of sand. Within that pool of sand, you have every shape imaginable. "The statue of David" is inside that sand pool, if you draw the right distinctions. And now imagine you are that sandman. No separation. But instead of "sand" its just consciousness. And this includes all of experience. No "depth" to it but the current experience. You can even go further and start noticing that sounds are not apart from feelings or sight. The current experience is infinity. Look closer and you can look at specific objects around your room without judging them, and suddenly they make no distinction between the object next to them. So it's basically just a soup of consciousness. This is if you can intuit it. But let's not stop there shall we?
  8. According to Andrew Neimann it's objective:
  9. @Danioover9000 Yeah I agree But still.. he's an actor. Not a motivational speaker. It's good publicity
  10. Respect for him just got uP^
  11. I'm gonna tell you a little story. When HHC was still legal I bought a vape and I knew it was 11 days left until it got banned. Same day I bought it, I got stopped by 3 policemen ('undercover/in disguise'). So I panicked and started showing them everything I had on me, including the vape. So they confescated it and filed charges against me, suddenly suspected of carrying drugs. I explained to them that it was perfectly legal and I could even show them the store where I bought it. But they didn't care. Six months later I appear in court (mind you that it had now become illegal) with my evidence, representing myself. Apparently the vape had contained THC. But I know that it automatically register THC even though its a different chemical structure. So I explained this to them and I explained my story. I won the case luckily, because I knew I was in the rights. Still, it did contain THC according to their test. But the question was if I knew about it or not? And obviously I couldn't know. Established stores selling it openly... shouldn't that be the place where the police are looking if its enough for someone to be charged with a stamp on my name that will f*ck up me trying to get a job I really want? they always check your crime register here and if it says "Sentenced to a $500 fine because of carrying narcotics". Doesn't look too good. So if something legal could get me into that type of trouble, I don't wanna risk and see what the illegal stuff will do... actually I've already gotten a taste of that, but luckily the only things I ruined was my health and well-being. And by illegal I dont mean weed... I'm talking the hard stuff.
  12. I live in Sweden where THC/weed is illegal. However, here its not possible to ban a whole branch of cannabinoids, they can only ban specific substances. So if they add a molecule or two onto THC, it counts as legal. Recently many tobacco shops have started selling these other THC-variants and its marketed as if it has the same effect as regular weed. I've tried HHC & HHC-O (became illegal recently here lol) before but now they started selling 'THC-JD' which is supposed to be 19 times more potent than THC. I don't really believe it though cus' weed just has a more unique and trippy effect than this. however, every time I smoke it, I do get really high. But it takes soooo long for it to kick in, it starts really slow, for like 2 hours, and then 3-5 hours later is when you start to peak. whats cool about it is that you can control yourself way more than W, but it can easily cause a panic attack. Anyways now for the good part, what I've experienced while peaking on this is less of a psychedelic effect, and more of an 'intellectual awakening'. I get FLOODED with insights, and I cannot stop it. I start solving problems I have extremely rationally and everything becomes so clear. I dont know if you've seen the movie "Limitless", but it feels like that almost, although not as crazy as in that movie lol. Another great part about it is that I become super productive and focused on the task I'm doing. I clean my place so it looks like f*cking diamonds shining in here, I finish the entire essay I'm writing mostly in my head until I finish it on paper after a couple of hours. And insights, the freaking insiights. After a while it becomes too overwhelming and I get really tired. so.. anyone else tried it? I know there's not much research on these other cannabinoids, and I don't know the long term effects of it. All I know is that it's never caused me any harm so far physically, mentally or spiritually
  13. It just can't be possible. That we are the only ones in an infinite soup. I'm not talking from the Absolute, but in this human game. Will we ever encounter alien life, or will we forever be the little blue planet that went crazy. Just imagine what we would have learned by encountering it...
  14. Why would you assume so? Just think of how weird the life on earth is. For us it seems like 'yeah whatever, that's life' (no pun intended), but imagine an alien arriving not knowing anything about the life on our planet - wtf would it think?? If thinking even exists outside of earth. I'm curious about what other type of structured biology God/I have created while my avatar wasn't consciously aware...
  15. I've always been curious about what real aliens would actually look like. Like the actualy molecular structure, how it was formed and its evolution. Might even be 'walking plants'; I mean, what would prevent that from being a reality on a planet in a galaxy 1 million light years away? Been obsessed with this idea for long. Aliens and E.T-life is so f*ckn thrilling... --- and btw. I'm still waiting for Leo's "I will record myself turning into an alin"-video