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  1. If I'd say Yes I'd be lying and thus not keeping my integrity.
  2. @AtheisticNonduality I think so too. And I HOPE this is just the beginning. Because when I listen to some of his latest videos, there are certain subjects and stuff I have never heard about before but are still very fundamental. I guess perhaps one way would be that in the future when psychedelics become more "mainstream" Actualized might make a bigger connection to just that. But these are just ideas. I wonder what this will actually evolve into...
  3. I've always been curious to know about this, if people let's say in 500 years will look back at Leo and his teachings, how will they see the impact this channel alone has had? Perhaps it will have made a fundamental change in history? I guess it also depends on how you define advanced and what constitutes as an impact. It can be quite difficult to see also because of the many many different views all over the internet. Way more complex than it was before, I guess more difficult to have a major impact nowadays? I know that many of his teachings are not unique in the sense of that it has not been mentioned before in certain cultures or religions or whatever. But they are in the sense of presentation perhaps and also the complexity of combining so many topics into one "red line" of understanding. Please elaborate further if you wish! Curious to see your thoughts.
  4. I wonder how this could be used for a spiritual purpose, to kind of appreciate life more, or perhaps a form of meditation?
  5. This guys does not have a lot of followers but I have never heard anyone speak so clearly on the topic of meditation and spiritual enlightenment as he does. Give it a shot, you won't regret it
  6. Do you ever experience this? Lately whenever I wake up, for the first five seconds I have no idea who or what I am. There is this extremely powerful, overwhelming feeling of existential wonder that hits me, like a feeling of "what is life? Am I actually alive? Wtf is this?". I am still aware of everything, it's just like pure awareness without any sort of knowledge about anything. To be honest it is quite frightening at times but still it feels very spiritual in nature. Kind of like during an extremely intense psychedelic experience where you reach ego-death. I don't know how this short experience could benefit me on my path but I still believe there's something to it. My dreams lately are also extremely intense and they always share common themes. I used to have nightmares pretty much every night for the past months but now suddenly my dreams seems more like a therapeutic session where I resolve deep issues within myself. Anyone else experienced something similar?
  7. I think calmness and peace is your natural state of mind. It is what you are fundamentally underneath all attachments and emotions and thoughts etc. So it's not about eradicating anything, but just becoming more conscious of what's beneath, becoming more conscious of who you really are, and from there expectations and attachments will not matter anymore
  8. SWEDE CHECKING IN! Anyone living in Malmö? Actually Sweden is a very evolved country in terms of collective consciousness compared to many other countries and we should be grateful that we are living here.
  9. How much are you dependant on survival? Is the question you have to ask yourself. What you might consider 'low consciousness' is when you are driven by fear because you want to survive. The 'higher consciousness' is going beyond just mere survival and focusing on higher pursuits, you are not run by fear.
  10. It's all relative to the situation. Sometimes I can be a social retard and sometimes I can even impress myself
  11. "Happier" how? One of the biggest traps you can get into is believing that wealthy people are happier
  12. Kinda like this? I really enjoy editing videos etc. but I am not sure I have enough experience though since I've mostly done it as a hobby. Will be interesting to see the results of this new channel of yours!
  13. Sorry for clickbait, but I highly recommend this documentary. Been contemplating what 'Death' is a lot lately, (no big deal, whazzeva') and it's very interesting to see what the mindset is of someone wanting to face their own cessation.