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  1. This kinda gives suicide bombers/9/11-hijackers a whole different perspective. Surrendering yourself to God/Allah. I guess the fastest way to realize your true nature without all the hassle Lol.
  2. Ok not the actual Einstein obviously, but his dream character. I have very vivis, lucid dreams almost every night along with other strange things, and I sometimes like to manifest certain people who I can talk to. So yesterday night I decided I wanted to manifest Albert Einstein and talk to him. First I had to imagine a room with a bunch of scientists, along with many books and make it look a bit "academic" per se. Once I had done that the people were quite vague/abstract so I had to sit down and talk to one of them, and this was some Indian man I had never seen before. He asked me what I wanted and I said that if I could start my life over I would go into physics and try to understand the fabric of reality and the nature of existence, but the only problem is I SUCK AT MATH. He laughed and told me it's not too late to start learning. Then I finally saw Einstein sitting across the room so I walked up to him and I sat down and asked him kindly: What is the secret behind your genius? He asked me to repeat the question a few times since he was old and I spoke a bit too fast. And then he simply answered: The search for Love. I got kind of baffled by his answer and didn't quite understand it intellectually, but for some reason I started to cry out of joy. I kinda "got it". He then stood up and started walking away, stopped and turned around and said "Remember you cannot buy Love". I took that as a bit of a personal message for myself and my own life. Just wanted to share, thought it was a cool experience. Perhaps tonight I'm able to talk to Ghandi or perhaps even Jesus
  3. Damn that sounds interesting. Def. looking into this more, thank you!
  4. I've made a similar post like this before (deleted though) on the topic of using dreams as a tool for awakening. Now it's been more than a year and I've gotten further in my process. Anyways. Although I've dabbled with psychedelics and 'enlightenment-work' for years now, I've never really had the breakthroughs I've been looking for - except for when I'm sleeping. This might sound weird but just keep an open mind. I've always been naturally 'gifted' when it comes to lucid dreaming, astral projection and such, it's never really been a big thing for me, but lately my dreams and my sleep has spiraled out of control. Much to a point where I'm even scared to sleep at times. For example yesterday night, I fell asleep, waking up in another room in my apartment. Knowing I was dreaming. Suddenly this bear comes to me and starts cuddling with me. I can actually like feel the bear 100% as if it's real. No difference between the normal Awake-feeling and lucid dreaming at this point. Only difference is I'm aware that I am asleep. So I use this opportunity to start "experimenting" within the dream. I try to keep control of the dream but suddenly the bear starts attacking me, and I can feel his claws ripping through my skin and it hurts like hell. Eventually he eats my entire head and I feel the worst pain I've ever experienced along with death-anxiety. Suddenly I wake up on a farm, still knowing that I'm dreaming but at this point I'm so confused whether or not I'm dead or just asleep that I'm starting to doubt the difference between being awake and sleeping. So on this farm, everything is so bright, like a beautiful summer day, and the colors are so f*cking vibrant and beautiful that I start crying out of pure bliss and Love. It becomes so beautiful that my entire being melts into the scenery and by then "I" realize that I am this beautiful dream and that I am God. This lasts for a few seconds. Absolute f*cking infinity. And boom, I wake up somewhere else, in an apocalyptic scenario where I am another character/ego. I see comets flying around, I am getting tossed around, experiencing panic and pain, and trying to escape and find a safe spot. By this time I go into normal dream-mode where it's like a movie being played with a bunch of symbolisms from my daily life. I can actually pin-point certain details within the dream and see how they connect to my everyday life, my problems, my goals, relationship with people etc. Another crazy thing here is that I'm sometimes able to predict the future. Here is where it gets really f*cking strange. I don't believe I have psychic abilities or anything, but yesterday I dreamt that I got a message from the company that owns the building/apartmentI live in. They have never contacted me before, and when they did in the dream I got anxiety for some reason. And just a couple of hours ago they actually called and asked me to book a time for an inspection. Stuff like this happens to me sometimes so I wasn't THAT surprised, but still it's so mindf*cking and strange that it makes me question a lot. So anyways, after this normal-dream-scenario ends I wake up again, somewhere else, experiencing the same apocalyptic scenario but as a different ego, until I eventually die/something big happens in the dream and I wake up again as someone else. This goes on for like 5 times and for every "character" it just gets more and more intense and real. Eventually it gets so real that I start to "wake up within the dream world" and I become fully conscious that I am dreaming, I am this dream, and I enter God-mode once again. And then I actually woke up for real, from my sleep, I was in my bed and for a few seconds I was still in this God-state. It slowly faded away though, and I fell back into sleep, this time in a lucid dream world where I can create everything I want. So I was between being awake and sleeping, and I could basically just close my eyes whenever I wanted and think of something, and I ended up there (almost exactly the same), with the people I wanted and so on. It wasn't "perfectly matched" but it was quite close. You can imagine what I created within the dream, since I'm a guy and hey, why not take the chance to have sex with your dream-woman right? So I do. She's there. I can actually feel her physically as if it was totally real. Awesome, a little sex woweee, and then another woman, same thing touchy touchy, exciting exciting. And then I actually wake up from my sleep and I'm done. So I know this might sound surreal, and it is. I don't know if this has a lot to do with God-realization but I actually feel that the insights I gain from these dreams have an incredible impact on my "awakening-process". I've had cool insights and experiences on psychedelic but nothing as intense as during my dreams. I don't know why this happens, maybe because my mind is more free, and it becomes so obvious when I'm actually dreaming since I am not connected to my body as much, that I am consciousness itself, just basically everything that is going on. But at the same time I don't feel like it's Really there yet, since it's still a bit "mindy" in the way where I can almost feel my Mind being God and doing all the work, so it's still like I am a bit inside my head. Difficult to explain. Sorry for a long-ass post, but I just had to share this and see if anyone else have had similar experiences
  5. I don't think you can awaken by reading a title. It takes serious work, just like anything
  6. There's plenty of people already, we don't need more
  7. It's the weekend. Ofc he's out banging babes in Vegas, what else are you gonna do? Be like me and just sit and meditate all day and then browse the Actualized forum? Come on, he ain't a loser! >:-(
  8. Does this mean we get to learn how to get a hot alien girlfriend too? I've kinda' given up on the witch already :'(
  9. Not always true. There could be logical reasons that makes them keep their guard up. For example a woman can be so attracted to you and still so unsure of herself that she will subconsciously find ways to mess it up, in order to protect herself. Most guys take every rejection as a personal thing, for example "Oh she doesn't like me, not attracted to me, I am worthless" while it's actually just on her. A man has to be like a damn rock. It's def. not easy for men but once you understand female nature things become so transparent and obvious. In essence, never take it personally when a woman rejects you.
  10. Back in 2014. Became a subscriber in 2015 when Leo started talking about spiritual enlightenment. Had an awakening experience a few weeks later and then I was hooked
  11. You actually can be sure of that if you really wanna be logical. Just ask yourself the question if you have ever experienced anything outside of you? Everything you've ever experienced or interacted with has been "through" you and consciousness. You are it. The separation happens through learning "this is you and that is not you". It's just like a video game, the character seems separate from all the other characters but is actually just made up of pixels like the other characters, i.e they're the same. This is pretty basic stuff on an intellectual level, which is also pointless af. unless it's used for motivation of actually pursuing the realization itself.