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  1. @Thunder Kiss I can relate to this. For me I feel like I need to just look for Truth. Not only the big thing, but like actually being totally honest with myself and others. I've kept so many things within throughout my years that have weighed me down. My advice would be to talk to a therapist and open yourself up. It can work wonders. Also, realize you're just getting older. They say when you get older your heart dies, but only if you let it. We get so caught up with the mundane things of life that we lose touch with our inner being. We stop growing and we stop being authentic. But still remember, you are not the same person you were back then either. Perhaps something happened in your life? Some unresolved trauma? Whatever it is, finding that inner child again is a quest that's most def. worth pursuing. Sometimes it can also be that you have become so sick and tired of You or just your circumstances. Me for example, I always feel like I need to move around, meet new people, become more and experience more Life. If I stay the same I become miserable. This is both a flaw of me, and a strength. How to be more alive? I'd say to dare more. Be more than what you think you are. Your identity is not fully formed yet, no matter what psychologists wanna say, we are always changing. You can be and do anything you want man. Take life seriously, but realize it's all just a game in the end. The fact that you are even alive is infinitely small. Another quite controversial thought that at least helps me (please don't ban me for this), is that there is always an Exit button. Think about it. You can always choose to end your life whenever you want. Isn't that like the greatest freedom ever? So f*ck it, just live.
  2. Being trapped at home all day is also indirect murder of our lives and mental health
  3. That nothing is permanent Also, to get attached to people or things and to lose them.
  4. Yes, according to Goffman
  5. @Leo Gura Or when you date a girl for 3 months, everything is perfect, you start to fall in love, she tells you she wants you exclusively, you do nothing wrong, and then you suddenly get blocked by her on every social media/communication platform without ANY explanation. Talk about pain and confusion To this day I still wonder wtf happened
  6. @Thought Art I don't wanna come off as racist or anything like that, but dating Chinese women can be quite the challenge and a lot of cultural differences can be shown. They are not scared of stating their opinion either. If they do not like you or something, they WILL let you know. First time I went on a date with a Chinese woman we ended up arguing the entire date. It was horrible. That cultural gap can have a big effect if you are not prepared.
  7. Looks like when an airplane's lights casually drifts in and out of dusty air
  8. Sounds like you're using the wrong tool. Cool thesis though but very risky.
  9. Leave that shit alone, seriously. It can f*ck up your brain and cause a serious psychosis. Hyoscyamine is one of the chemicals that makes you high through that drug but it's purpose is like the opposite of raising your consciousness.
  10. Watching this interview right now and Carlo has some interesting things to say. Still many things seem very confusing and it feels very "technical" when he talks about consciousness. Check it out!
  11. Sounds like a constrained version of nihilism. There is no point and that's neither positive or negative. I guess your belief of there being a point/purpose to life and things is still stronger than your realisations. Beliefs that have been carried with you since you were a child will not just disappear because of experiences. It takes a lot of time to integrate truths, and that requires a lot of work too. That is what I think is the trickiest about this whole journey.
  12. @Consilience I understood it as having to embrace paradox in order to resolve the type of questions I ask. Because my questions desire an explanation of what I would consider logical. But logic is obviously not the best tool if you want to awaken haha. And then actually fully embracing it (in an embodied way) is the difficult part
  13. @Yarco Lol true. I guess this all-encapsualting Infinity is something I have yet to discover.