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  1. You actually can be sure of that if you really wanna be logical. Just ask yourself the question if you have ever experienced anything outside of you? Everything you've ever experienced or interacted with has been "through" you and consciousness. You are it. The separation happens through learning "this is you and that is not you". It's just like a video game, the character seems separate from all the other characters but is actually just made up of pixels like the other characters, i.e they're the same. This is pretty basic stuff on an intellectual level, which is also pointless af. unless it's used for motivation of actually pursuing the realization itself.
  2. Can't you see If you go so far that it lets you affect your mental health then honestly: Wtf are you doing? How can you trust ANY teacher that much except for yourself? Leo has stated so many times that it's your own experience and journey that counts the most. Everything else is secondary. His teachings are meant to be used as a guidance/motivation. Not the ultimate truth. Imagine it like this: He's watching a movie, and he's slowly explaining the entire movie bit by bit. But then of course the movie can change, and things can get contradictive. He himself hasn't even finished the movie yet, therefore he cannot know how it ends, if it even does which it probably doesn't. The point he is actually trying to make is for you to go watch the movie for yourself. His words can be a motivation for you to go and watch it, and he can analyze it through his own personal experience, and that could help you, but ultimately you have to go watch it to understand Why make this about HIM? You haven't learned anything it seems. Or maybe you have but you've def. missed the grand point. Sorry for sounding rude
  3. Personality "types" are so limited and such a waste of time tbh
  4. My dad always used to take me out to restaurants when I was younger and then we went to the cinema, we did this every weekend and I really loved doing that. He also always enjoyed playing with me and my toys, trying to understand what I was trying to achieve, engaging while I was playing in my own little fantasy world. Always without judgement
  5. My top 3 favorite songs of all time... (nothing tops it. Makes you never wanna waste time again) and (swedish song, about a druggie. Lyrics are phenomenal and one can only truly appreciate the song if you've been in the same situation) and (Psychedelic masterpiece)
  6. Might turn into a troll-dungeon
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. If you feel shitty after doing it, then don't do it. But I don't think there's anything bad about fapping and releasing semen. Most people who are into the whole NoFap thing (me for example) don't understand that it's mostly a belief. You expect to feel shitty after, and so you do. You expect to feel good if you don't and so you feel good when you don't do it. If you're in that cycle of belief then either you change your belief, or you stay in the cycle. What's mostly worth while for you? I've already accepted that I'm so invested into the belief so I just don't fap, and I it doesn't bother me at all. If my body needs to release semen it will through wet dreams, or I just have sex. Porn however is a different story.
  9. There is always an exit button, and that's such a relief. Don't press it though, cus' then you miss out on all the beauties of the dream experience
  10. Don't fall too easily, trust me on this one. Keep options open
  11. @Someone here Don't mistake a prolonged insight into awakening. I had a very intense insight and solipsism-experience watching his blog-video explaining Why he took it down, it doesn't mean I'm awoken now. Maybe I'm 0.5% more awake, but still it's something
  12. I don't remember being born, it must've been during one of my blackouts -Jim Morrisson
  13. I found my dream girl (my ex), until I realized she wasn't my dream girl. There's no such thing. And if there would be, it would be damn boring
  14. I once started dancing like this when I lived at home with my parents. They requested that I talk to a therapist.