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  1. @eaaaeaeae you're amazing Eaaaeaeae. Thank You After going through pretty much all the videos looking for the line, i came back here and voila. your memory is one of a kind! It's a shame google results don't help with this. Maybe just how I used it. Thanks to everyone else who chimed in! edit- and the Alexander story was also a "great" one to be reminded of. Not sure if it was the one I was thinking about but equally well told.
  2. @FlyingLotus ❤️ you put me in the right direction. Thanks! I have no idea either but at least I can better remember the details now. I'll update you if I do find the video. If anything, its a practice in detachment if i never find it. again thanks.
  3. @FlyingLotus holy shit that is the one. Thank you so much. Do you know what video it is?
  4. It was in one of Leo's earlier videos. He was talking about a king-type character and a peasant-type character. The king was boasting about having all the money, looks, etc. in the world. I just remember the peasant having the last laugh since he did not need all that. I've watched about 30 videos now so gave up on finding it. Could be in the Life purpose course. Looked there too Damn now i'm thinking that it could be on the blog too. Doom. If the clip master could remember and upload this , this thread would be worth it.
  5. @sethman 2x speed done. also he has shorter videos one of the greatest episodes was like 5hours. i love that.
  6. Someone in my life (related to me) used to be toxic for me. There was screaming and anger and fear tied up with them. They were an unhealthy authority figure in my life. as I gained independence and freedom, we lost touch. i reconnected with said person expecting the same patterns to unfold. i was pleasantly surprised. It did not happen. It was like the person I was talking to (the person that they used to be from my perspective) was gone. the funniest thing? there's a part of me that misses that person. NOT the dynamic but the person. They seem so detached now and at peace. I'm happy for them and maybe I can now get to know them on a deeper level. Have you seen the same thing in your relationships? I was going to post this in dating/relationships/ but it's not about sex so mods you tell me.
  7. @Leo Gura so quotable. such truth
  8. i have no idea and wonder this sometimes.
  9. lol.. dude, you'll be 22 and asking "am i too old now?" If I interpret your question differently, reading that from wisdom, you might be onto something. You could be too young to be *fully* self-actualized. That means you don't know left from right. If you want to change that, go into things with more skepticism. Do you really understand what Leo is saying? to what extent? you want to ignite that youthful probing and shift gears from passive to engaged. Engagement is finding out for yourself. Observe yourself more closely. Beyond talking points. Until you are truly confused. Throw away everything. That's what comes to mind when i read your post.
  10. Just a lil update guys. I'm starting to feel a little buyer's remorse (though it was free). One thing not to do? Check anti vax opinions after getting your 1st dose. I'm 24 so probably didn't need it but just felt impelled to as why the hell not. I have had a headache all day. Sore arm is nothing to write about as that's with any shot. edit- feeling ok now 11pm maybe i was being dramatic. took a Tylenol
  11. Just saying if anyone cares. I waited til Leo got his. Hopefully he's not lying about it.
  12. damn op you're smart for this.
  13. I've come to this conclusion after thinking about how I've spent >5% of my waking hours listening to a talking head. And i AINT Talking about Leo
  14. @Preety_India ahh they are so cute. Thanks for posting. @Tim R ok you win with those insects. I’ll look up those deep sea creatures @blankisomeone indeed @Reciprocality I haven’t been called odd looking but I’m sure my dog thinks it good points ?
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/23/learning/explore-the-world-with-these-100-country-quizzes.html This is a nice resource to explore different places online. Challenge your knowledge of places around the world