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  1. Does anyone have a link to the video? I see that this video is no longer available.
  2. @Carl-Richard Great insight! Wow this is an amazing, good quality thread. Keep the insights coming! I think we can all benefit from integrating lower aspects of the spiral and sharing our journey along the way.
  3. I get what you're saying and I agree, that the decision to explore alternative healing methods lies with the individual. It is crucial to exercise critical thinking, evaluate scientific validity, and consider the potential risks and benefits of any treatment or healing approach. However, I was just curious if you had any room for considering, that genetics isn't a predetermined factor since this is your current perceived reality, that you keep coming back to. I reckon, that in order for you to go through all these alternative approaches, you've held such a position too, but have come to a point of exhaustion and acceptance(?) Yet my intention for showcasing the examples is to give you some hope, alas I know hope might be the last thing you're looking for, as you don't want any more disappointment. Even though you could argue that his (JD) research is cherry-picked, it doesn't rebut the original statement(or other researchers on the area producing similar results + the research published in major research papers on the effects), that epigenetics is a well-accepted notion within science, and your gene expression is adaptable and not determined per se, and there's still more hope/work for you to do
  4. I'm curious Leo. How do you view the results many ascribe to following JD's work? I mean there are hundreds of videotestimonials online, and I've even cured a few doing his work. Have you ever thought about going? There are all kinds of people who've multiple chronic conditions. I mean multiple people with stage 4 cancer healed. There's a woman who got her thyroid removed, and it grew back after attending one of his events, and there's medical evidence for that. I mean, science is showing us that genetic expression isn't ultimate, which we can switch on/off(epigenetically), and I think those people are proof of that. But ultimately it's your experience, and I don't know what you're going through, yet I'm curious if is this something you've considered as part of your reality?
  5. @Leo Gura With all compassion and understanding of your situation must be difficult, I wonder if you've tried homeopathy for your thyroid condition? It has proven effective for treating chronic conditions in my and a few of my close people's cases.
  6. I recommend watching his announcement full speech. I'm waiting to see the development of this guy, he still got a lot to prove in terms of political agility and actual negotiation muscle in politics(even though he won several law cases against Monsanto as a lawyer, which still says a lot), yet he is sounding more loving, understanding and has a deep introspective system approach to issues while appealing to a communitive spirit amongst Americans. I think he has a huge potential, however, he is faced with inertia within his own party (look how it went for Bernie Sanders). He def. seems like a more conscious leader, than the alternatives atm
  7. Depending on your goal and intention of course, I believe (for most people) that it has the potential (especially) people in their youth, to expose triggers and shadows and allow them an opportunity to integrate it healthily, paving the way for a more healthy integrative spiritual awakening. I mean Lahiria Mahasaya had a wife..
  8. @integral Look I know how you're feeling. I've been living with my girlfriend for the past 1.5 years. And it has been difficult. Especially since I worked on starting my own business, from home, while moving in with her. I rented an office in the beginning as she was studying at home as well, or went to the library. She's normally a person that needs a lot of time together. Where I want to be focused on routines and my life purpose, working on weekends and 10-12 hour days. That was really difficult in the beginning. But I told her I needed space, I had a proper schedule and , since she's like you in many senses, she asks for random stuff a lot of the time. Hugs, kisses, etc. I even made a "don't disturb-hat". As long as I was wearing this, it meant that I was in no disturbance mode. And she knew she couldn't talk to me during the period I was wearing the hat. So far it has worked out pretty well. What I would suggest is: 1. Set up clear zones and schedule accordingly, knowing the times she CANNOT disturb. YOu have to be super firm and consequent about this. 2. Let her know your priorities. My girlfriend knows I love my work and my life's purpose 3. Include her in your routines. Read personal development books(like David Deida). Meditate with her. Work out etc. If you live with her, it is your responsibility to level up WITH her. You have to take the lead, and show her your world. (like you're already doing). 4. Depending on your goal, use her as a way to work with yourself. (See Leo's video on how to exploit unconscious people for your growth - something like that) 4a. Watch out for your need to please her. Hope this helps somewhat.
  9. By the way, imagine that Apple (or any other company) could feed an AI all the information and dialogues Steve Jobs had, thereby creating an "imaginary" Steve Jobs that the company could use to consult it on a variety of challenges. Now that puts consulting to another level..
  10. This is amazing. I'm really, really impressed and in awe... the potential of AI is getting to me.. And this is just the beginning. See for yourself: Originally from here: https://podcast.ai/
  11. @zurew @Leo Gura this is hilarious "Make 1 pick-up line from each stage of consciousness": Beige (survival consciousness): "Hey, do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes." Purple (tribal consciousness): "Are you a tribe leader? Because you're the one in charge of my heart." Red (egocentric consciousness): "Are you a magnet? Because you're attracting me like crazy." Blue (absolutist consciousness): "Are you a religious leader? Because you're the answer to all my prayers." Orange (achievement consciousness): "Are you a goal? Because you're something I'm constantly working towards." Green (relativist consciousness): "Are you a rainbow? Because you bring diversity and beauty to my life." Yellow (integral consciousness): "Are you a puzzle? Because you fit perfectly into my life and complete me." Turquoise (holistic consciousness): "Are you a sunflower? Because you bring light and joy to everything around you." Indigo (cosmic consciousness): "Are you the universe? Because you contain infinite possibility and beauty." Violet (transcendent consciousness): "Are you a miracle? Because you bring transcendence and enlightenment to my life."
  12. Nice, but i prefer https://obsidian.md/. It allows me to build a second brain for reference linking all my notes. And I like the graphic touch. Oh and it's free.
  13. Hey, I need your help! I want to create a comprehensive list of video examples of conflicts/arguments between stages. Green vs Orange Orange vs Blue Green vs Blue Blue vs red etc. you get the point This is not meant to idolize or idealize one stage over the other. It's meant to be an educational tool for people learning about Spiral Dynamics and to become better at making sense of real-life situations (globally as well as in your family) where people are coming from different stages of development. Ideally, it will make us better at handling these situations smoothly so as to recognize them. The more diversity we can display here, the better. Try to find examples from various cultures: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Africa, South America, etc. Movies and gameplay exhibits are also welcome! Do not start a political(or stage-heated/justifying) debate in this thread! It is not our goal here to defend our personal political positions or to judge any stage, but simply to compile examples. Thanks for your help! I'm excited to see what kind of stuff you dig up. Try to be selective with your choices. This can turn into a really cool list and enables us to build meta-awareness of internal or external culture/stage wars, and allow us to make wise decisions accordingly.
  14. @Leo Gura What state and structure stage would you identify yourself with or attribute some the experiences you’re having? I’m referring to Ken Wilbers Integral theory on structure stages.