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  1. You don't need a book. There is enough information on the internet. Go to Youtube and type in Crhis Heria or THENX! He is the best calistehnics-dude out there. He also got an app where you can follow calisthenics work-outs from beginner to advanced. To train most effectivly at home with bodyweight, you should at least get a pull-up bar and/or rings. Otherwise it won't be possible to train you back effectively. I would also recommend buying dumbbells.
  2. I also saw those lights a few weeks ago above my house. It was starlink satellites from SpaceX. Looks pretty cool tho.
  3. Yeah, I experienced exactly the same. I think your body just wants to tell you that you should stop eating/drinking that bs
  4. Almond milk with oats and one banana. Easy and fast to make.
  5. - test your LSD with a test-kit and/or take before your first trip a very low dosage to see how our body reacts to it - Take at least 2 days off from your everyday life - don't be around people (except a trip-sitter) - DON't underestimate that substance (psychedelics in gerneral), BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT!!!!! - don't do stuff while tripping that you will regret later on - don't take other drugs at the same time(cigarettes, coffein, alcohol etc..... - your perception of reality is distorded, so don't underestimate things - do it in an environment where you feel save - surrender, don't control anything. God will show you the way - the most important thing is your intend, LSD is a beautiful substance and it will show you the Truth of what ever you want. But you need to authentically want it.
  6. 1. Doesn't matter whether you close your eyes or not. Do what feels more comfortable/natural to you. 2. Did you just ask for an "end goal" in the Do Nothing technique? "Do nothing" technique has no goal. As you describe it, it all goes as planned. Thinking = do nothing Dreaming = do nothing "being aware/present" = do nothing Everything is do nothing. Set your timer. And sit.
  7. @cetus56 i just wanted to share my experience with it. I acutally stopped after 2 months, because i wasn't sure if there can be long terme damages to the eye. And just to be clear: I don't say it is 100% safe and everyone should do it. But I think there might be potential there. But of course don't rely only on my experience. Every human being was given a brain to think and do research on there own. So use it!
  8. lol yeah, I did it for 2 month almost every day. First of all, sun gaze ONLY in the last hour before the sun goes down. This is the "save zone". I started slowly with just a few seconds(because I was scared that it could hurt my eyes), but after 1,5 month I could stare directly in the sun for 30 minutes and longer. It's like a muscle you can build. I was more calm, because I sit still for a period of time which is similar to meditation. But I don't know whether the sun effects you pineal gland or not or whatever the "theory" behind sung gazing is. The only side-effect I noticed was that after sun gazing there is a blue dot(or whatever it is called) in your visualfield. After 5 -10 minutes it always vanished and I could see perfectly normal.
  9. I started almost one year ago and I also feel "noticable" effects. I do 1 hour strong determination sitting + do nothing and at least 2x10mins of concentration per day. For the self-inquiry part: I don't do strict sitting for 1 hour. I do it throughout the day which I think comes naturally when you are really interested in Thruth and happiness. BUT VERY IMPORTANT: Only 50% of your results come from practice. You should also direct your lifestyle to this. For example: Go out in nature, eat healthy, get enough sleep, DO less, get rid of addictions etc...
  10. Who told you, that you need to meditate to get enlightened? Meditation won't make you enlightened, but it will make it more likely The most important thing is the desire and intention for enlightenment. Everything else is secondary.
  11. The first few times are really, really hard. I remember the first time when I sat for 10 minutes, and after that I just wanted to die :D. Now, after 10 months, I can sit for 1 hour cross-legged without any resistance. As Leo says in his videos, the most important thing is the daily-habit. If you really struggle with it, do for 1 minute at first, then 2 minutes, 3 .....and so on. Always do baby steps. Don't try to push to hard. The results will come in the next months and I guarantee you the results will be HUGE.