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  1. @Oppositionless Oh cool I didn't know there was a forum! I only know book version Jed McKenna. Where can I find the invisible guru forum jed mckenna? Why do you think he presents a nihilistic perspective in his books?
  2. I think Jed McKenna would say that self actualisation (or growing up into human adulthood) is what everybody wants. Waking up, awakening, is what nobody wants. Because you don't gain anything from it. He say's he only recommends it to those who are so sick of falseness that they literally can't do anything else. Based on how you phrase the question, it would seem to me like self actualisation is what you want. It is important to a person to grow up. It is not important to the person to awaken, because that's the end. I feel like both are important and can be done simultaneously. If truth is what you truly care about, focus on awakening. If you want happiness, the good life, a meaningful life, focus on self actualisation. Self actualisation seems to me more like a scale or a spectrum. It may not ever really end. So once you have grown up enough at some point the desire for truth may arise. Its not like you end the actualisation part and then move onto awakening, I don't think. Plenty of growing up to do after awakening, if the developmental models are right. Look at your life and it will probably become obvious what should be the next step.
  3. Hmm a few things come to mind.. - Something creative that doesn't use analytical brain power, like light drawing and painting. - Wood carving - Meditating - Singing - Spending time with friends or coexisting around each other - gardening or taking care of house plants - stretching - Chatting with ChatGPT There are literally infinite options. Ask your intuition and then let it go and wait for what comes up
  4. @Vibroverse No, I'm not sure. Right now they are both images in my awareness. But its still practical to make the distinction, otherwise I would constantly talk to people about things we did in my dreams, which they wouldn't remember.
  5. Haha, you've got good points. That's why I separated them in my post (dream Leo and waking Leo). I know of course they're not really connected. But perhaps it shows how my subconscious thinks of him as a guide, which is why it placed his image in the dream instead of someone else. I didn't thank waking Leo for what dream Leo did. I thanked him for education about psychedelics. I would not thank the torture dream Leo. It would make me wonder what my subconscious is thinking of him to put him in that position in the dream.
  6. Hi guys! I have a difficult relationship with psychedelics, specifically lsd, ever since a horror trip a few years ago. Yesterday night in my dream, I was visiting dream Leo for some time and he offered me lsd. I find it interesting that he was the one who challenged me in the dream to face my fear of lsd (but then again he brought me onto psychedelics). He was super friendly and kind btw. I took it and became very nervous (I multiple times checked in the dream that I had my emergency benzo just in case, and I did. in retrospect I love how the dream allowed me to have this safery net, instead of pushing me into panic). The nervousness was however very bearbable compared to the usual anxiety attacks I get from real psychedelics in waking life after taking psychedelics. I think its because I didn’t really feel bodily sensations in the dream the same way (heartbeat sensations always trigger me). Nothing much trip wise happened for a bit, but then something fascinating happened. I was talking to dream leo about something unrelated, when suddenly I woke up. But the waking up from this dream was different than usual, in that I was never before so aware of the transition between dream and waking state. I completely felt the shift in consciosuness. The waking up was quite sudden. I could describe it like the way when you’re waiting and suddenly you feel the psychedelic kick in and raise your consiousness. I think I partly understand now why people call spiritual insight ‚awakening‘. The feeling reminded me so much of mystical trips in the past and also the way leo describes it in his video ˋwhat does awakening feel like‘. I really wonder how it works that the waking up felt so different from usual, as I didn’t take anything outside of the dream. I just felt like sharing that story. Feel free to share your dream psychedelic experiences too, or other strange beautiful dream experiences! Also thank you dream leo for taking me on a trip! And if you read this, thank you waking leo for opening me up to psychedelics. Its a difficult journey for me but even so I am very thankful for the experiences it has given me.
  7. I have a solo meditation retreat planned, in case I won’t make it through the waiting list of the vipassana retreat. Aaand hopefully backpack a little bit in France hehe
  8. Its so beautiful!
  9. I don’t know how it is compared to Chile, but Germany actually isn’t that expensive compared to other western european countries (especially food). Eg dutch peope regularly cross the border to buy groceries (although especially alcohol). The place matters a lot of course (If you stay in Munich it will get very expensive). I couldn’t imagine the war stretching as far as Germany. When it comes to dating I would say the opposite of @NYMPHAI, its a good opportunity to get skills maybe especially because people come off a little cold. If you can do it there, you’re good. Also if you’re in a nice place there will be plenty of young, open and friendly people.
  10. Hi! I'm a student with a lot of flexibility, which often leads to me procrastinating and losing sight of my vision. With infrastructure here I mean anything that lies in your area of control but that, once set up deliberately, functions to help you without or with little of your deliberate action (your home set up, your devices, your social circle, your place, where you live, etc.) What are your ways in creating an infrastructure at home to ensure you are keeping on track with your goals and aspirations? Where do you keep your technology and how is it set up for maximum productivity and minimum distraction? In what ways did you change your environment to stay on track with your vision for your life? Do you use automatic reminders? Sticky notes on your walls? Arranged phone calls with self actualisation friends? Or do you rely solely on your own psychology to always keep you on track? If so, how did you program yourself to be that awesome? What is a gadget/tool that helped you create a good infrastructure for your self actualisation? What is your general opinion and tip on infrastructure building? What other valuable questions concerning this topic could I be asking but didn't think of yet? Thanks a lot!
  11. @ExistentialMuse Hmm okay interesting. You say that if the past and future is illusory, then God experiences every moment as the first and last one… I see a duality here. To have a first moment there needs to be a last moment. The concept of “first” or “last” sort of already implies time to me. I might be wrong but I think I’ve heard Byron Katie say that in the end only the present moment exists, but then she goes further to say that even the present moment is a story in a way. Because it can’t be held onto. Its already gone. I’m making sense of the finitude question in this way: I think actually all things that are “finite”, are imagined. Which would mean that there are no actual finite things, there is only one infinite “thing” that appears in different forms. You said something about “all moments of eternity”, but if there are mutliple different moments thats a duality again. It makes it seem like there are these seperate temporal entities called “moments” that are distinct from each other. When I’ve looked closely before, “moments” didn’t seem detached from one another but just flowed, “they” were one. Eternity may be just one moment, so to speak, not multiple moments. But to say “moment” doesn’t really even make sense, because its a never ending moment with no beginning. From this perspective I would agree that god has not and will not experience all moments. God is being one eternal moment. these are just personal thoughts, no guarantees
  12. The way I understand it is that red is form and form is impermanent. I don’t know if I would call redness eternal. Redness is, as you show with that picture, not always present. But there is something (or actually nothing or nothingness) that is always present, which is awareness. That which is aware of redness is formless, outside of time and infinite. Which is kind of paradoxical because that which appears in awareness and awareness itself are apparently identical. But the eternal aspect, if I am correct, always stays the same. Its like the screen (shout out to Rupert Spira) that shows different colors. It changes form constantly, sometimes it appears red, sometimes green, but its always remains a screen.