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  1. Here in the west women tend to dominate spiritual retreats, yoga classes, and holistic therapies, but in India, this seems to be the opposite, most hardcore spiritual seekers and masters are men... Also, here in the West, gay men are more open to spirituality than straight males. I am curious about your opinions on this matter... Another interesting observation is that women usually prefer "fluffy spirituality" (new age stuff) and men tend to be more direct and dry about it.
  2. Accepting the now is not the same thing as doing nothing. You can accept that you will read a book for 2 hours or that you will work on a project for 6 months. Or else "accepting the now" would be distorted to fully engaging in toxic behavior like eating whatever, saying what you want to everyone, sleeping all day long, playing video games and stuff like that. As we all (should) know, those things are usually done to ESCAPE from something. Do you have to write some report? Step 1 - Imagine how painfully boring this will be. Step 2 - Resist by engaging in some sort of procrastination. Step 3 - Lie to yourself by believing you are being "Zen". In reality, "accepting the now" should work like this: Step 1 - Focus on what you have in front of you. Step 2 - Do what you have to do (like writing the report) without resisting it. If you are fully present, you won't even have painful visualizations of the future or past. You are here. If you feel some discomfort, you accept it, breathe, let it flow through you, and keep doing what you are supposed to do.
  3. Not much more than when you eat junkie food or something. Only a temporarily lowering in consciousness, but it can be socially valuable, so I still drink socially once a week or less. It is just fun. My point is: relax, it is fine.
  4. It is basically on autopilot for some time now but psychedelics make the kundalini go brrrr
  5. I definitely feel kundalini rasing when using psychedelics, even mild ones like weed. Every time i smoke it, i enter in a full-blown spiritual trip, super sensitive to kundalini movements in my body, performing weird kryias, mudras, mantras etc.
  6. Body Therapy, Tantra, Breathwork, Yoga etc. In a Tantra retreat, I had a love breakthrough with a simple eye-gazing exercise. I experienced pure love for a few minutes stone sober.
  7. I follow this guy for a while (2-3 years, i think), when i first found him on Youtube he was super small, i was in a bad place (dark night of the soul, ungrounded as fuck) and he seemed like a good source of guidance at the time. I watched a lot of his videos and started to follow him on Instagram. He is a self-proclaimed Medium, he charges for calls, offering guidance to people and even healing remotely. The thing is, as i progressed in my path and stabilized, i started to notice that there was something off about him, some videos he seemed super unstable, i could see in his eyes. On Instagram this became more evident due to the nature of the story feature where one usually records oneself in a spontaneous manner, not super prepared and scripted. So he started to post some weird videos where he clearly was ungrounded as fuck, talking about angels and demons, fairys, dragons, conspiracy talk etc. He had a rough history of abuse from his family, i don't remember the exact story but it sad. After i started to notice these things i stoped watching his content and kind of forgot about him until today. He posted this video comparing victims of domestic violence with "victims" of the government for being obliged to wear masks and not "allowed to breath". As you can guess, the comment section is a shit show of karens and conspiracy theory people clapping furiously with his stance on COVID and this whole pandemic thing. He accused people of demonic possession (he loves this kind of thing) as a way of dealing with critics. The guy today has more than 230k followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel with 79k subscribers. His followers are mostly unstable people with lots of mental disorders, going through spiritual awakening (like i was 3 years ago), extremely susceptible people! It is scary to see this guy who needs help himself leading hundreds of thousands of people to schizophrenic paths. I sensed cultish vibes. I look at his photos and videos and immediately sense something is off about this guy, i would love some opinions on the matter as i myself plan to be a spiritual guide in a near future. Here are his page and channel:
  8. He is totally making fun of Leo in this video. The irony is that the joke is on him as he is clueless. Although i am pretty sure he is just saying what his stage orange audience wants to hear to sell his courses.
  9. What a great comment and insight! The excess of a critic of earlier stages makes one unbalanced and creates shadows.
  10. 14th subscriber :))
  11. I will certainly try to communicate that in a way they can understand. Maybe showing them how real life can be fun as fuck and give cool rewards.
  12. They are also super addictive, you may as well snort coke to socialize.
  13. How about fucking life?
  14. This is bad advice to 90% of guys. Those guys need that "stage orange" "get it done" attitude, push for the close. 10% of guys need to tone it down a little in order to make women more comfortable because they lack empathy. But most guys think waaay to much and are passive. Women hate passive men.
  15. Similar values and levels of development mean similar directions in life. If you value self-development and your partner wants to drink, party, and spent her life on Instagram, the relationship won't last long. In my experience, this is always the issue. Everything else is secondary. It isn't uncommon to me to disregard physical appearance when i find someone who is aligned with me. At the same time, the woman can be gorgeous but when we have a conflict of values, our relationship will be very short, if it exist at all.
  17. Wisdom. Only wisdom allows us to pursue high values.
  18. Psychopaths are confident, mystery solved.
  19. Translation: i am a nice guy, fuck me and bring world peace.
  20. Some do, some don't. The ones that do didn't properly mature, so, fuck them (metaphorically)
  21. nope
  22. I suppose i am somewhat spiritually talented as i am not super disciplined and consistent with my sadhana but i feel i managed to raise my consciousness a lot since i discovered the spiritual path (5 years ago). Had i few sober mystical experiences and a few fuelled by psychedelics. I rank myself at stage Yellow/turquoise on the Spiral Dynamics and Construct-Aware on the 9-stages of Ego Development. Yes, i know i could be overestimating my development but bear with me. I feel a huge "pull to God", constantly contemplating, being drawn to spiritual teachings, meditation, and all those things we love to blow our minds around here. As this development happened rather quickly, having a well-ordered mind, solid goals and routines seem almost impossible. Reality feels more and more fluid every-day. For instance, i can spend months away from family and this does not bother me a bit. This can seem cold-hearted to most people. I feel like i am on the "edge" of a huge breakthrough but i am also slowing down things in order to build a solid material foundation (solid business, financial independence) but this seems like a herculean task to accomplish. The fear is to be too detached from worldly matters like family, career, money, etc to deal effectively with it. Yeah, yeah, i know: "who is the one who fears", but still. There are those who the spiritual transformations made them don't give much of a fuck to survival of the body, which is against my life purpose. I do not want to go into some cave and bliss out of my mind until my body drops dead, but i do feel a pull toward this path. Even the gurus i most admire are Ramana Maharshi and Neem Karoli Baba, both were deeply detached from physical matters to the point of risking the survival of the body at any point if the disciples were not too careful about their "vessels". I just want to be financially independent enough to "let go" but this seems harder and harder each day.
  23. Now i get it. That's actually good advice. But we can agree that 1h practicing Kriya Yoga and 1h editing a video to post on Instagram isn't the same for spiritual development. Self-realization isn't everything but i never said it was. As you said, the spiritual path is brutal on many levels and that's exactly my point all along.
  24. Well, i know all of that but i didn't get your point... Not a master but i deal with my emotions better than 90% of people. I live in Brazil... I am actually acting from Courage and, sometimes, Acceptance and Peace for, at least, 2 years now. Huge changes in my life like selling all my stuff, backpacking, moving out from my home city, going to a big city without any guarantees etc. It is common that i feel good without having or achieving much and that's a small problem. I moved from being motivated by pain (negative motivation) to losing motivation when my general emotional and mental pain lessened. Then i am basically brainwashing myself every day to create an online business to reach financial independence, because i am pulled toward constant contemplation of Reality, meditations, doing pranayamas etc.