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  1. I learned a LOT from his free content. His old free tour speeches are GOLDEN (you can still find them with a google search). He just drops unfiltered gems non-stop for hours. Yeah, he has a lot of toxic sides to it, specially when he is boasting about how much of a real life Hollywood pimp he is (fucking "bitches" and saying outrage things to them) to his young audience, but if you can ignore those parts, you can learn a LOT from social dynamics and life in general. His success mindset is amazing. Today his content is a little repetitive and guided more toward selling his online and live programs.
  2. "Brazil is going to turn into Venezuela" is what right-wing politicians say to right-wing morons in order to scare them about the left. The funny thing is we now have an extreme right-wing in power and inflation is rising fast back to what it was decades ago (a disaster).
  3. As a brazilian: That is cute.
  4. Yeah, because that's what a psychopath would say.
  5. I didn't call you a psychopath, i pointed out that your discourse is identical to what a psychopath would make. I stand correct.
  6. I don't need to interpret, your communication was clear.
  7. I am not being literal, obviously i am making a point. He suggested we should not save the weak in order to save all other sentient beings from suffering, I suggest he should follow his advice, which he WON'T, thus proving his non-sense talking. Not a personal attack, it is an argument attack (dumb as fuck).
  8. If you keep posting (and breathing), i will assume YOU don't understand your argument.
  9. As i said, then you should kill yourself to be consistent with your argument.
  10. Said the psychopath.
  11. There are so many problems with this argument that it is hard to know where to begin. But let me tell you this: 1. This death rate would go exponentially high when hospitals are full. The lockdown, the masks, social distancing, vaccines etc worked to keep hospitals working below full capacity. ALL (or most) those people who got hospitalized and survived (vast majority) would DIE asphyxiated without medical attention. Now THAT'S a bit extreme. 2. There are sequels from COVID that we don't even fully understand yet. 3. Imagine the trauma of all those ICU patients who survived. Yeah, you didn't die but you breathed through a huge tube shoved down your throat for days, weeks, and even months seeing several people dying close to you. Do not underestimate the awful traumatic experience of being hospitalized.
  12. Then you should kill yourself and lessen the burden on the planet Earth and all other beings.
  13. People are mostly selfish morons, even in this forum. Without vaccines, we are doomed to economic collapse, lockdowns and deaths. The "individual freedom" is never above collective survival. People love to scream their rights but no one likes to have collective duties, this indicates a lack of ego development. We need daddy government to make tough decisions.
  14. What is the difference between a girl who has had sex with 100 guys vs 10 guys? What if a girl who has been with 200 guys is perfect to you? And that 26yo virgin girl is weird as fuck? In my experience, cool girls are sexually experienced and free. Trust me, you don't want a repressed girl. Nothing good comes from digging up this past. Focus on the girl that is NOW in front of you. Is she a cool, healthy, high-vibration girl? That's what matters in the end.
  15. I don't care and i don't ask, let the past be the past.
  16. Well, that can be said about this thread also.
  17. Probably just some lame excuse. Lots of cheaters will use this excuse to cheat but in most cases, they are just unhappy with their marriages, most haven't talked about divorce at all with their spouses but go on cheating thinking it's justifiable.
  18. Dancing and socializing. Seriously, i practiced sober cold approaching in clubs and this is an awesome high.
  19. Absolutely, you can. If you can have a breakthrough sober, any dose will boost your chances. My enlightenment experience happened on a microdose of weed.
  20. This guy is a BLUE disappointment.
  21. Yeah, that's why i stopped with psychedelics for a while, I needed to be grounded in order to tackle financial matters. They will put you too much into the "all is good, we are all god, nothing to do" area, this is only good when you have a strong foundation. Once or twice a week I smoke weed and it does open me up to new ideas. So, there is a way to use as a powerful tool, just test it.
  22. The New Thought Movement existed decades before Napoleon Hill write any book. All his principles were widely written about in the New Thought Movement. He probably just copy all his "teachings" from teachers before him and made up some bullshit backstory to cover up. To be fair, his books are not wrong, just ignore the backstory.
  23. If GMO corn would solve this mess, i would eat it. As a vegan, if meat were the solution, I would eat it. Dumb people are not flexible, they live with simple hard truths and aren't able to consider the complexity of things. Complexity hurts dumb people's brains.