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  1. Thanks everyone, this has been helpful!
  2. @mmKay great idea! Thanks! I think the explanation in the course is too short, kindof unclear what is the pourpre or how to know for sure this is a value that defines you. Its just too quick.
  3. Hello, I have been struggling with adding and removing values form the LP course value assessment exercise. Like I’ve actually spent a week at least thinking about this. basically I keep finding and removing values and adding values and I’m either 1 value over or 1 less. I have some values that share similarities like Art and beauty, wisdom and spirituality, But at the same time they are each a bit different. I feel like I’ll miss a value or add a value by mistake if I don’t get it right. Am I overthinking this? Would appreciate your help.
  4. Hello, I’m looking for good coaching that can help me with a life decision that I’m going through currently. Do you know any good life coach that I can trust to speak with about life and career ?
  5. I think it wasn’t obvious that you were posting the video in an attempt to show “a side” of the Israeli society, they way Leo posts videos on his blog for example, but instead it looked like you were saying this is how a natural Israel looks like meaning this is the everyday Israel. its like you posted about the amish community in the US and said this is what a neutral America looks like. You said it has no propaganda which was true and I though it was “neutral” in the sense you where not saying Israel bad or good but just showing one side you found interesting. I think @Nivsch was a bit sensitive/jumped too quickly. Ps: I thought they way they speak Hebrew is nice, I like languages. I think @Nivsch you should post what you perceives as neutral Israel as you live there. I’m both interested in general and just to see what side of Israel you are you most exposed to.
  6. @Bernardo Carleial I’m wondering what healthy values can someone looking to integrate purple get from that stage? Also I wonder why is it that purple seems less violent than red? I’ve been reading the book The World Until Yesterday, and even though it tells horrible stories and facts about wars it seems to me at least that red are more violent or harder to live with if that makes sense
  7. @Nivsch well idk one should ask why would they support Hamas to begin with? It doesn’t make sense.
  8. This potentially a bad advice. I took a whole pill after trying half a pill Multiple times thinking I could barely feel half a pill and a whole pill would be worth a try. It was very unpleasant.
  9. They condemned the attack when asked, and apparently they received a call for aid to Palestinian not actually hosted them based on this article: https://www.reuters.com/world/south-africa-says-it-discussed-aid-with-hamas-leader-denies-reports-support-2023-10-18/ "We do not have a bilateral relationship with Hamas... Support for the Palestinian struggle against occupation does not equate to support for Hamas,"
  10. I had the same experience, modafinil in package and all. Yet it doesn’t work on me the same as you describe. I’ve experimented with a whole package probably by now, every time I take half a pill I do feel like I’m having some better focus or some creative Ideas but I doubt that this on it’s own is what you described in the nootropic video. when I took a whole pill once it was very unpleasant unlike a half a pill, I probably not try it again.
  11. @Nivsch great, I had a sense that you are perceiving the criticism for the Israeli government as criticism for the people. I believe in your society too and in all what you say, and for this reason exactly I think you should be taking the position of a targeting campaign or less distractive war. It’s tragic and criminal what happened to your people. my view is that the situation is not simple. It’s a challenge for all of us even people not in that geographical location to hold what is happening and see all parts.
  12. I was thinking to myself, since I don’t personally know any Israelites irl. I could not find a frame where I can have an Israeli friend. Since i’ve worked with Palestinian here in the US, and I know some Persian people; It will be so out of frame for me, and the reason is your government that gives your people a bad reputation. See this a problem that you all should be concerned about. I don’t mind Israeli people at all, and I know that my Persian friends are not anti-semites, even the Palestinian - but they do hate your government- yet because of the policies of your government and how shielded Israelites form the ugliness outside of your boarders this will/already does isolate you and will have other people that see you unlike you see your people. How do you know now with this war that more people will start to avoid knowing you? I’ve seen so many nationalities against this war not just arabs.
  13. @Nivsch form all of what I read form your posts I see a clear dislike/hate of Arabs/Palestinians. This is rendering your judgment/view empty. what use is all the facts if at the end of the day if you just can’t stand the other side? You are also conveniently putting all Palestinian and Hamas in the same bucket making all the victims “their” people/property. Could there not be a bias here and is exactly what most in this thread have been pointing out? Ironically this is making all your facts and worldview highly emotional with the same flaws you’ve been pointing out in the narrative of the other side.
  14. @Vrubel Hamas are terrorists thats my stance. We can see that form a far yet for the people on the ground, how do you know that they are not under a propaganda? Have you seen any documentaries on north Korea ? These people makes you sad. You are trying to wake me out of western morality, but have you considered that Gazans are not living under a normal western-like society where you have the freedom and the necessary condition and education to refuse Hamas or choose a position ? In such societies you can not even see any other possibilities. This is not defending their position, nor do I believe that all Palestinians truly and unconditionally support Hamas. And I overall can very clearly see the evil of Hamas, but for the Gazans that don’t … is it just to kill them by the thousands? By this logic any country that is waring with north Korea has the right to wipe out all north Koreans, as there’s supposed very strong evidence that they all unconditionally support their leader. no sane, developed and self restricted government should carry out a massacre like this.