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  1. I had an argument with a military guy about gun laws and school shootings, when I pointed out that guns have became 100x more advanced and lethal since the time when the founding fathers were laying the constitution, therefore guns should be treated with 100x more care when selling them by number and to whom your selling them to, He countered by saying: that this is like saying that the founding fathers were stupid for not foreseeing that guns were going to be more advanced in the future. He seemed like a sane person and was willing to hear what I was arguing while being able to come up with an explanation to how he saw things, it was unfortunate that he had built a firewall around the thought of a 'more strict gun control' since I presume it somehow was linked in this mind with being less patriotic/less loyal to the founders of the country.
  2. I agree this is horse shit. however this is not really what I would consider common as art/music nowadays, this is just amateur work, which doesn't have to do with any art movement, generations or anything for that matter.
  3. I like what Matt Khan says about this: “Tuck it in...”
  4. @DocWatts something I've been wondering about for a while. Is reaching a sort of freedom in one's life necessary for this, or is it a society matter ? for example Green college students in a southern state. they obviously can't go all the way green in their environment that have issues with different race marriage and trying to block abortion. I'm sure most of them would like to move out to a place where Green values are more acceptable, but they might lack the means to do so. I guess what I'm asking is: is that a part of the challenge ? or is it just a society thing where you can be lucky to be born in Europe, and be susceptible to a Green worldview.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine I'm in same boat with you friend, as I believe I fall under green or at least have green values. I do think though that what we are doing here is sorta what yellow is, going meta on life, society, the mind, the ego etc. examining what's true and what's not true for us, keeping an ultra open-mind etc. any Yellow correct me if I'm wrong: but I think going meta on shit is really what the stage is all about. I would say though that I couldn't tell a Yellow person for the life of me unless someone points them out. I'm just guessing they probably have a wardrobe full of black shirts.
  6. great point. I can see why the emphasis on calling it ethnocentricity.
  7. @Leo Gura my intention is really not to demean them. I've known and interacted with people of stage red and blue and they are, as your saying hard-working and respectful. I'm just saying I know danger when I see it. maybe there are no fatalities yet, but I see extremist in these groups and I'm really hoping no bloodshed will happen over the next two weeks.
  8. @Leo Gura thanks for the correction and elaboration, I don't have a great grasp over the difference between these ideologies and I tend to lump them all together. I do agree of your definition as I don't think all of them are natzis, however, I'm just proposing this: looking at the link that @Jodistrict provided, aren't some of these group portraying a world view and a value system of blood thirsty natzis? I'm saying this in complete concern over what they might do, or what can happen in the coming days, and not soley to demean them. it's fucking concerning to me to see this many people waring and carrying flags and symbols so alarmingly resembling that of natzi Germany. I don't think it's common sense not to call them by their name. not to say we should be scared of them, but just to be clear what they really stand for.
  9. @Jodistrict This is insane! it's like natzis reincarnated in America to storm the capital and try to destroy the democracy that destroyed them back in Germany! I agree that whoever says that this riot is not based upon race as well as many other things is either in denial or delusional.
  10. @Leo Gura true, and even at that point as a stage purple you’d have to give up so much of your dear values and belonging to a tribe in order to be self empowered, and it’s a scary as fuck way of life too. maybe thats one good way to appreciate Red in my view, it’s hard to do so otherwise, if our best examples that we are always referring to are MAGA or Hitler.
  11. In feudal Japan one could pick a sword and start his Red career. I’m curious of how for example, a tribal man/woman could do in modern time to move to red ? There are a lot of tribal women and men in places like the middle east and the amazon, I’m thinking that the healthiest way to move them into red is either to recruit them into military or employee them as bodyguards.
  12. @nitramadas comment: was this how you suggested we use the system for commenting on a discussion? (I’m commenting on your system for posting in here) I love this! I’ve often thought about how such advanced material is covered at actulized.org while being at such grim level of lack of systematic way of arranging things in a clear way such as the one at reddit, which I think is nice, and it has much meta stuff about each subreddit, what is the propose and rules of it are. it feels as if each subreddit is a world in itself. This would be great if it continues. I’ve been running around hunting for every T2 member I can find here just to get a sense of what T2 is, and my mind is blown each time.
  13. Are there any good examples of stage yellow artwork ? I’d like to see what a stage yellow movie would look like, or any form of art for that matter.