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  1. Aha, beautifully said👍
  2. Just thought I’d post this here, this guy is explaining what I have : (short vid less than 3 min) https://www.reddit.com/r/costochondritis/comments/w87gjy/please_upvote_so_every_one_can_finally_be_cured/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x the backpod he shows in the video works for me, but it’s very slow for recovery. If you recognize what this condition is about please let me know.
  3. Yeah, please? I don’t really understand what evidence would qualifies a turquoise thinker, but any insights I guess would be good.
  4. @Leo Gura didn't you in one of your 5-meo videos say that "if the buddha had Sony this is what kind of video he would be recording"? were you not having a god awakening in that trip?
  5. What does it mean to integrate the spiral into one’s self ? Isn’t the goal of SD is that it’s clears any misunderstandings about others, who may have different values (lower or higher in the spiral from the point of perspective) and instead work as a sense-making tool to enhance cooperation among people ?(especially for companies since I guess this was it’s original purpose) So stage yellow will theoretically want to create schools, companies, businesses, societies etc, that uses the model, which in it’s turn will unite people with different values in actuality. your saying that turquoise would go even farther than that ? So what's mentioned above is not what you're suggesting to be “uniting the spiral in the real world” ?
  6. I have noticed recently that my left rib cage is sticking out to the left more than the right side, I've never really noticed that before. I've had x-rays and had doctors look at my spine last year and no one have mentioned any problem with my spine. I'm mentioning this as I had costocondritis last year (first time of my life getting this) and took a number of x-rays, but no doctor mentioned that this might be due to a ribcage rotation or anything of like that. a few months ago, I visited an Osteopathic and he pointed out that when I lay down my left ribs stick out more than the right. I didn't know what he meant until I looked online for people noticing a slightly more sticking out ribcage. like I said I've never noticed this before or had any doubts, I'd even say that now that I'm looking at the mirror, I'm sure that there is a difference than how I remember my ribcage looking at least a year go. in the past two years however I was doing a rotation movement, bringing my arm towards my body and twisting to the left ( it was the only thing that helped me recover from my costo symptoms ) I did this twisting motion almost everyday, and I'm worried that this might shifted my ribcage. I'm wonder if there's a way to help reverse this rotation? ask me for more details if you'd like.
  7. I've watched these two episodes and what you say in your posts resonates with me, however, I don't really know where to go or what to do from there? I understand that science is making models and it will never grasp true reality this way...Is the ultimate philosophy of life is to understand reality experientially ?
  8. how? you can't just make a mass of land disappear out of the face of the earth.
  9. Why no ? There’s a book on Leo’s book list about this: how introverts are looked at as having something wrong about them, the book is about busting that myth and if I remember correctly, about how to best deal with introverted children. generally I think introverts get stereotyped and judge heavily if they don’t show social traits or try to jump in like extrovert do - I would’ve said “at least in the US” but I’ve experienced that also in other cultures.
  10. came to the forum to speak about this topic: it seems like knowing how to talk, joke and throw playful comments meme is something like a second nature to some people. to me it feels like"how the hell are they doing this?! how do the find the right thing to say/put in a chat?!" it seems to me like they have a plan or like they rehearse this shit sometimes! but Idk, would love if Leo can talk about this more, as he say he's transcended being an introvert or something like that.
  11. call me a reactionary as mush as you’d like. This type of speech is a mirror of how ISIS/extreme muslim movement leaders speak. it might appear to you like the politics and the movies your used to, big bold talk just to grab attention and increase views, yet this is exactly what got young men and women misguided and brainwashed into raiding countries and establish a khalif “ in order to go back to the golden age of islam” form someone form that part of the world who has been driven outside of their county because of this crap, this is alarming ! Idk it you people in the west are not used to seeing this or you’re too in your head to realize — possibly you’ve had a normal run as a socity for too long to realize the danger of this, but this is what terrorist start at, this is the forefront — you all better pay attention and take this serious. this is similar to in-sighting jihad, nothing good comes out of this.
  12. fascism is rising in places like Europe, Turkey, India, Russia, some part of Japan I heard and who knows where else.. One would think that the US has it's particular problems and culture wars and that's why it's having this phenomenon arise, but why is it also arising in all of these other countries like this ?
  13. What deep things are you talking about? I followed JP when he first emerged and seen most of his lectures, yes what he teaches is valid but in this instance he’s just over reacting. If he closes his eyes, sight out the negative shit and just stop preching for a while he’ll be in a lot better place. I would defend JP, but you know very well he’s just hard headed and won’t take a break/take it easy on himself.
  14. (Don’t know what his health issues are) Don’t think so, it’s not his time, it’s a very slim chance that he’s going ro find a way to appreciate stage green. Essentially his political, religious and most basic views about life are at odds with the new green. The kind of world view he grow up with is: they are commies who are going to destroy society the government and eventually the world. Good luck convincing the Palestinies that the isralies where terrorized too - it’s this bad. Poor guy, not hating on him.
  15. I think he has grounded his own life and having meaning/a reason to continue on living in the bible, as he holds it as the highest teachings. Idk what the context of Antifa/what they are talking about is all about, but the postmodern values the young generation has is basically deconstructing/questioning everything and all 'meaning' reaching a conclusion that many of the things society have held meaningful like race, religion,gender etc is meaning-less, just a construct, and that's what JP is reacting badly against. He's witnessing his whole reasons to live in the current world/his life work in psychology(I'm guessing?) being ridiculed by by the young generation. which is enough to make anyone go crazy.