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  1. it may be true what you say but you can never know what the human your gonna bring into this life will be like, maybe he/she will have a wonderful life full of success and ups and downs, it'll be hell of a ride we will die someday and the pain of life will end as well but all the stuff in between, you can't deny anyone from it if you have a nice life and can take care of a baby properly, it'll be fun to have one and the baby will have fun too
  2. but shouldn't it at least help with the chronic fatigue so you could feel more energetic on a daily basis?
  3. so I always thought people with hypothyroidism would simply feel like a normal person by taking daily hormone replacement tablets and it would be a non-issue! I don't understand how that isn't the case for @Leo Gura he does mention vitamins and all but never mentioned hormone replacement tablets ?
  4. so basically there are a couple of methods used for knowing truth, couple of them might include: logic, math, science, direct experience, guessing and speculation or superstition and some more maybe. the problem is each of these has their own blind spots, for example, facts discovered by logic, math and science do actually work in real life and we might think if they work then the method is correct right? but what if it only works in our human perception of the world and the way we interact and perceive the world to be, so it could be that our limited human minds perceive the world a certain way which could be the farthest things from what it actually is but still manage for our partial rules of the world to have real-life application but only because we are humans and have common grounds if you know what I'm trying to say and the other thing which would be direct experience can still somewhat not be trustworthy because each individual can have different experiences and you could say it doesn't matter whatever your experience is, is actually true even if it's just for you like Leo says. so how would we know that it can actually be the case, it could basically only make sense if you have certain type of mindset or conception of the world and to say you could validate that by being conscious of it also doesn't make sense cause maybe the conciseness we use to validate it is again only a human thing that could potentially have nothing to do with what is actually the case. now leo solves that too by saying there is no material world, right but then again how can you trust the way in which you came into that realization! I mean it doesn't seem like the truth could be as accessible as Leo puts it
  5. All it takes is true spirituality Besides a healthy body to allow for that, it's all about acceptance and how you choose to feel inside
  6. Snakes Teeth falling, literally the only nightmares I ever have are either about falling teeth or snakes
  7. @Leo Gura sure you can try talking about politics but I don't think it would ever change one thing about society those majority of people who will be voting will keep on watching those conservative talks and keep voting for the wrong person your ideas could be perhaps a possibility way long into the future if humans haven't already killed themselves with all these defense mechanisms put in place, there's really not that much hope
  8. I can totally imagine this turning into a religion like Islam is today I mean imagine Muhammad with his family only a handful of people starting a controversial move, being outcasted all the time, just within their own little group of people discussing spiritual teachings while no one else would even want to listen and even towards the end of their time when the last imam was still present and could witness the fate of his religion, there were only four followers left and he would've thought well then that's it, nothing has remained of it for the future but even that four followers turned into this shia group of Muslims who are still fighting over whether Shia is the correct one or Sunni now is not even four people
  9. that's a sign your job here on earth is done humanity can't take it anymore
  10. @Sidra having shed my tears i feel a bit better to see things in a better light so i just wanted to add you could still make it if you think really really outside the box, immense amount of creativity and problem solving you could actually manipulate your way around and make things work, it's still doable i guess maybe the future would hold better opportunities for you, you never know you know coming here writing all this to you, it almost feels like i'm giving advice to myself considering i have exactly the same situation and doing that made me realize one thing: stop caring so much about shit in general cause when I'm directing my advice to someone else i'm no longer preoccupied with my own ego and my own survival so i just care about the whole thing way less than i'd normally do. that has sth valuable to learn from it, if you stop caring so much about your ego and your survival at least life wouldn't be so painful and tortures all the time cause when you're just thinking about your ego every tiny little thing will hurt as if your life would end this second, keep that in mind and i'll do the same as well
  11. making money online as Nahm said could be possibly a good idea but would only work for businesses you can have within the country cause international banking transactions are sanctioned I did make some money online here and it was a translation job I did, you could do the same since your English is also good. but if you go to a university in your own country and then get a career after that and like you said have a fine normal life like your parents everything would be just so much easier, you could still change certain things after that and that would be probably the best time to do it as well cause anything you'd want to do sooner than that wouldn't work anyway
  12. hey I'm so surprised and shocked at the whole story and all I had come here wanting to start a topic just like yours with the same exact title of what the fuck am I supposed to do? but wouldn't want to do so anyway cause there are no answers to your life's problems on the internet you have to figure them out yourself you won't believe my shock as i was reading your post and feeling like why does this girl have the same exact situation as mine and why does she think so much like me we're even the same age the same exact thinking pattern the same exact issues and social situation and I live in Iran it's so interesting really how so many people all around the world can be dealing with the same exact issues and how we all have the same coping strategies as humans, it's so ridiculous well generally i guess some of us which is a very big chunk of the world population are simply not supposed to get to what we want, it's really that simple we just won't. we are really just born to suffer through life and hope it will come to an end soon. I used to be optimistic like you are but sooner or later you'll have to come back to reality and just accept it and face it head on and take whatever life throws at you, at least that way you won't be suffering continuously cause your dream world doesn't match up with the reality you're in. we are quite simply victims of our fate, all that shit that you can somehow change your situation just won't cut it, it's not just an accident that so many of us having the same situation have such similar thinking and world views and it's again no accident why all of us keep failing at life and keep not living the way we want to, it's exactly supposed to be that way, starting out happy and optimistic wanting to change your situation, next thing you know you're failing disastrously only to get your feet back into reality and finally come to face the fact that your life was never meant to be a good one logical mind says it, statistics say it too, not very many people if any at all have ever made it to success and freedom coming from countries like ours, stop dreaming and go with whatever life throws at you and just accept it cause trying to change it will only make you suffer more with no actual results. i don't want to make you feel depressed and all but that's the reality and it is depressing and i am depressed because of it as well there's just no way out.
  13. Leo could have become someone like leo Tolstoy as well, it's all about how you want to think about it really