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  1. It's so crazy how each journal that I read circling around mood swings and I know it has to be a female. We girls are so disadvantaged
  2. @Chris White wow. Thanks so much for sharing this
  3. Nah... your journal just doesn't really register in my mind you know. the other thing which is super funny is how you have a plumber problem for four damn days. don't get me wrong though, it's just weird overall. your honesty affirmations are working obviously so good job on that
  4. i think i got it. you wanna meditate for two hours a day but can't do it in one sit so you split it up in the day. is that it
  5. I don't mean it in a bad way but like why would you meditate that many times a day?
  6. This whole thing is such a fascinating topic. you're right in saying trying to define words can never be done but yet it happens and we still understand them and that's so strange but the way it could possibly happen is through relativism, kind of like thinking of language like a big ball of interconnectedness like a web of connections both internally between different words and also between the external world and our experiences so now if you hear a word you will know what it means because of the relativity of that word and its link with your experiences and its use to you so through that web of connections you will know its place and its meaning and the interesting part is that all that happens in the background and then the result of it gets shown to you so it's kind of a very vague process through which we understand meanings and it's super cool
  7. The general trends though say sth different. Look at the worldwide statistics and compare the numbers, sure there are and always have been those few individuals and I know a lot of them but the general trends are different. And the fact that some powerful women are out there just shows the point that it's not women who can't or are not willing to do those things but that they've been held back throughout history and only now for a couple hundred years are women becoming more freed up and even that is not a full transformation because it's happened only in western countries and yet most of the earth's population lives in the east and the tragedy is still in play. I'm not talking about myself just the overall view of how things are in the world.
  8. For the same exact reason that men are always the ones who are in the top ten in any given area of life I don't know why but seems like that all women have ever done since the beginning of time has been to give birth to men who will be in the top ten It's just nature. Can't deny the facts I read a news a while back saying there was a court argument about weather women should be allowed in ashrams in India or not. So that tells you a lot. Women have even been denied the practice of spirituality so how can there even be a serious female mystic out there if no one's gonna listen to them. That's been the case for most of history that even if women did have anything better to offer no one would listen so why bother
  9. 1. Feel good however that may have to happen 2. Understand the truth behind the world 3. Be someone like Hitler I've recently realized that Hitler was an INFJ(The Counselor!!!) So was Bin laden!! That's also my type and it's so confusing
  10. @B_Naz not worth your time at all. It keeps repeating the same thing over and over again but there are actually quite a lot of interesting insights in there if you look at it from a spiritual point of view. Matter of fact, Now that I think about it though, it is worth your time but you don't need to learn arabic, the translation will be more than enough to convay the main message.
  11. It's interesting to think about . What I've noticed is that when completely present in the moment everything tends to deconstruct and fade away right before your eyes but when thinking it's the exact opposite so you have to constantly feed into your conceptual constructions so I don't see how they can be integrated in a convential manner but perhaps the insights coming from those two sources can be put together after the fact but then again the putting together of insights will happen through only one medium so again it wouldn't really be integrated. Now that I'm thinking about this whole thing a bit deeper, it seems a way trickier question than it seems. About intuition, I suppose it can happen in various ways like for example when you're totally conscious with no thoughts and also when you're thinking about a diverse set of ideas simultaneously and then a connection pops out of nowhere. But generally it's more complicated than that cause for example when you're doing math you're supposedly doing sth rational but in the very process of coming up with a smart way to solve it, you're not really gonna be having any clear line of thoughts, are you? So even the essence of rationality is based on sth not so clear. This whole thing is very mysterious isn't it? (The conclusion I came to at this point is: I don't know shit ) What's your understanding on this? Now I'm really curious to know This brings me to what Sadghuru once said: if you pay enough attention to anything you will realize you don't really know it. So true
  12. From my understanding here's how it goes: When you are thinking you are inevitably turning away from post- rational. The only way to go post-rational is to realize the limits of language and therefore thought and step into the stillness of mind without any thinking at all. Now the investigation of your experience with a mind without thoughts is also by definition science ( investigation into nature of things with an objective point of view) So basically doing science can be done in two ways : 1.through thinking 2. Through direct experience. Now the results of the insights from your stilled mind can contribute a lot to the results of your science done with rationality.
  13. aren't there any institutions out there that you could do free research with?
  14. @Serotoninluv How do you hold back? And how would you lose your job if you didn't?