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  1. Leo could have become someone like leo Tolstoy as well, it's all about how you want to think about it really
  2. I'd be more humiliated than confident But still you can think of Einstein's time when everyone named their children Einstein but did even one of them turn out a bit different than they otherwise would have !? It's quit arbitrary
  3. Thing with that is that there are so many people with the same names yet so different in behavior so case closed It's exactly like that bullshit with birth date and personality correlation cause there are only twelve months for example but seven billion people and none of them are the same so ...
  4. It's funny how we basically have nothing to do in this life and still manage to carve out so many illusory paths for ourselves
  5. Maybe it was supposed to be poetic. Not that irrelevant
  6. THis one i totally get. so hard
  7. I'm curious to know what got communicated to you ?!
  8. Yeah that's exactly right some people accept heart and faith-based stuff more so than logic
  9. Nah I wasn't . he was basically insisting for me to explain it to him even though I said like ten times I don't want to cause you're close minded to that but he just kept asking and the fun part is he didn't even care to get his answers in the end so they are all stupid. that's a fact This
  10. who's the demon here exactly?
  11. I just finished listening to that cult video Leo had uploaded and towards the end, he mentions how rare it is for someone to find and sth funny popped up so i thought i'd share this. recently I was explaining the stupidy of religions to someone and he just wouldn't get it so I sent him a link of one of leo's videos thinking oh now he will most definitely get it but guess what happened? he said he watched the first six minutes cause two hours is way too long and just called Leo an iconoclast, the end and that was just so funny moral of the story: don't even bother trying to talk to someone who you know will never get it
  12. @Joseph Maynor What is reality? I'm sure you've talked about it before can you post the links to that question?
  13. One other thing for you to worry about is that anything that becomes exam oriented like the way you're putting it, it loses all of its corr values for the students. The way it has to be should either be totally exam free or exams in a very different way. And that's kinda the trouble with philosophy majors in university, you have to write down what others have discovered with no real room for your own thoughts and true philosophy. So don't be making the same mistakes