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  1. Why so sorry? Is it that bad to have even a little ego?! Then how would you feel about me with the hugest ego you could find around here, hah?
  2. Exactly, that's my excuse, too
  3. @Leo Gura Did you have weak thyroid when you were a child as well? If yes, had it had any effects on your normal growth as a child?
  4. So many dreams!! How do you even have time to have so many dreams!? (I actually have three dreams a day meaning I take two naps a day plus night time with three different dreams and it feels like living in four different realities a day !)
  5. @stevegan928 i fucking keep telling you, you're an artistic and you say no I'm just a daydreamer The world needs your gift man. Come on
  6. You're saying he was yellow cause he was passed green therefore he had no problem with being immoral? But it could also be that he was below green?
  7. I don't get what your saying, are you saying yellow exploits or doesn't exploit?
  8. Steve jobs didn't even have proper respect for human life and he never showed any compassion for all the misery he brought to the workers in China He was a businessman, no one can remain a businessman after he's reached to stages like green or yellow. It can't happen
  9. It is just imagination for me and nothing more but if you say reality is infinite then it would mean that there could be reality that never ending suffering could be the case but also another reality with never ending joy and if those were the rules defining those realities then nothing outside the rules could ever happen meaning you would be suffering there for eternity. At least that's what's reasonable to think it implys if you say reality is infinite.
  10. It does actually sound scary if you think of it that way. Infinity, no boundaries, every possible reality that there could be, god knows what realities he could create By that definition heaven and hell also exist, and a place where there's never ending suffering also exists
  11. By the end of this week, I will have taken my exam and exactly another 6 days, the initial intent of writing here for 132 days will be met. Can you believe how fast 132 days can come to an end. Well I feel I'm ready and prepared enough for the exam but the possibility of me not getting the result I expect is definitely there so don't rub it in my face if I come here next time saying I didn't make it, Okay?? Anyway wish me luck I will post my results here so this journal would be a complete record of the journey I took and the results of those thoughts and mindsets and efforts which were written here would be visible. And if I do fail, I can learn a lesson from my mistakes. This is goodbye for now. You do wish me luck okay? Don't forget
  12. Yeah very positive manifestation of blue. The guy would even help the Japanese because his duty to god would come before his duty to his country Patriotic and religious at the same time creates interesting behaviours