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  1. chronic alcohol use lowers your liver's ability to function...
  2. I came to a bar, had a few drinks, and realized I’m at the border of tipsy and drunk, and have to come back home. I drove 🤦🏽‍♂️. What should I do to sober up?
  3. Fuck the warriors, fuck steph curry, why are the Warriors winning such a cliche. I really wanted Boston to take the title this season, but no, their defense has to be complete shit.
  4. I would honestly just do pure white coke over this weird stuff
  5. Yeaaa this guy has no life ??‍♂️
  6. No hate towards @Leo Gura, just wondering what people's thoughts are on this video. I kind of find his views frustratingly surface level, and a perfect example of stage orange "its just a delusion" thinking.
  7. Currently a massive midnight thunderstorm going on in my area. How can I get past the fear of loud crackling thunder and unexpected lightning while I am trying to get a good night sleep? I literally start shaking when thunderstorms hit, especially in the middle of night.
  8. Definitely include intelligent extraterrestrial species
  9. Even though I am very skeptical about UFO encounters and appearances, I do like ponder on the idea of whether or not we are actually alone in this universe. Personally the idea that we are alone terrifies the shit out of me, but pondering on the existence of some civilizations out there give me some comfort in that it brings a greater perspective. Helps me cope with my flaws down here on earth.
  10. Seems interesting, I'll give it a read
  11. @JosephKnecht What was his first book?
  12. Which of his books should I start with first (or at least what makes logical sense to start with)?