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  1. Hey guys so it turns that the entire package has 100 mg of thc, and there are 10 servings. So that means 10 mg per gummy….i can definitely have like two. Sorry for the confusion everyone 😂
  2. Then ima trip calls from cannabis tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. Alright, so I guess I’ll start with a fourth of that gummy 😂
  4. But you didn’t answer my question 😂….is 100 mg too much, would it be one of those highs where I would trip absolute balls and melt in the couch?
  5. It’s a from a legal dispensary, so would they lie tho?
  6. Yea I don’t plan on having it all at once, but have like a bite and see where that takes me (I’ve taken edibles many times so this is usually my approach)
  7. Planning on taking an edible tomorrow night. As someone who does use cannabis on a weekly basis (once upon a time daily), will a 100 mg cannabis pebble be too much all at once, or will it barely have an effect on me given my weed tolerance.
  8. But china is a highly traditional Asian society. Most of the commoners in china believe in some form of religion or superstition
  9. Unfortunately I don't have a specifc video or article or any source, but why does it seem that right wingers of America and the west sympathize with Russia and see Russia as a potential ally, where as these same people see China as an enemy. Is it because they see Russia as simply a buffer, or do they see Russia as the last white christian imperial power which should be used to fight against China? Kinda confused on that whole logic and the geopolitics behind it.
  10. I feel like here in the United States, it’s almost impossible to get and sympathize with the right because it has mostly been taken over by deluded and extremist leaning politicians and individuals. It’s hard to even validate the rights perspective because of just how insane some of the view points are. However, when we go across the pond, to places like the UK and other parts of the world, we do see that such a thing as healthy, sensible conservatism exists. I really like this discussion, and while I may disagree with some points, the core ideas seem to resonate not just with right wingers, but anyone with a brain. Its not unhinged to criticize America’s global hegemony over the world, including its exportation of different labels and other hyper stage green ideas.
  11. I’m so confused… they not know that Russia and the US have their issues. Why are they putting everyone in one boat. Also with the Moscow attack, it was definitely more than just “jihad”, the terrorists did what they did because they were paid. Definitely some shady shit there.
  12. Isis and historically al-queda, have always had strong connections and affiliations with the Chechen terrorist groups, for a long time.
  13. Doesn’t Russia have a huge problem with Chechen separatists/rebels?
  14. If you ignore all the communist crap, Russia is truly a spiritual nation and culture:
  15. I never put weed and Germany together in my head, interesting indeed.