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  1. While I hate fighting with my girl, when she gets angry i find it fucking sexy. Is this a sadistic form of preference, or am I not alone in this? 😂
  3. Not to scare anyone…but we had another mass shooting in the US: suspect is still at large
  5. Democracy isn’t going anywhere….it’s alive and well in the US and Western Europe, I have to emphasize Western Europe.
  6. I agree, the world isn’t ending or going to shit….it’s just that we are more aware with social media and technology. War has always been the norm since humanity has existed on this planet, and it’s never going anywhere. In fact, one could argue that in the last decade, humanity has seen a sliver of time where war was at its lowest, but that’s an exception not the norm.
  7. But the thing is Iran and Saudi are much lower on the spiral. They never had a woman’s rights movement like the west did, so the women in those societies for the most part like wearing hijabs, like playing that role as they see it as a moral duty in their society. It’s not just Iran, in most underdeveloped places with stage purple red and blue, people, even most women, accept that woman have a specific duty in society and men have a specific duty in society. Also Iran, India, china or any eastern or middle eastern culture for that matter see nudity and exposing one’s self as a sign of impurity. The women there genuinely see covering up and wearing a hijab as a moral duty to uphold specific values in their culture.
  8. Found a great song that perfectly gives us a sense of what true awakening feels like:
  9. I’m very possessive when it comes to my fiancé, friends, family, and personal belongings. Is this a stage red quality?
  10. People around you probably thought you were joining some Neo Nazi movement at the time ?