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  1. Nah, even his own supporters hate him now after he told everyone to get vaccinated.
  2. As a fully vaccinated person, how do I deal with this new wave of covid cases? If I get it, is there a real chance that I will get hospitalized...maybe even die? What can I do to be safe, but also maintain my social life as well?
  3. Honestly, as cliché as it sounds, its all about having the balls.
  4. If I may ask, was your dad vaccinated?
  5. You'd be surprised how much it can influence someone who is low consciousness
  6. @Leo Gura Cheers to spiral dynamics for that
  7. You should have dumped her A LONG time ago
  8. This is a vat of conspiratorial thinking. The tone yells some sort of bias.
  9. Definitely not. The roman era was when humans were cognitively stage blue at best, so of course back then empires could "physically" fall. Not so much the case in the 21st century, where some of our brightest are cognitively stage yellow. So I wouldn't say that America is going to collapse like the roman-empire did, but I can see America's relevance on the global stage decline drastically.
  10. Unpopular opinion, and I am open to discussion, but I guess the MASS migrant influx hasn't done much good for some of these European countries.
  11. Will there be a greater threat of domestic terrorism? Maybe. But a civil war seems a bit too over exaggerated, especially in the stage orange, developed democracy we live in.
  12. As someone who is about to finish up college and start up his career, is it even worth pursuing spiritual enlightenment? Or would it be better if I focused on my career, and worry about a goal such as spiritual enlightenment for a later point in my life?
  13. This is admirable. If I don't ejaculate for a week, and find myself around women, I end up getting REALLY turned on from just the legs of a woman
  14. My dick just burns after intense jerking off