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  1. I’m grateful for a couple of days off to work on stuff. I’m grateful I forced myself to confront my problems that I had been putting off. I’m grateful that if I am responsible and continue to be present in my life, that a long and really brutal chapter in my life may finally and once and for all be coming to an end and I can just deal with rebuilding my life. == There were a couple of days last week when I was dealing with personal issues related to the divorce and money, dealing with my financial advisor and ex wife about taxes and transfer of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement funds. I just couldn’t handle it. I had to excuse myself from the office and go sit in the hall and bury my head in my hands. Or I’d be sitting in a meeting and my Apple Watch would start beeping, telling me my heart beat was extremely elevated - I’m just sitting at a meeting, mind you, but of course my mind is wandering and I’m thinking of all of this bullshit related to my divorce and all the money I have to pay which causes me so much emotional trauma. My breathing would be choppy, I really thought I was having, or was about to have panic attacks again. Aside from the days I had my kids last week, I couldn’t do anything but sort of sit at home and stare at the walls, thinking about everything. I couldn’t go to the gym, I couldn’t work on my music or my trading. It was pretty horrible. That stuff seems to be winding down I think, at least I’ve done my part, and done everything I can up to this point, and I just have to follow up with some of the tasks that are still up in the air related to my divorce issues - contacting my previous employer, following up with my financial advisor about the state of the balance transfers in progress and if I need to fill out any more bank forms. My ex wife also seems to have calmed down for now. So I’m sort of at a calm point and can sort of try to relax right now. For this reason I am taking the weekend off from the personal tasks that I set for myself - working on my side business, trading, etc. Dealing with business associates, working out. I’m just sort of in hibernation right now until I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have to calm down and find a way to relax or I’m going to kill myself. Today I’m going to at least eat right, I ate clean yesterday, and meditate, and journal, and tidy up some things around the house. Do some trading for a couple of hours, work on music a little. If I am very ambitious I will go to the gym and get a workout in - I didn’t work out all last week and my diet was absolute shit due to stress eating. I’m sure I gained a few pounds last week, which is unacceptable. I have to at least continue to lose weight because spring and summer are coming up and - in general, I have so much stress and anxiety that the least I can do for myself is try to improve my physical health. I wrote a new song as part of this songwriting group I’m in, I’m thankful I’m at least improving with that stuff. Went through a period of a couple of days where I question the futility of everything - like what’s the purpose of creating music if really basically there’s no chance for me to ‘make it big’ or even have anyone pay attention to it. I’m just going to get drowned out in a sea of home recorded music on the internet, nobody basically cares. I mean do I care that much if some random guy sends me a link to his Bandcamp page? Not that much, even if it’s a friend of mine. I also know how much is involved in writing and recording an album because I’ve done it before - it’s a shit ton of work over a long period of time for no recognition or reward. On the other hand, it’s always been personal goal of mine to have albums created that I can call my own. Meeting people and playing shows would be a stretch goal. I arrived at the point where I think I still care enough about creating art for art’s sake to continue plugging away at it. The question is - what about work and my career ambitions? What about this side business? I have been continuing to work really hard on the job, so that’s squared away. The trading and the side business - I haven’t spent time with it because, basically, I know that I can’t trade like this. I can’t trade in a bad emotional state. I take bad trades and make bad decisions, I will lose money in the long run and it will be unproductive. I need to be in a healthy and stable state of mind to be trading on a regular basis. This is another reason I have to continue to try to stabilize myself right now - I won’t really be able to continue with my side business effectively if I don’t stabilize myself. Work is work, I have to live and I have two kids to support - and an ex wife. So I have no choice but to keep plugging away there. I’ve been doing very well at my current company so I feel like at least I’m on the right track in terms of my current job. But the side business. I need to reapply myself in that area of my life, if I’m going to be happy again and or get to a place where I’m happy with my life, I have to get a promotion and start making some meaningful money on the side with the trading.
  2. Taking a few days off from working out and daily journaling. I've had some pretty heavy personal stuff going on this week, and I think I had a couple of near panic attacks. Going to take the day to chill out at home and relax. I'm going to start going back to the gym and writing tomorrow.
  3. I'm grateful for my beautiful son and the bond we share. I'm grateful for the responsible and mature person my daughter is becoming. I'm grateful the lobbying group is working so hard on behalf of fathers in my state that are fighting for their kids. == Massively massively depressed, feeling lost, alienated, hopeless, filled with regret over the past, scared shitless about the future. Is this as bad as it seems? Right now it seems about as bad as it can get short of - someone walking up to me and shooting me in the face, or a close family member dying, or ... name whatever horrible thing that could potentially happen. I don't want to get into it here, but basically - I'm finally facing up to some things that I've ignored for a long time, mainly because they were so overwhelming. Mainly financial stuff related to the divorce. I can't really get into specifics, but I'm really feeling overwhelmed about the financial picture right now. It's not looking good, I still have a major alimony bill every month, and some huge outstanding legal and tax debts that need to be paid off. Even getting the paperwork together was, is, such an emotional experience. Anger, massive anxiety, actually a lot of anger directed towards myself, massive guilt. Didn't work out over the weekend, didn't day trade, didn't really even watch my diet. Was another extremely cold couple of days in Chicago, going out was pretty impractical. I was so down in the dumps, and I had my kids with me. Guilt I can never be fully present, that this pervasive situation spoils all of our good times, guilt that I'm not able to be the cheerful, responsible, upbeat parent I know they need. I'm just a depressed wreck. All I can do is just lay on the couch and contemplate all of my troubles and how they seem insurmountable. ... and then my lovely boy, my beautiful son, will climb on top of my and snuggle and say - 'let's just watch anime this weekend and play games!' Breaks my heart, I can't even describe it. The only positive thing is that - in finally facing these issues - sooner or later they will be gone and then I'll only have to live my life and try to be the best version of myself that I can, rebuild however I can. Maybe my mind will change and I can start to be happy again, and really be there for my kids. Right now I'm just trying to make it day to day with massive problems around every corner.
  4. I’m grateful I took action in the past couple of days in a couple of things I’ve been putting off for a long time. I’m grateful that I called J. to get this over with. I’m grateful that sooner or later I will have taken care of the major anxiety provoking obligations regarding my divorce. == Extremely extremely nervous, anxious, stressed out. I just want to crawl underneath the covers and go to sleep. You know that massively depressed feeling that literally saps all the energy and will to live from you? Like, thinking about the past, regret about the past, relationships, your failures, how huge your problems seem, and the uncertainty of the future. Holy crap. I just don’t want to think about it anymore. Counterpoint: If it is endurable then endure it. Whatever problem or problems you may be facing have their own solutions. These may not be easy solutions, but they exist and are attainable. This is true for the biggest problems. == I just need to get through this horrific time right now, just do whatever I need to do to get through it and make it go away. This is the way I should’ve dealt with the divorce drama that was going on in Spring 2018. Just get through this. Getting to a place where you’re - just living life, dealing with the aftermath, trying to move on and live in the moment and figure out what you have to do to make things right again - that seems like a much better place to be. == My mom. It’s a miracle I survived my childhood. Just spending a few hours at her place, the only reason I go there is because she needs to see her grandchildren. I can’t deal with it, especially right now with all of this BS going on in my personal life. Just listen how she talks. You have to lose weight, you’re going to Harvard. Everything about success and appearances. No love and support, just these unrealistic expectations. I won’t pass that on to my kids. == My problems right now: Losing more weight, whitening of my teeth, dry skin Transferring money to IRA, talking to James, making payment to K. Obtaining copy of 2016 W2, sending both 2016 W2s to K Dealing with whatever fallout there is with our stupid taxes, I don’t even want to think about it right now, everything is just too much. Writing and recording original music. Keep applying myself and doing what I’m doing, hopefully K. will support me and I’ll be able to get a promotion soon. Start taking trades again, keep following the financial news, start scripting that stuff I promised J. I would work on. It would be really really good if I could start making money with this stuff instead of guilt tripping myself over how I’m not working on it as much as I should. The cat does not piss in her letterbox sometimes, or she misses it. Dumb cat. Friends, or rather, lack of friends. A person should not be this alone in the world, it’s unhealthy. At least make it a goal to go out socially and extend yourself on a regular basis. Try to make connections with people, you won’t survive if this doesn’t change.
  5. Grateful my son loves me. Grateful I have a good relationship with K. Grateful to be appreciated - I think - at work. == Really struggling, have had a few bad days where I want to do nothing but go home after work and veg out, watch YT videos, play guitar, work on music, distract myself from doing productive and healthy things for myself - like working out, eating right, finishing this damn script that I told J. I would have ready by this weekend. Increased stressed levels lately due to some new projects at work, also a lot of therapy appointments and kids conferences this week that have been making my schedule more hectic than normal. In pain, a lot of emotional pain. The love a father has for his son, it’s endless. So many feelings of guilt, anxiety, self reproach, it’s almost paralyzing. That’s why I don’t like to think about the divorce and family issues anymore. I get almost paralyzed by it, this feeling of depression can last a long time too and I can’t afford to be in such pain all of the time. Too many people are depending on me. Last night was a waste, just eating junk food, left over pizza, didn’t go to the gym. Worked on music, which was fruitless. Spending time with my best friend, the cat. Missing my kids. Hating myself, hating life, hating the government, hating society. Feeling like nobody cares, and they don’t. Even your family, they may love you but they don’t care, they have their own problems and they don’t understand the depths of your pain. God forbid they should have to go through what I did. Self condemnation. Other men have gone through this, why is it so difficult for me to make it through the same problems in life? Because I was a fragile person and pretty depressed before any of this started. Because I’m introverted and have few friends to talk to about it, none that would understand. If I didn’t have kids there’d be nothing stopping me from offing myself. Then again, if I didn’t have kids I wouldn’t be in so much pain. If I didn’t have kids it wouldn’t seem like I have no way out, or that I have no other option but to figure this out and move on. I can’t put them through the pain of losing a father, but there is another option that is pretty bad. Having them grow up with a father that is depressed and hopeless. How can I figure this out. How can I become a better person. How can I be happy again, how can I be productive, how can I realize my career ambitions and make myself healthy again, how tf do i recover from these huge financial burdens? I doubt this would be easy even if I was in a good frame of mind, right now it seems extremely daunting. == One of the most infuriating things about this whole divorce business, especially with kids. The assumption from legal professionals and counselors and such - I think their teachers are much better about this actually - that as a father you are a second class parent, that you don’t matter. Fuck this, fuck society. The extent of my love for my son, it’s basically endless - which is why everything is so painful.
  6. I was doing these too for a while! I really believe they would work if you are consistent. They are so much work to do so I got lazy, I want to try it again.
  7. I'm grateful I came up with a song that I like this week for my songwriting group, I'm getting better obviously at producing and arranging, also I'm getting faster at creating new songs. I'm grateful I generally was not lazy today, got a lot of stuff done around the house. I'm grateful I'm in contact with J. and we're supposed to meet up today to discuss the project we're working on together. == Here was the past 24 hours. Came home, absolutely dead. Worked on music because that was the only thing I could manage that actually makes me feel good. Oh yeah I worked out yesterday too after being stuck inside due to the subzero weather recently. Feeling slight muscle tightness and soreness. Ate leftover salad, comforted the cat who was in a weird mood for some reason. Meditated, took care of some bank stuff and car stuff. Stayed slightly late at work btw. What else. The song was great, I even liked it enough to send it to my brothers and P. Cleaned the house, it needed it. Still have to do laundry and mail stuff. I have to work on trading the rest of the day, no more music the rest of the day as I already spent too long on it this week. Took out the garbage. Meditated. Taking a break right now, watching trading news videos on Youtube. After I pick up the stuff in N.’s room I’m going to go to the gym and do my #2 workout of deadlifts and shoulders, etc. Then I’m going to come home, eat dinner, and continue to work on trading stuff throughout the night. Thinking about J. He’s always weird about this music stuff. That’s his thing. Thinking about all of the stuff I still have to do. My anxiety is relieved somewhat, but I still have to prepare for when I meet with J. tomorrow, which will take quite some time. Goddamnit, I hate this anxiety. Thinking wtf do I have to do to get rid of it completely. The answer is obvious - pay off the ex wife. I think some of the reason I’ve been putting all of the taxes and retirement crap is it causes me so much anxiety (no shit). It’s on par with maybe my relationship with my dad before he died as the one thing that really causes me to spiral into self defeating thoughts, regret, anxiety, self recrimination, etc. Anger. Yes, anger still at the injustice and the harm that it’s causing my children. The fact that nobody seems to care, as if it’s totally natural. No I’m sorry it’s not. This world is fucked, I’m just one guy and the only thing I can do is work on myself, work hard at my job, try to advance there, try to do things I enjoy and make myself happy while I can, or at least contribute something productive to the world. Try to stretch myself, reach out to people more, it’s the only way, I know I’ve been introverted my whole life but I need to do something different, it’s the only way I’m going to survive and it’s the only way I’m going to transcend this crappy situation. Dreading tax season, bills, retirement BS. Seasonal depression is definitely in the mix right now. On the other hand, sometimes in the midst of all of the stuff I have going on in my life, my personal struggle to lift myself up from this depression, to be active and engage with the world - sometimes I’m able to experience moments of, if not happiness, and not exactly contentment - but of peace. Knowing that I’m doing everything I can do and that’s all I can do so why worry about anything else that I can’t control. Then the feeling goes away. It’s not much, but it’s the best I’ve seen in the past few years. I want to live my life and not waste any more of the time that I’m given. There’s not enough time. I’ve already spent so much time feeling depressed and paralyzed by feelings of hopelessness. Let’s live in the moment, forget the past because it’s gone. A year from now I want to be - if not cut then at least in great shape, look good or at least not embarrassed with my shirt off, I know to get extremely cut like a male model requires a level of diet and exercise, and time, that I’m not sure I can dedicate myself to. Promotion at work, feeling good that at least things are moving forward in my career and I’m at an appropriate place would relieve a huge burden on my mind. On top of all of these financial worries and family issues and existential worries about my relationship with other people and my place in the world and what I’ve accomplished in life - I don’t need career worries. I’ve definitely already put my heart and soul into it for a long time. I believe that. Finances stabilized at least, I’m organized with everything and at least stable even though I highly doubt I’ll be able to make any significant progress on the huge hole in finances all of these legal bills and alimony and all that bullshit have put in my financial picture. Healthy at least, good relationship with the kids, kids continue to grow nicely into great people. Spending more time with the boy. Friends, what about friends. More friends, continuing to at least reach out to people and be social at least once every week or two, see where that gets me, maybe things that happen in this area will surprise me. Dating? Fuck that. I don’t care about that anymore, relationships are bullshit I’m sorry. But at least in a positive frame of mind and open to the world and other people. Making music, expressing myself creatively. A better guitarist and songwriter and producer. At least one EP done, maybe two - the ambient one, how long could that take? Not long honestly since I work on it little by little when I meditate. That’s it, I’m not asking much. But it’s not going to happen if I get sideswiped by life again and I’m flat out on the couch and paralyzed by depression. Back to work.
  8. I’m grateful that I even have enough money to pursue my hobbies and interests, even those like music that can sometimes get extremely expensive. I’m grateful my kids are doing so well in school and are growing up to be such smart responsible students. I’m grateful this is the end of the week and I get a couple of days to regroup, meditate, work on my trading scripts in preparation for my upcoming trading group meeting on Sunday with J. == I don’t know what part of the country you’re from or what the weather’s like by you, but in Chicago the past week we’ve had temperatures of -20 degrees outside, it’s called the ‘polar vortex’. Basically dangerously cold temperatures, school’s been closed due to weather, people at my work have been working from home for the past several days. It basically threw my routine for a loop and I became a bit of a shut in the past week. Growing up here, I expect this to happen from time to time over the winter. Mild seasonal depression, in my case maybe not so mild, but definitely I’m not as depressed as I have been, thank god. Spending time at home, working on music, playing guitar, songwriting, home recording late into the night. Thinking about wtf I’m going to do for my songwriting group this week. Watching youtube videos about amps and mixing techniques, window shopping online for gear. Listening to shoe gaze, indie pop, and doom metal. This is when the kids aren’t with me. Feeling lost, exhausted from the mental exertion of - fighting this feeling of self hatred, constantly having to remind myself that I have an inherent right to respect myself and take care of myself. Trying to make myself happy I guess. Thinking a lot, staying up late, thinking, or trying to distract myself from thinking. Too cold to go outside, run to the gym, even take a walk. Working remotely on projects with a lot of leeway, sort of unstructured, so I have a lot of opportunity to daydream. Not a good thing, I need to be active right now, engaged in doing healthy things for myself. Importantly, making sure I have balance in my life so I don’t end up in a state like I am today. A ton of anxiety and fighting off of self recrimination, guilt and self recrimination underneath everything. Missing my kids when they’re not with me, fighting off feelings of guilt and the urge to condemn myself for not living up to these ideals I set up for myself about the kind of person I should be. I finally made it to work, work is going spectacularly again though. I am definitely grateful for that and for having a supportive manager. Given a lot of leeway to make my own choices on how to run things, and stretch my leadership skills. I’m definitely grateful for this company, they have my loyalty for as long I’m able to give it. Oh yeah, I was up late last night and I put in an order for this really freaking expensive amp, too expensive honestly. 68 Princeton Reverb. Pretty much the best choice I could have made, my dream amp for recording. It can handle playing out too if I need it to. At least that’s done with, I don’t think I ever have to buy another amp again unless I’m somehow playing stadiums or something, which is a huge stretch. More on music later, I already think about it too much. In order for me to have a good day today I have to - finish the day off strong at work, take care of financial and banking stuff, work out, stay a little later at work, make sure to check most of the stuff off my todo list, come home and listen to trading podcasts while I clean the house totally tonight, feed the cat, eat lean tonight, maybe just leftovers from last night, work on trading some more - look over J’s email for next Sunday, maybe start on making improvements to our indicator, practice guitar, work on technique and lessons not fooling around with songwriting and recording tonight. Don’t waste any time tonight, meditate a little right now and put yourself in the right mind to get things done that you have been putting off. Take steps to relieve this anxiety that you feel, don’t just let it go, do something about it.
  9. I’m grateful for the cold weather, kind of slows everything down to the bare essentials and allows you to focus if that makes sense. Maybe the chance to wfh during a snow day too. I’m grateful for creative inspiration regarding musical ideas however fleeting that can be. I’m grateful for business ingenuity and financial markets knowledge of this guy I’m partnering with to create a new trading script.
  10. So what's messed up about Fender Champs is the vintage 70s SF Champs are way overpriced, also the 80s Rivera era Champs are insanely overpriced. I mean they are legendary and all but 1500$ for a 5W practice amp? Holy smokes. Keep in mind vintage Fender Champ typically are in shitty shape - even if they look well maintained usually people need to re-bias them or swap out transformers and tubes. Add another 200+ to the price tag and you are talking possibility of 1500+ for high end Champs. Lower end pre-Rivera Fender champs? Price could go up to about a grand depending on all of the work that needs to be done. Don't get me wrong. Champs are legendary and countless classic records have been recorded with them. But ... keep in mind, the thing everyone's attracted to the Champs for is - ability to record at a 5W volume, capturing the Fender legendary clean tone, and then the ability to turn up the volume a little at a comfortable room volume to get the Champ's natural overdriven tone. At a comfortable room volume. You can't do this with a 22W amp like the Deluxe - you're just not going to be able to crank the Deluxe up enough at room volume to get the sweet spot for natural overdrive. Your neighbors will hate you. This is the case even with the lower wattage - but still pretty damn loud - Princetons. You might as well forget about cranking an amp to record a natural overdrive at home given my current apartment setting, So ... now that we've established that you are paying a premium of up to 2000$ for a vintage 70s amp for the natural breakup tone - is it worth it? Given the fact that: I don't know if I need natural overdriven rock tones on most of the music I'm creating, which I'd like to be cleanish-sort of spacey ambient sounds at least some of the time. Also is it worth 2000$ when you're also going with an expensive set of multiple overdrive pedals and fuzz pedals? It's crazy. Also don't forget that you're buying a 5W amp for 2000$. Just for recording and home practice. Granted - that may be all you'll ever do but - for this kind of huge money, don't you want an amp that can do clean sounds, take pedals well, home recording, low volume home practice - in addition to being able to crank out and play with a band and or play some small club gig? I would think if you're shelling out 1000$-2000$ you want an amp that can do everything. Side note: how hard do you have to crank the Champ to get the sweet spot? and will it drive the neighbors crazy or prevent you from recording through a mic, even at normal room volumes? Basically if you go with a Princeton, Deluxe, or Twin the most you can ask for is clean tones at room volume. So for the price - let's say 700-800-1000+$, however much it's going to cost you - you want an amp that can do everything, you don't want to be a guy who has to keep buying multiple amps that fill up his basement. I mean I only like to have one guitar really. In this case you have to go with a higher wattage amp than a Champ, and also preferably non vintage so I don't have to mess with the headaches of re-biasing tubes, going to amp techs, lugging this crap around everywhere, etc. I'm thinking Princeton or Deluxe right now honestly.
  11. Sooo... here are more thoughts about guitar amps. Purpose is quality tube amp for practice and recording. Nice to have would be an amp that would be tube amp I could also play out with. Prices are cheapest I could get used, although chance I’d have to pay more. Super Champ X2 250-300 Pros: cheap, good reviews, fuse software, line in recording, would do the job recording cd Cons: probably want to upgrade at some point, not able to show off Vintage Champ 450-550 Pros: able to show off, will not want to upgrade, definitely will be great to record Cons: may incur extra service and expenses for upgrades, more expensive up to 250-300 more, in which case why not try to snipe a user DRRI for a little more? Answer to that is well maybe I will never play live and i then would feel stupid having a DRRI at home that I can never play past 4 because it would blow the windows out. In which case why did I buy the DRRI, I’ll never even to to hear the legendary overdriven tone. Vintage champ in great condition for 400-450 would be a good compromise. Princeton RI 15w would be a good compromise but it’s actually more expensive than DRRI.
  12. I’m grateful for cozy day to stay in and play videos games make lunch and watch anime with my kids. I’m grateful my daughter is growing up to be so mature and responsible. I’m grateful I have some time to think today. Honestly I should take advantage of today and use it to get yourself together, diet, meditate, control your emotions, and plan for the week ahead. == Honestly I’m pretty out of balance right now, a lot has to do with the sub zero weather which is making it difficult for me to get out of the house and take a walk or go to the gym, this really is a keystone habit that’s making me feel better physically, giving myself more energy to pursue my other goals, and giving me more confidence. I can trace my life starting to turn in another direction to when I decided to watch my diet closely and go to the gym on a regular basis in mid October. Have not been day trading this week. The best thing I could do today is spend at least two hours on it maybe 2-4 hours. I have been neglecting it. Honestly I’m feeling very frustrated with the slow progress and the feeling that all of the demo trading stuff and scripting is sort of a waste, sort of in the background there’s the thought that it’s a big scam and most people wind up losing money. Surely there are people who do exactly what I’m trying to do - all I need to do is remember that S. Is doing exactly that. He’s very profitable and he now has a very good subscription business with his software. People are doing this, although not many are as smart and persistent as S. I have to remember this, if I want this goal to manifest itself in my life it will take some time. It will not happen if I continue to give up rededicate myself then give up again, it’s like running in place, you never get anywhere. It’s possible. Likewise I’m thinking about giving up meditation. I’ve honestly tried to do it consistently and I feel like it’s not doing anything for me. Certainly there are people I admire that don’t do it. Right now it’s nothing more than a waste of time and frustration for me. And I feel silly doing it honestly. == Thinking about amps and pedals. Should I go basic pedals or boutique. Boutique more expensive, it’s very cool though and I like them. On the one hand I have massive alimony and not a lot of disposable income. I have the one guitar that’s pretty awesome, the rest are pretty budget but quality budget stuff. I should have a quality guitar and amp though. The problem with vintage amps is you don’t know what type of work you’ll have to do on them, and how much extra you’d have to spend. == God I love my son. Spend this day as much as I can with him and telling him I love him.
  13. I’m grateful my cousin let me borrow his Netflix login, actually it’s his brother in laws Netflix login. I’m grateful I joined this anime website, very cool and entertaining anime’s there you can’t find anywhere else dubbed. I’m grateful I have such a beautiful and smart son. == The holidays were hard, they always are I should know that by now. The pain you feel at times is an indication you are still having trouble accepting the way things are and stuck in an image of the way things used to be or some idealized version of how you thought your life would be. If you totally accepted reality for what it is you wouldn’t feel this pain, life would even feel complete and beautiful at this very minute. Even with things left unresolved and or without having fulfilled some personal goals you keep focusing on. Even now with the imperfect state of affairs in your life and your imperfection as a person, somehow things are perfect. Even with Trump in the White House things are perfect. Below zero, next week the high will be -4 degrees. I’ve been incredibly lazy with my workouts this week, at least I do them, but they’re not good. Also I seem to have less self control with my diet, I think it’s a combination of feeling complacent after losing 20 pounds and the weather. I do most of my cardio outside so that’s out of the question. Also below zero temperatures makes it that much harder to motivate myself to leave the house and go to the gym. Remember you’ve made a ton or progress, but you still have 20 more pounds to go. Next week I’m going to have to just do it. Some days I feel this subliminal pull when I try to assert myself, like I’m not supposed to I don’t know, be a leader or be the best. This is all in your head. Remember that you worn very hard and put your whole heart into your work. Whatever status you have in this world you have every right to, and you actually probably give yourself less credit than you deserve. You won’t rise above your current situation if you don’t feel like you deserve to. Stay strong.
  14. I’m grateful things are going so well with the new employees I’m training at work. I’m grateful I have the kids over the weekend, it really lifts my spirits when it’s my weekend, especially after several days of not seeing them. I’m grateful me and J. are going to finish watching Season 3 of MHE tonight. == Ok here’s a new idea for a pedalboard, this one is sort of the spare no expense totally versatile non exclusively shoe gaze board Fender Strat Boss TU-3 Tuner Keeley Compressor Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive Xotic BB Preamp Overdrive EQD Spires Fuzz Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter/Chorus/Delay MXR Phase 90 Phaser EQD Avalanche Run Delay/Reverb EQD Disaster Transport Delay/Reverb Boss PN-3 Tremolo/Pan Boss RC-3 Looper Fender Deluxe Reverb == I’m glad I’m playing music again, I get discouraged because it’s not really there yet where I’m playing at a high level and also able to record stuff well (also never really was able to do those things at the same time). But after more than two years off, I really should be easier on myself and appreciate how much I’ve been able to recover my technique after so much time off. Still frustrating for me to think of how good I used to be back in the day, I’m talking like 2009-2014 years when I was playing a ton. Songwriting, production, playing - it’s amazing when I meet someone who can do all 3 things very well, but I have to remember that’s the result of consistent focus and diligent practice and learning. I’m not too far off, also it’s just a fun creative activity for me. I have to remind myself some of these guys in my songwriting group are more than just hobbyists - they work in professional studios and are in gigging bands and stuff. What is this that I’m collecting? Just ideas, musical ideas that document my emotions as expressed through music, my development as a songwriter and as a producer. How quickly I can bring these things together to produce a recorded piece of music that is an expression of my emotions. Most of these are just exercises, applying things I’ve learned, coming up with a songwriting system and recording process. One day it’ll be second nature and then I’ll have mastered my tools, at that point I’ll be able to produce music that is satisfying to me. I get so obsessed with this stuff but - hey, it’s better than wasting every free minute of your life playing video games or drinking. At least it will result in something that is a fulfillment of a long held personal goal, allow me to express myself creatively, possibly meet new people with similar interests. I have to go to work every day as a software architect, that gets tedious and boring itself, and I often wish I was at home working on music. Don’t forget there are full time musicians out there waking up at noon in their studio apartments wishing they had successful careers making good money. There are two sides to everything. There is not so much of a rush with this stuff, it’s a creative outlet, it’s a fun hobby. As long as you’re progressing everything’s fine. == I don’t want to get back together with my ex wife - hell no. But sometimes I wonder if I should be putting more effort into dating. I have no problem with putting more effort into meeting new people and trying to develop some type of social circle, but this idea of dating again, I’m probably weird for saying this, but what’s the point. It just seems like a distraction to me now, and I should be focusing on my career and money, and getting in shape again, and music, stuff like that. I just don’t feel like women offer anything other than more aggravation and frustration, insecurity, too much of a focus on sex and status and superficiality, at a time when I should be focusing on getting myself healthy. Really I feel like the main things they have to offer is social proof and beauty - which is no small thing I admit. What they offer in sex and companionship is negated by what is required of me in terms of money, legal jeopardy, wasted time, and aggravation. Think more on this later.
  15. I’m grateful I’m going to make this a productive day. I’m grateful I really put in some solid work this weekend. I’m grateful I lost another 5 pounds when I weighed myself yesterday.