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  1. Channel sacral into the root/colon, left side of the body, left leg. Let the energy build up and then use the appendix along with the liver to channel the right side into the right leg *remember the wound in the bottox of Forest Gump? You would ask me: what do I channel? THE BREATH! along with those bodily fluids into Muladhara. Enjoy
  2. Depends. I myself more hardcore than an average monk, I meditate anywhere anytime, any activity. No wasting the seed outside is a rule, you use the seed only to bypass a huge emotional blockage or give birth. There are days on which I like to sit, others I like to run. I don't force into my self a special technique sitting, otherwise will lead to nonsense. Enjoy life in its full splendor while you have the full attention in yourself above anything else, this my greatest joy.
  3. Doing my doing is not your doing and your doing is not my doing.@i am I AM
  4. But at the same time, we are 100% separate from anything else while being connected hihihi. So, in reality, I talk to myself and not, what is the third?
  5. Love is Enlightenment. Outside of oneself is not called love as this almost whole diseased society is and preaches.
  6. Use more of the horns, the shaka shaka will make you have a big awesome brain with full of something, i hope you get my jokes.
  7. No conflict, no growth, the Pacifism idea is just an idea to control the zombies who sleep.
  8. And to awaken one has to discover the 6 & 9 Fibonacci spirals in the body if you know what I mean, they are physical, don't ask me, ask your breath or follow the fancy mind of yours.
  9. Meditation is simply attention on breath above any thought and feeling, period!
  10. Meditation is nothing more than the attention on the breath consciously, do that until you find yourselves completely, there is no other alternative to discovering the truth, not even a DMT trip from the perspective of the mind.
  11. No. Is literally living the breath (the famous BEING in the MOMENT) as the main center of your attention and use that center to see into the whole. The mind cannot see into the whole without the breath. I think you are neurotic about control. The mind has to be controlled by the breath, and to do that one has to do it backward/opposite as "the knife cannot cut itself".
  12. The total awareness comes after conquering the breath in the attention, is a direct link, no clue what you are tangled in. There is no full awareness outside the breath, only bits and pieces. The reason being is that the breath is inside and outside at the same time. So Breath/Prana is everywhere is tapped into the whole, in and out.
  13. You are neurotic about using thought on the breath Let me put this in practice: The mind has the center in the head. It is the survival control panel to sleep or to transcend. Use it to focus on the breath to transcend or be scared about using it and die, is that simple.
  14. I don't stop on the Breath either, in fact, I use it in 4 different attention points at the same time consciously. In other terms is the 4th witness level and beyond to really synchronizing the whole of the body/mind.