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  1. Raw animal products have the highest vibrational value in my experience. In my experience veganism will keep you dormant. 80% of vegetables have to many anti nutrients to consider de benefits. Not killing is s belief system, as humans we are the apex predator. And by experience of vegetarianism almost a decade, nothing comes close to cure meat tha has bacteria or good cheese, etc. People are so dumb that they embraced no violence for the sake of some social conventions. I refer to killing animals for food, not violance against people. In my experience i'm more empathic after raw animal products and a feel of gratitude for the sacrificed animals.
  2. Chandelier Sia. Tip: "party girls" is the metaphor for the Spleen. Over the rainbow Amstrong. Tip: "i see trees of green..." Metaphor for the heart. "Red roses too..." Metaphor of kundalini shakti, etc. So the majority of good songs are all about enlightenment picted in different forms and colors.
  3. You directed too much Kundalini into the head, and boosted a huge EGO. Now connect heart space with Kundalini to have full control and paradoxical no control at all, but in this setup one is untouched by any thought form/entitie. Inccubus or Succubus in reallity are metaphors for the Spleen/purple rain. If one is not in touch with the limphatic system and connect spleen with heart and plexus, then one is prone to sleep. So in a few words i expained a little the path to awakening. Crown-spleen-heart/throat and using this after focusing on breath one focuses the spleen to pull plexus in and down. Colors of chakras: white-purple-red-yellow, etc. This is the order on how to regain the heartspace and the innocente from childbirth.
  4. Interesting mentions. In my personal experience lack of simpathy is lack of connection, better said is lack of giving and recieving energy in the heart space. But there is a catch. Only those awaken can fully do this and little children also.
  5. Stop thinking, enlightenment is the end of questions. Is seeing everything as it is. One will stop questioning after discovers what he forget. Because we all know everything, but only a few awaken from the dream and remembers. So is a thing of regaining full atention, not only the atention on thoughts and memory. Is the wake state of interconnection with every piece of consciousness in the body, every atom, every cell becomes vibrant and the mind as we knew it before the wake state, now is only a tool, not the main being.
  6. Oh yes!!! As a professional singer i give that, is a lifechanging experince and a bar of awakening. No human can declare she or he is awakened if they cannot sing from all the chakras. So yes, is one of the greatest things we have after breath. Those shocked about this claiming, don't worry, you will get there and understand it.
  7. You became delusional, that is a better word. You will not have questions anymore if you have awakened.
  8. In other words they help you open your gut. Like food, tool. They don't do shit by themselves only help those who know how to use the breath.
  9. The occult is all about the natural and transendence. So one of the reasons i don't have respect for those who have seen something from the infinite, realized some logical truth about reallity but have no clue about energy, occult, psychic power. And still call themselves awaken or spiritual teachers, i only have 1 word for them: rubish. In other words, all this society is based on the occult, for you noobs out there thinking that repeating a mantra will help you transcence or reading a guide of how to astral project and then you do it, is just pathetic. Those who know how MERKABA works, get what i just said here, the other majority i invite them to keep meditating.
  10. Seeing a dead baby in the garbage area with 5 years old, traumatized me until in my 30'.
  11. You have to produce ART in order to be productive while you want to wake up, otherwise, labour and following orders cannot help you awaken.
  12. If the people you are in relationship with are still dormant, than is a cancer for you, literally. But if your group is beyond the social boundaries and healthy then yes, a mental stabillity. What people don't realize yet is that more thanb 95% of the population jas some type of mental disorder. So for a better mental health will be transcendence, otherwise is a desease disguised in social norms.
  13. Is the other way around. Joy, bliss, mind expansion, wellbeing is normal. So if you see blissful people and think is not normal, than you are sick, trapped by the balls in thos social cancer. Metaphor: this 3 headed hydra with 1000 eyes, pure apathy and disaster.
  14. Easy, forgetting you have a heart and breath. Is not a limitation, more than 90% of the population is sick, is called social cancer, in other words, education as we know it in the mainstream. We make the best we can in this life by letting go or going into learning how to behave and than disaster comes. There is no way around this. Transcencence cannot live fully in a dormant\sick environment. And the majority prefer to be sick, even if they call that bliss. Heart cannot be bought, nor learned.