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  1. Working out in a gym is overrated I tell you. Just go and climb something in nature, you will fell 1000 times better, I assure you. And yeah, practice Breathing until you master it, then life is much more easy at any level.
  2. Exactly, is channeling the energy of those organs, deep in Muladhara.
  3. Evolve and Rejuvenate, this is a forgotten science that people think is something impossible
  4. Karma will have to be paid, each dormant will pay the Karma with the inside, with shadow work. Why? Because one gets entangled in life and has an influence in others and the environment, so when one awakens will have to go the same route as Hänsel and Gretel did to come back home. So this is paying Karma, is seeing the truth, going with the pain, get molded by the pain and come out something totally new as you had expected before the journey.
  5. What something more challenging and profound? Listen to the silence in between heartbeats.
  6. Is as stupid as a waste of time and suicide is not a virtue, is not true courage. What I see on these monks is just cultural harakiri mentality, nothing much, another form of belief that is virtuous in their society. So don't confuse an enlightened master with an ascetic that does not feel anymore and castrated himself.
  7. You don't need a reason to laugh. You need a reason to be serious or sad. But apparently in today's society is the other way around, and is so stupid.
  8. Grounding. Ground the energy from your head into legs, channeling the breath.
  9. Take in mind that the average dormant operates consciously less than 4% of the body/mind capacity. Imagine unlocking more than that. Per example, from my experience and calculations, of being able to control the reptilian parts in me and others, I say I started operating at more than 20% of capacity. So in deep meditation, I'm capable of sensing ultra and infrasounds, infrared & ultraviolet spectrum of vision. Freaked me out some years ago.
  10. I only do Meditation, focus on breath, usually more than 10h a day. After mastering breath you can channel the breath to raise kundalini and have a constant flow of DMT in the system, so it translates in a constant state of bliss without feeling tired. This is my experience of everyday life. So I can work, play, whatever while I'm still meditating, is a way of life now. So in my experience, focussing all the attention on my breath, the awareness of the surroundings skyrockets, so i'm able to do stuff with a more clear mind that without meditation, and the ability to multi-task is incredible.
  11. I have not pursued this path per example and have awakened almost 3 years ago. But after all that time, only this month I dived deep into the permanent state of bliss. The last 2 years were ups and downs during the day, moments of bliss with other moments of dark nights of the soul, having almost every day continuous ego deaths so to speak. So yes, if you decide to skip the breath and think all the time, eventually one will fall into the trap of forgetting, again.
  12. @TheAvatarState Yes, I've been doing it first RL more than 2 years ago. But the last year I've experienced the same flawlessly, on video games and even live TV, which is more close to RL than games. So yeah, now is like a walk in the park for me, I shared so many things here on the forum, but the majority have not experienced this kind of shit in their lives, so is difficult to be understood But those who play overwatch add me, same nickname. hahahaha
  13. Oh boy! Why don't you guys ask questions about how to awaken, not only the byproduct of answers on how reality works, hilarious. What a mindfuck you giving to winterknight. So childish to ask so many questions about reality, and for what ? Are not useful to any without experience, hahahaha. Thumbs up winterknight, tough situation you got here