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  1. Leo's video on the topic is great and I recommend everyone to watch it. Here are some additional recommendations of mine while actualizing this potential in spirituality. Awakening by itself will help you fall in love with life but prior to such deep transformation, there are tangible steps into going in that direction. The key principle you need to follow is the acute sense of ease, joy and attention you pay towards your mental state moment by moment in daily life. Now obviously such behaviour and mentality change is not possible to cultivate on a consistent basis prior to making some progress in meditation skills. To aid in your journey, keep in mind to never grip towards your life goals and day to day activities too tightly. See, life goals regarding attaining certain things, wanting a 'better' life, looking forward to doing something at 5 pm and spending the morning hours in a state of anticipation - these are all certain mental habits we all fall into. But the more you imbue your life, goals and activities with a sense of profound ease, joy and presence (thanks to your spiritual practice), your life will slowly enhance itself. You will FEEL much more conscious than your usual states. Behaviors will change on a micro basis as your mental skills develop in meditation. This becomes a feedback loop and informs your 'unconscious' aspects of your psyche to revise their worldview. When you become obsessively focused on a goal or an activity of any kind, just be aware of how you are losing the joy of 'the process'. The actual day to day moments while we do our hobbies can be enhanced radically. There is so much craving, seriousness and resistance to your favourite hobby that it only becomes obvious how wrong you've approached this whole life business after you make some progress. You'll read this post in different times of your life. Wherever you feel you are in your life, there is more wisdom you can sprinkle to your life. Turning this into a daily practice is what all Zen masters are doing each time they sit in meditation and intend to maintain wisdom in daily life. Make this process as enjoyable as possible. Don't strain and grip for goals and activities. Your 'to do list' should relax its handles on you. Enjoy these activities while staying present and joyful in the process. Be very careful not to get swept away by life so that you can actually be present for it. However much 'fun' you think you are having. Always curb your urges and desires with the wisdom spirituality imbues you with. And intend to integrate this perception to all life activities as much as possible. Hope this gives inspiration and hope for what is possible for you! Much love, Arda
  2. I've just seen this post. I apologize for answering so late. 'Be aware of awareness' is basically the same as 'concentrating at the mind'. Attention and awareness fuses into each other. The polar of its qualities are extremely strong where each becomes indistinguishable from the other. It is an advanced* stage in the practice. Don't mistake this sentence as vague sensations of attention and awareness fusing in a state of subtle dullnes. Attention doesnt turn to ANY physical form (Body, emotions, feelings, thoughts etc) and only remains at the mind sense along with awareness (activities of the mind, the sense of separateness and the act of perception) which is just a fancy way of saying 'self enquiry' in samatha terms. Hope this helps a little!
  3. Develop awareness of sensations and the knowing of where attention is while doing this technique. Keep everything open and inclusive. Eventually you want to inquire towards the self who is looking and experiencing WHILE doing this process. Then it will be really powerful and 'good' experience.
  4. I want you to imagine that those strong blissful sensations which occurs in your head area gets amplified to your entire body - legs, arms, torso, head - and you are in a state of joy and happiness in a state of this whole body pleasure. This is the definition of the beginning stages of Jhanas. Since you are already predisposed and mentally able to create such positive states of feelings, I suggest you practice jhanas and develop these faculties further with tranquility, joy and equanimity. I started to boost my practice with something very similar a long time ago. I had strong pleasurable sensations at the sides of my head. But this was happening consciously whenever I focused my attention to my head. After some time, the pleasure enveloped my entire body and my practice started to transform itself. Keep at it. This is a great opportunity to go deeper. Don't waste it. Strengthen those neural pathways!
  5. In this spiritual journey, you'll have to develop a 'no self' or 'no-I' palate for integrating spirituality in daily life. In simpler terms, this is the first time you can consciously reduce the sense of I, separation and craving levels to a noticeable degree where your state of consciousness changes. Once you feel the inklings of this transformation in your formal sessions (or daily life), I encourage you to go after it and replicate this insight experience over and over again. This is not the time to distract yourself with entertainment. Re-create the same circumstances - causes and conditions - which enabled you to reduce the sense of I looking at the world. --- How to Nurture This No-I Awareness: To reduce the shortcomings of open eyes and effectively practice, do the following: 1- Visual field strongly increases the illusion of duality and separateness. A self looking at the world. In daily life, whenever you are interacting with anything, looking at anything, allow the no-I perception to show its colors through reminding yourself the insight. You'll instantly recognize the same perception rearing its head by reducing craving, self perception and overall ease pervading your conscious experience. That is how you know you are doing it right. You'll also experience puny self-centered thoughts (planning, worrying etc) losing a lot of their pull over you. Do this each moment in daily life. Warning: This will feel quite disorienting. You might find it very challenging to walk straight or speak with people. This is the initial shock. It will get easier as the insight matures. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep your energy levels high. Smile often to create a sense of ease. Then continue to maintain this no-I awareness each time you look at the world. This form of nurturing as a practice is absolutely essential for spiritual development. To reduce the shortcomings of closed eyes and effectively practice, do the following: 2- Make sure your body doesnt feel like a burden. Since closed eyes facilitate greater awareness of body sensations, thoughts and emotions, it is important to have enough equanimity, joy and tranquility to reduce the illusion of a self. Otherwise, closing your eyes and meditating will be more challenging than open-eye meditation. You need to nurture this awareness of no-I in both ways to experience insights. If you feel like there is not enough lubricating elements of samatha, then it is time to do more samatha prior to this insight process with closed eyes. --- Once you do this practice, slowly integrate your favorite hobbies and activities with open eyes. Be patient and do this every morning. I hope I don't have to say that you need to start your day with a strong formal session to enhance this awareness for the rest of the day If dullness or drowsiness sets in throughout the day, open your eyes and continue maintaining no-I awareness the best you can. If you are extremely fatigued, then take a nap and continue the practice. No need to force the mind to energize itself if it is too sleep-deprived. Much love,
  6. This point here is correct. Many life forms like lizards, cats, dogs are simply too inflexible in their wiring to make any real dent in a spiritual development. And humans do exist in a spectrum. In theory, it is possible for life forms to appear in the future that makes any spiritual work made by humans as complete joke. However, this is merely an excuse to not do the work in the way you portray this understanding. You are thankfully not a dog and a lizard. And thankfully you don't have a mental disorder that would make this work close to impossible. The entire 'genes' between 'spiritually gifted' people debate and how this makes any valid reasons as to why anyone can't progress spiritually is not just an unproven theory but obviously a trap in the path. As someone who knows about self-deception, I'm sure you can see sinister sides within this perception you've constructed and believe in so adamantly
  7. Right Now imagine you actually do live in a GTA world. There is a GTA 5 VR mod that does the exact same thing. You can try that since it would be easier on the GPU. Roleplay does get you closer to this understanding but more 'merging' needs to take place in a meditative state to access the insight I'm talking about. Daily introspection is needed in formal and informal sessions to drill this into the deepest recesses of the mind system.
  8. Add the masturbation into the mix with radical acceptance of not just your self personality but also each conscious experience and you have yourself a recipe for having an insight into reality. Work towards accepting each experience, intention and craving and releasing it. Keep in mind, you need to inquire towards the sense of 'I' or the process wont resolve into anything substantial. Make sure the self is always in the back of the mind with this investigation. Much love,
  9. Don't mistake 'no thought' as emotional neutrality in a state of reduced thought activity. No thought or no-mind is a highly advanced stage of practice. You need higher equanimity, mindfulness skills, physical and mental pliancy + actual insight into reality to consistently dwell in suchness and being of silence. You may feel there are no thoughts but there are thoughts and intentions formed consistent with your self-view in the unconscious mind which is the source of your desires and aversions. Unless you realize there is no self really deeply, you wont experience what you intend to experience.
  10. For any gamers out there, I'm going to recommend a very technological-based spiritual practice that will help you get an insight into how ego and personality structure is highly elusive and ultimately a mind construct. This will require some introspection in experience but also outside in meditation as well. What I'm about to explain is going to be a highly unorthodox style of practice - akin to the Vajrayana style of training. A Quick Summary of How To Set Up The VR Experience: Many of you are aware Cyberpunk is a highly anticipated game that has failed to meet a lot of the hype people had. Now the game has been out for about 1.5 years. Due to bugs, I've decided to hold off on experiencing it however; things have changed recently. 1.5 update came out and incredible progress has been made by turning Cyberpunk into a fully functional Virtual Reality game: Luke Ross's mod. First of all, you need to have a capable PC to play Cyberpunk VR. I have 5700 xt and ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB Ram. This is the bare minimum to enjoy this experience on VR. In Nvidia terms, 2070 super - rtx3060 will do the job. Use the lowest settings and 1920p resolution for 60-70 fps with this build. You also need a VR system. I use Oculus Quest 2 and it is currently the best price to performance VR system out there. After getting Cyberpunk on Steam, head over to Luke Ross's Patreon page. Purchase its subscription for 1 month, acquire the mod and you can leave the subscription afterward. The instructions on how to apply the mod is very simple and explained in his Patreon Tutorial. ------ How To Practice and Why This is So Profound? After starting the game on VR, make sure you select a character that is different from your gender. This is the key. The main character is named V. So, if you are a guy, select to play as Female V. If woman, a male V. This is important to get you to see the following: 'Oh! In a VR immersed setting, I literally become the female V, thinking like her and reacting to experiences like her. It is as if I'm in a movie and my consciousness has been transferred to another body' This gets you to see (eventually) the body is entirely irrelevant in the construction of the sense of 'I'. You CAN actually conceive of your mind and sense of 'I' in a completely different body. In fact, in an opposite gender as well. Allowing you to see gender is a part of this construction. The ego and personality structure morphs and shifts to accommodate the new body's awareness and consciousness. This becomes apparent after 7-10 hours in to the game as Cyberpunk becomes an actual movie in terms of atmosphere and quest design in VR. In Vajrayana practice, you merge the ego with a diety to get insight into how the self is a mental construct. In this technique, you are literally doing the same thing but in Cyberpunk VR. But to practice it, you need to nurture this new awareness of 'I'. This awareness will develop as you play the game and I want you to pay attention to how your ego structure gets modified with Female V in the background. After getting a sense of this realization, sit down in a formal setting in stillness and inquire about your sense of 'I'. That is the practice. ----- Final Thoughts: I've been a gamer for the majority of my life and I'm an easily content and pleased person thanks to my decades-long spiritual practice. However, things are getting to another level of profoundness after my initial 6 hours with Cyberpunk VR. I can say with absolute certainty that Cyberpunk VR is one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life. Not only does it have serious spiritual implications but also it feels like the next generation of what video games will evolve to as VR space gains momentum. Cyberpunk VR is easily 100 times better than whatever 2d vanilla version people played on a monitor. Not only the bugs have been ironed out but the experience has shifted into a different dimension. Cyberpunk VR is probably going to be an unforgettable experience for me. I was shocked at how amazing it was yesterday night. I feel sorry for people who've experienced it on a monitor 1st time playing. If you've held off on playing it like me, this is the definitive way to play. Let me know your thoughts below after experiencing it. --- Much love, Arda
  11. If it didn't last, then it was a glimpse. An insight experience. Not enlightenment.
  12. Well, this was such a great response that I have nothing to add :)) In Leo's defense, on very rare occasions, human brain has certain limitations and depending on the individual personality type, this entire spirituality journey can manifest as torture expanding to many years of someone's life. Along with wrong intentions and destructive habits, the downward spiral can take a good while to change its momentum to positive growth. Because of this, I understand people's initial love and loyalty to psychedelic substances. So much wisdom splurged in your face with little to no manual training. However, as most of people here are being aware of, it is not a long term solution. We only have finite time here. Constantly sliding back and never deeply integrating a spiritual insight will only result in a marginally better life than your average Joe. Actually embodying an insight permanently is SIGNIFICANTLY and RADICALLY more profound than any insight you temporarily glimpse with any psychedelic. But of course, doing both is very powerful. So, I don't try to demean the value of psychedelic here.
  13. After developing some introspective awareness with body awareness and breath practices I've detailed in my previous posts, you will eventually come across a point in your practice where body awareness - filled with distinct moving, changing or stable sensations - starts to get in the way of your spiritual development. 'Getting in the way' means you are better of exploring the less solid aspects of the body after a certain point of practice. This is the exact point where the pacification of the sensory systems of your brain is the key to progress as outlined in Culadasa's book 'The Mind Illuminated'. Pacification of the Senses: From Bodily Sensations to Physical Pliancy Pacification of the senses comes from consistently ignoring normal sensory information presented in awareness. This is NOT the same as suppression. Ignoring sensations simply mean focusing your attention on the meditation object BUT not boosting body awareness as a natural part of your practice. Allowing attention to exclusively attend to the breath sensations at the tip of the nose and nothing else. Eventually, the sensory sub-minds (which include aches, pains, pleasures, sense of weight etc) stop projecting that content into consciousness at all. This is similar to 3rd jhana/ 4rth jhana, but it also delves deeper into the unconscious recesses of your psyche due to unification of mind. When this happens, it means the sensory sub-minds are unified around a common intention not to interrupt the focus of attention to the breath, resulting in complete pacification, effortlessness and physical pliancy. --- Once the bodily senses are fully pacified, there will be a dramatic change during meditation in how you experience ordinary bodily sensations, proprioception, and the mental image you have of your body. Before pacification, when meditating, we’re usually quite aware of many tactile and other bodily sensations: pain in muscles and joints, burning and pressure where our body touches the cushion, temperature sensations, and pressure and touch where body parts contact each other or our clothing. However, when the senses are completely pacified and physical pliancy arises, we cease to be aware of all these sensations. Instead you may feel as though your body is completely empty inside—that there is nothing more than a thin membrane or shell at the surface of your body, from which all sensations have disappeared. You’ll have little more than a vague awareness of your body occupying space. This corresponds to when attention stabilizes effortlessly for long periods of time to the breath at the tip of the nose. Pacification of the senses will reinforce effortlessness. ---- Short version: After enough body awareness and introspective awareness develop, ignore all bodily sensations and exclusively focus on the breath sensations to pacify senses. Why Is This Important? Eventually, you will have to do longer sits to delve deep into certain insights or start insight practices. You can't do that without physical and mental pliancy. You've heard about a yogi who can sit for 4 hour SDS with ease. Well, they are not using some magic trick. They are also not brute-forcing a smile in a state of resistance. They've completely pacified sensory sub-minds and unified the mind. One of the effective ways of doing that is explained in this post and my prior techniques. Physical pliancy and meditative joy come quickly and easily for some, but slowly and arduously for others. Physiology and genetics may play a role, as do differences in temperament and psychological disposition. If you are an entrepreneurial go-getter type of individual, the process will be more torturous and harder than someone who is laid back and chill but also firm when it comes to following instructions. Physical, mental, and emotional health are also factors, which can be addressed through diet, exercise, good work and recreation habits, and appropriate therapy, if necessary. However, the biggest obstacles are often the hindrances of aversion and agitation due to worry and remorse. How we condition our mind on a daily basis has a powerful influence over these hindrances, and practices that purify the mind can be extremely helpful. -- Much love, Arda
  14. Your body doesn't exist. It is a part of this illusory perception.
  15. @Leo Gura As you are doing contemplation and observation at the peak of the 5 Meo session, your perception, at its core, can not fully shake off the following assumptions: (everyone's default unconscious worldview). These are the foundation of all your motivations, beliefs and actions. 1- I'm a separate entity, a Self, in a world of other entities. 2- My emotional states - happiness and suffering - depend intimately on the interactions between myself and the other entities/objects/environments. 3- As a self, I rely on my manipulation and survival skills to influence these interactions to satisfy my cravings in the hopes of satisfaction where my happiness will be maximized and suffering will be minimized. --- All 3 of these assumptions are false delusions of the mind. As you investigate reality at the peak of a psychedelic session, you might think that this worldview is completely broken and fully integrated by all unconscious sub-minds to re-organize their worldviews. The problem is that only %5 of mind system is 'online' so to speak to receive the insights and integrate them. The rest 95% is still completely oblivious to whatever wisdom that arises in a psychedelic session. That's why no actual stickiness overlaps to your life when afterglow ends. The same 3 assumptions above continue to pervade your life, perceptions and understanding of life. Then you focus on a memory trace, a feeling of the peak 5 meo state to remember these insights, thinking they actually transform you. These assumptions are not going to revise themselves by spending the rest 99% of your life in unconsciousness. There lies the problem with the 'mainly psychedelic user, little to no meditation' style of spirituality. And there are many other assumptions and contemplation points you need to work on after dealing with these.