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  1. @yungtrippa Don't allow your mind to compartmentalize daily life with its activities and spirituality. Surely, you can't maintain the peak of DMT realization all of a sudden but if you use the simple but effective lessons of awakening to daily life with a strong spiritual practice, your hectic life will slowly resemble more and more the awakening realizations.
  2. I just re-watched this lesson. The title and the main subject of the video appear too basic and simple, right? Well, not so fast. Don't be fooled by its simplicity. This lesson has the potential to help you work with many deep personal, spiritual and health issues. I did watch this video at the time it was released. As a meditator, I liked it. But I didn't purposefully practice it. Well, that was a mistake Here are my experiences after embodying profound relaxation and body awareness: Leo does give great insights here. Practice intentional body relaxation in daily life. Take this very seriously. Much love,
  3. Thanks. I no longer experience brain fog after this profound relaxation. In fact, I never felt this sharp and light my entire life. I've just eaten a sandwich. Zero sleepiness. Alert. I don't think it has to do with my diet. But I'm sure it is effective for some people.
  4. Definitely don't get bummed out about the tension coming back. Keep releasing it. Continuously in each moment. You'll develop mindfulness, sensory clarity and equanimity with this training. Shinzen would be proud
  5. @Igor82 My posture is not perfect Especially after this relaxation business. I can sometimes slouch and completely drop my arms and shoulders down like a dead fish while walking etc, but it feels incredibly restful and rejuvenating. I'll try to balance it out with an acceptable level of muscle tone.
  6. I've basically realized the sleep wasn't refreshing due to lack of rest one gets in daily life. You might think you are relaxed in daily life but really inquire: 'Do I spend each moment regardless of typing, walking talking in a state of profound relaxation?' In fact, sometimes I've started to feel even more relaxed and restful actually sitting upright in meditation compared to my earlier sleeps laying down in bed. This is unbelievable. You might be shocked how one can have more rest sitting cross legged compared to laying down but this tension was so prevalent that I couldn't even rest properly in deep sleep. So, simply try this: 'Maintain introspective awareness of effort and tension in daily life, continuously release it. Immediately observe its positive effects. Repeat' Let me know if this helps.
  7. This realization happened while lot of strain and tension build up after a heated argument. Since I don't normally get angry or violent in daily life, this was a little unexpected. Right after I meditated, I said to myself: 'Wow! What is this tension on my shoulders? Let me intentionally release it every time I'm aware of it.Oh, wait. I can do this while walking talking watching videos, playing games eating food...Wait this tension was always there? Are you serious!' It became second nature afterwards This was a really spontaneous and effortless realization. My mind realized how it was producing this aversion and tension, not the external world and simply dropped it. I always knew tension can be dropped by this time shit got real and my mind dropped it. And it is a process. I can currently feel some tension on my shoulders as I'm writing this due to uncomfortable position the keyboard is in but then I immediately release it to a relaxing posture. My mind is extremely attentive to any strain or muscle tension at this point. I don't know what to say. This was entirely new and shocking to me. My meditations are almost pain free. Allow me to experience some more of this new baseline and I will formulate some advice and tips
  8. No. Teach yourself to enjoy your practice rather than brute-forcing with aversion and resistance.
  9. See, I've always had chronic fatigue and brain fog for the majority of my life. In this post, I'd like to let everyone know what happened after a recent spiritual development related to profound physical relaxation in daily life. Just because one can experience a lot of joy on demand doesn't necessarily mean all forms of suffering, fatigue, brain fog or tension have disappeared. After listening to Leo's issues on food coma, fatigue and brain fog, I've decided to go deeper on this issue for myself. Before the recent spiritual development, I was experiencing significant levels of sleepiness literally after every meal. I had to sleep 1-2 hours just to feel normal or to crank up joy. Not just that, but I also consistently feel dullness and sleepiness come over me in meditation and daily life. This also meant brain fog and lack of sharpness mentally. I initially thought this was due to the high levels of carbs I've been eating these past few months. Bread, pasta etc. However, I could normally eat any food and feel perfectly normal. Something must be happening internally that produces these reactions to the food I'm eating.ü See, these are learned habitual sensitivities. For many people (excluding medical cases), eating a variety of foods is perfectly healthy and doesn't produce chronic fatigue. Remember your 9 year of self. Was he/she picky about eating some bread fearing the 3-hour brain fog afterward? No. This is an issue developed with time, not an inherent genetical disposition you are cursed with forever. Now, these past few months, it doesn't matter what I eat. Veggies, meat, fruits etc. I experience brain fog and fatigue right afterwards. I needed to sleep. I felt very intrigued by this sudden change. This kept happening for months on end. This was affecting my thoughts, motivations, and energy levels significantly. Even the access to jhana and joy on demand. I was waking up in a state of annoyance and frustration before meditation. So I needed to figure this out. I took supplements - Didn't work. I changed my sleep cycles significantly and started magnesium supplements to improve sleep quality - Didn't work I tried to crank up the joy in my mind to combat lethargy - Occasionally worked as a temporary solution I needed to find a deeper solution to coax out the root. In my recent meditations, I was feeling this profound relaxation. I thought nothing of it. It happens. Then it goes away. Well, apparently some part of my mind took this cue and allowed me to see these mind-blowing levels of tension I was building up and reinforcing in daily life my entire life. Yes, even when I was experiencing a lot of joy and going deep into jhanas, I was not aware of this much unconscious tension. I thought to myself: 'Wow! I can't believe this tension. No wonder I'm feeling fatigued. In fact, I remember having this physical tension as 7 year old kid laying down to watch cartoons. This tension is such an instinctual way I operate AND I was reinforcing this without knowing every day' This tension was there on my shoulders, over my torso and chest, preventing deep relaxation. Reducing the effectiveness of all joy and jhana practices by introducing strain and tightness. This tension was affecting my relationship with others. Every time I saw someone, I was tightening up around the same way (shoulders and torso) in a learned habitual manner. This subconscious tension has finally risen up to a conscious level I can work with. Now back to brain fog and fatigue: This exact same physical tension was using extreme levels of energy in my body and mind AS I'm eating food. I've realized this was the culprit to my entire fatigue and brain fog issues. Because this tension broke up in every aspect of my life. (while walking, talking, thinking laying down etc.) In this case, I tighten up around the act of eating food. As I'm moving the spoon to my mouth. Chewing it. Looking around. As my mind stopped its tendency to contract so many muscles both in the act of eating and in daily life, I was able to eat donuts, bread, chips etc with zero brain fog or sleepiness afterwards. Normally, I was waking up extremely groggy and frustrated regardless of sleeping 12 hours, 8 hours or 6 hours. Regardless of whether applying all sleep protocols. After this profound relaxation, I was waking up refreshed and joyful after 6 or 12 hours. Doesn't matter. My body is resting fairly deeply in daily life as well. My meditations have improved DRAMATICALLY. I feel like now I'm in a spiritual development where I can do 3-4 hour sits without moving. Easily. In fact, I'll let you guys know my experiences right after doing such a practice. Now I'm getting used to this new baseline of mindfulness and profound relaxation. I'm shocked how so many varieties of personal and health issues were resolved and evaporated by this baseline relaxation. I'm extremely motivated and happy for this new chapter in my spiritual development. I can't wait to share my experiences going forward. Feel free to let me know your questions. Much love, Arda
  10. I've played Undertale. It was an all right game. A lot of people love it but I wasn't too impressed with it.
  11. You'll love Disco Elysium if you like Planescape Torment. It is extremely unique.
  12. I've purchased a PS5 on launch date. Currently playing God of War 60 fps on hard mode and I've got 3 hours or so left until I beat the game. My mind is blown. This is one of the best gaming experiences of my life. Just finished the final valkyrie challenge - Sigrun - on hard mode and it was fantastic. Forced me to use all the skills and techniques I've learned. I don't play games as often as I used to but here are my favorite games in no particular order: Witcher 3 Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 - (The first game is one of my favourite games of all time) Disco Elysium Planescape Torment Torment: Tides of Numenera Pikmin 3 Uncharted series Bravely Default series on 3DS Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward PoE series and Divinity 2 God of War PS4 Chrono Trigger The World Ends With You Castlevania: The Order of Ecclesia God of War 3 Fallout New Vegas Zelda Breath of the Wild Donkey Kong: Country Returns Doom 2016 Mario Galaxy 2 --- These are some of the best games I've experienced in my life.
  13. When you play video games in a state of mindfulness, you won't experience guilt. Even when you experience dullness next day, you'll be equipped with the skills to work with it. If it is not possible, due to strict mindfulness training, you'll feel better after a 20 min nap. Playing the games is not the issue. Your mental reaction of guilt after playing is. Be careful how you condition your mind and impute certain emotions with activities. Much love,
  14. Thanks. Glad you liked it. This is something you do when you realize there is an inaccuracy in your worldview. Not always Much love,