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  1. Nice thanks a lot
  2. @Serotoninluv Any Yin yoga recomendation ?
  3. That's a good recomendation thanks, any pose/session in particular (I nearly never did yin yoga) that you would recomend ? I have the same concern about sds, which obviously is something that comes to mind when we're talking equanimity training, but I feel the same way, it would have to be done in a not too pushing/hardcore way or it's just harmful long term That's an other good one thanks, the problem for me now is that I'm in Jakarta for now and if I put the water to max cold here it's not really that cold, but I can maybe try to figure something out with coldness like get some icecubes in my body or have some water bottle in the fridge that I would pour in me or something like that
  4. I've been thinking about trying to cultivate and increase equanimity recently, I feel like it might be possible to an extent with some training practices Basically the idea would be to have something slightly (or a bit more, but I think it's better to not go too far) unpleasant/painful, but obviously not harmful, and trying to just observe the physical sensations and be just observing and accepting and okay with the experience I feel like this could train the mind to be more equanimous Do you guys have any ideas about what training could qualify like that ? For example I'm thinking some physical exercices could be okay, I've found that it's better to have something static rather than active though, because then it's way easier to concentrate on the sensations and on trying to just observe the experience in an accepting way
  5. Thanks for all the answers
  6. Which one you find most useful/effective ? And what about white noise music with wireless earplugs, I'm nearly wondering if there wouldn't be some downsides that would outweight the positives (electronic device close to body while sleeping, will white noise not reduce sleep quality) ?
  7. You're familiar with the Progress of Insight map right ? And if so do you think you crossed A&P ? If that's the case there might be some specificites due to that compared to someone who will exeprience aversion but without having crossed A&P
  8. Nice, I definitly agree too, fixing thoughts with thoughts sometimes can work but sometimes not and we'll just get trapped in the thoughts, it's a dangerous and slippery method One thing to add on the 2nd method of just letgo and surrender, in my experience observing and surrending to the physical sensations works really well, it's a good anchor to have something else than the thoughts to grasp and not getting drown in the thoughts like quicksands Goodluck with your journey
  9. You guys can check the World Health Organisation for numbers or infos, it's gonna be better than medias or social media And the numbers are growing pretty fast but probably still not much worry to have if you consider that the flu kills like 10 000-30 000 people every winter in the US for example
  10. Thanks, I've been procrastinating implementing some Cudalasa lectures/podcasts/whatever (except the Q&As that I watch sometime) and your post is coming right on time, I'm gonna do at least a few minutes of Cudalasa video before meditation from now @ardacigin Would you recomend to start with this series or the other one that you mentionned in another post first ? (I forgot the name exactly, like a 10part series, maybe from some retreat talks)
  11. Nice always inspiring to read your posts About the definition of hapiness, wouldn't it be more like an absence of dissatisfaction, or said other way just satisfaction/contentment of the present moment ? rather than mental/physical pleasure
  12. I'm not 100% sure on what really happen, but from what I heard (from some people that are actually close to culadasa and know more), he did not bang any student And the whole scenarie of "he's a sex addict who could not resist his urge to go bang hookers and cheating on his wife, from craving, even if he would regret it afterwards" seems far from reality, from what I've heard his relationship with his wife was coming to an end and even though they were still oficially married, they did not even live together and didn't divorce (yet) mostly to avoid paperwork/stuff like that, and his wife knew that he was seeing other women Which makes a big difference in the whole story