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  1. Enlightenment is the hardest thing to achieve because it is the exact 180 degree opposite of the current consciousness you are in. Current consciousness = finite Enlightened consciousness = infinite 180 degree shift. The mind/ unconscious consciousness/ your current mode of being will fight tooth and nail to maintain itself.
  2. I would. One doesn't need enlightenment to live a rewarding life, but wisdom. When there is excess of wisdom, then that becomes enlightenment. Meditation helps develop wisdom. Also, it is a pleasurable activity that helps develop inner peace.
  3. Death in the sense of the 'self' might not exist, but I think bubbles of appearances do pop into and out of existence continually.
  4. Because everything starts from 0. 0 = +1 -1 0= beginning + ending since everything starts from 0, there must be a beginning and an ending.
  5. When Buddhists say " Once someone becomes a Buddha he will never be born" , I think they do mean that physically the Buddha will not be born. What you are right now as an unenlightened being is a state of consciousness which has confined itself to a narrow physical body. Enlightenment means the complete demolition of this state of consciousness. So I think, if you are really conscious, then I don't think you will be born since you are washed off all the karmic forces. But if you are unconscious, or you don't have a high developed consciousness, then yes, you will be reborn according your accumulated karma (which instead of viewing as something associated with morality, I like to view it as elastic potential force in a rubber band ). In medicine we have a concept called homeostasis, the tendency of the body to maintain it's internal environment, eg- may be for some reason your blood pressure changes, or your respiratory rate changes, then in that case homeostatic mechanisms come into play which maintains the natural state of the body. In the same way, your consciousness also tries to maintain its own being. You die and become infinite love for a while but again , like the law of inertia, it again descends into the state of bodily consciousness/identification = samsara.
  6. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugge strides of progress made on - Study methods/ Absorptions methods - MBTI - Understanding of Rimbaud - Social interaction and it's importance
  7. - Stop getting bullied by fighting the shit out of them, complaining to authority, combination of both, there's no other way. - Gain self esteem, confidence, by being good at something, be it academics, game of chess, being a great poet or writer , be a great singer , dancer, whatever that will get you approval from people. - How will you pay your tuition fees? Well, if you can't then who told you to go to a university. Either you need to take loan, or don't study, but you will have to pay the money whether you have got it in your pocket or not. - An employer is someone who has got into the position of employing people, which means either they climbed up the ladder (as an employee) or they started the company. - No one , unless you have become a Buddha or have taken 5-meo DMT 100 times, can feel good all the time. That said, if you want to feel good, then do things that make you feel good. Example , things I do to feel good are- watch movies, read novels, learn and study things (learning makes me feel good automatically), talk with friends, cut off blood suckers and many more. - How do I accomplish ambitious goals? Work. You want to become a doctor? Work 10 hours a day. You want to be an engineer? Work 10 hours a day. You want to start something like actualized.org? Work 10 hours a day.. That said, I have to say that by now I have come to that stage of personal development where I know that reading such stuffs as I wrote has no value. What I wrote has 0 net value. It is not going to change you and you will be the same person you were and suffer like you were sufferinng, but you might feel good due to the clear, concise and unclouded answers I have written. Change comes from massive action.
  8. @How to be wise @Adam MLOL so many people saying I am a beginner because I asked a simple basic question which only shows their judgemental nature and their desire to go one step above so that they can feel better , I have been practicing spirituality since I was 14 and now I am 21, I know the answer to the question as given by other enlightened people like Osho and Krishnamurti, I am also familiar with Gyana yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma yoga,Samkhya yoga, Walking meditation, Mindfulness, Pranayam, Asanas, Mudras, Mantra meditatation, Trataka (candle light meditation), Vipassana, Anapanasati, Soham meditation, Do nothing meditation, Leo's enlightenment exercising , neti neti method , Dynamic meditation and other Osho's meditations whose name I have forgotten but have came across in the past. I have read Osho's book 'Yoga the alpha and the omega' 5 years ago and I still remember he saying- Even if you are completely focused on your toe, that can become meditation. I have read over a dozen of Osho books, but nowdays due to my busy schedule I don't. In addition I have deeply studied - The Geeta, The Dhammapada, Read bits of Tripitaka, Read many articles on Hinduism and Buddhism wikipedia and non-wikipedia, Read a book on Christian mysticism, Read Kierkegaard's fear and trembling, Read Hegel's science of logic, Read Metaphysics of Heraclitus , Parmenidies, Descartes and Spinoza, Watched 100s of videos from Leo, Osho, Krishnamurti, Sadhguru, Have also studied the art of living by William Hart as taught by SN Goenka and this is not my complete resume. I just wanted to ask what people have got to say about this, and stimulate a discussion and collect different perspectives (as described by Leo in his vid the 65 rules of a good life). Also I believe in going back to the basics no matter how many years you have been practicing your disicpline, whether it is spirituality or medicine, or art. Great masters always focus on basic, you should notice that in any training session on martial arts. We should cut out this habit of judging someone as a 'beginner' or a lesser then you just because now you can feel better. This only shows a sign that you are egoic and less developed spiritually and have not learned anything. Earlier I said to a user that you have small ego, this means that I am not biased but I collect the signs that the users display and put them in the category that they belong and then look at the corressponding category. Just like when I see that you are having fever, with chills and rigor, with nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, lack of appetite and your ag-ab titre is more or your blood culture shows positive then I can suspect typhoid, or if you have fever and swelling the parotid gland area and you feel difficulty chewing and swallowing and your age is 5-10 then I can suspect you have Mumps which is caused by Paromyxovirus. This means that I should make my post such that I don't let people judge me in an inferior manner and I have to start with , "don't get me wrong I am not a beginner because ____", but my impression was that people are already developed enough to not make 'false inferior judgments' and feel better, but apparently I am wrong.
  9. So nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks the same about TruthAddict. I had an arguement with him a week ago may be, and he was acting like he knows stuff but all the time his ego was hurt and kept on saying I am blind, I am deluded on and on without any good reason but just because I said, 'Okay, good advice' to what he wrote and his ego got hurt so kept saying names to me, it's in my enlightened professionals post.
  10. I just wanted to know if you ( @Leo Gura) feel deep gratitude towards the entire existence which brought you this far, and gave you the opportunity to go through this extraordinary journey from the start of actualized.org to where you are right now . Do you feel very special with respect to the universe? How often do you cry because of the entire existence's love towards you and that you were meant to know the deepest secret of reality and share it with the entire world and change many people's lives in the process?
  11. Example, let's say I am reading with deep focus, where I bring my attention back to my object of focus again and again, just like when meditating with breath. Or when drawing? Or walking? Or singing? Or cooking?
  12. I want to download a speed reading software like in zapreader.com, I am not able to find such softwares. Please help. Even if it can't be downloaded for free, you could help me by naming any such software which works like zapreader. I mean, the software I am looking for is simple af and I think any programmer could make one in their mom's basement. You just put in the text and the text is displayed word by word at a certain rate. That's it. There has to be such downloadable softwares out there. I tried downloading from softonic, but my laptop said it might be dangerous and discarded it. I even tried pirate bay, where I downloaded a software called The speeder , but when I opened the setup, it said NET framework should be downloaded and it also gave the link to it. I downloaded and tried again. It again says NET framework should be downloaded.
  13. Thanx for introducing me to this channel.