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  1. So has Leo made any comments about this? And what are people settled on after knowing about this? Will they still do it or are there any counter arguments?
  2. When you continuously take in oxygen for over 30 mins/ breath rapidly/hyperventilate it can cause the accumulation of oxygen , and there is less amount of carbon dioxide in your body as you are taking in more oxygen before your body's metabolic reactions in tissues has time to produce more CO2, which means that there is hyper alkalinity . There is imbalance in blood pH and this is what is causing all sorts of neurological effects. Wikipedia says- . Respiratory alkalosis is caused by hyperventilation, resulting in a loss of carbon dioxide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alkalosis
  3. I don't think the Stoics were enlightened, as stoicism is more of a philosophy that emphasizes on the positive aspect of the mental activity, whereas enlightenment is about the overtaking of awareness over all mental activities.
  4. yes
  5. Thanks for this great idea
  6. Best of luck
  7. I am sorry but I if you look closely, I am not trying to find any solution ahhahahhahahaha, I am making a statement backed up by an empirical data - we need to find our herd . I am sorry if I made you feel bad, I was just trying to make things as logically coherent as possible. I will stop . Hopefully others will correctly judge these logical consistencies through the course of this thread. That statement really touched me. I have utmost respect for your authenticity and character. I have no doubt that you are a more conscious being.
  8. Does my name look any thing like 'Albert Einstein' or 'Richard Feynman'? No. So it doesn't take much intelligence to see that I am not the greatest thinker of all time. So me calling myself 'greatest thinker of all time' is ofcourse is intended for humor and should be eliciting a reaction of laughter , not of denial. And if it does, then without a doubt you are feeling negativity for some unknown reason, probably from your distorted perception. Don't worry, I am not anywhere near the notion of smart. But across your life you will find many many super smart people who will super amplify your insecurities to their limits. May be you should try telling them they are not smart.
  9. Great point. That word genocide got me the picture of some person mass shooting and I forgot about such organized mass genocide. Hitler committed genocide. And how did he commit a genocide? With his herd. A very very large herd destroying another very very large herd. Your question was- Should they find their herd so they can all get together and scheme? Of course they should not from the point of view of humanism and welfare, but these genocidal people did get together, found their herd, and did what they wanted. Finding their herd was good for them. They did follow this advice- find your herd, and did complete accomplish their goal, and probably felt better as they reached their goal. They killed millions of jews. So of course these genocidal people should not follow this advice because that can lead to mass destruction which non of us want. But I was not talking about these genocidal people whose herd can cause so much destruction, for the normal people, being with their herd is good. Being outside your herd is bad. If you don't believe it then you can try it. You will discover one of 2 things- 1. I am right or 2. You are a highly developed human. If neither is the case, then you are not outside your herd. But again, there is the issue about 'being outside your comfort zone'. One must be careful with such statement. There is a difference between going to the gym, enduring great pain to build a nice body, and taking a sharp object and outright harming yourself. Being outside the comfort zone is about enduring pain and being outside your normal routine with the purpose of attaining a pre-conceived desirable state, but being outside your zone just for the sake of being outside your zone is just self harm, a waste of time, idiocy.
  10. I think that this is kind of the entire point of my post- the importance of finding your herd, which is not limited to finding new people that matches your interests, but as you put it, finding common interest within these people. However, I would note that if it is not so easy to find these interests such that we have to dig in deeper to find them, then that means that trait is not their dominant trait, it is only a small aspect of themselves which resulted in their lesser expression which made us search more to discover it, and a relationship developed on such an underdeveloped trait cannot be a strong one and fulfilling. A man who is deeply into philosophy, cannot hide his love for so long. It shows it in his character, and I am not saying that he tries to show it , but he cannot help not showing it. So it is not something to be discovered but something that shines through without any voluntary control. Now other people of similar nature can connect with him. But someone who has some knowledge of philosophy but he is more into music, will not connect as deeply , even if that lover of philosophy knows about the music lover's few wishy washy experience with the it. I have always been a solitude loving person from the start of my teenage years, so nothing new to find. I was not saying that I felt bad because I was alone, or due to being with a group which I disliked, it's just that the group was out of my personality type, they were outgoing, singing , dancing, joking, all about having fun and great time , which I don't find much enjoyable. I think there wasn't much anything that the experience taught me , except making me more aware of my lack of social skills, my inability to fully express my self and letting go of my inhibitions, a fact which I have known from from the very first moments of my life, and have been reminded of from time to time. Its not a question of teaching or learning or knowing about what creates entertainment and fun and what doesn't, it's about what I like to do and what I don't. Observing them I can learn a lot about how to have fun, but that doesn't mean I find pleasure in doing those things.
  11. @Staples I think a genocidal individual would be someone anti-social, he does not want the herd, he wants to destroy the herd. By 'we' of course I mean the average mindset, not the mind of a mass murderer. Yes, I do believe that it is possible to be happy no matter who you are with but it is not the default mode and also it is not easy to develop such a mindset, I think in most cases, one feels shit just like I did when one is in a herd out of one's own personality. I think many people will agree with this. This idea is well preserved in the age old cliche ;Bird with same feather fly together.'
  12. We are all sheeps and we need our herd. If you don't find your herd, you feel shit. The luckiest sheep is the one who is able to find the the herd that matches his character. Me being a young Kantian philosopher / Neo-Marxist Leninist Ideologue/Political theorist/ greatest thinker of all time, was unable to socialize properly as I got into a group of 3 guys and 6 girls, which specialized on teasing others, talking about what other people did, singing, dancing, love affairs, taking selfies (lots of) , making jokes, which got me into an isolated situation for a couple of hours, and it was one hell of an experience as I felt like I am the dumbest creature on earth who has no sense of worth.The guys were having great time with the girls while I was like someone invisible. The girls treated me with pity and made active efforts to include me in and I felt bad like something is really wrong with me. I do make jokes from time to time, but it's just a question of the frequency. Then I got back home, I had chat with my brother about philosophy , religion and politics. On the bus I had chat with another friend of mine about the future course of the world and the fate of humanity. I felt like I was center of the earth, I was the most important person on earth. We are all sheeps and we need our herd. If you don't find your herd, you feel shit. The luckiest sheep is the one who is able to find the the herd that matches his character.
  13. @MisterMan I was talking about making the distinction between knowledge and belief, which are after allbsymbols, but I didn''t realize that this would give a message that because I was talking about knowledge and beliefs I was equating experiential and physical reality with symbols. yes, I am fully aware of the distinction between symbols and the reality they represent. The sentence " apple is red" is also nothing else but symbols, there is nothing real about the symbols of the sentence "apple is red" nor is there any reality to the sound that they produce, but whether we create or not create these symbols, the reality that they hold is true, your eyes can see it. The apple is not red, because we think it is red, or imagine it, but because light of a certain wave length acts on our retina and certain photoreceptors are activated then we see red, then we create certain symbols to represent this experience. Like someone here said-we cannot say that the act of peeing is a belief. Why? because we can experience the act of peeing, then we represent this experience in symbols. You said thougths are like mirror which is true, but it is not a very perfect mirror. It can easily reflect the reality that apples are red because it is a simple physical phenomenon which is just about perception, but what about something like- Jesus is son of God. This sentence and that of apple , both contain nothing else but symbols, but what it is not about the symbols, it is about the reality that they represent. Symbols are only there for communication with other people, but to percieve reality first hand there is no need of symbol. So it is true that an apple is red because you can SEE that it is red right before your eyes, or it is true that fire is hot because you can FEEL that the fire is hot , touch the fire and you know that it is hot, but you cannot touch, hear, feel, taste , or has a physical evidence of the setof symbols that - jesus is the son of god, and despite this if one thinks that this is true then it is a belief . So in the end, yes the physicality of the symbols have no connection to reality but the represented reality of some symbols matches the experiential reailty more than other set of symbols. Like the represented reality of the set of symbols sun rises in the east matches the experiential reality more than the represented reality of the set of symbols- sun rises in the west. Now with this kind of thinking another question arises, so should we rely always only on the present moment reality? Is there no reality to experiences that is in our memory? Did history never happen? Was george washington never alive? Did american revolution never happen? I mean, no one ever saw that right ? We have only some symbols and some manuscripts to back up this claim right? So american revolution should have never happened? One forum member was saying that death does not exist because it has never happened to you. Seriously? Ok lets extract the logic out of this sentence and just change the variables. Old age does not happen because I am a young man and it has never happened to me therefore it will never happen. Justin beiber does not exist because I have never seen him nor heard him in person, just sound waves and electrons in the the screen. Even Leo does not exist , I have only got some sound waves and electrons in the screen. So should I believe that Leo DOES NOT EXIST? Should I believe that ageing does not exist? Remember, I have never had first hand experience of these things. By that logic , entire field of medicine can be thrown away, there are thousands of diseases, concepts, dose regimens, which even the oldest of physician don't have the time for first hand experience, at one point or another, it's all just symbols in some book., we cannot say-ah, these are just symbols , I have never experienced it so it doesn't exist( like- I have never experienced death so tI doesn not, exist) and yet it works,it works because the reality that they hold repesents the experiential reality. Most knowledge that we hold, comes from a secondary experience, we have never fallen of a building, or went into a tiger's cage and still we don't want to , why? Because deep within we know that these secondary experiences are true, that is why we don't fall off a cliff although we have never actually fallen off a cliff. Now if that is the case, then how can death be a belief? We have seen it happen to other fellow people, how they stopped to animate. We are willing to believe that taking poison causes death although all we have seen is other people dying, but how can we say that death does not exist because we have never died yet and have seen only other people dying?