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  1. I think what you need to survive depends on the environment that you are in. People like Charlie Chaplain didn't need a degree. Steve Jobs didn't need a degree. Thomas Edison didn't need a degree. Great Musicians and actors don't need a degree. Sadhguru or Osho didn't need a degree. But that doesn't mean they did less work they had less knowledge. They had like a triple PhD level knowledge in their respective field. Ultimately it is all about how you create value to the world , for which people will pay money to you in return in exchange of the value that you can offer. College is just a place where you can acquire knowledge and skills and be a much more valuable person, and you can trade the value you can offer for money. Do you live in a place where it is easy to conduct a business and earn money? Do you have a rich family from whom you can own property? Do you have special talent like music, comedy, acting, writing, beauty, directing etc, which you can sell to the world? And having them is also not enough, do you live in a place where such talents can be readily sold? If yes then you don't need a college degree. There are many other variables by which to decide whether you will need a college degree. But even earning a living from college depends on whether you will get a job from your degree or not.
  2. -I know a dermatologist who does Hair transplant. - There are a number of drugs that treat hair loss.
  3. @PretentiousHuman No, I am a 3rd year medical student, just writing down stuffs that I have been taught about
  4. Without protein 'supplements' , for sure you can develop muscles, just take it from other sources. Without 'proteins' all together? You will develop muscle wasting, ketoacidosis, protein energy malnutrition.
  5. Crohn's is an inflammatory disease of the GI tract. There are many causes. NOD2 gene mutation, gut flora alteration, autoimmune etc. It was first identified in the ileum , but can be found in other sites as well Pathology includes- Strictures, Pin point ulcers, Apthous ulcers, Serpentine leisions, neutrophils in the gut. Treatments include using- immunomodulators- azathioprine, methotrexate, Infliximab, Adalimumab. Unlike in Ulcerative colitis where protocolectomy type I and II can be done, in Crohn's surgical management is not an option.
  6. I think the only points you have to take care of when choosing your diet include - It should be a balanced diet. Take good amount of protein and carbohydrate. Prevent over nutrition or undernutrition. - Reduce alcohol intake, smoking etc. - Reduce intake of saturated fatty acids found in animals, take more of unsaturated fatty acids. - Maintain your BMI. - Maintain your cholesterol, LDL levels. - Take the required daily amount of vitamins , which is taken lessmight cause Vitamin deficiencies. Note : there are disease for both Hypervitaminosis and Hypovitaminosis except few vitamins like Vitamin E. - Take the required daily amount of minerals like sodium, iodine, potassium, calcium, which if deficient has it's own range of manifestations. - Egg is good, it contains almost all the vitamins. - Large sodium intake is associated with Hypertension. - Take clean water, milk, food, prevent a range of diseases like- Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Brucellosis, Hepatits A, Ascariasis, Worm infestation etc. - Make sure there is no food adulteration. - Some spicy, oily foods, red meats etc have predisposition to many GI conditions like Peptic ulcer, Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer.
  7. - Exercise before sleep, increases sleep and well being. - If doesn't help, medications.
  8. The only time a wheat product is bad for your health is having allergy to it, like that in Celiac disease, where the treatment is taking GFD (Gluten free diet).
  9. - Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a mental disorder found in children. - The causes can be both genetic and environmental. - Treatment can include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and chemotherapy.
  10. I think, no matter how much we listen to Leo, talking about the description of the true nature of reality, it is not going to change our reality or his reality once he comes out of his state of omniscience. Yes, everything he says in that vid, may be true because he has the devices , the instruments, the means to the levels of consciousness that we people normally cannot access. He has had years of training, he has all the psychedelics at his disposal which shows him the fabric of reality, but what I think is that once he comes out from this state and gets into his normal state, he is like the rest of us. What I mean is, when he is not in that state, when he is talking to us in that vid, his consciousness, his mental activity is just like ours. That is, in that vid, I don't think he literally, experientialy feels that he is identical with a rock, a tree. In that state, he is like a everyone of us, except that now he knows the true nature of reality, and yes, he might feel that absolute love and acceptance which makes him accept the world no matter what happens, but what I think is that his 'omniscience' is lost once he comes out of that state of omniscience. He talks and moves like all of us, but because of the experience of the true nature of reality that he has now, his life has changed. However I don't think he feels that he is identical to a rock, or everything was imagined by him. He feels this only when he is in 'that' state, but once he is out of this state only the knowledge of this reality remains but the experience ceases.
  11. There are 3 kinds of muscles, striated muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. By body building you are concerned about the striated muscles. They are voluntary muscles, on microscopic observation it has striations, light and dark bands. The light one is made up of of actin and the dark one is made up of myosin. There is cross linkage between the actin and myosin which happens in the normal state. In other words, contraction happens no energy is supplied. That is why in dead people there is hardening of the muscle. It takes energy to release the muscle from contraction. But you know, in alive people, ATP is being taken out from the muscle during contraction and that causes the head of the thick filament to get exposed hence there is muscle contraction, in alive people energy is required to take out the ATP from the non contracted muscle and muscle contracts but in dead people there is no energy , no ATP in muscle so by default nothing is preventing the sliding of the head of the thick filament into the thin filament, making contraction happen which is Rigor Mortis. In short, eat proteins, because muscle is made out of protein, and the thickness of the muscle depends on the number of cross linkages between the thick (Myosin) and thin(actin) filaments which happens by the breaking down and regeneration of the muscle fibres which is done in exercise.
  12. There is a term called 'Normal flora'. First thing to remember is that our body itself is 99% bacterium. Our entire body is covered with bacterium from head to toe though it may not seem like it. Likewise, our gut, also has bacterium, it is called gut flora. They are not just normal, but also essential for our body. - They help in maintaining immunity. - prevents other bacterium from colonization - Helps in digestion of various products like milk (lactobacillus), on skin you have streptoccocus, staphyloccoccus epidermidis, in gut you have E.Coli. One of the adverse effect of broad spectrum antibiotic like cephalosporin, Ibuprofen, tetracyclines, macrolides etc is that they change the normal flora constituents, which can cause furthur diseases. That is why such broad spectrum antibiotics are used with caution. It can turn these normal flora into oppurtunistic. When our immune system goes down it can cause these bacterium to turn pathogenic and cause oppurtunistic infection, often seen in immunocomprised people like old people, patients in hospital , AIDS patients, patients on immuno-suppressants etc. Sometimes when gut flora move out of site, like when E.coli moves from colon to urinary tract it can cause urinary tract infection. Similarly when bacterium like streptococcus which is otherwise harmless for reason goes into the lungs there might inflammation, pus formation, consolidation and finally pneumonia.
  13. - From how long have you suffering from this? When was the last time you got experienced this? What are some factors that bring about this symptoms to you? Do you suffer from any visual defects? Did you suffer from any diseases in the past like - Cataract, Glaucoma, Vitamin A deficency, Hypertension, DM, TB, Epilepsy, Trauma, Surgery? Do you have any neurological problems in the present or past? Do you have any hearing disorders like tinitius, otitis media etc? Do you have any endocrine problems (Acromegaly can cause blindness)? Have you been taking any drugs lately? Or before? The optic nerve , the first cranial nerve of our is responsible for the visual input, light moves from our lens into the retina which is connected to the optic nerve from which it goes to the visual cortex where the actual visual sensation occurs. Any lesion in the nerve can cause any symptom depending on the site of the lesion.
  14. - Exercise can help in sleeping. Also releases endorphins which reduces pain. - Hypnotic group of drugs (look it up) like Benzodiazepine, Barbituarates, which act by opening up GABA channels which are inhibitory neurotransmitters, adr includes lethary, nausea , vomiting (look it up)