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  1. I am torn about between working for for material success and the desire for the peace of spirituality. I have to travel for 40 mins to go my college (from home, if I am not in hostel), have to make plans about what to study, have to study for hours, talk to friends, and in doing all these I get pushed away from the peace of Nonduality. I am at home, relaxed, I can meditate, I am listening to J.Krishnamurti, I feel really nondual,. But the problem is , I also have to work hard to for my future to make money, and the byproduct is I start to get all kinds of emotions like, desire to succeed, feeling bad for not succeeding, jealousy of other people succeeding , tensions, feeling pressure, wondering about whether I will ever amount to anything in life, comparing myself to others. I also feel very empty, I have already had many highs of success in the past, goal achievements in the past, happiness because of getting what I wanted etc, but still it's the past, and it's gone, I have worked hard in the past and have become happy due to goal achievements but still they amount to nothing in my present. These emotions go away when I again get steeped in spirituality like listening to JK or meditating, but the problem is I don't have time to do them all the time, and whenever I go into the dual mode, all these emotions causing suffering start to surface, I morph into a neurotic person, it's like my personality changes. I want to have a non dual peace no matter what I do, whether I am commuting for work, whether I am preparing for an exam, or talking with friends, I want that peace which I get when I take a break from them all and get steeped in spirituality. Sometimes I wander, if the spiritual gurus like sadhguru, krishnamurti, osho had to do a 9 to 5 job, would they still have their nondual peace with them? When they are not giving poetic discourses about spirituality but doing very dual things, like talking with friends (which gets toxic real quick as there is comparisions, teasings,, ego battles etc) , worrying about relationships , status in the herd, worrying about failing in exam , what their parents or relatives would say etc.
  2. Here is my new view about feminism which is mainly influenced by Shadowraix's post. I also realized what my problem was. I conflated the natural advantages of women (like having power of accusation , etc) with feminism, and I thought- they have these advantages (which is natural advantages which men also have, eg- no periods /pregnancy, not being judged by looks) and thought wanting further more with feminism is just for more power because they are already at advantage (but it's just natural advantage given by nature, yes they do have them, but still artificial injustices like wage gap etc is pushed upon them and feminism is about remedying that) Feminism can have a bad effect on men. (Again, I don't want a knee jerk reaction. Shadowraix also agrees that feminism can have it's dark side, my life experience (false accusation, boys getting punished in school girls not) confirms it, I know many MGTOW people who suffered due to getting their 50% of their wealth lopped off. So I am not going to say feminism has 0 bad effect on men. ) Feminism can have bad effect on men, but still it doesn’t mean that feminism is wrong just because unluckily some men get the bad side of feminism, it is not as bad as I used to think or as bad as what women have. Yes, it can have it’s dark side, but still it is important to bring women up. Yes, there might be some suffering in some men due to unluck and suffering due to the dark side of feminism, but still those suffering are not as bad as the pain of women, and not as frequent and prevalent as in women. Besides the case of unlucky MGTOW or falsely accused men , to a large extent nothing is stopping men from succeeding and living their life to the fullest. Feminism has never tried to undermine men. Feminisim is not about undermining men. Men getting accused , is not due to feminism, it is life. Women attracting mates easily is not due to feminism, it is life. . Yes women have those advantages, but still their rights are undermined in a legal context, artificial injustices is put upon them , and this is the problem. Besides, men also have natural advantages, it’s just a distribution of natural advantages of being born as a man or a woman. Being masculine is about working yourself up without pushing women down ,not being afraid of getting empowered by women . Again, the thing is whether feminism is pushing men down or not. 50% wealth? Nuptial. Accusations? It is life, not feminism. Jobs for women? May go under discrimination. And it is temporary. Your goal is , to be a man. To never face any injustices due to feminism. To make sure you are not undermined due to feminism. And just work hard and attain your goals. As long as you have kept the dark side of feminism at bay, you can help women get up too, that is real masculinity. Surely there are toxic women who can use their advantages to attack men, and men may inturn start to think of feminism as bad. The problem arises because of connecting toxic women with feminism. Yes, there are toxic women, yes women can have natural advantages like being able to attract mates more easily then men of same level of attractiveness (my problem was not resentment due to this, but my problem was women having this advantage and still wanting femininism. I know now where my mistake is. My problem was not never talking to women, but not knowing the artificial injustices pushed upon women in job markets, senates etc etc) can do or easily falsely accusing men and destroying his life, but still it has nothing to do with feminism. Even if women can have those natural advantages over men but it is not feminism, it is nature, it is life, it’s like men have the advantage of not getting pregnant, can protect themselves, don’t get judged on their looks, don’t get periods etc some men are unfairly more attractive then others , it’s the same with women, life is not fair some have it better than others, men also have advantages over women, women have some natural advantages over men, but still in many contexts women are deprived of rights and feminism is about addressing that. It has nothing to do with natural advantages. Which both men and women have. Feminism is not about underming men (50% property (nuptials, men have choice to not marry), false accusation (it’s not feminism but the vulnerability of women just like little kids have power in their accusation) , sucking up male jobs (which as shadowraix has said is wrong but its just to give women a push).
  3. @Shadowraix This is what I call good logical , good discussion intended for learning and education, instead of insulting me with- you have never met a woman, women don't like you etc just because I told bad things about them and they being too dumb to give good replies to my genuine queries. Thanks for your time, and teaching me about these issues @Shadowraix
  4. Ok I get your point. Yes, that's a great way to think about it, . It is an add on, you are going 1 step further, I will have to contemplate deeper about it. You definitely are also a logical type, so it's all good,
  5. Okay. I also don't fully understand the situation.
  6. But USA is not in that kind of society is it? People already know about human rights. Even if they(menninism, feminism) were removed, men and women are at even ground. So what's the need of it? Only if the pan balance was tilted should we raise voice, just like Simon de Beavoire, but now it's just powerplay. Of course oppression should be eliminated. And USA people know when there is oppression. Why not just act on oppression whenever it arises, instead of making menninsm and feminism. We need a universal law against oppresssions and injustices, that eliminates all kinds of injustices whether it arises against men or women.
  7. You have your belief , I have my belief. You think what you say is true because you feel it and say it so, I feel it, and have evidence and that is why I say it is right ( we are talking about on average women are beautiful than men). I have done my research, you just believe that is wrong with nothing whatsover. Does it mean I am wrong just because you believe I am wrong. This is my belief, and so is your belief, and I can say you are wrong. Still, who is right? you or me?
  8. "All life" And this type of work is creating MGTOW, men suffering double standards, jobs getting to women, etc. Have u suffered due to the opposite end of feminism? If men were not suffering, then it would be okay. But due to feminism, there have been artificial suffering in men. So I have always found 2 kinds of people. Those due to luck, haven't suffered due to feminism, and those who have suffered due to feminism. Those who haven't suffered, think that feminism is good, it's about rights of women just like surfingwave was saying they deny all the bad things about it (like men cheating on women while men go to war) , then there are other group of men who have , due to bad luck suffered due to feminism or they see the inequality in feminism. All life includes both men and women, you cannot sacrifice men and push women up. Again, I don't want people judging my character- you are saying this because you have had bad experiences with women, you haven't talked to women. Because that is not logical, that doesn't counter my arguements. The reality is that there have been men who have been disadvantaged and wronged due to feminism (like my early school years). Doesn't happen to all men. So from that perspective, feminism has it's evil side which not all men see, and it is creating unnatural suffering in men due to double standards etc etc. And there are arguements like- feminism is moving higher from stage blue, to orange , yellow ? Really? By depriving men of oppurtunities? By double standards? 50% property to women? What about , men also do your best, women also do your best, we are not restricting any of you with any laws, ready get set go, go to blue from turquoise as much as you want no one is stopping you. But the current western feminism (according to my understanding, which may be wrong) is- - 50% property to women. - Double standards eg Rape of males, not okay to fat shame women etc. - Job reserved for women although there is no restriction for men and women (may be this doesn't happen in US but I know places where this happen) So I don't think it encompasses "All life" as you put it. You can reply by talking about how feminism benefits men/is not bad for men. I am guessing you will be saying this is 'not due to feminism'. Then give me the answer to each of my points, what is the reason for the above 3 things that I have pointed out if not feminism. Teach me.
  9. Here's my another question to all of you. Is there feminism in animal kingdom? Like Gorilla, Lions, Tigers, Bees. There is gender ineqaulity in all species. And everything works well. But we humans are too cerebral. We form laws to change the natural course of things itself. What's wrong with , just removing all meninisms and femininisms and do what we have to do? Why think- rights of men, rights of women? It's all because of our mind. It's similar to the aritificial stuffs that man has created that is destroying earth.
  10. HHHAHAHHA, Yes, very offensive to men. So what? I am also a man. But I have read many many many psychology papers, have had hours of experiences observing people, have read many posts in quora, and this is the educated opinion that I have formed. It's not like I wrote this just because I wanted to. I am also a truth lover. And my observations have shown this, so even if you think this is wrong, then it's your own opinion if that makes you happy. Good question. This is just experience gap. I have read many news papers, have read many such news (meaning the newspapers that I get). You haven't. That's why you don't have this opinion, I have. From my experiences this is what I have seen, you didn't have these experience. Ofcourse it's bit exagerrated, all I am saying is women cheat , when men are abroad and have heard hundreds of news like that. "Your descriptions of men being "just better" that is why they are CEOs needs picking apart, as this is rubbish. " "This is rubbish" is no arguement. I can also say that to you, whatever you say I say this is rubbish. You should say, this is rubbish because____. I have good reasons why most CEOs are males. Okay, ask them about what? Give me the questions and I will ask them. Just give me the questions dude, and I will tell you word by word what you they told. But it shouldn't be stupid questions like- Is it hard to live as a woman? Is it true that you are easily able to attract rich men, then men would if they were in your place? I know what they will say. But all my conclusions are derived from my observations and my life experiences. So it's should be a better question that can really teach me something that I don't know. A woman saying "Yes it is hard, it is hard to get a job, it's hard because we have to get child birth, " and doing the researches , and having the life experiences are 2 different things.
  11. Of course it is a myth. So why feminism. That is why I said, nature should take it's course. Laws and ideas shouldn't be made that artificially try to push one over the other. Feminism doesn't create equality but inequality. It's basically the administration cutting off oppurtunities for men, giving space for women, so that they can come there, instead of fighting by tooth and nail like men do. So you are saying I never talked to a girl because I never heard about - ugly guys getting poor girls? Really? Basically you translated me saying0 Beautiful women have higher chances of getting a rich guy to- an ugly guy can't get a beautiful women. Really? Okay you can believe whatever you want about me , may be you feel better that way ,but that doesn't change a thing. All I can say is, you being judgemental does not scientifically push forward my arguements.
  12. Then they are judgmental. Me saying- Beautiful women can get rich husbands is not a reliable indicator of my failure with women, Where I am from there are many poor beautiful women, who have suffered a lot. But may be , this is my perspective of the 'hot western women'. If you are saying 'hot western women' lack oppurtunities then, I guess that is my experience gap. I always used to think that, in the western context, beautiful women always have it easy. Am I wrong? In my 3rd world country, that absolutely not true. But is it not the case in western country? You can teach me. "Of course hypergamy is a thing. But this is a result of survival based mechanism and stage orange mentality. Lumping this with feminism is contributing to the distorted societal perception that I mentioned. " Okay, you might be right here. This is a debatable issue whether hypergamy has connection with feminism or not.
  13. "95% never talked at a woman. " Okay, all of you guys tell me , give me the points that illustrate I haven't talked to a woman. Because I have. And I will tomorow and day after tomorrow and so on... Let see what made you guys think that. I am curious. Besides, I come from a place that it is women who are thought to have disadvantage. Here people do abortion if it is a girl. So it's not like I have resentment and think- women have it better then men. If you are saying- I have never been with an 'unprivileged' women then yes that may be right. I have only dated privelaged women, and may be that's why I am not seeing the inequalities.