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  1. They are personality types in MBTI. If you want to learn about it , you will have to do a ton of research in the internet.
  2. You are misunderstanding things. Just because everything is of God doesn't mean everything helps you to reach God. Of course everything is God. But that doesn't mean that- taking cocaine everyday and doing meditation and yoga everyday are the same thing. Everything is God. But that doesn't mean having an ego and not having an ego are the same thing. We are here discussing the methods to reach our 'original self' not the distorted egoic self. Both are of God by the way.
  3. Okay, may be the people I have met are ESxx. But this friend of mine is also very good at poetry. So since I tend to associate poetry with a good intuition, I thought he might be an EN. But the man is 100% materialistic, as materialistic as it can get, with 0 spiritual sense. May be ESxx are also good at poems.
  4. I have had experiences of oneness. I have known God , but the mind still clouds my judgement so still I tend to think I am this body with a certain self with certain desires feeling that I am better or worse then then others which causes so much suffering. It's a continuos battle.
  5. I have not forgotten that. I only asked a question , wanting to know what other people have to say about it. And you gave your opinion, for which I can say thank you. I am just collecting data on what people have to say about this.
  6. Jealousy comes from the feeling that another person is superior than me/you, which of course is a distortion, that is why I am not fully enlightened. It is a battle between the egoic self and the non-egoic self. I don't perceive my friends as superior than me just because he is able to make other people laugh, reasons I have stated already. I sometimes percieve (falsely) that JB/Shawn Mendes are superior than me. Of course, it's a distortion of perception. We are all the same. We are all one.
  7. The way he meant was- If you say you like white ( or may be he says , sun rises from the east, then the other person must try to contradict him. Such is the 'culture'. And also my observation of most people I meet (yesterday I said to one of my friend- Hey, new glassses.. , and that said, the drama started) I am not doing that. And that is why I am 'boring'.
  8. No. I have had more social success than him ( no. of girls liking me > no. of girls liking him), due to various factors which I don't want to write here. He is annoying and there are people who dislike him. I am jealous of people like- Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes etc but it's a mixture of jealousy and admiration . My friend is not a hot type. And I actually like my friend, instead of jealousy. You don't have to be a joker to be attractive. Just for curiousity, I would like to know which part made you think that I might be jealous? Overall post or a specific sentence?
  9. I have a friend of mine who is a constant entertainer ( makes continuos effort to make people laugh, get himself on the spot light basically). While I kind of dislike such spot light. It's not that I can't make people laugh and get myself on the spot light ( the evidence is me entertaining people in parties etc when I am in the mood for having fun), it's that I don't make the effort and I seriously don't like the continuos desire to get myself on the spot light, like many people do (ESFP, ESTPs etc). They continuosly make an effort to create entertainment out of the smallest of things, which I find nuisance, the present moment, without any sort of distractions, pure silence, that is blissful enough then all the noise that they are making. I feel that these people are as unspiritual as one can get. One of my friend said- "Our culture itself is such that, if you say you like white, then someone else must contradict you and tell you that you are wrong , and that black is better then white" I say to him " I can tell you, that there are at least 5% people in this world who are not at all like that". He says "May be". I look at Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, Osho, Krishnamurti etc, almost none of them are continuos entertainers and noise makers. They are silence lovers. May be there are spiritual people who are continuos noise makers, but I don't see much. I think most developed spiritual people are boring from a ESXX / ENXX point of view, which is something I find admirable.
  10. Thanx guys for your input.
  11. People make me angry all the time. I cannot beat or shout at everyone (or anyone) who offend me for reasons that are obvious. What are some methods, ways you know to deal with the emotion of anger. I have heard some people deal with anger by releasing it to someone else, eg after their boss makes them angry they beat their dog. I want a better, healthier, ethical, ways to deal with anger. Feel free to post any links , ideas, previously discussed posts. I think one of them is meditation. Does meditation help deal with anger?
  12. @Average Investor Yea, that can help, but for me I think what works is thinking and knowing that rich lifestyle is not the answer to happiness and knowing the 'unhappiness traps' that can still be present in such lifestyle. But still, I do get the 'pull' sometimes which might be jealousy (it's less now days) , which I hope one day I will train my mind to eliminate or deal with such mental reactions. I think rather than hardwork, some people are just lucky. So reasoning about their hardwork might not help all the time. I think methods should be developed and explored to cope with such instagram culture, which not everyone can boast, and eliminate feelings of inadequacy.
  13. Yaa, everytime I look at Instagram and other pics in fb it's like my 'egoic self' is again activated, my consciousness is lowered.and somewhere a desire to be like them, be like the 'celebrities' lurks in when I look at such pics and vids, my mind again gets pulled into this culture of never ending rat race of jealousy, competition, materialism which has caused so much depression and low self esteem in this world, even my brother is completely sucked into this culture which favours only the rich and the lucky, and you have to be like reaally reaaaaallly rich and lucky to feel good in this game , which means so much depression and low esteem and inadequateness.in the world. And even if you do get it all, still it's not the answer as evidenced by celebrity suicides and depression like Avicci, Jimi Hendrix, etc. @Serotoninluv @Average Investor Thanx guyz for once again pointing me to the right direction.