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  1. There is no self to have free will. The actions, thoughts are like a wind, they are the result of cause-effect chain since Big Bang.
  2. This is what you told me 20 days ago. Why did you come to this conclusion?
  3. Who decides, who makes choices and based on what, if it is not pre-determined by causes and effects since Bing Bang?
  4. Thought is like a wind. It does not have a creator, an agent. It is pre-determined since Big Bang which thought will arise.
  5. This pus must erupt. I am afraid low does will not make it.
  6. I want to do LSD. I have done everything - psychiatrists, antidepressants, psychologists, sport, meditation, psychoanalysis - and nothing helped. I have pus inside which must erupt. What kind of process?
  7. Why do you do psychedelics? Did they heal you? Did they change your life? If not then do you do psychedelics just for short lived fun/experience?
  8. @Grant6 Any permanent changes in your psyche, mood?
  9. I never had an enlightenment experience, but I had a Dark Night of the Soul. And during this time once an idea came to me. I don't know if I saw something, experienced something or just thought something, but the idea was "the answer to the question, if God exists or does not exist, is there is no "exist" or "does not exist" in that realm".
  10. @Breakingthewall @Javfly33 @catcat69123May psychedelics harm my psyche temporarily or permanently?
  11. I have been going to psychoanalysis for more than two years. I had those expectations mentioned by @Motar. But I see no healing. I have pus inside me which I want to discharge. I feel that if I don't discharge that, I will always suffer. Before psychoanalysis during meditations that pus was always coming up, it was very painful, but each time it came up, I could not discharge. Psychoanalysis also did not help me to discharge it. That is why I want to do LSD to discharge that pus and relieve forever.
  12. @Motar I also contemplate to try LSD, but probably not everybody changes after trips for better. How are you now?
  13. So if you are a strong muslim, what are you doing in a heretic forum?