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  1. What are the requirements for Plum Village? Only payment? Is there a specific visa to stay at ashrams in India? I am an atheist. I wonder if a person can choose to stay for several years at a monastery and what are the requirements including money. I dont have a career and a messy life, so I wonder if it is possible just out of blue to join a monastery, do they easily accept random people? If you wanted to live there more, would you have to pay? I live in Azerbaijan and there is no monastery in my country or in countries nearby. What are the requirements?
  2. I googled how to join a buddhist monastery, but could not get a useful information, so I decided to ask here, may be there are people who are experienced or have knowledge about monasteries. Is it possible to join a monastery and live there for several years? If it is, what are the requirements?
  3. Will it be really bad if I commit suicide? I cant go on anymore. Will it harm my karma, reincarnation? May be these are all bullshit.
  4. Good luck gardash : ))) Dont forget telling Fariz about me
  5. I have seen the benefits with just 1-2 times a week. Trust in Fariz.
  6. No 😁 But I read comments of people who have done and see it does not leave a trace in their life. Like heroin high comes and goes.
  7. Psychoanalysis will help, psychedelics dont have that lasting effects. Psychoanalysis is expensive and time consuming but it is worth it.
  8. It will take years, but it will help. My father did not let me go on. He threatened Fariz with his and his son’s murder. My father thought psychoanalysis made me worse. Actually my psyche is so crippled that psychoanalysis was mot guilty. Fariz chickened out and abandoned me.
  9. I thought 5 years hard core seeking would get you stream entry.
  10. Yes Fariz Samedov. He is the only psychoanalytic in Azerbaijan. He is professional. Say hi to him next time and tell him about my topic in this forum :)))) It is kind of psychotherapy founded by Freud.
  11. It is not up to me. Something inside me is broken. Where is your country?
  12. 33 I had obsessions and was suffering and went to psychoanalysis. There it revealed I had repressed my passive homosexuality. I was so scared I attacked and tried to suppress my active homosexuality which I always aproved. I lost my mind (I dont know why) and told my parents about my homosexuality and homosexual experiences. They were shocked but still supportive. But I feel miserable because I lost my heterosexual image. I crave for it. I am not homosexual but I have homosexuality mainly in fantasies. My parents dont ostracize me, they still see me as heterosexual who experimented with men couple of times. Even if I was gay they would still support me. Now you can say what is the problem then? I dont know. I feel miserable because they know my homosexual acts. And I dont see myself as heterosexual like before in their eyes. It is not normal I know.