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  1. @ivankiss Several users are pointing to you that there is more to be seen. As they have made it explicit, they are not contradicting your perspective, only trying to expand it. Why are you going on, trying to dispute them and tell them that they are wrong? What for? To someone who has experienced the other side - the "illusory nature of time", it is clear that you have attached to the "real" side of the paradox, claiming that it is not "illusory". In your original post, you point to an important dynamic of shielding behind "it's illusory" as a way to not further one's exploration. Yet you are doing the same with "No, I am talking about THE REAL thing". That paradox/ duality is not resolved by going to either side aka "It's real, I'm telling you" or "It's illusory". You have the opportunity to transcend the need to label things with real and illusory, to substitute it with exploration. Because if at any moment you believe "That's it", you are in a paradigm lock. It's perfectly fine, yet if you "have always felt like there's much more depth to everything", don't use "real" as a "ticket for escaping what is". As I am making an observation of the dynamics I observe in you responses, I am not interested in having a discussion about the content of your realisation. Do whatever you want with the information, this I am using as an exemplary observation for those who want to grow beyond the duality of "real" and "illusory".
  2. At the end of the video he said he does.
  3. @Swagala Painful at first, there ain't really a way around it. I also had a period of arrogance as to my understanding, in the process of which I was neglecting very real things in my life I needed to work on. Think it like this - you either refuse to accept it and never learn what it really is about, or humble yourself and start anew. Believe me, after the painful process has passed (that is the exemplary fact that you are growing), what you will experience will be 1000 times more worth it. To give you a heads up, that's how purification works - shedding beliefs and ignorance is a painful process. But ask yourself - do you really want to stay ignorant or are you willing to pay the price? That is what it boils down to.
  4. @sausagehead There are various forms of meditation, all dependant on technique, focus and experience of the individual. As well, there's a great amount of variety in the depth and extent, to which one is "present". You just have no idea to what extent you can be conscious. It's not a binary "present/ not present" . What you can observe by making lifestyle changes, by removing certain toxic habits, improving diet, sleep and so on is that naturally you will become "more" present. I advise you to start develop a more sophisticated understanding of how one accesses such meditation states, what is their meaning and so on. Simply asking won't cut it.
  5. @legendary That was something that came to me as a realisation at a certain point. Should really billionaires exist, or are they a consequence of unregulated capitalism? A feature of it? What one can observe is that part of the ideological mechanisms that protect that system include the justification of billionaires. One that resonates with the idea of becoming a billionaire, is ideologically part of that system. I myself had such aspirations until I outgrew them to a far deeper sense of purpose. One in which as long in I'm in a place of abundance, rather than scarcity (something that should be available to every human being), I wouldn't care at all about all that luxury - it's appearance without substance. A serious redistribution needs to occur - and yes, it will be threatening to billionaires. But the amount of creativity and human potential that will be released from such a change, will be enormous - nothing we have ever seen up to date. Rather than thinking it from the justification paradigm, where to the ego seems like taking, think of it through the collective paradigm - giving to all those in scarcity through the so much discussed social politics. I'm not about socialism. But it's just laughable to see the justifications for progress and creativity from unregulated capitalism - this is one of the most ineffective systems in driving the human race.
  6. @Cykaaaa I do. It takes me around 10-15s when I sit with intent for the ground to start waving like in a mushroom trip, some patterns start "coming out" and sparking /lighting up in a sense. Funny thing is that I need not have focused specifically on making it happen, sometimes when I focus extensively on something (meeting /a video of Leo's /breathing /problem I need to solve) and I just turn away or look, I see it happen. This was not the case that far back, not at least that I remember it to be that easily.
  7. @Annoynymous Very familiar, brother. I live in Bulgaria, where things are at least OK financially (yet still the average citizen is 6 times poorer than a US citizen), but the majority of the country is at a very low conscious development. It's distribution will be something like 20% Red, 70% Blue, 10% Orange. The push-back I have from every single peer or family member as to the developments I do in my life (I've never brought up things like consciousness, spirituality or psychedelics) is ridiculous. Something I realised as part of my journey is to prepare for studying abroad (I'm applying this year) in the US (particularly in California), precisely because the surroundings have such an impact on one's consciousness. There's something "demoralizing" in not knowing anybody that shares your vision or direction. What comes with these conditions is an incredible strength and a peculiar POV that allows you to see things without taking them for granted. The fact that you are that conscious despite the circumstances is already pointing to a spiritual talent that you have, so don't compare yourself to the people around you. You are on an entirely different journey that society will be able to appreciate only after thousands of years. I'm not even exaggerating. I can say that has had also a very profound effect on my consciousness. Utilise it to your fullest extent. It changed my entire political view, my position on psychedelics, my understanding of society, sex, relationships, leadership, conscious work and so much more. Most importantly - meet yourself where you're at. The specific conditions/position you find yourself living in play a role in your purpose and greater direction. Never forget that.
  8. If you develop your focus and self - love, psychedelics are literally magical, you should definitely explore them more. Something Kilindi Iyi speaks of is that prayers, mantras, asanas, mudras, different patterns (mandala, Persian carpet), breathing exercises, martial arts and so on are actually tools to access particular states of consciousness through entheogens. Watch some of his talks, you definitely will find something useful.
  9. This is an unnecessary dichotomy created by the mind to keep you away from actual realizations. Just do the practices. That shouldn't even figure in your head. Nowhere is there said you have to do one OR the other. Have a constant daily practice of embodiment and use the tools at your disposal. It's just ridiculous what the mind can conjure (this non-judgemental, for I myself have had similar "conflicts" in my head).
  10. @EternalForest You have not even tasted life at Tier 1. You have no understanding of the stages you speak of, so all of the rationale is based on beliefs of what you think they are. The amount of life-purpose, vision, strength and will you have at Tier2 are nothing to be even compared. Your entire psyche and consciousness has opened towards infinity and oriented towards truth and manifesting your higher self (Selflessness). Even glimpses of those facets can have your juices going for months at a time. You seriously have no idea what you are talking about. And that's perfectly okay. When you've been fed up with the superficiality of Tier 1, your consciousness will naturally seek what's more. Can't ride a rocket ship before discovering fire.
  11. @traveler That. @Consilience I'm amazed at the development of your perspective, brother. It's almost parallel to the some of my realizations and hardships. Thrilled to see where you will continue.
  12. Saying "Humans need X amount of sleep" is just brute and lacks any nuance as to the complexity that these processes are. Factors that go in your sleep quota and quality are diet, lifestyle, frequency of physically exhausting exercises, stress throughout the day, intensity of mentally exhausting activities, previous sleep regiment,geographical region, extensive use of devices with a screen, your genetic character and so on. This brute simplicity is just not doing it justice. You're sleeping the amount of time you Need. Don't forget that humans are the most neurilogically developed species on Earth and require maintenance accordingly. What you may observe is that lifestyle changes affect your sleep pattern as well. The whole point of "you're losing a third of your life" is really childish way of looki at things. To where are you in a hurry? It's not like you dont spend mindless hours on shit that doesn't at all help you, and yet you're already thinking of decreasing your sleep. When you fully optimize your day, you have enough time to work productively, without needing the extra time, cause it's just going to cause burn out and chronic fatigue. You can for sure lower your sleep quota, but all I said up to here is to challenge your orientation and reason to think of this as necessary. This is not a problem of content, but rather a matter of consciousness.
  13. If you're not willing to go through the hardships, you ain't serious. When you truly seek Truth and realization, Death is a small price to pay. But until then, work on complacency and mediocrity. You can also forget inner work alltogether. That depends on how much have you suffered.
  14. This is a false dichotomy. It's not a matter of either/or, but rather the degree of consciousness you do something with. And that's from 0 to infinity.
  15. @moon777light Yeah, it truly is amazing. I was shown a lot of what was described in that video through my trips. If you liked that, definitely check out Kilindi Iyi. Mad stuff.