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  1. @Cocolove I'm happy for him. Seems he has build a conscious life. An inspiring individual.
  2. That is definitely possible. It is just that at the current collective conscious level it is just unsustainable. Currently anarchist philosophies perceive the government as something separate than the people. Our best bet would be to shape it as an extension of the people. It is just that to reach fruitful milieu that helps individuals evolve it would first need to be enforced by government. Otherwise try to convince fundamentalists to hold your hand if you are gay for example. So yes, I agree with you. But we first gotta pass through those stages.
  3. From Bashar's words their civilization does not have one, but are rather synchronistically driven.
  4. @Matt8800 I loved every single post of yours.Here it goes: 1. Do you feel conscious and emotional development has an enhancing/ deepening effect on siddhis and paranormal abilities? I had the realization that one can go only as deep as his consciousness allows him. Utilizing the metaphysical from a place of scarcity and fear is a lot different than channeling the divine, that's for sure. 2. I've always had extremely strong visions (they are not purely visual) that have served to me as guidance - symbolic images, particular vibes/energies (archaic, cosmic, timeless - to name a few) and strong gut feelings. Intuition, that is the word. They are always accompanied with the absolute certainty of their significance. Sometimes provoked spontaneously, other times by particular buildings or places in nature. Other times from breathwork and meditation. What is interesting is that they forsee the future - not in content, but in the underlying conscious state I'll be in. Like what does that sound to you? 3. Dreams are a very significant part of my life. I previously had prophetic dreams, but that slowly started to turn to more mystical experiences - I've had Awakenings and experiences of Unity, Godhood and the Divine within my dreams, particular deeply symbolic dreams (several I'll unpack for years, one for decades-the one bellow) , in which I've had telepathic connection with entities. In one instance (the most intense one-this is just part of the whole dream) I perceived an old wise man, a mystic, who gave me telepathically literal directions on what to do as he was giving me a purple crystal on a gold chain. Other times my dreams are very, very vivid (to the extent that the duality of real-illusory started to dissolve). What is your understanding of dreams? Additionally, something interesting is that sometimes I forget such dreams, but they come back when I've realized that in the waking moment. What could that be? 4. I had a few mental breakdowns, one of which was similar to paranoid schizophrenia. I was seeing shadow forms and entities in the dark and maybe around 2 times got whispers in my ears (never happened to me before and scared the shit out of me the first time around). In both instances my name was called. The first time was by a woman, the second time by a man. This was around a year back maybe. Hasn't happened again. I wasn't that afraid, but rather deeply intrigued. 5. I've had experiences of connecting and communicating (empathically) with trees and the forest as a whole. Was not a form of telepathy, but rather a shared experience. What's your knowledge on this? 6. I've influenced animals (dogs in particular) with my intention. It was one or two times, but was not repeated after. I previously feared dogs because of a few attacks when I was little (still got scars). This was 3 years back, on a physics summer camp in the mountain and there was an old monastery with a few dogs. One of them started to bark at me when I passed by. It was like I tried to force my will upon it, whilst directly looking at it.The dog got so furious even the people in the monastery couldn't ease it (but it never stepped further than where it was previously). A woman from there told me that it has never reacted like that before - from her words it is very friendly to strangers. Why is it that happened only when I hated them? 7. A lot of occultists freely experiment with libido and sexual practices. In our culture we dismiss those desires as just "wanting to reproduce", yet of course that is just an indirect story we tell ourselves. I have an intuition that there's a deeper energetic and emotional dynamic. What sources could you recommend for me to familiarize with? 8. I've always had very strong intuitions about the potential in some area of life. Like the connection between consciousness and physical and mental conditions. One such intuition is connected with science (I'm fascinated by physics-I'll study it, math, astrophysics, linguistics, archeology, geography, history and so on). It'll be hard for me to word it, but I don't mean at all the current paradigm, rather the driven inquiry within the dualistic world, whilst being aware of the divine. Not searching for Truth in the physical world, because I've transcended that dynamic, but rather the pure awe and curiosity that I have with everything. It's very similar to what you speak of the Occult sciences. They're not attaching to either side of the paradox. Could you elaborate more, because I feel it has a connection to that intuition of mine. 9. What is your knowledge of other dimensions? In my visions I sometimes get glimpses from them. Those that are metaphysically similar and those that are entirely different. I'm sometimes extremely drawn to them. This is probably since I remember. I know my questions are personalized, I hope it ain't a problem. Love what you're doing.
  5. @Leo Gura In essence : It ain't the boat, it's the river
  6. I have been diagnosed with sociopathy and I can tell you shit isn't black and white. In my case it was a condition provoked by traumas, which I have been healing the last 3 years. From what you write it seems to me your friend has to confront emotions he probably suppresses and is not a "genuine psychopath", because of the elevated state you describe him to be in. I understand you want to help him, but there's really nothing you can do until that is what he wants to do. You'll feel better developing yourself emotionally and in the process you'll be able to help him when he's in need.
  7. There ain't a better path. There is your path. Whatever blesses your heart is what you gotta follow. Any other claim assumes things that are just not true.
  8. @Tistepiste shared an amazing read in the Meditation forum and I thought it would be amazing to have it here with the conscious resources. Here a gal describes her intense journey with mother Ayahuasca and the effect it has had on her life. She has went really, really deep. You can sense the Purity and Humbleness with which she wrote her story. I definitely recommend everybody read it:
  9. @Tistepiste Hey, can you post that in high-consciousness resources? It definitely belongs there and i don't want to steal your find.
  10. This gal has went through something incredibly deep and profound.Thanks for sharing Here are some of her words, based on which you can see where she stands: (1) I gave my all to this process. Every piece of me was committed. I did a total of five intensely restrictive and challenging plant dietas (spiritual retreats) that spanned a sum total of almost three years. //This is the intensity that lead her - without her heart longing she wouldn't have went that deep. (2) I watched people with cancer heal themselves. Diabetes. Depression. Lyme disease. Kidney failure. Heart congestion. PTSD. Intense emotional traumas. You name it, I’ve seen it transformed in this process.//She witnessed the power of consciousness (3) Ayahuasca itself, contrary to what others say, is not a healer. She is a consciousness expander, which is far better. She shows us how to heal ourselves – if we’re ready and willing. She can’t force it, she can only show us the portal. If our soul knows it’s time, then magic can unfold.//This is something that struck me when I asked @ajasatya - it ain't the practice that is important - your heart will find the tool (4) And by that I mean – all contrasts collapsed into the one. I learned through EXPERIENCE (as opposed to thought) that hot and cold are just opposite sides of the same coin. Darkness and light are both made of God-stuff; they are all from source. And so in the highest truth, they are fundamentally the same experience, we just receive them from a filter of preference and feeling and compartmentalization.//Those are the well-known non-dual states - but you can see that they deepen with her journey (5) Despite knowing it’s all an illusion, my emotional experience hit every corner of the spectrum. And to that part of me, this shit is very, very real. My soul doesn’t give a rat’s patootie if my mind says it’s all just perception. I feel. And to the part of me in separateness – my mind and my soul – that’s the real deal.//This is how she transcended the mind Until it wasn’t. Until I started experiencing it all as oneness. Until I accidentally uncovered a more unified truth. (6) Yes, I would see the dark energies around a given being, especially while they were being doctored and helped. But I personally could not separate that those entities were simply (or not so simply) there not to torture and maim and harm, but to teach and reflect and assist. Darkness is the bad guy that teaches us our most profound lessons. And since we can’t kill the darkness, we might as well turn our curiosity to it and dare to understand.//Here she transcended one of the deepest dualities - that of darknes and light, that of suffering and bliss. (7) I stopped wanting to interfere with the beauty of our journeys. I stopped feeling like something was wrong. I stopped believing in the boogeyman. I stopped knowing how to combat the darkness because I realized that darkness is there to teach us our lessons. Yes, it fucking sucks to have illness and disease and paralyzing fears. Pain and loss and separation and drama and OMG there’s so much suffering in this world! But none of this is an accident. These are gifts that we must own, integrate, understand, and love before we can transcend them. The only way out is through.//This was what motivated her all along her journey - here she shares the dissolution of her idea that there's something to fix. (8) Outside of duality, there is nothing to heal. (9) I once thought that there could be nothing bigger or more rewarding than helping people ease their suffering. As usual, I was wrong.//The way she was humbled. This gal is amazing. The insights she has had an the way she presented them just scream purity and Love. Again,@Tistepiste , thanks for sharing.I recommend everyone to read it.
  11. @okulele Damn. I was on the outlook for such a comprehensive list the last few days. Thanks!
  12. @Leo GuraYeah. I can't imagine ever even learning what spirituality is if I were in one of the slums. And we should not even start on school, security, clean water and so on. And that's the scarier part for most egos. By believing that we're doing all of this by virtue of our qualities and that the "others" are lesser we create one of the biggest conscious gaps /conflicts. Well, you yourself have spoken about it
  13. I understand, same here. I have to prepare for standardised tests, science olympiads, physics projects, my business and so on. And that's why I said that. All of that I fucking love and it leads me to spontaneous realizations. Spirituality ain't something else that you do. It is the conscious space you're in. It can become one constant meditation Glad to see there's more of us Thanks! You should have heard me 2 years back