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  1. If you develop your focus and self - love, psychedelics are literally magical, you should definitely explore them more. Something Kilindi Iyi speaks of is that prayers, mantras, asanas, mudras, different patterns (mandala, Persian carpet), breathing exercises, martial arts and so on are actually tools to access particular states of consciousness through entheogens. Watch some of his talks, you definitely will find something useful.
  2. This is an unnecessary dichotomy created by the mind to keep you away from actual realizations. Just do the practices. That shouldn't even figure in your head. Nowhere is there said you have to do one OR the other. Have a constant daily practice of embodiment and use the tools at your disposal. It's just ridiculous what the mind can conjure (this non-judgemental, for I myself have had similar "conflicts" in my head).
  3. @EternalForest You have not even tasted life at Tier 1. You have no understanding of the stages you speak of, so all of the rationale is based on beliefs of what you think they are. The amount of life-purpose, vision, strength and will you have at Tier2 are nothing to be even compared. Your entire psyche and consciousness has opened towards infinity and oriented towards truth and manifesting your higher self (Selflessness). Even glimpses of those facets can have your juices going for months at a time. You seriously have no idea what you are talking about. And that's perfectly okay. When you've been fed up with the superficiality of Tier 1, your consciousness will naturally seek what's more. Can't ride a rocket ship before discovering fire.
  4. @traveler That. @Consilience I'm amazed at the development of your perspective, brother. It's almost parallel to the some of my realizations and hardships. Thrilled to see where you will continue.
  5. Saying "Humans need X amount of sleep" is just brute and lacks any nuance as to the complexity that these processes are. Factors that go in your sleep quota and quality are diet, lifestyle, frequency of physically exhausting exercises, stress throughout the day, intensity of mentally exhausting activities, previous sleep regiment,geographical region, extensive use of devices with a screen, your genetic character and so on. This brute simplicity is just not doing it justice. You're sleeping the amount of time you Need. Don't forget that humans are the most neurilogically developed species on Earth and require maintenance accordingly. What you may observe is that lifestyle changes affect your sleep pattern as well. The whole point of "you're losing a third of your life" is really childish way of looki at things. To where are you in a hurry? It's not like you dont spend mindless hours on shit that doesn't at all help you, and yet you're already thinking of decreasing your sleep. When you fully optimize your day, you have enough time to work productively, without needing the extra time, cause it's just going to cause burn out and chronic fatigue. You can for sure lower your sleep quota, but all I said up to here is to challenge your orientation and reason to think of this as necessary. This is not a problem of content, but rather a matter of consciousness.
  6. @UnconsciousHuman Develop confidence. That happens through sitting through with the sensations of being brutally rejected. Ain't no way around, but to jump in that fear. That is if you're willing to handle the fire.
  7. If you're not willing to go through the hardships, you ain't serious. When you truly seek Truth and realization, Death is a small price to pay. But until then, work on complacency and mediocrity. You can also forget inner work alltogether. That depends on how much have you suffered.
  8. This is a false dichotomy. It's not a matter of either/or, but rather the degree of consciousness you do something with. And that's from 0 to infinity.
  9. @moon777light Yeah, it truly is amazing. I was shown a lot of what was described in that video through my trips. If you liked that, definitely check out Kilindi Iyi. Mad stuff.
  10. I am sharing this, as I know a lot of you are asking of good resources on PU, for are aware of the extensive amount of needy and low consciousness sources out there. Funny thing is that I came across the TNL channel from a recommendation on this forum, of which I am thankful. The following example is a great depiction of transcending societal conditioning and beliefs and being able to freely experience and express sexuality (green). A lot of what he spoke of reminded me of the book My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. At around the 26 minute he makes some important observations as to not being ideological/absolutist in one's perspective and describes how he can hold seemingly paradoxical ideas simultaneously in his head - something that comes as a trait at Tier 2 (Yellow) - complexity and variety of perspectives. Is he perfect? No. But his content is for sure fairly conscious and he openly talks about his experiences as growing and developing himself.
  11. @Riyaazbasha What part of your life do you feel you want to improve? Do you have a vision or a dream of where you want to be? Ultimately the only way you can know is by asking yourself. The answer will be specific for you. No one can give it for you, because they are just not you. So figure out what is it you want. This is a long process, so don't expect answers form the get go. Maybe you want to draw? Maybe you want to design and build machines? Maybe you want to get better with girls? Maybe you want to get in shape? Maybe you want to build an exciting life for yourself? Only one way to find out. Visualise and ask yourself what do you want. Most importantly - start loving where you are at. Don't do it out of insecurity or lack of confidence. Do it cause you love yourself and you want what is best for you. Good luck forward.
  12. @Conscious life Whatever is said, it will not be direct experience of yours and will ultimately be a mental abstraction that only weights your psyche. How do you know if someone ain't just lost as well in abstractions? You don't. Only one way to find out. And for that you should drop the stories, because they are not what is important. Whichever paradigm you use, the point is to transcend it, not root yourself in it, because reality is ultimately groundless. Can't explain an abstraction without a different abstraction. So you have to drop it.
  13. Start practicing self - love and acceptance of whatever arises. This is not a problem with the content of the thoughts, but with the orientation of your consciousness. Don't go on creating stories about why that is, because they'll be victimising towards yourself, because that's just the way your consciousness currently is. Love it. Allow it to flow through it. No way around it.
  14. @Rahul yadav It doesn't have to be a distraction . There just isn't a "straightforward" way to enlightenment. Some will be swayed towards a more Occult path, others the a more stoic one. Everyone with their taste. So thanks for the share!
  15. @Husseinisdoingfine This is a very familiar story. I'm currently studying in the top class in the best and most achieving high school in my country. The whole environment is infatuated with "success", "scores" and "grades". It is hard indeed to not be swayed by the environment,but you need not to. We cannot change the fact that this is the current conscious stage we are at. You are different and probably more consciously developed than your peers simply based on your conscious orientation. So don't compare yourself to them. They are at their own path. It is understandable that you feel different and do not resonate with the people around you. That is the part of the journey and the hardship that comes with it. This is a consequence of your development and not the environment, so you'll probably feel this way throughout your life. And that's okay. Deal with your cards and work on You and your vision. There just ain't a way around it. Find your cadence and it will no longer bother you.