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  1. When I started integrating other "dimensions" of being different than thought I started experiencing more frequently transpersonal realisations. I feel like it's necessary to evolve your other tools /modes of being other than the conceptual. But the question then is "How can I use my intellect to build a habitual/practical infrastructure that helps me, rather than hindering my capability to evolve?" This of course means conscious engagement and not clinging How would you answer?
  2. @see_on_see Tbh that's something I resonate with. Even if just intuitively, I can tell you it's useful. Recently it helped a lot.
  3. @Mulky By just residing as much as I can in this state, I feel like the sense of harmony strengthens. I assume this is the effect of zen practice as well. It's still hard for me to keep it, because I tend to drift off in monologues, but it definitely is deepening. Provably because of the visceral drive with which I approach it.
  4. @Joseph Maynor Thanks, I'll look through those. @Mulky I would have been one of those people . I don't think I'll have a problem speaking with anyone, but by just being centered, there's no need for me to push a doctrine, even unconsciously. I feel you though.
  5. After some stuff in my life it's like the only thing I feel I can and want to do currently is to ground myself in experience. For probably 2 weeks now all of my metaphysical obsessions went out the window. No stories of enlightenment, being, God. None of it. It's not to say "theory is pointless" - it got me here. It's more like I'm longing with all my fibers to experience. This came out of the drive to release trauma (awareness on body - mind connection) but it got bigger. And it's only later I realized that this is the essence of zen (thx @Joseph Maynor@ajasatya). I'll probably come back at the metaphysical level existence with a transpersonal perspective. But for know I can't
  6. @winterknightWhy do you claim that you're enlightened?
  7. I feel like it'll be nice to "change the landscape" a bit. I'm myself a hyper-thinker (not necessarily in a positive way) and often my emotions and feelings have a hard time coming up. After a crisis that I had, provoked almost entirely because of my disconnection with empathy and emotion , it's almost like I woke up. Or I began to, let's say. It started this journey of mine to discover this entirely new dimension of life. Something outside the intellectual domain. @Serotoninluv This is something that has been brought up a lot by you, and I've been inspired by some of your examples. I would love for all of the emotionally oriented and developed souls to describe their experience and what they resonate with. Feel free to share any books, topics, videos, ideas, people, quotes and etc. I can say that I'll be enormously thankful, for this is the current chapter of my life. I would like to immerse myself in this. Examples, that are my current creative inspiration are: In an unspoken voice - Peter Levine Dr.Joe Dispenza
  8. @Joseph Maynor One thing that actually came to me is regarding "Love" as well. It may be useful to point to an experience of holism /inclusiveness, but I saw the same dynamic as with "Enlightenment". It's a story, useful to help one open (as it did for me), but when it became a way of thinking... Well the common story. Funny thing is that'll probably start to translate in all concepts I have. Weird. What's your experience?
  9. Very true. I had a destructive ego trip last December for this reason. It's just another story. Useful to start you on the path, but when it becomes useless one has to leave it. No thing as Enlightenment has ever happened . One may be called such when their presence, mannerism or understanding is free from obsession.
  10. I'm a minor, so those are practically not an option. You may say that at my age it's nothing serious and I accept that. The reason I'm doing this is for actually healing and growing myself, for I have a lot of turmoil that provoked a recent crisis of mine. I actually plan on attending different activities where I can engage freely, - for e.g tomorrow I'll take part in a wood engraving class. I go to a lot of summer camps, so I may actually use those too. It is important for it to be outside my comfort zone (School). I'm a little bit hesitant to far out cold approach girls cause it may just be strange, given that I'm a teen. This most certainly is a projection, so I'll probably dedicate myself to being a weirdo In the end this is a learning experience for me, but also keep in mind that a lot of my previous attachments came from perceiving this as a tool for status. My mentality is relationship oriented - to connect to the other person. I suffered a lot from the dehumanization towards the other, so I'm weary of my reactions. Any suggestions?
  11. Of Course. This is still within the story of the self and the thought realm. It is a mental construct in its entirety. The dynamic is the "battle" between attachements - as in "I should do it" or I shouldn't do it - Through the pairing of enormous suffering brought by attachments (manifested in delusory ideas) and conscious observations of the body-mind my previous experience broke down - a deeper dynamic uncovered, whereof I sense the connection between the story and the emotion. It's like the obsessive thinking is a tool to unconsciously escape the experience of the strong emotion that in itself is "undesired" from the very story itself. This is experiential and comes from a different "realm" - the emotional and intuitive one. If the latter statement is an idea, but not recognised intuitively, a possible loop of obsessive thinking can happen. This was the very case for me up to the "breaking point". Nice for you to point out β€οΈπŸ™πŸ» This is where the body healing takes place. Here comes the practice of physical cleansing through breathing, exercise - this is a very sensitive practice where caution and expertise is really necessary. There are authentic balancing processes of the body that have to be recognised throug the practice. Here if one has not snapped out of the narrative it is flat out dangerous (my experience) I had to cease the thoughts loop to be able to connect and start experiencing emotions. This is a post-personal view which requires a recognition of the mind - body connection. I'm simplifying for one and for two... This is just enormous and I'm just scratching the surface. I'm still learning myself. I didn't ground this in the other possible perspectives. Thanks for coming inπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ
  12. @FoxFoxFox Just so you know I'm not saying anything about your experience or consciousness level. What @Serotoninluv was pointing to is something else. The realisation of the dynamics which underlie your answers and the way you respond is in essence the evolution of understanding - the paradox of form and formless. What is meant as trans-personal is in essence this. You may reside in the Self, but this is a nuance and depth of existence, which stems not from concepts, but from direct experience. How can you exclude and dismiss all of the forms in which God is seen, the so called "concepts" and "illusions" ? This is just another story that the ego tells. Brother, I'm far from your conscious level and this may very well be my projection, but I hope this at least provokes you to look deeper. πŸ™πŸ»
  13. This is my path currently. I hope all is alright by you, cause for me it had to backfire before I took it seriously. I'm currently reading In an unspoken voice - Peter Levine. I highly recommend it. What is most important is to ground yourself in your direct experience (conscious of your emotions and feelings for e.g - this is an entirely different dimension) , because all of your fears and anxieties are created by you within the conceptual domain, or as sadhguru puts it : Fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist. I became directly conscious of this after a severe episode of my life. There's so much one could realise from this. It's ultimately one of the most important parts of your journey. I have no answers, on the contrary - shadow work /trauma healing is a process of a conscious rediscovery - there are no answers outside of your experience. I don't have a "particular practice", for I let the natural expression - my very being now is grounding itself - with every action I'm reconnecting. This is outside of concepts and stories, so let this become a conscious process and it'll start unveiling.
  14. This is a realisation I had that accompanied a lot of suffering. You've always been attracting what you are and what you feel. Not what you wish was the case, but what your are. Until you become conscious your life is habitual and run by attachments. Once you experience it, it is staggering. With me it had to be a result of suffering. I looked at my shadow and saw myself. That's what LOA means. You attract what you are, not what you think you are β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»