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  1. @Sahil Pandit That's the fucking best thing someone has said @kev014 I can confirm that 100%. I'm the type of person who is unusually attached to his hair and looks, so last year April while just sitting under the sun it struck me I had to shave my head. I had a panic attack. But I decided I was going to do it the same evening. And I did. Almost everybody around me had the same initial reaction. That stuff seriously affects you. The steps that followed were the beginning of an authentic persona and that was an enormous part of it. I took it to an extreme level as a symbolical rebirth. Kept shaving until a few months back. I developed both balls of steel from the reactions of others and a sense of a grounded and visceral drive. Give it a shot. It's ridiculous how it may effect you.
  2. I feel like it's time for me to start experimenting with psychedelics. It's almost an intuitive step following recent growth. I've almost made up my mind for a trip with around 2-3g mushrooms in the next 2 months or so. (Maaybe N, N-DMT, depending on which is more reliable - still gotta figure out the logistics) I'm taking my time with this for several reasons - I've emerged only recently from a lot of turmoil so I'm still processing and integrating a lot of emotional and intuitive understanding. Something that if rushed we blow in my hands as it previously did. Additionally would be to build up momentum to it. You can be sure I'll do it, just gotta feel it out. Any experiences you can share. I have spent already at least 10 hours researching, read a lot of reports, but it'll still be helpful.
  3. @Joseph Maynor When you become aware of creating the distinction real-metaphysical you'll be in for a ride. The interplay of what you thought of as imaginary and pragmatic is truly magnificent. I've swung form grounding myself in the painful 'reality' of relationships to bathing in 'metaphysical love' back and forth. When it started becoming one and the same... oh, man. And I still don't know for shit
  4. You're on something, brother, for sure! It's very similar for me as well. Like the actual understanding of the whole paradigm and structure of the ego evolves. I started becoming aware of a lot of dynamics. For example the personification of an experience (I experienced this), objectifying understanding(this is how it is) , trying to analyze the shift in consciousness (the original topic), projecting problems onto the ego (as in "ego is the source of all suffering, you gotta remove it") and so on... It's just ridiculous how deep it goes. After a lot of neurosis from acting out any of the dynamics I'm actually appreciative of the whole structure. It literally can't be otherwise It's not like I'll skip them, I'll 100% use them as a tool. I feel like Jamie Wheal is projecting from a place of attachement /involvement to the assumed humanistic nature of his. It's like psychedelics is actually what he needs. What I meant is actually that because they're so powerful tools, not having a structure to using them can be counterproductive. Also after a lot of experience they can actually become distractions, if there's no understanding. Knowing myself I feel like any trip would be of high consequence, so it's about using them to their fullest potential... Buut after all this is just theorizing. I'll have to actually try them 🙏🏻❤️
  5. When you're almost primordial. After a cold shower, when focusing on the breath for a long period of time, after a run, whilst fasting. I get it after meditation as well. There's just that thoughtless clarity of your sensations, surroundings and so on. I feel like you're pointing to something subtle I can't quite get. What I meant is did the dropping of the attachements influence your involvement with life? Would I see a difference if I saw a before and after from my pov 😂
  6. @winterknight Is the first recognition of awareness? Then for e. g that everything is consciousness. Then God and etc? I'm asking one, because I've read of the Buddha's different stages of awakening, heard some teachers and etc. Two, cause in my experience when I experience emptiness with no form or thought, I haven't recognized some of the supposed different aspects.
  7. @winterknight Do your energy and life involvement have anything to do with consciousness as a consequence of recognizing it?
  8. (quoted by mistake) @winterknight Can a grounded experience help with self - inquiry? Like getting in a mindfulness state, yet not withdrawing from the senses.
  9. @NoSelfSelf The practice that the theory supposes should go as the theory predicts. (in a sense theorizing about practice is just theory ") But in reality there are different dynamics taking play that the theory doesn't factor in. Hense a distinction.
  10. @Leo Gura . I was impressed by some of Jamie's speeches as well. (I listened to two rebel wisdom talks and one in singularity universe) He speaks about transpersonal integration (that of opposing ideas) and picks a lot of the dynamics, present in the psychedelic community. He had a really nice criticism of the finalizing and objectifyng dynamic in spiritual teachers as well. The buzz - word talks are around when the book is published. I feel he developed in the meantime, cause the rebel wisdom talks are recent. I haven't read the book, but it's co-authored by Steven Kotler. I looked at his talks as well, because I thought they would be good, but he's only surface level. That's what I think the problem is.
  11. @Leo Gura @Wisebaxter I feel like this is a really great video. It discusses the dynamics which occur within the psychedelic community. Extremely useful. It's actually in line with previous contemplations of mine. I definitely recontextualized whether or not I'm ready for psychedelics. (thanks @Spacious for recommending his content) Edit: Like... F*ck Just finished it. That's extremely humbling. I definitely recommended this video.
  12. I felt him like a brother. Maybe because I'm younger and have gone through a lot of depressed states that I resonated a lot with him. His music meant hell of a lot. Having been to that side of his following, I definitely would say there's something, close to idolizing him. But you have to understand that being in such a position he feels like the only one, who can understand. He was probably unaware of his personal dynamics that encouraged this. No matter, still impacted me a lot and his message was beautiful. Whatever his following was, he is something you rarely see. #LLJ
  13. @Wisebaxter @Wisebaxter Nah, you're welcome. I actually favor the direction of the thread. The initial topic is cleared for me.
  14. @David Hammond You know, such statements are better to be taken with a grain of salt. Finalising one's experience always rings a bell. There might be some unconscious personal dynamics going on under the surface. That doesn't undermine one's spiritual awakening, just there may be unfinished work.🙏🏻❤️
  15. +1 I'm astonished. This is just beautiful. So many of the dynamics that he describes are stuff I became aware of only recently. Humbling and freeing. Honestly, thank you ❤️🙏🏻 @Spacious