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  1. Death is right here. You die everytime a thought comes to an end.
  2. Mdma is a good intro to altered states. It's very predictable an consistent while being forcefully uplifting. Hard to go wrong. But if you have a tendency for addiction, it might be wise to avoid since it is not without some addiction potential.
  3. I thought about this a bit and came to understand that rebirth/reincarnation doesn't really make sense because you were never born to begin with. Nonduality states there is no individual you/ego, so there cannot be a being that is reborn. The real question that should be asked is if Consciousness will continue to create and identify as form after the ending of this particular form as a body and world.
  4. Try not to be hard on yourself if things aren't advancing. Spiritual integration isn't always a smooth slope upwards. You just have to be kind to yourself if you find yourself backsliding. And if you don't have one already, I recommend a daily meditation practice. It will train the mind to stay calm and focused on present experience.
  5. The best way to stop worrying? Become enlightened. Then you can act without attachment to things as you say you worry about things in your life collapsing. What can be built up can fall apart. Find what is immutable.
  6. No one knows what happens after death of the body. Consciousness continues, but consciousness is not really any thing in particular; it is both existence and non existence. Many of the popular spiritual traditions have felt a similar sentiment towards existence, that existence is a burden and rebirth again in an earthly form is undesirable. The main aim of enlightenment was actually to escape the cyclic rounds of rebirth. That is done through stilling the formations in the mind. If you can uproot all desires and unwholesome formations in the mind, there will be no residual energy left that could form into another rebirth after this body dissipates. However, that is only what the teachings claim -- no one has been able to attest to he truth of that. I think the idea is worth considering though.
  7. I have heard the real secret of life is to die before you die, to find out there's no death.
  8. No video required. Go to your direct experience.
  9. @Leo Gura Ego cannot understand it from it's limited POV but shouldn't the ego's POV have some merit, it being an aspect of God? I just feel the ego's perspective of existence being Hell shouldn't be dismissed so easily by saying "It's all Love" . It is true that it is all Love. But from the egos perspective it looks a totally different way.
  10. I've encountered otherwordly beings on psychedelics, including DMT. As startlingly real as they are, I believe what Martin Balls says about them, which is that these beings (and all visuals you see on psychedelics) are just projections of your own mind/ego.
  11. All fear comes from thought in the form of memory (past) or projection (future). Thought creates time: past, present, and future. So fear exists and comes from the perceived existence of time. To be free of fear is to be free of time. Since time is a creation of thought, to be free of fear you must be free of thought. Consequently, it is important to awaken and experience your Self outside of thought, existing as eternity. So question all notions of yourself that are creations of thought and of time—of past, present, and future. Experience your eternalness, your holiness, your awakeness until you are convinced that you are never subject to the movement of thought, of fear, or of time. To be free of fear is to be full of Love.
  12. @Onecirrus It is crucial because all of humanities "problems" stem from the inner neurosis of the mind, the assumption of being a separate individual self.
  13. If you've never done something like this before, it's going to be a real challenge to just sit and do nothing. There will be lots of resistance from the ego and that is what it sounds like you're currently experiencing. I would recommend you take up some sort of spiritual practice though like mindfulness meditation, self inquiry, or yoga. I think one of those should help aid the spiritual purification process along. Eventually after a long period of spiritual work, you'll be able to sit on the beach all day long and be totally content, blissful and desireless for your old temptations.
  14. You don't know yourself yet. It sounds like you have some level of realization but it's far from complete. Your ego is still very much alive and well. I recommend a good meditation practice so you can develop an awareness of the thoughts in your mind. That is the source of your misery, identifying with your mind.
  15. There is, bhikkus, that dimension where there is neither earth nor water, nor fire nor wind, nor dimension of the infinitude of space, nor dimension of the infinitude of consciousness, nor dimension of nothingness, nor dimension of neither perception nor non-perception, nor this world, nor the next world, nor sun, nor moon. And there, I say, there is neither coming, nor going, nor stasis, nor passing away, nor arising: without stance, without foundation, without support. This, just this, is the end of suffering.