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  1. There's no free will for the ego but only God's Will.
  2. Happiness is always available whether you meditate or not.
  3. No one knows what happens after death, any claim someone makes can only be speculation.
  4. Simply because psychedelics only cause temporary ego-death, not full on physical death.
  5. That is what the spiritual path comes down to really, entering "no-mind" and being able to stay present in whatever you are doing. "Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” ~ Chuang Tzu
  6. Really curious to hear people's thoughts on this! This has been a very prevalent phenomenon I encounter ever since I started "waking up." I call them "energies", and I can sense them on my body wherever I am. Some energies are comfortable & serene, like those in nature, and some feel assaulting and harsh, like when walking down a busy city street. I was never before sensitive to energies prior to my awakening and previously never would have believed such a sense be possible. But this phenomenon is very real palpable to me. I don't quite understand how it happens rationally speaking, but my guess is that the ego is the source of these energies. The ego, as a pattern of energy in flux, radiates a field that can be tuned into by other egos who have a heightened awareness. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on how these energies manifest, how sensitive you feel you are to them, and perhaps some tips/tricks on how you personally deal with them, considering they can often be unpleasant sensations. ❤
  7. You can answer them intellectually but that doesn't mean it's going to make sense to you.
  8. Existence and consciousness are flashes of Nothingness superimposed upon Nothingness. There are no beings, no worlds, no minds, no consciousness, no souls, no events, no time, no space, no Buddha, no Christ, no Self, no God. There is only not-'that' That-- the Great, Magnificent Void, Nothingness, the womb of all existence. Consciousness is neither present nor absent in Nothingness, for Nothingness is actually the root of consciousness. In truth, there is no such thing as consciousness, there is only Nothingness. Consciousness is instantiated Nothingness, as is all of existence. Anything that can be perceived or conceived should be viewed as not final, and therefore discarded. Time, space, form, emotions, thoughts, sensations, consciousness, all of these 'exsist' and therefore rely upon Nothingness. Sunyata, as Nothingness can be called in Buddhism, or Tao in Taoism, sustains everything, including consciousness. It is the vast, empty void of Non-existence that the Buddha calls Nirvana, meaning "extinction" of all 'being.' Nothingness is prior to our experiences, our senses, and consciousness, all of which are dependent upon a myriad of other factors to exist, such as a body, oxygen, sustenance, etc. Nothingness is what allows consciousness to occur because it allows all of 'being' to be.
  9. Completely. But traveling on the spiritual path is the way to get back to the wonder, freedom and bliss you experienced in childhood!
  10. Completely normal stage on the path. Check out the book "The end of your world" by Adyashanti. He talks about this stage a lot in that book.
  11. I would say try for a longer period and discover for yourself the difference. I personally notice a difference between 10 and 20 minutes.
  12. Same. I wanted to post a topic but couldn't!
  13. Normal. This unconscious material is arising allowing you the opportunity to purify it. Stay as the witness. Stay mindful.