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  1. Recognize that it's all just the interdependent universe spinning and no person has any inherent independent "self".
  2. No, loneliness implies "other". There are no others, just the One. "So you stand alone but are never, never lonely because everywhere you look, all you see is That, and you are That" ~Adyashanti
  3. You had amazing insights into your life and amazing insights take time to integrate in your sober reality. Don't get caught up in the novelty of it.
  4. Spasms used to happen quite frequently when I would sit in meditation. They signify stored emotional blocks being worked out.
  5. A bad trip should ultimately teach you something about what you're still holding on to. That you must still be holding onto something that pertains to "self" in order for you to interpret it as bad.
  6. What are some worthwhile things to try for non-solo psychedelic trips? I have heard that some people have found ways to acquire temporary telepathy. I am wondering how to tap into that.
  7. You shouldn't trust your mind. It's good you're aware of it's deceptiveness. Why does it mislead you? Like it was said already: Survival. The mind is wired to maintain a sense of separate self.
  8. Personality is shaped by environment, genetics, and upbringing.
  9. I brought a 12 pack of whippits to the lakeshore one time. The experience was spiritual, very profound. It reminded me of MDMA but instead of a profound sense of love, N2O was a profound sense of deep peace. A sense of Eternity. I felt as though I could contently sit in that spot on the beach for my whole life and forever afterward. I noticed a potential for addiction with N2O so you have be cautious. I believe it's worth trying but that's it.
  10. I have experimented with it in high doses and have had extraordinary experiences. The sense of love and mystical profundity during the peak is surreal. You have to be careful using it though. It really taxes your serotogenic system. And if you take it too frequently or dose too much, it loses it's "magic" after repeated use. There was even a moment where I experienced ego death on it. I wrote about that in this post:
  11. Death is not some event at a future time, but right here now.
  12. In truth, we don't choose to do anything but we still must pretend that we do.
  13. @Shaun You should try MDMA.I find it is a forcefully positive experience that has a good chance of correcting the frame if mind you're in. Basically, it seems you got some real insight but it's incomplete. You see what you and every one is not, but you do not see what you and everyone and everything is. You see the emptiness but do not recognize the fullness.
  14. Life is Dukkha. Dukkha not only means suffering but also unsatisfying, and ungovernable.
  15. Buddhism proposes that if you end the craving in the mind, you won't come back identified as a form. Though, the issue I've always had with that is that this is something that you can't verify.