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  1. Your mind brings you good luck by believing it is so. The object becomes imbued with your own power.
  3. I thought that God is so unconditionally loving that He even loves you when you choose delusion over Truth? God would never try to force you to awaken even if you'd rather be lost in the dream... God loves delusion... it's a masterpiece of retardation! And by the way, Leo... if God was able to lead you to the mountaintop... I'm sure that He can similarly help others there as well... but their path may not be a straight line. Sometimes someone has to be super deluded about their own spirituality because they have to experience first-hand what reality is NOT so that they can have a more clear picture when they finally realize what reality IS. (I get that if someone is trying to put words in your mouth that you didn't say or to twist your teachings into something that they aren't meant to be... it's important to have strong boundaries held up by a bit of healthy stage Red)
  4. I understand where you're coming from... I have a similar drive to grab someone by the hair and shove their face in the Truth... But I also remember that everyone has a right to be completely delusional. What if they like being a silly spiritual ego? Who am I to ruin their dream? If someone wants to understand and is open... then guiding them is easy. If they are being stubborn and closed... you can try the "grab by the hair and shove their face in the truth" approach but it's a risky one that doesn't always work... At some point you can just let another person be deluded knowing that that is their wish. Honor their delusion as their choice (if it cannot be helped).
  5. A very well-known channel named Darryl Anka channels an extraterrestrial being called "Bashar." Bashar has some really excellent personal development and spirituality advice that has helped me immensely with understanding the laws of reality creation. Here are some of my favorite videos of Bashar: It's really really good stuff. Explore it for yourself... or ignore it if you're not interested.
  6. No. I respectfully disagree. I like it exactly the way it is. It's perfect. It doesn't bother me... in fact, it resonates even deeper because that's how I authentically speak in my own mind, too. Great job, Leo... continue to speak however it comes out... and sometimes it's okay to be a bit "over-the-top." Because that's what adds flavor and juice to the topic. What's the point of communicating these insights if they're just going to be translated into some stiff-dry format for the sake of not hurting people's feelings (which, frankly, if you can't accept that stylistic choice... and it 'bothers you' that is 1000% YOUR PROBLEM.)
  7. It's pretty obvious that the "random mutation" model of evolution is pretty limited. Just natural selection of randomly mutated traits is waaaaay too slow and stupid of a process to be the ONLY factor that determines evolution. An alternative model that I've been contemplating is the "evolution via intention" model. It states that "the organism's conscious or sub-conscious intention participates in the process of shaping itself and its offspring." For example, for Darwin's Galapagos finches... the ones with the long beaks evolved because the flowers on their Island had nectar that could only be accessed deep within the flower's stem... So according to Darwin's theory... the birds with longer beaks were selected for... which makes sense... but the question is "what is the source of the mutation? Is it really random?" According to "my" theory... the subconscious intention of the birds literally causes their beaks to grow longer (over a long period of time). Imagine that you're trying to reach into a flower to eat the nectar... subconsciously wishing that your beak was just a bit longer... Over time... your beak would actually grow longer. At this point ... there is so much scientific evidence that proves how intention affects cell-expression. Practical examples of people healing their illnesses with by using visualization alone. Your thought-energy literally shapes the physical expression of your body... See what Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Rupert Sheldrake talk about... Bruce Lipton has a book called "The Biology of Belief" that goes into a deep mechanical explanation of how thought-energy determines gene-expression. So that's my new theory of evolution and it's based on pretty excellent evidence... it also would make more sense in the framework that reality is made of God's consciousness.
  8. I like the insights about alien love. That makes a lot of sense to me. There is so many accounts of alien consciousness contacting humans in channelled states and it's so clear that they're way more advanced in so many degrees and dimensions. I'm going for alien love on my next trip.
  9. The quickest way to enlightenment is fully accepting and enjoying your life exactly as it is. While not suppressing your natural desire for growth and development. Just enjoy the journey, man... Don't rush to "enlightenment" ... because you might miss it along the way. Why are you in such a rush? Where do you think you are going?
  10. 11:36 "We're looking at how this whole game of 'bullshit' is played. It's a very sophisticated game. We're saying something very precise here. We're not just bad-mouthing people in general. And the trouble with this game is that the way that it's played is like this: everyone sees the bullshit in everyone else except the bullshit that they themselves spin. And then they make exceptions and excuses for their own bullshit." Honestly, at this point. If you don't understand where Leo is coming from. Just fucking leave. We don't want your crybaby complaining here. We don't need you to police Leo for calling out some bullshit here or there. Isn't that his fucking job? What's the point of having someone like Leo in your life if the second he calls you out... you curl up in a ball and cry. Isn't that the value of a teacher? To call out the bullshit? Give me a break, guys.
  11. Honestly... I found Leo's expression here pretty enjoyable and entertaining to read. Great insights and pointers for my own consciousness and awakening. The 'rudeness' is actually totally warranted considering the depth of egotistical delusion. Consider it a stylistic choice. If you have half a brain... you can see that he's expressing from a place of trying to help you awaken. It's not like he's personally insulting people just for the fun of it. Plus, at the end of the day. He's right. And sometimes Truth > Feelings.
  12. Looks like Love to me. Stop being babies.