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  1. Yeah so I got ... 2.9 for primary which is higher than 73% of people. 3.7 for secondary which is higher than 91% of others. Does this make me a psychopath? Ummmmmmmmmmmm... maybe. I have a strong rebellious streak. I generally do the exact opposite of what I am told. That being said, even though I may say things that hurt people's feelings, I do feel other people's emotions and I generally do not like making others sad or hurting people deeply (besides mild annoyance). My personality type on myers-briggs is ENTP and I can be very intellectually combative. I think a lot of people who answer on this test are self-biased. People think that they're a lot less selfish and a lot more empathetic than they actually are. I answered super honestly. Tbh, I'm not a psychopath, however if I was raised in the wrong household, someone with my personality type could easily become one.
  2. Just wanted to take a moment to praise @Leo Gura for doing a fantastic job on the podcast.
  3. Rupert Spira made a beautiful translation of an Ancient Buddhist Poem from China "Hsin Hsin Ming." A very elegant and lucid description of nonduality. Rupert Spira's Rendition: "To be at peace and content is not difficult for those who have no preferences. When likes and dislikes are not present, everything becomes clear and simple. Make the smallest distinction, however, and you will be exiled from the realm of eternal happiness which is your home. If you wish to be happy and at peace, then hold no opinions for or against anyone or anything. To set up what you like against what you dislike is a conditioned habit of the mind. It is a recipe for unhappiness. When we allow the appearance of things to veil their reality, our innate peace and happiness is disturbed to no avail. Our essential being is perfect, like boundless space, which is complete in itself with nothing lacking. It is our rejection of what is present or our seeking of what is not present that determines whether or not we feel the peace and happiness that are our very nature. Do not lose yourself in experience but do not turn away from any experience. Be free from all experience but completely open to all experience, and your innate happiness will shine forth. Do not think that the activity of the mind is a problem or that the cessation of its activity is necessary. To attempt to stop the mind’s activity is itself the mind’s activity. Neither lose yourself in the mind’s activity nor engage in the effort to still it, but simply be knowingly the witnessing presence of awareness, and your innate happiness will emerge from the background of experience. Your true nature of pure awareness transcends all experience and yet is immanent within all experience. To assert or deny either aspect is, therefore, to miss the nature of reality. It is not possible to think of reality or to express it in words. To know the nature of reality it is necessary to know the nature of one’s own being, which lies behind all thinking and talking. We invest our happiness in changing things only because we have forgotten or ignored our being. If we want lasting peace and happiness it is only necessary to return to one’s being. Do not search for happiness; only cease allowing the thought, ‘I don’t want what is present; I want what is not present’ to run your life. The slightest like and dislike with respect to experience veils our innate happiness. Do not reject appearances in favour of awareness, for it is infinite awareness itself that shines in and as all appearances. When we stand knowingly as the presence of awareness, nothing can disturb us, and when a person or thing no longer disturbs us, we no longer see them as separate from us or as a source of happiness or suffering. When we no longer divide our experience into good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable, the personal self vanishes, for it is created and maintained only by resisting, holding or seeking. In the absence of a separate subject of experience, the separate object or other dissolves and their shared being is revealed as the experience of love or beauty. An object only seems such from the perspective of a separate subject of experience, and a separate subject of experience can only seem to exist in relation to an object. As such, both the subject and the object are, in reality, a single, infinite and indivisible whole. Knowing this, we make no judgements, and neither prejudice nor opinion obscures our vision. To be established in peace and happiness is neither easy nor difficult: it is simply to know and feel oneself as the presence of awareness, with which all experience is known, in which all experience appears and, ultimately, out of which all experience is made. For one whose life is determined by resistance, holding and seeking, everything they do simply compounds their unhappiness. The more effort they make, the farther they are from happiness. Ultimately, even the desire for enlightenment is the desire for something other than what is, and is, as such, the very activity of suffering itself. If, on the other hand, we simply abide knowingly as the presence of awareness, there will be neither resistance nor seeking and we will live free, undisturbed and fulfilled. When our thoughts and feelings are governed by resistance, holding and seeking, we no longer see things as they are. We make distinctions and judgements only because we overlook the unity of being that underlies all people and things, and as a result become upset and exhausted. Nothing of value comes from it. For one who is established in their true nature and, as a result, allows things to be as they are, the goal of life has already been fulfilled. Such a person seeks nothing, holds on to nothing and resists nothing and is, therefore, at peace and content. For one who is lost in their thoughts and feelings, life is a constant battle of resistance, holding and seeking, and thus they are rarely at peace. Everyone’s essential being is the same. It is only when our essential being is qualified by experience that distinctions between people arise and thus conflict begins. To seek our being with the mind is a mistake, for our being lies at the source of the mind; it can never be found as an object of the mind. Activity and inactivity, like and dislike, good and bad, right and wrong, gain and loss all come from ignoring or overlooking the underlying unity of being, from which all people and things derive their temporary name and form. If we do not allow appearances to veil their reality, our innate peace and happiness will pervade all experience. If we do not resist what is present and seek what is not present, experience will lose its capacity to veil its reality. One who remains established in and as the presence of awareness will not lose their self in the content of experience, and as a result, peace and happiness will prevail. Such a one will not separate their self from any experience, and as such, love and beauty will shine in their experience. It is our likes and dislikes which confer independent existence on people and things, and as a result our shared being is overlooked. To understand this is to be free from experience even in the midst of experience itself. In this condition, preferences simply no longer arise. The peace that is the nature of our being is equally present in both activity and inactivity, and therefore it has no preference for either. In the absence of any distinction between activity and inactivity, we cannot even call it peace. Thus, it cannot be defined by words or restrained by any law. One who is in touch with the peace of their essential being no longer negotiates experience from the vantage point of a separate self. Such a one is free. Our essential being is like empty space: nothing leaves a trace on it, nor does it hold on to anything. For one who is established in their true nature, thoughts and feelings add nothing to their self nor remove anything from it, and thus they begin to quieten down. Everything simply is as it is. In reality there is no separate subject or object of experience; there is no self and no other. This absence of otherness is love itself, from which nothing is separate and nothing excluded. The recognition of one’s true nature is independent of the content of experience. In this recognition, the relative value of things in time and space, whilst remaining, is outshone. At every moment, experience is always a single, infinite and indivisible whole, for all such definitions would refer to parts of the whole. Wherever we look it is all a manifestation of the same impersonal, infinite, intimate reality, which admits no boundaries, distinctions or differences. This reality cannot be debated by the finite mind. It assumes the names and forms of ten thousand things, without ever being, becoming or knowing anything other than itself. To understand and feel this is to live a life of peace and joy. It is the origin, the path and the goal of the non-dual understanding. It cannot be spoken of and yet all words speak of it. There is no path to it because it is that alone which is always and already present. Turn towards that and it will take you into itself." Thanks for reading ❤
  4. Clean Uninstall all games from your computer/console. Delete everything. I was addicted to League of Legends for a few years... I sunk thousands of hours into that game and I unlocked all champions. Whenever I would Uninstall it I would always end up re-installing it and getting addicted for a few days. Until one day I played so much that I decided to actually sell my account. I effectively lost all progress in the game.
  5. Anna Brown is awesome! A great speaker. When she says "there is nothing to do because there us no self to be awakened." She is absolutely correct. This message is very useful for spiritual seekers who are caught in the trap of thinking that enlightenment is something to be achieved "out there" somewhere in the distant future. Her message is very important for remembering that when you practice, you are trying to allow the present moment to be exactly as it is. You are not trying to "create" and enlightenment "experience." But you are just trying to surrender to the Truth of Now which is that your awareness is already free and liberated. It's important to mix actual serious practice with the remembrance that there is no reason to practice. There is equally no reason to not practice. So you might as well practice your ass off. Just don't allow your practice to become it's own obstacle. Leo is right when he says that these teachings can easily delude newbies into thinking that they are more awake than they actually are.
  6. It's a fun little tool to help understand the differences in how people's minds work. It has personally helped me understand the differences in mind-types and has helped me appreciate the differences among humans.
  7. Hey @Leo Gura, I love looking at the astrology charts of significant human beings. It is very useful for helping me to get an idea about how their mind works. I calculated Ken Wilber's birth chart ( and I thought that it was very interesting to see how he has so many Aquarius placements. Aquarius is the sign that is most interested in creating revolutionary and cutting-edge mental models for the purpose of uplifting all of humanity. It's also interesting to see how his moon sign is Pisces which suggests a very deep and mystical emotional life. My moon sign is also in Pisces and it feels like a constant emotional longing for an escape into Void. Anyways, you're someone who I look up to, and I'm curious about how your mind works. In order to calculate your birth chart, that would require your birth time and also birthplace (for sake of time zone). I also understand that all personality type systems are limited and cannot ever create a holistic understanding of a person's personality. I also understand that sharing your astrology chart might lead to people projecting qualities onto you that you don't actually have, or thinking that they know you better than they do. That being said, I think that it will be fun and interesting plus I don't believe that this information can be abused in any way. Thanks for reading this!
  8. The ego cannot possibly have the quality of awareness. One finite object cannot be aware of another finite object. The only possible thing that can be aware is Pure Nothingness/Infinity. Just like how a movie can only be cast to a blank screen. If there is already an image on the screen before the movie is projected...the movie would be ruined. In the same way, the only "thing" that can be aware is the Thing-less. That which is beyond things.
  9. Self-explanatory. Pure mastery.
  10. @Eph75 Yes, thanks for this answer. Growth in all lines in required. However, Ken Wilber does mention in the Religion of Tomorrow that the cognitive line is usually a prerequisite for moving fully into a stage. Although the cognitive line alone is not sufficient for total embodiment. As a general trend. The male brain prefers to work with complex and logical systems with many moving parts. While the female brain prefers to create emotionally driven stories, narratives, and is much better at relating to other people and being compassionate. These are just trends. There are many exceptions to this trend. Realizing the asymmetries between men and women allows for more nuanced analysis of life and reality. Compared to just saying that "everyone is equally good at everything." A stage blue statement would be. "Men are obviously more logical and competent than women are. That's why women are the inferior gender and are second-class citizens." I didn't say that. Men and women have equal value... but evolution has created asymmetries in their strengths and weaknesses.
  11. I'm a pretty analytically minded guy and I find the movement into Stage Yellow to be very natural stage. I've always been good at holding multiple perspectives at once and understanding systems. Do you think that it's easier for logically minded people to move out of Green and into Yellow? My girlfriend is very solid Green and has been for a while and is starting to move into Stage Yellow. However, she doesn't really like to read too many books and I can't see her becoming interested in a lot of the more heady topics that Stage Yellow ppl are typically interested in. How do you think Stage Yellow manifests itself in more feminine and emotionally minded women? I doubt that they will be reading books about The Structure of Scientific Revolutions... How can you tell that a more feminine and emotional woman has entered Stage Yellow?
  12. Precognition, psychics, prophetic dreams, people with clairvoyance, all are proof that time is not a linear thing. Time only appears to move from past to present to future... however with closer investiatigation it seems like past, present and future are all muddled together in a kind of temporal soup ?;)
  13. Flower of Life: