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  1. Update! I also just shit out my bowels. Feels like stuff is cleaning out from years ago.
  2. I'm just about to break my 3.5 day water fast. I'm breaking it with some lemon water, waiting 30 minutes, then some celery juice. Then I'll probably have some fruit. Goal: To give my digestive system and my stomach a break. I had been eating out too much and I was feeling it affect my cravings and my mental clarity. I had been using food as a crutch to help me deal with feelings of stress and uncertainty. Day 1: Super easy. I've done 1 day fasts before. I felt normal. Day 2: I couldn't workout in the morning as I usually do, lower energy. I still had plenty of energy to get a lot of work done. Mental clarity increased. Body felt weaker. Day 3: Body felt super weak. I still managed to do some work on my laptop and read a lot. I was basically bedridden for most of the day. However I did get outside and walk for a total of 90 minutes. That may have been too much exercise but I felt okay. I started supplementing my water w a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and that helped w my low energy. I was feeling light-headed whenever I stood up. Mental clarity was amazing. I felt like I was in the middle of a Vipassana retreat. Mediation was also easier. I also found that reading books and focusing was easier. I was able to read for hours when normally I have too much energy to sit down and read. Fasting is a great combination of physical weakness and mental clarity where there's not much to do except read books and meditate. I was having very strong food cravings on day 3. I was basically thinking of food all day. So I'm deciding to break my fast because I am feeling like I got what I wanted out of the experience. I could definitely go for a bit longer, but I would basically just have to sit on the couch all day. I miss having energy to do stuff. I was thinking of doing a little fast for a while and Leo's video kind of just pushed me over the edge. So thanks for the inspiration! I learned a lot about water fasting from Dr. Alan Goldhamer. Lots of awesome info he shares about the benefits of prolonged water fasting. Anyways, that's my experience, I'm gonna go have some celery juice now! 😝
  3. Free Personal Development Guides to Unlock Your Potential ( Lots of awesome info on all kinds of self-actualization topics! Good stuff!
  4. This.
  5. Some men interact with the world in a logical and calculating way. They need logical step-by-step instructions to do what girls feel should be easy and natural. In the end, all behavior is manipulation, whether you are comfortable with it or not. When a baby cries it is manipulating its mother to give it attention. When you laugh at a joke that isn't funny you are manipulating the other person to like you. Trust me. Many men are completely autistic when it comes to expressing their feelings to women and they need some logical instructions to make it natural.
  6. Kissing is a natural result of sexual escalation. Start with non-sexual forms of physical escalation like touching her on the arm, being playful and flirty. You can put your arm around her, grab her arm and put it around you. Make fun of her and pull her toward you. Tickle her. Pick her up. All the time joking around. Basically, you are getting her comfortable with touching and being close to you. You can't kiss the girl unless she is allowing you to touch her and hold her. The best way that works for me is to be in a situation where we can sit beside each other with my arm around her. And, all the while being playful and non-serious, you are basically getting closer and closer to her. The whole time you are being conscious of how comfortable she feels. If she gets stiff and pulls away, then stop and recalibrate. Basically, if you escalate properly, you'll feel a force pulling your face towards hers. It will be natural. Kiss for a few seconds and pull away, laugh and say something stupid then keep having fun as if nothing happened.
  7. Make sure that you're in a safe and comfortable environment. 4g is very strong. I've had many very positive experiences on 4g of mushrooms. Make sure that your stomach is empty and that you have nothing to do the next day. You will be okay, though. No need to be afraid. Just respectful.
  8. " aren't we supposed to help people?" "WE'RE SUPPOSED TO HELP OUR PEOPLE! STARTING WITH OUR STOCKHOLDERS!? Who's helping them out!?!"
  9. @Thetruthseeker I was on the summit as well and was equally disappointed. I was actually SUPER disappointed. Angry even. You're right, I would've liked if Eben put their focus onto making a good summit instead of spending 6 hours trying to sell me something that is promising to help me do what I paid the original 2k to do.
  10. I lived in Wat Chom Tong in Thailand for 6 weeks for free and I potentially could've lived there for years if I wanted to. They teach Burmese-style Vipassana (mindfulness with labeling). They have some international teachers who speak English so I guess you would have to email or call them. I got set up to go to this place through my vipassana teacher who lives here in Toronto. With my friend, I literally flew to Thailand and navigated my way to this monastery and lived there for 6 weeks. The only cost of living there is that you have to meditate A LOT.
  11. I think he mentioned that he wanted to share it in a future video. However, I would also like to be pointed towards some resources that I can research for myself in the meantime.
  12. Guys aren't here for looks. They are here to offer security, strength, decisiveness, and protection. If you look like a fucking gremlin but you nail the above, girls will try to lock you down ASAP.
  13. Find yourself a girl that integrates the healthy aspects of the Divine Feminine (full spectrum expression of emotions) without being toxic, undeveloped, and unconscious. I did it! Although it took some work My girlfriend is still a crazy bitch now and again but she's actually conscious of it. Healthy girls aren't boring. A girl with a properly integrated feminine is a wild slut for God.
  14. @RoerAmit read models by Mark Manson. All your questions answered. Pickup is about honesty and transparency. But it must be in a socially calibrated way. Telling the girl that you want to fuck her within 5 seconds of meeting her will get you slapped in the face. However, you can tell her that and be honest in more socially calibrated ways (eye contact, smiling, hugging, flirting, touching, "Just wanted to say that I think that you're really pretty. Good job! *high-five*"
  15. Here is the link to watch the movie. Moon is in Pisces ♓ (so it's time for some existentially woke shit) The Tale of Princess Kaguya by Studio Ghibli is the most profound and stunning metaphor for nonduality, and the existential sadness (and joy) for living through Earthly lifetimes. I had a full on existential awakening at the end of this movie and cried violently in front of my girlfriend for 20 minutes straight. I highly recommend watching closely. The ending is one of the most mind-blowing and beautiful endings of any movie. The entire movie is a masterpiece that will endure throughout human history as one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever made. The crown jewel of Japan's Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki. Also, the nature imagery and unique art style is stunning. He captures the innocence and purity of nature (and also of humans).