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  1. You will get what you want. But in such a way that every person will be richer for it. If you want omnipotence, you also get omniscience… and from omniscience… your petty ego desires are much less appealing. Focus on doing the self-actualization work. Theres a lot of good information about the topic of “reality creation” by the author Frederick dodson. check out his books like “parallel universes of self” for info about manifestation.
  2. It’s hard for me to explain… But consciousness is so infinitely diverse that there are humans who have access to completely different and unique realms of being. Ex. channeling higher density beings with different vibrational signatures & personalities than the person channelling she’s not green ^ she’s high turquoise and beyond. (I want you to really appreciate how much embodied intuition and intelligence it requires to feel into collective energies and give accurate readings of it) *please note: many people doing this kind of stuff are solid green. However, this woman is one exception.* As stage development continues to turquoise and beyond… there is a radical letting go of all models of being (including spiral dynamics)… And life becomes about direct apprehension. This includes apprehension of “subtle realms and beings” that REALLY EXIST but are not sensed by most people in Yellow and below. The understanding of deep energy-dynamics can become very fine-tuned … and always transcends the human’s “personal lifetime.” This can include wisdom and knowledge coming directly from other dimensions, other points in time & space, other lifetimes, etc. This direct understanding often includes a variety of interesting and unique ways to manipulate and use energy for the purpose of creating worlds & realities. This can include sacred body movement, crystals, visualization/mantras, “light language” which is channeled incantations, connecting with gods/goddesses/dieities. There can be knowledge and understanding that comes from alternative “timelines” of Earth. An ability to read into the “deep energies” of people, places, countries, and even other solar systems/galaxies. I want to make an important distinction between Green & this higher stage (that isn’t even really a stage) that I’m referring to. This higher stage is deeply grounded in the awareness of “I Am.” (unlike Green who is often still lost in the dream of spirituality) This higher stage is often in the Heart space… and embodies an “authentic spirituality” that comes from moment-to-moment pings of intuition , excitement , and “higher guidance.” There is also a keen awareness of the “Levels Of Energy” which I’ve already written an entire article about on this forum. (super underrated… a must-learn for all those seriously interested in understanding reality) There is a keen awareness that “subtle beings” are nothing more than projections of my own consciousness. And IN LIGHT of that knowing… we can still work with them and communicate with them in the same way that you would communicate with a friend or a store clerk. As always, with more awareness of higher realms also comes more awareness of lower realms. “Levels of Heaven & Hell” is something that is intuitively understood at this higher stage. So, an understanding of “astral beings” that are non-organic (without body) but still interact with and affect our energy body is a critical understanding. (read “clearing entities” by Frederick Dodson and also Carlos Castaneda’s works) Almost every religion on every continent for all of history had similar models for the levels of heaven & hell (learn about this in Frederick Dodson’s book “Journeys Through Spectral Consciousness”). So, it is easy to see (for this higher stage) how lower-vibrational inorganic beings can (& do) manipulate humans by attaching themselves like parasites to the energetic field and feeding off life energy. (does this stuff sound crazy? Welcome to Coral! Where all of these things can be directly apprehended for yourself!) This is why Don Juan (the Mexican shaman) puts such a large emphasis on “learning to see.” There’s a deeper understanding of the existence and motivations of “demonic beings.” How they work… what they want… why they exist… etc. It’s all very complicated stuff. I’m imagining this higher stage being more of a Don Juan style shaman than a Rupert Spira-style nondual teacher. The non duality teachings of guys like Rupert Spira are so shallow. This higher stage has a deep acceptance, curiosity, & embrace of the multiplicity of formulations that the “feminine” aspect of consciousness can take. We no longer reduce life to being “just God’s dream.” Life becomes a real dream that is infused with deep meaning & purpose that spans galaxies and dimensions. Here’s an example sentence that you might find this higher stage saying: “As I walked through the forest path… I found a blue jay feather in the floor! As I picked it up, I had a vision of one of my parallel lives as a priestess in the temple of Isis (some 4000 years ago). Feeling into the energy of the feather, Goddess Isis spoke through me “Now do you remember?” It sounds a strong feminine voice. I feel my vocal chords re-shaping themselves as she speaks through me…” examples: Bashar, Activation Vibration (a.k.a. Heather Hoffman), Frederick Dodson, Don Juan, Vadim Zealand, Leo’s video: “a poetic description of awakening”, Atlantis & the Garden of Eden (I’ll find more examples for y’all in the future) Conclusion: Hey, I’m a person, and my own biases and life-experience will of course be infused into this post. Those who are interested in exploring consciousness will see the value of what I’ve just shared. Reality is infinite. Don’t get stuck in your spiral dynamics (it’s important to transcend and include it).
  3. Sometimes, the most spiritual thing you can do is to be a regular guy…
  4. Mind & Consciousness are interchangeable words. Just labels. It doesn’t matter which label you use. There is no “official label” to describe the substance of reality. Choose your favourite one! I like both Mind & Consciousness… mix it up! The only thing that matters is realizing that you’re eternally at the centre of all creation.
  5. Try this: masterbate whenever you feel like it… if you do too much… take a break for a bit stop thinking about it move on with your life go talk to some real-life girls and realize that they’re attracted to you being an awakened man who is coming from their heart-space the more you worry about your semen the more of a problem it becomes… stop worrying about it and it stops being a problem
  6. @OBEler it’s only me for eternity! ??? (you could call it that)
  7. But he’s not. He made the forum. And he made actualized . org. It’s not “everyone listens to each others ideas equally.” If Leo knows he’s right about something… and you keep thinking he’s wrong… At some point he has to tell you to shut the fuck up.
  8. @davecraw Please share an example of what you think would qualify for sufficient evidence for the imaginary nature of reality. What would you like? A science experiment? I can give you an experiment that you can do yourself… without needing Leo to do it for you. Ask yourself, what is experience? And actually look to see. Don’t just think about it… Look. Leo explains his logic in extreme depth and detail with numerous examples in his videos. He’s probably already answered your exact question 4 or 5 times. Did you watch the videos?
  9. Perhaps you shifted to a parallel timeline where the object was in a slightly different location. Entities definitely exist… but I don’t think they are able to move objects. That would require a physical form (which they don’t have).
  10. Try actually thinking about it for longer than 10 seconds and you’ll understand why your question makes absolutely no sense.
  11. The purest path? I don’t think so. The purest path is whatever that being needs at that time. Agreed.
  12. @Moksha Hey, I’m not trying to be rude. What you speak is truth and it’s beautiful. But there’s more to this discussion than “stop listening to your mind.”
  13. I have this weird feeling that you don’t really know what you’re talking about… and I can’t quite shake it off. ”Imagination is the opposite of enlightenment?” No, imagination is infinite. It doesn’t have any opposites. AWAKENING (as Leo calls it) transcends AND INCLUDES mind-identification. It can USE mind-identification to shape and sculpt your identity to create the specific reality that you WANT. You’re God! What kind of reality do you want to create for yourself? Does your ideal girlfriend have big boobs or little boobs? None of this “well I’m not identified with forms so I have no preference.” Bullshit. You have a body… so obviously you (as God) had some kind of preference to exist as a human (rather than an ant). “Experiencing yourself as Alien Consciousness just buries you deeper in the dream.” Ummmmmm. No. Alien Consciousness includes and transcends your tiny idea of enlightenment within it. You think that “just stop identifying with the mind” is enlightenment? That’s just dipping your toe in the shallow end. What happens after that? When you go full circle… here you are. Identifying with things… and realizing that you get to choose how you want to sculpt reality with your imagination. YOU BECOME SO NON-IDENTIFIED THAT YOU ACTUALLY BEGIN TO RE-IDENTIFY AGAIN (but this time, on purpose). You can use identification to skillfully craft reality to structure it in such a way that practically helps all beings achieve Awakening. Just telling people to “stop identifying with the mind…” Isn’t going to Awaken humanity… if it was… then everyone would have awoken after “I Am That” was published. Awakening is infinite. You have no idea what it is. (I can tell)
  14. Yes, I agree. Every form can be transcended simply by asking oneself “who is this happening to?” And realizing that I am. Although, there must be some benefit to what you call “suffering/clinging.” Otherwise it wouldn’t exist. Is it possible to “always be awake at all times?” And to never lose yourself in a dream? God has already done that. You have already done that. Yet, you’ve purposely thrust yourself into a human body with the intention of experiencing all sorts of limitations and attachments. Doesn’t attachment create non-attachment? And non-attachment create attachment? The ultimate non-attachment (you/God/Awareness)… Literally created all sorts of attachments… Why? Does God have desire and want? Does God desire/want to be less-than-God? Of course. Otherwise there would be no Beauty, no Love, and no Goodness. Therefore, it’s inherent in the Nature of Awareness to create infinite suffering states. BECAUSE I LOVE MYSELF SO MUCH that I have no particular bias against suffering or non-suffering. And that lack of bias… is Me. Is God. Yet, here I am… existing in a particular form. And the best I can do is live a wholesome life… doing my best to raise my awareness… appreciate what is right in front of me and live in more and more alignment with what my Heart is calling me towards. Always doing my best to bring Love and Awareness into everything I do… and helping others do the same. And I also I want to learn more about the ancient dragons of Atlantis ? because I have this awesome body and I want to enjoy it while it lasts. I have no qualms with attachment. When I notice myself doing it… I see how it creates unnecessary suffering… and I let it go. In fact, I think attachment is the best thing ever… because without it, I wouldn’t know what it means to be free.
  15. Dude, shut up. I already know that. Why did you assume that I “lost myself in form identification?” Lol. Yes, I explore experience lucidly… but not unconditionally. At the end of the day I have certain interests and biases… these are the ones that God wants to actualize in this lifetime… so I pursue what interests me at the exclusion of what doesn’t. Is this egotistical? If you think so, you don’t know what awakening is. Why did God identify with a form in the first place? Is God an idiot? Was it by accident? Or is there a deeper purpose for being incarnate. (the dragons told me this ;))