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  1. @thisintegrated Thanks for taking the time to point out my potential blind spots. I do believe that my 'center of gravity' is definitely solid Yellow... with peaks of Turquoise. My myers-briggs is ENTP. I have a very dominant Ti. My 3rd function would be Fe so perhaps that's why you're getting the ENFJ vibes. I would like to say that I am VERY careful about discerning between Green and Turquoise... I've noticed that Green often likes to fancy itself Turquoise. I get how my original post would just appear to be Green thinking that it's Turquoise... but what's interesting is that I'm usually a very active "model-builder" and have already spent over 5 years just endlessly contemplating many of these interesting personal development models. I would say that when I originally wrote this post... I was definitely peaking into Turquoise... although I still feel rather solid Yellow. Although I've already done lots of work integrating Orange and Green... it's definitely something that seems to be an on-going process... Eventually, I can imagine that all of these "stages" become balanced in a very effortless and harmonious way... as one masters them.
  2. Also, take an ice cold shower and sprint up the road.
  3. It's not impossible, it's just challenging. Which is okay. It's okay to be sad... but it's a bit extreme to think about ending your life. Maybe instead of thinking about all the terrible parts of your life... trying focusing your attention on all the blessings. I've also gone into debt from marketing courses that turned out to be shit... I have eczema which is a really obnoxious chronic skin rash with pretty much no cure... I constantly get into fights with my girlfriend... I'm also getting older... But I've never had a suicidal thought before... Because whenever my life seems hopeless... I just re-focus my attention on WHAT IS GOING WELL as opposed to what isn't. Idk what to say... but thinking about killing yourself is NOT a normal coping mechanism. Don't normalize it. Life is fucking beautiful. Your "survival loop" is nothing more than a state of consciousness. You thinking that your "survival loop" is dependent on external circumstances is the main blunder here. Don't see survival as a burden... see it as an opportunity to grow! You can appreciate the abundance and beauty of life even when you have less than 0 dollars in your bank account. Just the fact that you exist at all is a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suicidal thoughts are coming from the sense of "craving for emptiness." Since it's still a craving thought... acting upon it won't liberate you. The only way to be free from suffering is to be free in suffering. Read that again. Send me a direct message if you ever need somebody to talk to! You're not alone! <3 Reconnect to your Source. Just sit and stare at the wall for a bit... let your mind torment you. It isn't yours.
  4. No pros. Only cons. Stop being stupid.
  5. Hey Leo! I've been following closely since 2016 and has changed my life!!! Here's my tips for improving Website: website should function more like a "railroad" as opposed to a "buffet" Make the START HERE tab much bigger and more prominent... The email capture beside the home video looks cheesy (due to low-res) and is crowding the home page. Update the image resolution and place it somewhere else. The "What is video" needs to have some kind of caption that more clearly explains exactly what's in it for the visitor. Nobody cares what is... it would be better if it was like "How can help you." Maybe some testimonials on the home screen as well for social proof. There's too many tabs. The "Best videos & all videos tabs should be merged, the contact & about tabs should be merged, the store & LP & book list tabs should all be merged" You want to reduce the amount of choices that the person needs to make when finding your site. Videos: You're god. I meant to type "you're good" but it kept coming out as "you're god." after 3 attempts of backspacing and re-typing. Total accident. (but obviously not). For real though your videos are awesome! Well-structured from beginning to end. Leo's Arrogance/Snarkiness/Rudeness: You're NOT too arrogant or too rude... in most cases I can tell that you're just expressing authentically (especially if it's about some philosophical point) a little bit of "rudeness" is actually just the flare of passion. I have NEVER gotten the feeling of "oh maybe I'll stop watching because he's being rude" because I think your temperament is similar to mine. I like a little bit of flare when delivering ideas... it spices things up. But not everyone likes spice. I get the feeling that a lot of people on here are very Stage Green (not saying this in a derogatory way, just in an observational way) where even a whiff of arrogance can be triggering. I know this because I went through that myself. SMILE WHEN YOU SAY THAT MISTER! But triggering others isn't always a bad thing... as long as you're not going overboard. (but you already know this) Forum: Unfortunately, I don't find myself wanting to use this forum very much because of the overwhelming amount of low-quality posts and threads. Even when I do want to post high-consciousness stuff... I feel "what's the point" as it might just end up getting drowned out in the sea of stupidity. I'm no expert at moderating forums (although I've just recently started my own and I'm learning the ropes) Here's my 2 cents. Much heavier moderation: I personally don't worry about getting moderated or banned at all because I'm not posting garbage. Don't want to get banned? Follow the fucking guidelines and don't post garbage. If you don't even put in the effort to write in complete sentences... or if you're spreading low-consciousness ideologies... or if you're talking about chimp nonsense... then you've no right to complain about getting moderated or banned. Keep it related to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, SPIRITUALITY, and SELF-ACTUALIZATION... That's what this forum is about. It's a community and resource center for Self-Actualizers... It's not an Instagram group chat with your high-school friends. There's got to be some kind of incentive for posting high-quality things and some kind of deterrent for posting nonsense. That's all for now. I hope that this is helpful - Adam P.S. This is unrelated... But every year I bring up the topic of Astrology and every year I get your response "get that nonsense outta here." Astrology isn't nonsense... it might not be your cup of tea but it's actually a deep and beautiful language of symbology and archetypes. I've found using birth charts to be an extremely useful tool for discovering Life Purpose and understanding collective dynamics. (and also it's a really fun flirting game oh wow you're such a Leo)
  6. Not all men think negatively of women. Sure there's plenty of jerks out there... but there's also a lot of amazing guys out there in the world that will love you, hold you, kiss you, protect you, joke with you, spend time with you, listen to you, learn with you, explore with you, watch movies with you, go for walks with you, and appreciate and see you. I understand that if you've been hurt deeply... your first instinct is to protect your heart. It's a beautiful and sensitive flower that can be trampled on easily. I've definitely been a jerk in the past... especially towards my girlfriend... but her and I have also grown a lot together. She taught me how to be even more loving and sensitive and I taught her how to trust and surrender... even when it might hurt. I really don't care if you read this or not and I'm not going to tell you how to think or what to do. But I just wanted to say... that even though I don't know you... I love you. For no reason other than you are a human being with deep intelligence and sensitivity. I love you not because I want something from you... but just because You are a beautiful expression of Creation. And for that, I am grateful. Thank you for being you. And for being a Beautiful person inside and out. I really do hope that you will summon the courage to open up your heart to life again... I really do hope that even through all of the pain, fear, suffering, and trauma... you can still live with a radically open heart... welcoming and accepting all of life with softness and care. I really do hope that you can accept this love from a total stranger. Because this stranger is an expression of the Universe itself... and if you continue closing yourself off to the Universe's love... not allowing yourself to feel all the pain... you'll slowly become hard and numb... resenting life as you resent men. Your relationship to men shows your relationship to Life and to God. Heal it and be free. Bless your soul! - Adam @Tyler Robinson
  7. ^^ I stumbled upon this yesterday... it's genius! A great model for any of you that are looking to grow your influence as a leader... something that I'm doing myself.
  8. Yeah I've noticed this too. As stage green becomes more and more prevalent... we will see more mis-use of psychological terms like gaslighting, projection, narcissist... Narcissist is a funny one because many people think that others who are self-absorbed are narcissists.... but LOL isn't every single ego a narcissist? Even calling another person a narcissist is already implying that you aren't selfless enough to step into their shoes and understand their behavior. Projection is a funny one too... often I'll make a comment about my opinion of someone or something and I'll be told: "that's your projection." No shit... all of existence is my projection. The existence of "other people" is my projection. The existence of the world itself is my projection. Everything is a fabricated story that is projected by God's mind onto Nothingness. What concept, thought, word, or story isn't a projection?
  9. I love this. A big confirmation for me. Well said
  10. When I did 5g of mushrooms in silent darkness I remember chanting to myself "BEING IS VIBRAAAAAATION" Vibration... if all of reality is One substance... this one substance can vibrate at different frequencies (in the same way that sound is just vibration through the medium of air) Even light is just waves of vibration. I had a super deep insight into what vibration is while on a Vipassana retreat. While meditating I was focusing on this cricket chirp... and I was focusing really sharply so I could break down the chirp into about 8 or 9 individual "clicks" or vibrations in consciousness. A cricket chirp (when slowed down) is just the sound of friction. I realized that vibration is kind of like the manifestation of duality. One substance... yet it vibrates "up" and "down." The wave rises and falls. This distinction between rising and falling is what duality is. In Vipassana... I was watching the rising and falling of the belly... noting its movements with concentration... Then I realized that all of existence is vibration... "rising and falling" of One substance.
  11. - go for a walk - learn how to do origami - call a friend on the phone - listen to an audiobook - read fiction (I've been enjoying Harry Potter recently) - take a warm shower - put on your favorite music and have a dance party - stretch - sing - wash the dishes/sweep the floors - take a freezing cold shower - meditate - go for a bike ride These are some of my favorites šŸ˜ Enjoy!
  12. I agree with Leo here. It's not like Daniel is just a "head in a vat" either. In Part 3 of the "Bend Not Break" series with Nate Hagan, he talked about how one must "attain a state of Union with the All before taking any action." When I heard him talking about that it was like the sky opened up for me and I was all of a sudden very present and at-peace in the moment. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added on to you. Basically saying that it doesn't matter how hard we try to change these global crises... if we are not in a consciousness of Union with God. From that place of Union... aligned action is spontaneous and effortless.
  13. Hey guys, I wanted to make this post as a sort of tribute to the beauty of life. I'd like to share how my life experience is fundamentally changing as I feel my center-of-gravity slowly shifting towards becoming more Unitive in pretty much every aspect of my life. I hope that this is inspiring for those who are striving to reach this stageā€¦ and relatable for those who have already gotten tastes of it. About me: I'm a 22 year-old guy who is a full-time life coach and YouTuber. I've been fully into self-actualization since I was 16 years old. Leo's videos really served as the catalyst for helping me orient my life in the direction of self-actualization and 'becoming a sage.' I have about 6 years' experience doing meditation and I've been on many retreats with awesome teachers who have really helped me to grow. I've also integrated a 'fuck-ton' of personal development, spirituality, science, new age, psychology, philosophy, informationā€¦ mainly by reading 100s of books (many awesome ones from Leo's list) and listening to podcasts, lectures, and online courses. I've probably spent over $25 000+ on my personal development. And have gone through many self-transformations. I also think that I am a little bit more spiritually and intellectually gifted than the average person. I was recognized as a gifted child when I was 10 years old for scoring 99.6% on some kind of IQ test. I do believe that my intelligence comes from a higher than average ability to quickly recognize patterns (which helps me to understand things rapidly). Through the difficult task of starting my own YouTube channel and coaching business. I feel like I was able to really learn a lot about myself and life in general by overcoming many of the emotional challenges that come along with that. While also helping me to solve most of my deficiency-needsā€¦ giving me more financial and emotional security to grow even more. Also, working in a career that is in alignment with my Life Purpose (because I created it for myself) makes my personal growth even easier. *Disclaimer* I'd just like to say that I'm not claiming to be an enlightened master that has reached the top of the mountain. I do spend most of my days in the Strategist and Construct-Aware stages of development. However, recently I've been experiencing huge shifts in my personal values, thought-patterns, and motivations that I can clearly recognize as being the emergence of the Unitive Stage. This has not arisen as the result of using psychedelics. I have not been feeling very called to use psychedelics because I am currently in a 'building-phase' of my business and I feel like psychedelics would de-stabilize me. Although, I do meditate quite a bit. Descriptions of the Unitive Stage from my experience: - A profound sense of non-neediness. An abiding feeling of emotional stability and groundedness in my relationships, social interactions, and coaching calls (with current and prospective clients) I feel like I don't 'need to act in a certain way' in order to get the specific result that I want. This makes me feel very calm and relaxed even in situations where I used to be very afraid (like doing sales calls, making sales videos, or talking to girls) A lack of fear and self-judgement when expressing myself - Improved ability to calibrate myself in social situations. Way more authentic expression and effortless humor More awareness of how other people are feeling Still working on thisā€¦ I have some girlfriends that are WAY more socially calibrated than I am. - Trusting myself Trusting that I will know what to say in social situations Trusting that I will know what to say in my YouTube videos Allowing myself to be spontaneous (because that's when I'm at my best) Trusting my body to know how to stretch Trusting my body to know how to work out and for how long - Reduced desire to read books for knowledge This is an interesting one that I'm still a bit shocked aboutā€¦ there are still many books that I'd like to readā€¦ but reading is becoming more of a pleasure activity than an information-gathering activity. For example, I used to read books that I thought that I 'should' be readingā€¦ but now I only read what is intuitively calling me based on what I'm actually interested inā€¦ (so recently, I've actually been reading the Harry Potter series which I've been enjoying greatly). Going to the bookstoreā€¦ I used to be overwhelmed by HOW MUCH information there is that I don't knowā€¦ but now I'm starting to realize that about 80% of the books in the store are written by stages green and yellow and I'm already familiar with all of the main principles that they share. It's been getting harder and harder for me to find books that I actually feel are worth my time. (although I always love reading my spiritual-poetry books) - Consulting my intuition for pretty much everything Before eating food, drinking water, picking up a book, clicking on a YouTube video, picking a song, etc. I always 'vibe it out' with my body to see what resonates and what doesn't. Things that 'feel good' in my heart are things that I pursueā€¦ whereas things that don't feel good are things that I avoid. - More effortless balance of effort and surrenderā€¦ work and restā€¦ middle way is seen to be a fluctuating and evolving balance that can only be followed via sensitivity to the needs and demands of each passing moment. - Increased acceptance of people in the earlier stages. Even stage green isn't bothering me as much! I feel like I can relate more to Orange and Green because I'm no longer annoyed by their 'lack of development.' (still working on this) - Reduced need to "help other people grow." Accepting that everyone is exactly where they need to be on their path Only offering advice if it is asked forā€¦ never trying to impose 'what I think will help' Seeking first to understand, then to be understood. Realizing that no amount of 'taking action' will work if I am acting from a place of fear, lack, and neediness. - Synchronicities in my experience Getting 'messages from the universe' on a daily basis so frequently that it's not even a surprise for me anymoreā€¦ it's totally natural. Like for example, the other day I was having an argument with my girlfriend and I felt like my boundaries were being disrespectedā€¦ so I went for a walk around the block to gather my thoughts and cool-off a bitā€¦ yet I still felt really angryā€¦ so as I was walking back into my house, and I saw my girlfriend waiting for me in my garageā€¦ then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the words "GET LOUD" written on a newspaper article that was sitting at the front of my drivewayā€¦ so I took that as permission to be expressive about how I was feeling. It turned out to be the right decision, because I allowed myself to "get loud"ā€¦ it actually helped my girlfriend to realize what the problem was and it helped us to come to a solution. I don't think she would have realized it if I tried to "play it cool." Today I was trying to change my billing information on Google Workspace as I just got a new debit cardā€¦ but my homepage on Google said "LET IT BE." I didn't know what that meant so I proceeded to change the billing info and found that it wasn't working. After a few tries I decided to contact supportā€¦ which turned out to be a waste of my timeā€¦ after a few tries I gave upā€¦ only to realize that my bank as undergoing maintenance and that it will probably work if I try again laterā€¦ "LET IT BE" - Appreciation of patterns in nature as patterns of my own consciousness Today I was at the park and I saw this really beautiful red pine tree. It's needles were so abundant. Spontaneously I realized that the tree isn't growing out of the groundā€¦ but it's actually growing out of my consciousness. The abundance of the pine needles is just an expression of the abundance of my own Infinite Consciousness. (and this realization wasn't a conceptual oneā€¦ it was actual) The clouds turned into waffles JK no they didn't - Feeling more confident and sure of myself and my ideas. - Upgrading my teaching-style to be more about 'embodiment' as opposed to 'idea-based.' I notice that even in social situations people are telling me that I have a palpable energy-fieldā€¦ like they can feel a lot of positive vibes coming off of meā€¦ even though I'm not at all 'trying to be a certain way.' In fact, I think that my energy field is so abundant precisely because I'm not 'trying to be a certain way.' And it's not like the way I talk is all flowers and rainbowsā€¦ I personally enjoy playfully teasing and bantering with peopleā€¦ I'm authentically a pretty edgy personā€¦ I've always enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what is considered 'socially acceptable.' So I let myself express naturally however I want toā€¦ according the energy of the circumstances/situation. - More original ideasā€¦ no longer relying on other humans to 'think for me.' Intellectual independence. - Reduced fascination with building conceptual models of reality. - Increased trust and faith that "everything is working out best-case scenario" In conclusion: I still feel like I am at the very beginning of this journey. It feels almost like Unitive is where life begins... I feel like I waded through all of the human bullshit and delusion... only to realize that now I am a newborn baby... with still so much to learn. Here's a Zen quote from Huang Po because I like Zen quotes by Huang Po. Q: What is the Way and how must it be followed? A: What sort of thing do you suppose the Way to be, that you should wish to follow it? Q: What instructions have the Masters everywhere given for dhyana-practice and the study of Dharma? A: Words used to attract the dull of wit are not to be relied on. Q: If those teachings were meant for the dull-witted, I have yet to hear what Dharma has been taught to those of really high capacity. A: If they are really men of high capacity, where could they find people to follow? If they seek from within themselves, they will find nothing tangible; how much less can they find a Dharma worthy of their attention elsewhere! Do not look to what is called the Dharma by preachers, for what sort of Dharma could that be?
  14. No you actually become more funny. Tier 2 has the ability to 'Zoom out' of situations. What is humor? Humor is the ability to laugh at things that the survival-mind takes seriously. Have you ever noticed that some of the funniest things involve laughing at the troubles, boundaries, and inconveniences of the ego-mind. Humor is a form of transcendence. That's why tier 2 would actually have more access to humor as it also has more access to transcendence. In my experience, (as someone who's top strength is humor), you actually get funnier the more awake and developed you become.