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  1. ok thanks guys, i think i got it
  2. the problem is that the freebase doesnt really dissolve in water that well and a lot of it gets stuck in the syringe...
  3. Hey:) I was looking for a method on how to convert my freebase 5-MeO to the HCl version and I heard vinegar would work. Im not really sure of how much vinegar I would need for the amount of 5-MeO i want to convert. How many drops of vingear do I need? do i have to weigh these drops out? does the type of vinegar matter? does it matter if I use too much when I use Leos plugging method afterwards? I know this is a whole load of question, but I hope someone could help me out Thanks in advance!!:) @outlandish @Leo Gura
  4. Hey In the near future I want to try plugging 5-MeO, since I heard that it is one of the best methods. I just have a few questions regarding taking shits and eating. Leo said in his video to empty your bowels but how can I ever be sure?? Do you have any protocols you follow, like I dont eat on that day or i dont eat anything after I took the last shit when I want to plug 5-MeO. I want to use a standardized method that works 100% every time. Thanks in advance!!:) @Leo Gura
  5. thanks guys, this was really really helpful definitely, changed my perspective on my problems
  6. do you have any recommendations on how to develop masculine energy? i really have trouble with attracting girls, because the relationship to my masculine side is so twisted and upside down. are there any specific yoga, breachting techniques, bodily excercises, certain psychedelics (maybe shrooms?) to make me feel more masculine. I guess I also have a blockage in my throat chakra. I have a lot of trouble expressing myself...pls help im also kind of addicted to masturbation, are there any body techniques to support semen retention...?
  7. This was my eighth mushrooms trip and it was really confusing and overall not really pleasant. My intention was to get a better understanding of reality, recontextualize my relationship with girls and to contemplate ancestors. In my first 4 experiences (mushrooms that were grown out of grow kit) i kind of had a lot of clarity and i had a lot of great insights into the nature of reality, but my homegrown shrooms (trip 5-8) always left my really confused especially this one. I have a really hard time remembering what happened to me. I wonder whether this was caused by some sort of imbalance of psychoactive alcaloids or some other substance in the mushrooms. How can i fix this? Will shroom tea extract pure psilocybin and will it just leave all the "unnecessary" ingredients behind?
  8. Hey guys, Recently I started seeing some visuals during some of my meditation sessions (mindfulness and do nothing). When I am really in the zone, my room gets really dark and I am seeing a violet swirling light. I heard that this has got something to do with chakras, but I am not really sure. It kind of distracts me from observing my thoughts. It would be great if you could help me out with this question
  9. Recently I found that I am not really confident in what I believe in and I am very open to every new idea that is coming from my family, friends etc. I somehow have the feeling that knowing your beliefs are true and considering new ideas and possibilities as true, kind of contradict each other and that it is like this: more openness & less confidence; less openness & more confidence Is it possible to be really confident in what you believe in and also be very open at the same time? Leo says to not be ignorant, but it seems like he would never doubt a single word of what he is saying, very very confusing, dont understand this dilemma at all I feel like i am not really confident, is it a bad decision to close my mind off and just believe in myself more because i want to become an "alpha" (really important stage in my development i guess) ? I hope you got what i meant, thx for replies
  10. Hey guys, I am 18, pretty shy, I have never kissed a girl and I lack social skills so I am a little desperate and I want to make my first experiences with girls. I also got the desire to make some money and I value physical appearance. I have got these desires but I dont really know what is right to do and whether the solution is to let go of these desires or to fulfill them? I guess i will have to foucs on making money in order to survive and I think I should also get into dating and relationships, to move up the hierachy of needs and to live a life aligned with my values. According to "Fake Growth vs Real Growth" and "Happiness Spectrum" it would be wrong, I assume, to chase love (gf, sex, pick up), money and physical appearance as these are more egoistic desires. I guess it is more about the place it is coming from and how obsessive you are with those issues. So my question is: Will it make me more fulfilled if i somehow try to let go of the desires to find love, make money and maxing my physical appearance?