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  1. I’m a few years older, also Aquarius, done a lot of different things in the past and living abundantly currently thanks for most of my friends who are in their 40-60s living very wealthy. Here’s what I can offer: 1. Anything that you’re pretty good at? e.g. Photography, editing, anything online? Start there rather than normal jobs, better chance for you to free lance at your hobby/passion and have the freedom to manage your own time/be your own boss than to work by the clock. Eventually you’re gonna wanna jump out the wage slavery system anyway. 2. Mindset is key as with anything so here’s what helped me jump out of my own mental money trap - ask yourself how can I add value to others? At the end of the day people will only pay for the result you’ve achieved and how much value you’ve added to them. We need to systematically add value to others in the time frame that clients still think the service is of high value. Note if you can make value adding a system, you’ve got yourself a company soon. While doing so, always keep in mind, any and everyone have an invisible sign on their head that’s says “make me feel significant!”, so try your best to make others feel very special during your value adding process. 3. Any money you earn and don’t need to live off of, automatically save at least 20%+ for investment. With all the time you have utilize the power of compounding well. Start watching and learning about the stock market, watch the indexes as they are the overall representation of the market and generally better performing in the beginner friendly category. Keep principles in mind and watch out for scamy courses. Dumb tax will be paid but try to minimize it. Good luck😄!
  2. Toronto/Mississauga😄🙏
  3. @gggkkk I’m in Mississauga! Was searching for a post about people in Toronto when I found this😄 Would be interesting if we could organize small group meetups and just chat regularly