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  1. I thought its legal in Canada, as goverment website doesn't mention it. @everyone Any Canadians wanna verify?
  2. 1.) Would smoking it at a park at midnight a good idea? 2.) Would it make my leather seat cars smell, if so how long and how to remove?
  3. @DefinitelyNotARobot I kinda wanna tell her straight up that she looked uglier than i expected, but its kinda a dick move. Though I actually might say it to her, because she "mask-fished" the hell out of me. An eye for an eye ... namsayin!?!?
  4. Nothing. If you want to play fps, just play badminton, tennis, or airsoft. If you want to play RPG games, just hangout with different friend groups or do pickup. If you want fighting games, just do boxing/mma(no sparring). Video games are too fucking addicting and then you feel guilty afterwards. If you're disabled, then go ahead play video games, but if you're not, just do the real thing. Completely unrelated but I just want to tell you to be careful flirting with girls who are still wearing face masks, because they might disappoint you. From an 8 to a 4 as soon as that mask is off.
  5. Nature is definitely a good one. I've been going to the most isolated spots of parks recently. Maybe smoke it as frequently as I take vacations. And I mean I could just take a hit multiple times to prolong the "inspiration."
  6. Is it feasible to do a weekly or bi-weekly 5meo trip to feed my muse? Will I develop tolerance like in lsd?
  7. @Leo Gura I dropped it. I just don't appreciate the environment and the structure. Its not conducive to me learning the material well. I'll just take it online or at a different college, even if it doesn't count in completing my degree. I'll just make a note in my resume for future employers, maybe offset it with personal projects idk. The only hard part now is to actually motivate myself to follow through with this plan.
  8. When I was in highschool I remember watching my very first video of yours named, "How to Study - The Keys To Acing School and College". And it literally inspired me for 1-2 years and I actually got some scholarship money because of it. It was novel from the other advice that I've heard. The mindsets you presented really lit me up -- such as, "Stop focusing on grades" ,"Its about understanding life",and "Slow down and get comfortable." Now I'm in my last year(doubt it) of my degree, and I'm starting to focus on grades and whether i'll graduate on time. I even start to contemplate whether I should just not complete it. The issue I think is how one particular class that I need to graduate is taught and structured. The class is inherently hard and the structure gives the least "hand-holding" out of all the classes I've taken. I acknowledge that such structure will grow me a lot, but its just too much. If there weren't any deadlines I'd fucking do it. But schools, being the way they are, don't want you to do shit on your own pace. Even though the advice from your video was validated by my direct experience(in highschool), I still don't get to feel the same way today and, particularly, with this class that I'm in. Been contemplating about why it has gotten to this, but can't figure it out,wtf !?!?
  9. @Something Funny Got his ass lmao. Man this forum is no better than reddit or any other forums its a shame. Doesn't matter how much psychedelics they take and how often they practice spirituality, the people here are not much different at all.
  10. @Insightful27 Also, you can literally play the game your own way. The way you play and how other people play(ie. getting over it) aren't the only options. You can literally create your own lifestyle. I have my own that I created that is way different from how most people do relationships(not tellling you tho, because I don't want no copy cats)
  11. @Insightful27 PLEASE READ THIS, AS I GENUINELY THINK IT WILL BE USEFUL FOR YOU. (Btw there are some gems on quora, don't limit yourself to this forum)
  12. @Leo Gura You're just saying this for malt right? Because in one of your videos you recommended snorting 5-MeO. I'm asking cuz I literally just got HCl form of 5-MeO and I hope it won't be as bad as snorting MALT.
  13. @Hardkill Ofcourse there will be exceptions, but just like your question is based on generalizations, @Roy's comment is also based on generalizations. It's true that in GENERAL the more you social the better you become at it, just like how its true that the rise in technology use will GENERALLY fuck with girls scoialflirting skills. So in conclusion, I don't see a good reason for why you're skeptical as there will always be exceptions when a general hypothesis is asserted.
  14. @Leo Gura Maybe you were taught math like how most people were taught math(calculation based). I bet you if the schooling system you grew up in taught a more "proof-based" math, you'll be at the top. Proof based math requires lots of creativity and depth.
  15. Didn't watch the video, but I thought he cut both his arms off from the thumbnail lmao.