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  1. After realizing myself and Leo's addiction to the Internet. Doesn't matter how spiritually developed you are, you are still cosplaying as a human at the end of the day. Cancel your home internet and make yourself physically move to the library or school to access the internet(Still use your computer however). (btw I'm literally writing this at a place that provides free internet). DON'T GET TOO COCKY AND THINK THAT YOU CAN ONLY USE YOUR AWARENESS TO COMBAT THIS ISSUE. USE THE LOW-LEVEL FUNDAMENTALS -- REMOVE THE INTERNET FROM YOUR VICINITY. Cal Newport said something about how the distracting nature of the internet is a losing battle, since these tech companies are literally spending Millions of dollars to find a way to further control our lizard brain. Also don't forget to get a vpn. PS: This will be my last post in this forum, since some of yall didn't find the previous video that I posted funny.
  2. I'll also drink bleach if atleast one of yall don't find it funny. Just kidding 😜
  3. Thanks for being an instrument in helping me achieve real growth. Theres so many areas of life that you helped me in. Here are some: I am becoming more and more unaffected by the opinions of others I am starting to laugh amd marvel at almost everything in life, because I now realize that its all just consciousness I am starting to trust myself more and more Realizing how BS and materialistic our society And more.. I am seeing the results, but I obviously still have tons of work to do. My current sticking point right now is dealing with people thinking I'm crazy, although its not so much that I can't stand being alone, but the fact that they might start to physically harm or kill me. People seem to assume the worse so much(I get it, self survival). For example, if im out in public minding my business and being self amused in the process, some will start to heavily snoop on my business have their phone in hand and ready to call the cops as soon as I do anything shady(but I don't). Once they realize that I'm not doing anything bad at all, the damage has been done. They might have stepped on your brand new shoes, they might have shoved you already, they might have denied the services that you're suppose to get, etc.. I might start to try what Jesus did, and just take it all; accept all the whippings, carrying of the cross, and death; despite being innocent. Basking in being during the processes of injustice being done to me, because deep down the action that seemed suspicious to them was actually good and thats all that matters, fuck what happens to this body. On a positive note, I'll keep contemplating and rewatching your videos about it, and I can't wait for your future videos and courses. You're that nigga bro!
  4. Depends. If they're a 9 or 10, then I get bricked up to the max, becasue she's doing Gods work If she's mid, hell naw. Scum of the earth. Satan reincarnate fr fr @Consept They're only attractive to us lovers. The beta providers dont find them appealing at all.
  5. @Bobby_2021 Bro chill with Rust already ahaha wtf. The guy clearly leans towards exercising his social intelligence and big picture thinking(macro). These are literally the complete opposite of computer science, which are autistically very small picture. No hate bro, but It genuinely made me laugh with how you managed to bring up something so completely oopposite of social work.
  6. Garbage camera work. It made me appreciate proper porn directors. Also, the dudes just have big dicks but dont know how to fuck(but thats 90% of pornos) Some websites leak OF vids, so I've watched some. Not gunna pay for that amateur quality camera work, even tho some of them are hot.
  7. @Bobby_2021 Definitely see the potential of rust. I'm the type that values simplicity, be it at the cost of scalability,security,etc.. If in the future C becomes obsolete, I'll still keep using it, and if the time comes when the C job market is dying down at a fast rate, I'll just start to write in pseudo code on paper to make my death even that much faster. Because thats how much I value simplicity. Again, I see a lot of potential with rust. The fact the compiler will catch a lot of errors and even help you optimize your code is nice.
  8. @Bobby_2021 Under a youtube video of Linus view of Rust and the future of Linux, someone commented, And then some replied to the comment above by saying, any thoughts?
  9. tou·ché. Out of the 3 Cultures I've experienced, USA is the best. They are very social and open. Canadians are very passive aggresive and it feels very fake; they don't want to offend others, but they have this air of arrogance in them. The best moments of my life were with Americans. The heavy influence of Latinos and Black cultures in the USA gives it that soul/emotion, that something like Canada or the Scandinavian countries don't have. It sucks because I'm into big tittied blondes, which are common in Canada and Scandinavia, but their cultures disgust me.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vooLCHuutlc&pp=ygUdYWN0dWFsaXplZC5vcmcgY2hhbmdlIGNhcmVlcnM%3D
  11. Reframe: you can now interact with a woman without needing sex from her. Also, why not eat both? Yall keep making these false dilemmas and its honestly cringey. Also, girls are extremely moody, so you can use porn as backup when she doesn't want your 2 inch pecker atm.
  12. What @Michael569 have said is pretty much spot on. To be more pedantic about "observing yourself more in your daily interactions with the world," you should look at the activities that you wrote for the questions in "The Big Leap Process" to find your authentic values. Your blisses should tell about your authentic values. For example, a bliss of mine is making people laugh and being playful, for hours and hours. From this I can infer the following values; Humor, Friendships, Authenticity, and Creativity. If a lot of your blisses have overlapping values, then you are golden.
  13. @evgn Bro leave your small town already... FUCK. I honestly would work as a minimum wage worker in a BIG CITY, over having a dream job in a DEGENERATE SMALL TOWN. Once you move to a big city, you will forget about your ex. Your ex who's a 10 in your BRAIN DEAD SMALL TOWN, is only a fucking 6 in a city. City girls have way hotter women. If Leo hates Buddhism and Buddhist because of how much he was gaslit by them, then I fucking hate small towns(500k pop. or less) and all its fucking inhabitants. I hope that they all get AIDS and burn in hell. These fucking people are a big part of what ruined my childhood. These people are closed minded, judgemental, tribalistic, ooga booga brained fucking degenerates. Fuck them all. I guarantee that once you go to a big city, you would even stop going to this forum. Because you'll find so many wise and smart people in the metros.
  14. Long sessions might be a waste of time FOR YOU, but NOT FOR ME. Its cool that you, Owen, and Leo seem to have the same genetics when it comes to handling meditation. I remember I used meditate around 2h of meditation daily; 1 hour of Do Nothing meditation in the morning, 20 min (Do Nothing or Mindfulness Meditation) before lunch, 10-15 mins of mindful eating lunch, 20 min (Do Nothing) after my afternoon studies, and then another 20 mins of Do Nothing when I get home. I did this conistently, and by the 4th or 5th day, my body just started to do it. Literally after doing my chores and responsibilities, my mind would just start to Do-Nothing subconsciously. It also did have practical benefits. I was able to articulate myself better, learn the subjects in school better and with focus, my programming productivity increased, etc.. I had to stop because of two things. First, it freaked me the fuck out. I started to feel the state of not knowing. I was extremely perceptive of everything but it freaked me the fuck out because I felt like i didn't know what/why things in my consciousness are the way they are. Second, my family and everyone around me start to notice that I'm literally Doing Nothing, so they started to think that I was wierd and that I should occupy myself(And I didn't want to look wierd or make them think I was on drugs or something). Key Takeaway: - You personally might not benefit from it. But don't assume that its like that for everyone -Maybe try other types of meditation. I personally find that breathing shit kinda wierd. But to be fair I've unconsciouly/naturally been doing the "Do Nothing" mediation since I was a little kid. -Some people can find the true nature of reality by meditating; leaving them in a state of not knowing, which scared the fuck out of me in my case.
  15. This is Leo if he never left Russia.