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  1. @puporing Good question, but I don't know how to combine being and doing. I mean even pursuing my values doesn't have any semblance of being at all. I am really not aware of any values when I'm just being. Perhaps I value simply existing, because it seems like my "supposed" top values, that could help others, are being overshadowed by it. Like I remember as a kid having numerous moments where I would wake up in the morning and simply do nothing and my parents would always tell me to go play with my friends or do something. Like I don't even know at this point. I might just become a hardcore monk.
  2. I have been doing "do nothing" meditation for 3 weeks straight for 1-2 hours a day. I now just want to sit all day and bask in the room I'm sitting in; I'd even rather enjoy doing nothing than pursue my life purpose. Pursuing computer science to eventually work in Artificial Intelligence("God creating God") is fascinating and all, but simply not doing anything feels really nice. This is a bit of a scary sensation. I have contemplated on a rationalization, which is that I pursue this career so that I can have enough resources to keep "doing nothing" for as long as I live. With that being said, I am still unsure and I am wondering if I am goin down the right path, or if anyone else has any other perspective?
  3. It seems to me that the answer is obvious, but is emotionally difficult to do so no one wants to do it. That is, to only use the internet for important things. You could maybe use distraction free apps or go back to the old school ways of going to the bank physically, going to the bus station physically for the bus schedule, etc.. as examples. There's really no other way to fix this until teenagers and people in general do what is the most emotionally difficult thing to do. Leo, Stoics, Cynics, and many more have been advocating to do the emotionally difficult thing for a while now. Again the issue here is that the majority of people are going to keep living a miserable fucking life until they actually bite the bullet and remove news, social media, and any of these distractions from their lives. Leo has a lot of quality videos answering this question (although indirectly) such as, doing the emotionally difficult thing to do, setting up a meditation practice, etc.. Like he has tons of content that answers this question --so please go to his main website and click the "start here" tab and that should answer this question. Also I want you to know that, as long as you just follow everything your culture does without questioning it (which is like 95%+ of the human population) then you will live a horrible life. And this is not going to change anytime soon or ever.
  4. Should I take a philosophy elective about metaphysics in college, or just independently learn it when I am older (by myself using Leo's content and or other resources)? The main topics are, Personal Identity, Mind, Body, Free Will, God and Universe, and more. Most will focus on Free Will, in particular determinism. And Another focus will be on God, Evil, and Cosmology. Reading will involve people like, Derek Parfit, Tom Polger, and other professors and philosophers. 2 main things why I am asking this question is, I am in my early 20's and perhaps i should just focus more on the fundamentals of life(ie. money, career) and I could probably just learn more about it once I am out of college. But then again, it can be good to live life from the top-down way rather than bottom-up. Thoughts?
  5. I guess for people that are new to his content. They should watch this video. (specially at around 14:35 of the video)
  6. I have been applying lifestyle minimalism for some time now(meditation, university, and a bit of socialization) and I have gradually improved my happiness and satisfaction with it. But I recently watched the "Burning through karma video which lead me to now enabling my self to play video games and browsing the internet more frequently. This affected my schooling and meditation a little bit. So although I will probably be fine having the minimalistic lifestyle, I am scared of suppressing these urges because they might comeback with much more intensity. Also, how does one distinguish between "Doing the most emotionally difficult" vs allowing your urges to control you until you are full.?