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  1. 19/11/2019 Hi! It is been a whiiile since I wrote here. A lot has been going on... The integrity of living aligned with my values and life purpose is getting stronger day after day.. 1. Truth, Learning, wisdom 2. Independence: 100% 3. Honesty: 75% 4. Mastery: 75% 5. consciousness: 50% 6. Simplicity: 60% 7. Growth: 75% 8. Being: 40% 9. Appreciation of nature: 75% 10. Being a good force: 30%
  2. @Leo Gura Please Leo, come visit Morocco..of all the stories of actualized.org, my story is very unique
  3. @Truth Addict The verses you posted has nothing to do with Love. I know the quran very well!!
  4. Hi Please note I am not trying to be negative in this thread! Although I am grateful that I have come across actualized.org, I sometimes wish I stayed in my old unconscious stupid self, because I realized a lot of sad truths. In a Muslim, a childhood is basically a series of traumas. This is because of Islamic upbringing. A child is beaten in a Mosque m, at home, in the streets, and everywhere because " beating" is considered the right way to bring up your child. I have a lot of claims I am gonna make: 1) The Quran which is a book full of hate affects the Moroccan Muslim personality. 2) There is no Love in the Quran. 3) There is no Love of life, nature, and the world in any Muslim culture. 4) Being raised under an uneducated Muslim familly is basically like forming an angry, bitter, introverted human. 5) People in Muslim countries have a Red spiral dynamic mentality; Sunna vs Shia. Muslims vs kuffars..., etc. 6) Muslim leader use Islam to enslave their own people. ....... 7) Muhammad certainally had nothing to do with Love. 8) finally, my country would evolve a lot, had we eliminated this religion from our way of life. I don't want to write a lot, but here I am ; )
  5. @DrewNows Time is an illusion
  6. Yes, do it. I have been practicing Ramadan since I was 17. Muslims do it just traditionally. If you want to fast in this Ramadan. I advice you to do it as a retreat. Fast and meditate all day long. You will get a lot pf growth out of it.
  7. @tedens It was not fake, my friend. This was real. I feel dying, but I always resist.
  8. If I don't awaken in this life time. I can't wait for my next reincarnation as an English man, supporting Chelsea.
  9. @Rilles I am not ready yet ; ) It's fine. I don't eat more than I can chew.