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  1. I'm waking up at random hours in the night, crying, sweating, and feeling an intense rush of energy in my spine. I think I'm about to have a kundalini awakening, I quite scare I don't know how to handle it, what to expect or what should I do to be prepared In the past days, I have been feeling that the separation between me and the external world is getting thinner and thinner. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night as if I just got ejaculated by God into my room wtf I feel that the kundalini awakening will happen tonight or in the following days. Any recommendations? I know almost nothing about this Thank you!!!
  2. I haven't tried any substance for introspection purposes. I found this thread in which Leo mentions that he found a substance that allowed him to have a direct conversation with infinite intelligence. I am looking to have that experience. The problem is that the thread is a year old and he didn't mention the substance.
  3. Does anyone know if there is any psychedelic drug, nootropic, or other substance that specifically helps to have a deeper introspection experience? Thanks.
  4. Hello, fellas actualizers. A close friend of mine just got diagnosed with Lupus. As you know, there is no cure for this disease, she is willing to explore alternative medicine and various practices and techniques to find things that will make the disease less painful and more durable. I'm completely new to this subject I wanted to ask for help, where should we start looking?, do you know any support groups? , maybe healers or books about it? Please, feel free to share any bit of information that you think will be useful. Thank you. Love u all ♡.
  5. The book "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene. The book teaches you how to be ruthless, manipulative, and deceptive in order to gain power and status.
  6. Ivan the Terrible. Grand Prince of Moscow and the first Tsar of Russia.
  7. Genghis Khan. Emperor of the Mongol Empire.
  8. I'm from Mexico and I would say that we have at least 10% red, 60% blue, 25% orange, and 5% green. I consider myself kind of green and early yellow. And the more psychedelics and personal development and I do, the less I can relate with my friends and culture. The masses are just so ignorant and toxic in this country . I'm planning to move to America as soon as this fucking pandemic is over.
  9. Niccolò Machiavelli. Diplomat, philosopher and writer.
  10. Al Capone. American gangster.
  11. Everyone seems to love the spiral dynamics in this community. I think Ken's model is way better and more accurate than spiral dynamics. I think having a video on this topic will benefit us all
  12. I'm from Mexico and I can tell u that Mexican Cartels are a perfect example from SD Stage Red. I used to live in a city under the control of these cartels, they call these places narco-cities.
  13. Tony Montana from the movie Scarface
  14. Hello everyone I think it would be useful to have a thread for people who want to improve their strategic skills where we can share resources such as books, courses, life strategies, tips, websites, etc. All resources for strategic thinking improvement are welcome in this thread.