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  1. Amazing insights, I like the way you framed it. Do you have a particular video that touches on this topic further?
  2. I like your post and perspective, it's refreshing. I think the greatest lesson and goal to strive toward is that we can win this war. Men and women have never been closer than today I'd say. The fact that we can have mass gender discourse online and collectively "expose" eachother and learn together is of the the best cultural developments of the century so far I'd say,
  3. Andrew Bustamante is a great resource for knowledge on the inner workings of the CIA and the implications of that knowledge. Highly recommend his own channel where especially stuff like his interviews with his wife(also an ex CIA spy) are fascinating. Like what are the game implications of relationships when you're a spy? Interesting to reflect on. If you like that kind of content highly recommend the Shawn Ryan Show, he's an ex navy seals who interviews a bunch of people who are also ex-military and work for various government agencies. It's actually mind-boggling to me that we're starting to get hit by this type of long-form content on Youtube; I take notes on it every day.
  4. @thenondualtankie I would argue mostly the point of government is more physical security than anything economical. If anything when they get too economical is when we start to see issues.
  5. @meta_male Depends on what you're depressed about. If it's about stuff like lack of money and just a situation that you should focus on then do that instead of distracting yourself by going out and doing game. If it's like a breakup and a grief type thing and going out and socializing would be helpful for you then I'd say rely more on your friends & social circle rather than your will power to get out of the house.
  6. I use mainly Chatgpt and have tried Midjourney in the past. I'm having a lot of resistance adding the tools to my workflow in general; will have to take some time to research more use cases.
  7. Probably violence will become even more popular in the future when we have VR and better medicine and the consequences of it are greatly diminished. What do you have against it? Why does it shock you so much?
  8. Seems like a crazy idea to disable shorts. I would instead do the complete opposite and start making them weekly. Both the short duration makes it an easy workload but they get a lot of reach. Afterwards you’ll also be able to analyze the shorts from a content maker perspective and not just an idle consumer. I learn so much every time I watch 3-4 shorts, some peoples communicative abilities are very impressive.
  9. Do you game by yourself or with wings? Having wings is good for malls and other environments like campuses where you can't afford to be too uncalibrated. Have someone give you feedback on your approaches and game to see if it's too polarizing for the environment. You should be able to do sets in a mall and have girls almost have a very bad reaction and have the verbal skills to get rid of tension or awkwardness that manifests. Also when security comes up to you do you try to convince them that it's your right to approach girls and they don't usually mind or do you make an excuse and walk away? I've had it happen I just told them I thought the girl was a friend and apologized and it was never an issue. You shouldn't admit to them that you're approaching a lot of girls at the mall, of course it will be their job to stop you then.
  10. You can start today just post stuff on Reddit gonewild and see how you like it and how people react to your content.
  11. What is that based on, you just pulled that investment advice out of thin air. The crypto market as I write this is 1.6 trillion. A free market to trade currencies should keep growing and especially on a bull run there's no reason to think it won't hit 10-20 trillion in the next 5 years. You are not guaranteed gains even if the market 10x but I'd say it's a pretty safe bet and some people will get either lucky or will have the proper research done and will make ridiculous gains in the order of 50-100x returns. I'd say not seriously studying and taking crypto very seriously is not only gambling in and of itself but a poor bet at that.
  12. I would say start editing and posting videos today and learn as you go. Learning video editing for the sake of it is useless; what are you looking to achieve from it? Using video editing to constantly make good content and tie either your own or someone else's product or service to it and developing an income from it is one example of a goal around video editing. My advice toward that goal would be to start with shorts since you can make a 30 second video instead of a 10 min one and go from there, you could make 20 before you need to learn more video editing than a 10-minute cap cut youtube tutorial would teach you.
  13. @rachMiel Screens will eventually be useless when we have good enough wearable tech and eventually just mental projection. I'd say so far the best screen invented of probably the MSG Sphere, that's basically as far as the concept can be pushed; the rest will be convenience. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cx23Eo-L6GD/
  14. @OBEler Why do you need to invest time in spirituality? If you're struggling financially then perhaps you need more time to understand the human realm and how it works so that you can provide some concrete value to your fellow human beings in the shape of a service or product. Why do you think that getting high and magically winning millions of dollars would be a better path for you?
  15. @OBEler Are you sure you're advanced? If you're really high on psychedelics and reach an elevated state of consciousness probably you'll realize that your stock trading is irrelevant and you're wasting your time. Like out of all the potential insights and abilities in the world you think making a few bucks off speculative trading is the best gift the universe could give you?