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  1. I moved to a new city a few months ago that I had never been to before and knew no one in. I've had it pretty consistently now where new people I meet tell ask if we've met before and say I look familiar and after thinking about it, I feel the same. Some parts of the city I had never seen also seem weirdly familiar and I've been getting a lot of deja vu feelings recently. What does this mean?
  2. I recommend just go my a different name without changing it legally first. I've used a different first and last name for years now and I'm still conflicted about it and I still can't answer your question to this day. I realized I used a completely new name to forge a new identity and tried to live that. It was still me just improved. In the end, it doesn't really change who you are so who knows if it really matters. I hope that helps you in some way.
  3. @John Doe A fellow Destiny watcher? My man. I wanna see a Destiny debates strange man on Psychedelics video, I'd pay all my money for it actually. How do we get Leo in contact with Destiny
  4. I don't think people are realizing the wisdom of your comment. You should be able to question the nature of things and if your worldview is wrong, even as "conscious" as we like to think we are. Life would be a lot easier if stage blue had it right and the key to happiness and truth was just order and respecting of the established norms but it seems like life is just a little more complicated then that
  5. Very interesting life purpose friend, that's not one you read about every day. Personally, DMT is the latest psychedelic I've used(the non 5-meo format) and it completely obliterated my reality, it was the most fascinating experience I've ever had. I'd definitely be curious in trying it again and exploring it more. My question to you is have you read the most recent entry on Leo's blog about the Psychedelic researcher that went wrong? What're your thoughts on it?
  6. Any update on the Vimeo reupload? It's just not the same without seeing your face and hand movements
  7. Take this as an opportunity to improve your communication skills and your spiral wizardry
  8. There are many ways to reach states of awe and physical intensity that don't require you to spend years of your life figuring out the best ways to throw balls in holes. There are a lot of great aspects to sport: teamwork, collaboration, mastery, etc. You can also conjure up those aspects in other ways. If you relate to it, go for it. If you really believed in it, why feel the need to argue with a bald guru on his forum to defend it?
  9. Do you think the right and conservatism has a place for people interested in self-actualization and consciousness or is progressivism where we'll always lie by default?
  10. Covid is an opportunity to massively accelerate our evolution. People will(hopefully) realize that the institutions we have in power have failed us and that we are at their mercy at any time. Business will change forever and more people will work from home than ever. The world will never be the same.
  11. Welcome to human history. It's a wonder we're not even more fucked up now considering our roots as a species.
  12. I've been a fan of RSD for nearly 10 years and that thread shocked me although I'm not fully surprised. I wonder if there's a way to see the videos now that RSD had them all taken down. I'm not too sure what to think at this point, I'm a bit disappointed.
  13. I think you're right but nowhere in that article does it specifically have a mention of Bill Gates saying he wasn't the author of the message. It does sound like nothing I've ever heard from him though.
  14. Thank you for the information, I hadn't realized that it could be so deadly for young people as well. The most likely collateral is still the older people that the virus is transmitted to though. I wonder out of the thousands on the Miami beaches during Springbreak, how many will be directly responsible for their parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts dying? Will they realize their partying caused it? This will teach humanity many lessons, the world will drastically change in the next few years. It's almost a blessing in disguise.