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  1. Here's mine The biggest problem with this test I see is it doesn't seem to account for people lying. The best kinds of tests have multiple similar questions posed in drastic different ways so if people try to subconsciously make themselves look better it catches the lies.
  2. @Leo Gura You won't need to, someone else will take on that torch for you.
  3. I find it's easier if you know what you plan to do with these people. Do you want friends to go out with? To play sports with? To smoke weed with? People don't make friends for the sake of making friends, there is usually a goal. It's a lot easier to find friends if you have common goals and life situations i.e. you're looking for friends who are single and financially independent/can take long breaks from work so you can travel to different countries with and party/ meet girls or whatever your goal is.
  4. I'm assuming a lot(if not most) of people here either have a reading habit or are trying to build one. My biggest issue with it is I'm so ADHD with knowledge that I'll hear about a book, go buy it, read 50 pages of it, think it's the best book ever and never touch it again and repeat the cycle all over. I find the feeling of finishing a whole book and being able to keep track of how many you've read so satisfying but I so rarely get through a whole one before getting bored/ distracted. How do you guys deal with this?
  5. We have a tendency to make things binary (someone is either good or bad, worth listening to for everything or nothing at all) to make things simpler to understand as complex and nuanced thinking is hard. My personal version of this is I used to be a raving fanboy of Owen Cook and RSD. As I became more conscious and especially after Leo put the pickup scene down a notch, I went full circle and concluded he wasn't worth listening to at all. Everyone is nuanced. If you were perfect, you'd be God, and isn't the whole point of the non-duality teachings that God itself isn't even perfect/has it all figured out? If infinity hasn't figured itself out fully by now, let's give Mr. Wilber a break
  6. This all took place yesterday on Sunday. I had been feeling more depressed/unmotivated than usual and was sitting in my living room listening to music with a good friend and having a few beers. My roommate ended up organizing a party with some girls and other friends that we know and invited us. We debated on going because we both felt down but decided to go open ourselves to the experience and party with our friends. We get there and everyone is drinking and having a good time. I know most people there with only a couple of girls that I've never seen before. The host randomly pulls out a bag of shrooms and starts offering some to everyone. I have done plenty of psychedelics in the past(shrooms, acid, DMT) but I had been taking a break for the last few months and didn't think doing them at a party after having drank a few beers was a particularly great idea. A girl sitting next to me told me she'd never done them before but she's down to try and asks me to take some with her. I let the thought sit in my head and for some reason, my intuition tells me it's actually a good idea so I end up agreeing. We end up taking only half a gram each although I get the heads and she gets the stem part. The trip ended up being really intense and ridiculously deep for only having taken half a gram. I've taken around 3-4g before and it felt relatively close in intensity, not sure if it was because of the alcohol or just my state of mind but it hit strong. The first little while was relatively mild, just tripping and vibing to the music. Then the shrooms really started talking to me. I started to notice the social nuances at play in the room, like a guy hitting on some girls and them not being into it and their body language was really easy for me to read while tripping. This is where I start to mentally talk to the shrooms or my ego, hard to tell which. I feel like the world is melting together and individual human beings are merged into just visual and audio output basically. The music starts speaking to me and everything starts getting very synchronized. I start thinking about my bad habits(drinking and vaping) and then the song Toxic by Britney Spears comes on. Then I go back and forth between feeling like the shrooms are judging me for my toxic behaviors and being really happy and feeling like I'm making progress in life and the universe is with me. It feels like the people around me are responding to the thoughts I'm having. As I start to wonder if I look normal, people make eye contact with me and ask me how I'm doing. As I'm thinking about a girl and how nice she looks, she walks over and stands right in front of me. As I'm hesitating to talk to her it feels like the shrooms are pushing me to do it but I'm overwhelmed and decided mentally not to and she immediately walks away and starts talking to another guy. A bit later in the night, a girl starts to look a bit distraught, she's part of the ones that took shrooms. The voice in my head tells me to go over and take care of her. Immediately as I walk up to her she asks me if I can help her get an uber home and find her friend. That seems like a lot of responsibility at the time(still high as balls) but the voice in my head tells me to reassure and tell her that her friend's fine. I start overthinking and wondering how I could possibly know where and if her friend was fine and what to do about this situation. Literally, two seconds after her friend comes back walking through the front door but a random guy started talking to the original girl but I could tell that she really just wanted to find her friend and go home so I tap her on the shoulder, say "hey I found your friend!", bring her away from the guy and to her friend and just as I do she starts kinda freaking out and being overwhelmed so it was the perfect timing. I'm really curious if you guys have also experienced something similar while on psychedelics or if I'm tripping out. It literally feels like my thoughts and the world become one and the world can read my thoughts and responds to them. Both really comforting and really creepy. I have to stop myself from fully believing it and kinda fact-checking it because it's very overwhelming and feels like a psychotic break almost; like everything is a pattern that speaks to me. The messages are usually really profound but perhaps sometimes corrupted by my ego and that's where it leads to strange conclusions. What do you guys make of this and have you guys had similar experiences? Also am I the only one that feels like shrooms are both really good but aggressive, almost like they tease you? Anyway, weird but really amazing experience. Glad I ended up taking them, just was really confused and overwhelmed afterward and still processing it but nothing to complain about and I definitely had blasts of bliss that felt shockingly beautiful but also confusing and overwhelming haha
  7. Please do, this is a great perspective. I was once playing around with that ideology and I'm glad I didn't fully go down that path but some people do and I'm very concerned for them as well. Incels should not be hated. They are not a hate group, they are a self-hate group. They see an amazing world that they don't know how to navigate, it's a very isolating point of view. They just want the opportunity to love and it seems out of reach for them in this lifetime. It's quite sad.
  8. I used to actually love strip clubs but recently they really creep me out. Just an unfortunate showing of humans fulfilling their needs in the most transactional and soulless way ever. I've met a lot of strippers and they generally have really sad circumstances.
  9. @Leo Gura Did you ever end up getting it?
  10. North American cities are indeed becoming increasingly hard for the average guy to even meet an average girl. The odds are stacked against you as basically, every guy has access to every girl now. I have friends that are very high status that sleep with the same girls that nerdy guys with social anxiety, self-esteem issues, and poor social skills would go for. It doesn't mean you can't succeed but you need to work for it. I seriously think that dating/sex/relationships/marriage will be unrecognizable in the next 10 years. Most likely the movie "her" will become a reality. Moving/travelling to another country to experience dating there is a fantastic idea and I'd highly recommend it. Latin America and SEA are very common for online entrepreneurs and Ukraine, Romania, Russia and the Czech Republic are as well for those that prefer the Slavic look.
  11. I 100% agree that online dating shouldn't be the only strategy used by men but as a supplement(especially in a pandemic) I'd highly suggest it. Most men absolutely suck at it and get 0 results, I know because I do photography and get paid to help people make their profile better. You don't need to be a model but you need to play the game right. Here are a few tips for any guy that wants to get better results: Pay for it. Put the pride aside, Tinder is a business and they rightly reward their customers. Even the guys I know that are really good-looking, 6'2, jacked, etc pay for it. It's $50-75 a month to invest in your dating life, if you can't afford it then work on finances first. Platinum is mandatory, gold and plus are useless. It puts you at the front of the queue, hands you free matches periodically, and lets you artificially bump your Tinder rating by being able to see everyone that swipes on you. Buy the 20 boost pack for 50$. Tinder works on an ELO rating system. If you right-swipe everyone, it'll assume you're a bot or desperate. You'll only match with other extremely low-value accounts. If you left-swipe on people that right swipe you/are high rated users, your rating will go up. This is where Platinum comes in. Pictures are 90% of it. Good lighting, smiling, inviting, high value, etc. Multiple guides on Youtube for that. In general, no selfies, no blurry/dark/stained pics, no pics where you're smoking/holding guns/doing something outside of social norms. Cast the widest net and narrow down from there. I'd highly recommend going out with friends with a camera/iPhones and HIRING a photographer to take pictures for Tinder/social media. It will literally change your life. The bio should be short and sweet. No listing your interests or what you're looking for. It's called qualifying yourself and should be avoided at all costs. If you're tall, put your height at the top. Put a joke in there or an interesting thing that gives girls an excuse to start a conversation with you. Instagram helps a lot with Tinder. Most of the guys I know all have a cool, inviting-looking IG and transfer girls from Tinder to there ASAP. More personal, safe and you can project who you are faster. Texting should be minimized at all costs. Most girls have a lot of options on Tinder, they literally are having 12 conversations at the same time. Don't be a pen pal, build up value and comfort and ask them out ASAP. The ideal is a walk/coffee/drinks walking distance from your place or your place itself if you have the chance. Big cities are obviously better. If you live in a 10 000 people town, you will run through everyone in a day. As with in-person game, invest in your dating life and move to a good location. I recently moved from Calgary(1M population) to Toronto(3M population) and the results here are about 5x as good. Not only are there more people but more young single people looking to date/have fun in bigger cities. Tinder is the best app overall. Bumble solid 2nd and Hinge if you're 28-40. 95% of good-looking girls will be on these 3, if you lower your standards I hear you can do well on POF/Okcupid and such but I have no experience with those myself. This is what I've learned from reviewing maybe 40 guys' profiles, doing shoots with 15 of them, and being roommates with a guy that invites girls over from Tinder 4-5 times a week, every week. I don't have those same results mostly because I don't care too much for it but I sincerely believe that it's realistic for any regular-looking guy and above to go on 3+ dates a week solely from online. You're in luck because the average guy will never put this amount of effort into online dating and if you do, you're guaranteed results. Having said that, I'd also highly recommend not relying on it and learning to be social, make friends, and network outside of it but that's a topic for another post. Hope that helps.
  12. @Phyllis Wagner If you want, send me a copy of your profile and I'll let you know honestly what you should do. I'm a photographer and I've made money helping people better their profile. My friend has one of the best profiles in Canada with like 3500 matches. Leo is right, it always pays off to do the work and meet people in person. But if you want pure sex(I can't say I'm sure it's good for you) online is a great way to do that.
  13. I attended his three day online business mentoring back in April(I think.) It was okay but it was an affiliate for another company that hardcore pitched their own coaching services. Was kinda strange but as a beginner you'd learn something. I don't know about his current mentoring though.
  14. I don't think it's pointless. It's the embers of a movement. All great social movements of the last centuries started out with pointless manifestations. Women's suffrage, civil rights, etc.