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  1. Are you sure that this is what you want? What you're talking about is like basic consideration and affection. Men generally don't get this because the average man is not as important societally and potentially dangerous. I think you're greatly overestimating what it feels like to get it though. It's basically what you get making an emotional support post here on Reddit and you have the support of random commenters. I guess it's somewhat nice at times but it's mostly useless. As a man(as a woman you can too but to less extent) you have something much nicer at your disposal; the power to conquer and the status, power, and admiration that comes with it. You don't want your woman to have some basic affection and fondness for you, you want her to admire you. It'll feel 100x better, trust me. What you're describing sounds like a friendzone of sorts, she really does care for and love her beta male friends. It's puppy love though and (IMO) is basically useless.
  2. Try it out and see how it feels. A lot of wanting younger women is not so much how attractive they physically are but what it makes you feel psychologically. Like when you were that age you probably stroke out and now that you're older you come back to make up for lost time type thing. Get your validation. Do it. Fuck some 18-22-year-old girls. See how you like that. Kind of fun to do a couple of times then you realize that once your validation tank is full it's useless and you actually want to find people to connect with. I'm 27 and I'm really attracted to 18 years old girls but it's a very shallow thing. Once I talk to them for a few minutes it usually goes away. I used to work at a restaurant when I was 25-26 and so I had a range of coworkers. The younger ones would look good but I would get crushes on the girls that were 22-26.
  3. Can you elaborate on what in particular surprised you and what you learned?
  4. @Juan That same screenshot says that it's only sometimes referred to as only America. Etymology and lingo are generally defined as how people use words so if most of the time people say America to refer to the US then that's the correct term. That's like saying the United States shouldn't be called that because other countries are made up of united states as well.
  5. @Juan That's just false. North, south, and central America put together are called the Americas. America mostly always refers to just the United States.
  6. Sounds like you're trying to rationalize and justify your lack of purpose and romantic success. News flash, you're a low-quality person too. High-quality people don't have trouble dating and having sex. Dating and mingling with "low quality people" is how you learn about yourself, life, and women and ultimately part of what will make you a high quality person. What does that have to do with you? If you want to be productive then start a business on the side. If you want to study then research stuff. College is a place to socialize, mingle and get credentials for a specific career that you want. Take some accountability and self-ownership. If seeing kissing couples trigger you then don't go full sour grapes saying that you're mere spiritual peasants not understand the greater self-development potential in life. That's the most pseudo-spiritual take you could have.
  7. I don't understand your point; can you clarify it?
  8. The first date should be mostly about getting to know on the surface level and building attraction through banter, teasing, etc. A few more dates in is when you should start talking about the future of socialism and weird traumas and deeper conversations.
  9. Definitely common for the depression and existential angst to come out at night. Not sure as to why; it's a strange phenomenon. Here's a song perhaps it'll help.
  10. @NoSelfSelf So what are you motivated by? @Ulax Connection in what context, for what purpose, and with who? Like connection with other men that have similar purposes than yourself so you can bond over the pursuit of your goals? Connection with art lovers so you can ponder on the aesthetic beauty of the universe? Connection with a(or many) women so that you can explore the world together? What connection are you seeking? I have found a lot of connections and they feel just okay to me so I'm not sure what this means to you. @Leo Gura Okay so what does that mean to you? God in which way? If God is everything so that means that you're constantly blissful and satisfied going about your day? Like you're happy just waking up and taking a shit, doesn't matter what happens afterward it's a good day? I don't honestly understand your answer. I feel like I appreciate life more than the average person but just that appreciation is not worth the amount of energy I have to expand to keep myself alive @meta_male Why do you wish it wasn't so? And like if not women then what would make it worth it? Having a beer with the boys? I don't understand. @Girzo Can you give me an example of what those side projects would be? And what do you mean by thinking about civilization's progress? Like you just sit down and ponder these things and this gives you deep satisfaction? Do you discuss this with other people? It also gives me deep satisfaction but not as much as my adventures and connection with women; does it overpower it for you? @Chives99 What does your answer even mean? What gives you the most satisfaction in life? @Byun Sean No pseudo-spirituality please, tell me exactly what makes life good for you. If you say consciousness then fine but what does that mean to you? Meditation? Like you feel down and then you remember that you can meditate after work today and that makes your day better?
  11. Question for the other straight men on here(perhaps the women into women as well?) It's a popular sentiment these days to live for more than sex/relationships and to focus on yourself more than women. I agree it's a great short-term strategy but overall if I wasn't motivated by my future relationship with women(either short term like making money/getting fit by summer or in general having my shit together so I can have a long-term relationship and kids) I don't think I would do much nor would life be worth it. I find some things really fulfilling like going on fun adventures with the boys and learning/understanding useful or interesting things. The process of mastering life itself is quite fun as well. I just don't know if it would be enough to make life it considering how hard it is. Like women disappeared tomorrow or somehow I couldn't never date one/sleep with one again, idk how long I'd stay here. Like there have been many times that I've been existentially depressed and wondering what the point was and saw on IG stories of cute girls I know or hot girls in real life and it immediately made me feel better. I'm curious if straight women on here have a similar view of men or if not then what is you core motivation in life like what is the metaphorical juice that makes life worth it for you? Curious if most of you feel like me or if honestly you would quite enjoy life without women anyway and they're more like a cherry on top type of thing.
  12. I'm glad that debates and intellectualism are becoming more popular but they really need to iron out a format for it otherwise it always turns into one of the sides just aimlessly ranting. There should be a clear question being posed, a clear context for said question and the positions should be clear as well. Otherwise might as well call this 3 hours of jumbled nonsense, I rather get high and watch anime.
  13. Why do you think it would specifically cause back pain?
  14. @integral Are you suggesting cheating on her or telling her that you now want the relationship to be open? @onacloudynight You can rise up to whatever level you want to. Find the right teachers and never settle. No reason you can't be wealthy, fit and have a great relationship with one or many girls in a few years. @Girzo What is your life purpose that takes up so much time that it prevents you to work on your sex life? If it doesn't appeal you then don't pursue that path but don't lie to yourself saying you're too busy lol.