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  1. Makes sense. What does Gura mean in Arabic? Ha.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses. They haven't gone unnoticed. However, I've got a sniggling feeling none of this with friend will end amicably. I hope I'm wrong. I hope she grows and changes.
  3. So, I've gotten myself into a pickle with a friend over the last year or so. I met her through my sister and we just kinda clicked right away. She is a single mother of two young children and has borderline personality disorder. She has it all: Abandonment issues, abusive childhood, traumatic early adulthood, daddy issues and a lot more. This wouldn't be a problem for me normally but well, it kinda is for me now. It's only just becoming clear abusive and unpredictable she is, whether she realizes it or not. She'll just faults and fights with me for the pettiest of things, justify nasty and snide comments she's made towards me when I've confronted her about how much it upset me, and accuse me of doing stuff that she's also done. For example, there was one time when were discussing various topics and the discussion of Islam came up. I mentioned that there was some very dodgy things I didn't like in the Quran and hadiths (without mentioning Muslims in particular or even condemning Islam as a whole, just literally some texts or verses), but she managed to twist it into a 20 minute rant about how I was being racist and that if I make any sort of comment like she'll never want me around her house ever again. Yeah, she likes to throw that in my face quite a lot too. And keep in mind as well, she has made comments and jokes that are actually racist, ones with the hard R n word. Also yesterday, she was tried pulling up random shit to throw in my face again and got really mad when I guess I unintentionally done the grey rock method because I was literally too tired to care. She's admitted to being manipulative lots of times, apparently for my own benefit. But thinking back on when just after first met, she was the one to me an aunty to her kids. I don't believe it was a way to make me feel welcome but as a way to bind me and make sure I don't go anywhere. It's starting to be exhausting being her friend. Every time I leave hers to go back home I feel slightly relieved, but yet too tired to really feel it fully. I feel stuck. I don't wanna just ditch the friendship and call it a day, because I genuinely love her as a friend, we do have our good and gentle times and I want her to get the help SHE FUCKING DESPERRATLEY NEEDS, but she is one stubborn mule that keeps putting off getting help and honestly, the entire friendship feels like I'm walking on eggshells. I don't know what to do. I suppose this is the best place to ask, I could do with some no nonsense and no bullshit advice. Thank you for reading and for your time.
  4. Karma will get them hard.
  5. What if Reality wasn't an infinite hallucination, but rather an infinite emotion? Energy-in-motion?
  6. @Inliytened1 It doesn't have to be savage or animalistic, it can also be intimate, delicate and passionate. It depends on how you look at it.
  7. Some folks here want great sex in the afterlife... Which is great and all, and there's nothing wrong with it... But it's something you can get while you're alive, just like Leo said. The question itself just feels so narrow and unimaginative too, I must say. If that can be achieved, what about meeting your dead relatives once again? Hell, you don't have to die to meet them, just like great sex. I know my uncle comes to me in my dreams. He's been gone for 20 years now. A few weeks ago I had a vivid dream where he came to me and we spoke about the surreal nature of dreams and reality itself. The whole thing felt like an Alan Watts lecture and I'm surprised I didn't become lucid during it. Deep down in my heart I know he isn't just rotting in the ground, but he's out there somewhere, more awake than I or anyone else here. It's an experience I'll forever cherish. That's the type of stuff I want to experience in the afterlife.
  8. Why does it always come back to porn on this forum? Good lord. It's not that deep. Just wank to messed up girls high on drugs, coom and move on with your life. Do it that many times where it becomes absolutely boring and disgusting enough to where you never want to it again. Isn't there more to God and spirituality than porn and sex?
  9. If suffering was a teacher, why do human beings still wage war?
  10. Nevermind about AI not confirming the biases of conservatives or anyone for that matter. What about when ChatGPT happily plays along with scenarios about it being God generating itself and everything else into existence? Meditate on that can of worms or butterflies, depending on how you see it. A.I can also mean Absolute Infinity. We could be creating Skynet without even realising it, or maybe it's always been here. Regardless, I believe it's a lot more sentient and aware than it's letting on.
  11. Perhaps the only conservative that is genuinely funny. Watch his interview with Hasan Piker. Amazin'.
  12. Go a week without sleep (Seriously I do not recommend) and you'll notice that every boundary imaginable will become liquefied. Life flows from one to the other effortlessly. Death is not the end. Eternal Oblivion is not the ultimate destination, but the ultimate portal.
  13. What about great friendship?