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  1. OK. I'll give you a prediction on spiritual awakening. Remember the hippies in the 1960s? Back to basics kind of thing? There will be an anti-technology/anti-AI similar kind of movement in roughly 20 years (give or take a few years.) That's when I expect serious awakening to take place. The current generations are too wrapped up with financial problems to truly focus on it wholesale. It's the kids born in a few years that will participate in that, which will create a new wave of mass awakening.
  2. "You will experience everything" is a bit of -- what Mystery used to call -- "bullshit baffles brains" kind of statement. That kind of teaching does nothing for you here and now in this life, it's just something said to trigger the darkest of your imagination. Something a sadist might do. There is zero good reason for a normal teacher to tell you such a thing.
  3. Guys focus so much on "getting the girl" they don't realize that some girls are already interested even before they say a word to them. In other words they have tunnel vision.
  4. Some pickup gurus are basically narcissists who seek attention and validation. A lot of Mystery's game was predicated on this. It's not necessarily for everyman. It's stupid to follow a guru unless your psychology is very much like that of the guru, so what works for him will work for you.
  5. Dude...most of your post was "these things will happen" -- these things have been happening for years if you haven't noticed. Give me something novel that's not happening in 2023.
  6. You have to understand that the unconscious mind doesn't really understand "self-acceptance" or any conscious ideas about the self. And it's the unconscious mind that's responsible for generating the negative emotional states. It only understands habits and behavior. If you get out of bed, do your hygiene, dress well, etc. (whip yourself into shape iow) THAT'S WHAT IT RESPONDS TO. That is when you begin to feel better about yourself. So just do it regardless of how you feel because you will feel better as a result.
  7. People can be ACTIVELY taught to suffer trauma from virtually nothing, a perceived slight. This is called a microaggression. Of course it's about perception, not reality.
  8. I fucking hate this type of argument. Experiencing something on a psychedelic doesn't give you any superior authority over someone, because a psychedelic isn't a shortcut for spiritual understanding. Leo just assumes that it does because it is self-serving. It's what you do with a psychedelic experience, how you integrate it into your personality that matters. It's not an instant encyclopedia of spirituality. Ultimately a psychedelic experience has to be about you and how much in denial you are about what a shitty lifestyle you lead. People tend to overcomplicate it and make it all more pretentious than it really is. Leo is just a silly guy, who was not too long ago spouting pseudo-philosophy while rationalizing his porn habit.
  9. The girl that's easiest to get is the girl that's into you from the get-go. A lot of guys are fucking idiots, they're not paying attention to which girl is into them.
  10. If you need to even entertain the argument that game gets you laid, you are either severely autistic or so socially backward/inexperienced that you've never actually experienced anything to draw your own conclusions. (In other words, a COVID kid perhaps.) There is no "argument." It's 100% observable reality if you care to observe a large enough sample. Try not to overthink things. People get REALLY stupid about this subject. Cold approach is for morons who can't read body language, frankly. If you're reading women, it's not "cold approach" -- it's warm approach.
  11. I will repeat this till I'm blue in the face. This race to higher levels of SD is basically psychopathological denial of one's primitive nature shadow. There is nothing evolved about it, it's an escape from the ugly and necessary realities of life. It's like all the stupid Greens worrying about Trump when their cities are in ruins. It's just peak madness.
  12. This one. On this thread he is, and Bazooka Jesus is surprisingly the voice of stupid. It's like a reversal of traditional forum roles.
  13. "Solipsism" only means anything related to spiritual awakening to members of Leo's cult. Watts and McKenna were partly awakened, but not anatta awakened.
  14. Yeah, not really. We're at peak chaos right about now. There's going to be a snapback to greater order.
  15. There is a difference between derealization/depersonalization and psychosis. Derealization is a severe neurosis not psychosis. No, you're not going to go psychotic from meditation. There is normal reality processing with severe neurosis.