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  1. I would assume that any girl approaching me while I play basketball alone (which I actually do) either wants something or is so openminded and outgoing as to be a good candidate for a deeper conversation, so that makes sense.
  2. If solipsism is true, Britney Spears is a figment of your imagination.
  3. The word for solipsism that's not the Wikipedia definition of solipsism is not solipsism: it's nonduality or its other variations. Solipsism is inherently egocentric.
  4. This is an opportunity for you to examine how you would like to have your cake and to eat it too. You want to be "authentic" yet you don't want to face any resistance or disapproval to your "authenticity." But that's not how reality works -- that's not an adult view of things. You want reward without risk, in essence (the fulfillment of being authentic without any potential drawbacks.) There are no MAGIC WORDS THAT WORK here.
  5. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations about enlightenment. Enlightenment is just an opportunity. The major obstacle on the road to becoming whole is removed, but you still have to travel down that road. So yes, it is in a sense a new beginning, not an end or destination or arrival.
  6. Because it's a form of self-delusion and it doesn't work. You can't simply enjoy a life premised on perpetuating a lie.
  7. It is not an option to not suffer. Everyone suffers; some people wind up more resilient, compassionate, and wise for it, others become bitter, feel cheated and become envious of those whom they perceive as not suffering or suffering less. The difference is ENTITLEMENT. If you feel entitled not to suffer, you're more likely to wind up in the second group.
  8. Yeah, his take ignores basic human psychology. Humans require contrast; infinite pleasure cannot be maintained anyway because the perception of pleasure and pain depends on experiencing contrast. Even if you're enlightened, you experience the same contrast, it's just its no longer the case that there is unnecessary suffering due to belief in a false self. It's too simplistic to think that if extreme pain is synonymous with evil, that infinite pleasure is synonymous with good. Stable extremes are both a problem. When you have to tell this to everyone who disagrees with you, you might be the one in too much pain to face the truth.
  9. Like he did to the psychotherapist in the video?
  10. The only way to get better is to face and accept the truth of one's own behaviors -- without harsh self-judgment (i.e. by understanding that all behaviors have a cause.) There is nothing wrong with seeing selfishness or manipulative behavior in oneself if you remove moral self-condemnation from the equation and focus on the ROOT CAUSES of the behavior. The problem is reacting defensively to things that need to be contemplated objectively. Also, looking for an ideal therapist is counterproductive because it plays into the BPD idealization/rejection dynamic, so it's not particularly helpful advice. I think you're overreacting to an informational video as if it's the same situation as a one-on-one therapy session.
  11. "Your own field of consciousness" is an idea created by the intellect. That I have to point this out on a supposed spirituality forum is rather pathetic (i.e. you all fail.) That's kind of Spirituality 101 (that the I-thought, i.e. "my", is illusory.)
  12. Literally no-one who believes solipsism is true ACTS as if it were true, including you, Leo. From this one can conclude either that (1) it isn't true or (2) it is true but virtually irrelevant as far as having any impact on human existence, since human beings are incapable of living this truth. So the natural conclusion is that it's just a mindfuck people like you use to mess with people - there is no other discernable purpose to promulgating it.
  13. So by that logic, since Leo recognizes Tate as a sociopath, Leo is a sociopath? Well played, genius. Levels of testosterone, maybe. Tate may be a pimp with higher testosterone than Leo, so naturally he's made a lot more dough off it. I do agree that narcissists can have various levels of testosterone.
  14. The most hilarious part of this forum is posters pretending that Leo is not a narcissist himself. That's how deep the cult programming is here.
  15. You have to be able to distinguish between two types of ethical systems ('ethics' in its literal sense of "how does one live a good life?".) Those which rationalize and enable the ethicist's psychopathology and those that challenge it. Same really goes for metaphysical systems (e.g. solipsism = enabling narcissism.) But back to ethics: the proof is in the pudding. The burden of proof is on the ethicist to demonstrate that his path leads one to a good life, otherwise you simply conclude that it's another ego protection strategy that favors safety over meaning and fulfillment.