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  1. Interesting. I am just curious...who would you call the true masters?
  2. True, but you are already able to do that. Is it necessary, though?
  3. Precisely, and one needs energy to understand and ignore the mechanisms at play.
  4. Clairvoyance is the most powerful for me. It’s like a clear vision of what to do without too much thinking, like clear insights. Joyful certainty.
  5. It's not work, it's play. By the way...it's been nice playing with you here. I get you :). If you had a million dollars MAYBE you wouldn't be here, since you love being here and this whole process, you still cant manifest your "fortune". You love this more than your millions.
  6. If you really have a genuine intent, not based on lack, and are willing to raise some probabilities that are shown in your own dream, miracles will happen, trust me. You just have to open your eyes to see and move a little bit, it does take action, even if your on the sofa, it's energy, it's change, it's an alchemical process. Buttons are boring for humans, but processes are interesting because they create stories ad infinitum. Just work on raising your chances and keep in mind you do have magical powers.
  7. It's not woo woo. You have magical powers to use in the journey of materializing. A button won't do. You are born to be a hero not to press a button. ??
  8. Here is the trap. Try to realize the trap of looking forward to after death. Realizing this trap and going deeper you will see the whole. The answer is in you question.
  9. @Matthew85 you are on the right track, in my POV. In my experience, everytime you want to incorporate a new state to your baseline consciousness, you have to drastically or slightly change your character, or personality to give room to new expressions of yourself. It's a though and beautiful road, isn't it?
  10. Yes, words create. The interesting thing I observe is that words and sentences can reveal deeper and deeper layers of meaning as you are present to what is being conveyed beyond words and raising in levels of consciousness. It's a profound experience to absorb a meaning that not even the speaker had realized and then convey it back to him or her. Then, you create something else together.
  11. Heaven/hell, samsara/nirvana are all produced by the mind, they are also appearances. What I've been learning from the best teachings is to observe dualities from a state of non dual eveness, utter freedom and transparent openess. If you do not cling to concepts and events, death and rebirth will start to seem meaningless. The ground of "reality" is rootless, so do not cling to it, to a judgement of cause and effect.
  12. In my experience, telepathy is a communication you can establish in being which goes beyond thought, appearances and the known sensory reality.
  13. Reality = optical illusions = tricks of sight = imagination = hallucinatory appearances = sense obects They come from nowhere. Beings are engrossed in sense objects, they hold to I and mine and thus turns constantly in SAMSARA, they are like children, who lose themselves in their games. - LONGCHENPA
  14. You could think of it like the roots and the branches of a tree. We could say they are one thing.
  15. Praise her. Women like genuine praise. From there, it can get sexual naturally. It will flow.
  16. I am talking about appreciation not dicks! But I get your perspective.
  17. Status is beautiful. What some men fail to get is that beautiful women do need high status and a level of sucess to show up in the game as beautiful women. They take beauty for granted. It takes time and money to take care of yourself properly and keeping up with all physical and emotional changes that happen. Yes, we are able to totally reinvent ourselves and be beautiful. So, beauty and status are interlinked. A high status man would know how to appreciate that, even if it's just for a brief moment. It's just my perspective.
  18. @Value I had similar experiences, feeling sensitive to so many things that caused an almost unberable anxiety. Sometimes I couldn't drive or go to certain places. It took me years to ground back. I changed my diet, my friends, my work, my habits. Now I know the depth of the calling. I had to be a new person in order to live again and it was a blessing after a while. At first, you might not be able to face the fears that are coming to the surface, but afer you ground a little, you will be able to, and not escaping is the answer. Just love yourself, be kind to yourself, everything is fine, always
  19. You can have balanced feminine and masculine aspects. When building up intimacy, though, it's good to be aware of the dance between both energies as sexual attraction is a play of polarities, opposing polarities do create attraction. I am not talking about gender here, but energies, moment by moment. It's very subtle and fluid.
  20. So you can deeply love yourself in another form.