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  1. @Davino Thanks. And I see. Makes sense!
  2. @Davino Interesting technique!!! Thank you for sharing. Would you say this method guarantees that the person will have a Mystical Experience? Does the dosage determine as to how likely this will help one have a profound Enlightenment Experience?
  3. 5 Grams and above is considered a heroic dose according to Terence McKenna. I’ve never tried Chocolate Bars but I’m assuming they hit differently as oppose to raw mushrooms. Exactly!!! And I’d also might add that not all strains and/or species of Magic Mushrooms are the same. 7g of Penis Envy is not the same thing as 7g of Golden Teachers. Penis Envy is much more potent which is why I’m approaching this cautiously, hence the reason for this thread. However, I recently tripped on 2 grams of Penis Envy (smoked a little joint of Cannabis too) which went surprisingly well and came to the realization that I don’t need to use heavy doses. Maybe, in the future and that’s a huge “Maybe.” I don’t plan on doing anything above 5 Grams regardless of strain/species. And I want to do a slow build if and when I decide to take 5 Grams. Maybe. Or in some cases the person makes the poison rather than the dose and I can assure you my intention isn’t reckless.
  4. An interesting video explaining the connection between the religion of Buddhism and Quantum Physics My most recent Mushroom Trip drew me into studying Buddhism a lot more thoroughly and I thought about sharing this video I recently saw which contains a lot of the same topics discussed on here but repackaged in a different form.
  5. @Grateful Dead I also want to know if Mushrooms can answer the question “What Is Magick?” which isn’t really discussed here. I made a thread on the Spirituality sub-forum titled “If I can’t manipulate reality then what is Magick?” but no one has responded to it. I’m going to assume it’s because no one has the answer to that question. Leo mentions in his videos how even, though, I’m God that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to control reality. I recently discovered a video on Aleister Crowley’ use of Peyote and Cannabis (he was also addicted to heroin for a great portion of his life but that’s a whole other topic) in his rituals. Aleister Crowley and perhaps many other Occultists like him are within the stage of Turquoise in Spiral Dynamics. I believe Aleister Crowley is included in the stage Turquoise mega thread in the forum. Other articles, books and sources state that Occultism and Mysticism are similar but still very different with their own end goals. Mysticism being the path of achieving unification with God in order to live in harmony with the world which is discussed a lot in and Occultism being more about influencing External Events through the use of Altered States of Consciousness. And I don’t believe it’s about making impossible things occur but more so about influencing probability within the laws of physics through altered states.
  6. @Davino I have, occasionally. Books and Courses, I’ve never attended seminars. Most of the information I’ve obtained from them I have to admit I haven’t put to use because I’m afraid of failure among other things. So I thought to myself using Psychedelics is the next best thing to discovering deep rooted and imbedded negative beliefs about yourself and whatever it is that you’re dealing with in life, currently. However, other people have told me to be cautious when using Hallucinogens for deeply personal and subconscious matters. I also have other intentions for using them which pertains to Esoteric Topics. Questions about GOD and what Magick (having to do with Occult Philosophy) is, as well as, many others. My last trip was during May of last year so I think I’ve given myself enough time.
  7. I’ve tried 3 different strains all together. Each once and it was those 3 trips I mentioned. I’ve done APE, Golden Teachers and Penis Envy (which was my very last trip). I took 3.5 grams when I tried Penis Envy which was intense but I barely got anything out of it. The only “epiphany” I received during the trip was the insight that humans are monkeys cosplaying in society if that counts.
  8. I was thinking 5 grams, though, I don’t know if 3.5 grams to 5 is drastic. I’ve heard people say that the slightest increase in dosage makes a big difference. So, maybe, I should go for 4 grams or 4.5 at most but I’m still not certain. Thanks everyone, btw!!! Appreciate the feedback.
  9. I’ll try to keep this thread simple and brief. I don’t want to rush into things, by any means. I need as much feedback as possible before making this decision. My intention for this trip is going to be regarding the topic of Fear and my relationship with women. I’m uncertain as to whether or not Mushrooms are capable of revealing deeply personal matters but I have a strong desire for obtaining knowledge and Truth of both myself and topics pertaining to the Metaphysical and Esoteric. I’m purchasing 7 Grams of Penis Envy very soon and I was wondering about the amount I should take for this trip. I’ve had 3 previous trips but none were above 3.5 Grams. I’ve discovered that for me personally 3.5 Grams hasn’t been enough to truly understand things deeply. I barely scratched the surface during my other trips and felt like I didn’t get enough insight from them. Any other tips regarding how I should go about the trip would be helpful. Thanks! Edit: I have additional questions that I’d like to include. One of them being, Does intention determine the knowledge and insights I’ll receive on Mushrooms, in particular? Or do they show you what they want to? I’m also curious as to how much I need to take to encounter Autonomous Entities. Does dosage determine whether or not I’ll see Entities? Do they appear with eyes closed or open? Not that it’s critical or even necessary to see beings in order for me to have a transformative/enlightening experience, mainly, asking out of curiosity.
  10. I'm going to try to make this thread as detailed as possible. In Esoteric Philosophy there's the topic regarding the difference between a Mystic and an Occultist which is a bit confusing when comparing the information I've gathered from other sources to what's said on the forum here. " Occultism is an experience of conflict whereby the person practicing it is attempting to control something or learn something that they shouldn’t know, while those who practice mysticism are striving to exist in harmony and peace with the greater world." Quote Source: "Magick Is The Science and Art of causing change in conformity with will." - Aleister Crowley “There are two Paths to the Innermost: the Way of the Mystic, which is the way of devotion and meditation, a solitary and subjective path; and the way of the occultist, which is the way of the intellect, of concentration, and of trained will; upon this path the co-operation of fellow workers is required, firstly for the exchange of knowledge, and secondly because ritual magic plays an important part in this work, and for this the assistance of several is needed in most of the greater operations. The mystic derives his knowledge through the direct communion of his higher self with the Higher Powers; to him the wisdom of the occultist is foolishness, for his mind does not work in that way; but, on the other hand, to a more intellectual and extrovert type, the method of the mystic is impossible until long training has enabled him to transcend the planes of form. We must therefore recognize these two distinct types among those who seek the Way of Initiation, and remember that there is a path for each.” - Dion Fortune, Esoteric Orders and Their Work and The Training and Work of the Initiate Based on all the work I've read regarding Occult Philosophy, my definition of "Magick" is "The Use Of Altered States Of Consciousness To Influence Probability", though you can make a reasonable argument for why that might not be the case. I think it's safe for me to say that the work we do here revolves around The Path of the Mystic in terms of some of the info I've presented above out of many I've come across throughout the years. There's a few things that are really starting to confuse me when it comes to the feedback I get on here in comparison to all the other things I've learned about Esotericism. One of them is how some people on the forum have mentioned that even, though, I'm GOD that doesn't mean I'll be able to control or manipulate material existence. My question to that is "Where does The Occult and the topic of Magick fit into all of that?"
  11. I’ve been doing research on the many different Religions and Systems across all sorts of Cultures. I feel as though Eastern Traditions depict a far more accurate picture on the nature of GOD but then I read an article regarding the Aztecs through a video Leo uploaded on Aztec Philosophy and their Nondualistic Teachings rival that of those you find in Eastern Philosophy. Not to mention they were heavy on Entheogenic usage such as Psilocybin and Peyote in their rituals to the gods in the Aztec mythos. Hinduism has also incorporated Entheogens. There are reports that they used Cannabis (associated with the god Shiva) and a mysterious substance called “Soma” which scholars debate as to what Soma was. Hinduistic Teachings are also Nondualistic in nature. Overall, I think Eastern Traditions are a lot more peaceful so to speak and closer to the Absolute than many other traditions with a few exceptions. Can anyone tell me what Religious System they think is the most accurate representation of Absolute Truth and Enlightenment/Awakening?
  12. I'm having an issue starting PMs but it seems like I can receive them and then send messages from there on. Message me instead and I'll share the Escort Websites.
  13. @sleep Yes, of course. If you struggle with any kind of mental disorder or have a family history of mental illness be wary. Mental Health is much more important!
  14. I‘m extremely introverted. I don’t like to be around people very much. Especially, those who aren’t part of my immediate family or small inner circle of friends. I don’t ever go to social gatherings or parties of any kind. After interacting with others I find myself feeling completely drained of energy needing to retreat back into my comfort zone before I can go out and attempt to socialize again. Spending a lot of my life secluded has given me the opportunity to expand my own mind and intellect to higher levels. I don’t claim to be this super intelligent “know-it-all” but yes solitude has played a huge part in shaping the way I think and perceive the world. I think spending time in solitude has its benefits but can also come with a lot of disadvantages too. I guess it all depends on what’s important to you. I personally enjoy being an introvert but every now and then it’s nice to interact with others.
  15. I read everything you commented so far but I felt the need to highlight this in particular because I can very much relate to your situation, though, I’m somewhat hesitant to express myself fully here and elsewhere due to fear of criticism even though I had an experience on Mushrooms that told me to do the contrary involving expression regardless of negative critiques thrown my way. If you’re really interested in getting with Escort Girls I can PM you a few reliable sources you can visit with a few warnings I might add. This is the only type of experience I have with women so I think I’m qualified to give tips and advice related to Escorts. I won’t share it here but if you’re still interested I can send it through PM.