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  1. @ivankiss On that note this would be as good a time as any to close this thread.
  2. @Nak Khid Truth is what is - exactly as it is.
  3. @Nak Khid Which ever you believe to be true. Look for instance what is True for Michael.
  4. You may not have free will but you can set an intention within the material/relative realm.
  5. @GabeN Nothingness hides in plain sight. It is all around you. It is inescapable.
  6. @TrynaBeTurquoise Oh I'm so glad you reminded me. 12 hours from now Mercury begins a transit across the sun. I'll get some pics. if weather permitting.
  7. The bigger the ego the more raw matter available to break down into micro nutrients. -Nothing goes to waste.
  8. @Schahin As an ego all you can really do is prepare the fertile soil in which awakening can take foothold.
  9. @John Paul Finding your lost keys has nothing on that.
  10. There are no colors just as there is no "out there".
  11. @The Don It's all just form at play. Nothing to get hung up about.
  12. @zeroISinfinity Please refrain from hijacking other members threads. Thanks
  13. @Yamazaki Just wanted to say Welcome to the forum. You'll be a wonderful asset to the community.
  14. @llumin Locking this for low consciousness content.