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  1. If a person was truly enlightened, who would remain to know that the ego never existed?
  2. @bobbyward Always good to hear from you. Wise words!
  3. @abrakamowse I think of it this way, when we attach "knowing" to conscionesness than it becomes an aggregate also. All aggregates arise mutually within the known = "lower-self" consciousness. Higher consciousness is pure consciousness, beyond the knower that creates aggregates. Self is like a leach clinging to consciousness.
  4. @Seed Thanks for asking a great question. When it comes to meditation, less is more (mind that is). It sounds like your b-f is doing it right. Unless he is taking a snooze. haha As for you, create a place of stillness and lovingly cultivate it over time through meditation With practice that stillness will get more and more refined to deeper and deeper levels. Awareness should remain as a witness of that total stillness while meditating. It's a very subtle and delicate environment to experience compared to the world of mind, noise and action. Find that place of stillness and make it you own. It is you after all. On a totally different note: If maybe you like experiencing visual's and would want to explore the creative part of mind, may I suggest becoming aware during dreaming and observe the dreams in a detached manner. Do you ever do that? Say to yourself "Oh yea, I'm dreaming" and see that you are creating it all. It is a thought = form realm. Also you can make it a point to try and stay aware as your falling asleep and follow into it. You can invent some really amazing mindscapes using shapes and colors that you don't see in the external world. But that's just all stuff to explore for the sheer fun of it and nothing to do with meditation and enlightenment. Just have fun and enjoy it all while not taking any of it seriously.
  5. @Seed This is your mind/ego playing games with you as a form of resistance. Mind is just mind so don't make a big deal out of any thoughts or visions that arise. They are meaningless in themselves unless you assign them meaning. Observe them-- let them go-- and move on with the real work! The tears are part of an emotional purging process so allow them to happen when they need to come out. Accept the tears and emotions and again, move on!
  6. @Emre I've been on this path for a while now and I haven't completely lost my mind yet. That's how I know there is more work to be done.
  7. @username I use an OM mantra. Silently saying Om or sometimes listening to monks chanting OM through headphones. Yesterdays meditation just went much deeper than usual for some reason. The stillness kept getting more refined/subtle. Stillness within stillness within stillness within stillness......................
  8. The age old question "what am I?"
  9. @eputkonen It's an infinitely deep ocean of stillness. And like any ocean, it has it's waves, storms, wind, sun, ect. on it's surface. And life is always throwing a wave at the body/mind that has to ride it out sometimes. haha But seriously, we are all so much more than just the surface. Experiencing the infinite depths that you are is transforming in itself. The surface pails in comparison to that awesomeness.
  10. Meditation went really deep today! A level of stillness was realized that was never experienced before. When looking from a place of deep stillness, what was seen was more stillness. Stillness within stillness. Infinite levels of stillness.
  11. @mp22 Not exactly like that. You have to completely let go of yourself to become no-self, no-thing. Just saying to yourself that you are no-self is just more "you" trying to be no-self. That's a really long hit or miss road (except for using some kind of drug to force a no-self experience). Which is not my first choice. You could look at it this way. You know how a computer has an operating system. You can't use the old OS to reinvent itself into a completely new OS. So the fastest way to install a new OS, is to completely remove the original OS first. "You" temporally become no-self or non existent. If your willing to let go of the OS that you run on now, the new OS will be installed in the flash of an eye. You see the hardest part about this is letting go of the old OS. The rest is easy!
  12. @mp22 It's bringing concentration to a point of perfect focus on a subject. I was hammering the "I don't exist" when the "shift" happened to me. @Gailan explains the same. I'd like to also mention that it's kind of a hit or miss thing. So don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen the first time. It's like your brain needs to discover something completely new.
  13. @Gailan What John Hagelin presents @9:00 seems to describe your experience of a "shift in perception". Samadhi : "Where the whole brain is functioning in an integrated way that is not seen in any other state of consciousness -waking, dreaming or sleep" I wonder what is special about the "I don't exist" practice that enables the whole brain to suddenly come into complete synchronization and experience -Samadhi (higher consciousness) ? Is it that a sense of self (fight or flight) keeps the brain hemispheres segregated and in a state of lower consciousness? As you experienced, that "shift in perception" is quite noticeable. Discovering for the first time that we all possess a higher level of consciousness that can be tapped into is nothing short of amazing!