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  1. @SoonHei Yes, from the the ego/mind perspective that is what was experienced.
  2. Maybe surrender was too strong of a word to use. Lets just say "completely letting go of everything including the thought of letting go". Flowers and butterflies - There was nothing to be experienced as there was no experiencer. It wasn't scary, pleasent, or anything.
  3. I've encountered a void once or twice in meditation. While in perfect stillness of mind suddenly appeared a void in awareness like a black hole opened up that was darkness within darkness. I didn't enter into it as it snapped me right out of the meditation it was so unexpected. On another occasion while meditating I was in something like a state of Samadhi (perfect pure bliss consciousness) and when I surrendered to it I completely vanished. I didn't exist. So yes it was devoid of all experience unlike the experience above. But maybe that's because I did enter into it.
  4. @tashawoodfall I've got something for you and it won't cost you a dime. You are going to come into some really good fortune in the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to hearing from you again in two weeks - if not sooner.
  5. @tashawoodfall I say that's all coincidence. She was just trying to get some quick cash out of you. The only magic she possessed was making $20 bills disappear from wallets.
  6. @Nahm You didn't skim through the video? It's a fairy tale garden with glowing mushrooms you create yourself using LED lights and colored silicone to make the shrooms out of. I thought some of you shroom guys would get a kick out of it.
  7. @andyjohnsonman That's when the breakthroughs happen. You missed the bus dude. It pulled up right in front of you and you didn't get on. Now your stuck in Egosville. I jest but in a way that's how it is. But don't feel bad, your not the only one who backed off at the sight of ego death. You can see now why it's called The Hero's Journey.
  8. The absolute is already inquiring without an inquirer.
  9. @isabel One appearance thanking another appearance. My pleasure!
  10. @isabel It is all one but in way you may not dare to think.
  11. 'All of this is you' because you are an appearance. Even the "I am" that is silently aware of the thoughts is a subtle form of appearance.
  12. Silence is the only truth. -and it will certainly correct all errors of the mind.
  13. Spirituality shouldn't be viewed as being a "Goal". Just saying now before you start.