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  1. @littleBIG What if you were floating in space in the vastness of the universe? Would you have a specific location?
  2. @John Iverson That's a good question. I'd say it's far more intelligent than knowledge. Infinitely farther. It's so intelligent it can't even be put into words or understood with the mind the way that books and such can be understood. Knowledge that can be shared is just a small fraction that only points in the direction to infinite intelligence.
  3. @Violina If someone were to realize their true inner being beyond all identification with the mind why would that stop a person from being successful? Wouldn't you think that would make someone a better dancer since they would express their dance from an inner silence deeper than mind.
  4. @SoonHei keep going and you'll eventually "realize" it. Keep in mind there is no definable aspect to it. That's what makes it infinite.
  5. @Hello from Russia Let go of yourself. Now what are you?
  6. @Hello from Russia Exactly. Just practice being present- mindful. It should be effortless. Anything other is excess.. Throw it out.
  7. @SoonHei Same here but took more time for me. We came to the right place to "be".
  8. @SoonHei Any experiance is always going to have some "you" factor to it. To completely transcend the self takes practice, and great mastery. That's the reason most ppl turn to other options. Just my opinion but try to stay away from smoking that convenience store "incense". You never know what's in that kind of stuff. It could be laced with embalming fluid for all you know.
  9. @SoonHei It is good that you contemplated this. You can perhaps appreciate now just how much the ego identification colorizes reality. The ego for instance may see a cat. If the ego loves cats than it colorizes it by adding things like a cute, cuddly, fuzzy kitty. In true reality it's just an animal with fur. Even that definition is labeling it. But i think you see what i mean. The cute, fuzzy, kitty is just illusory additions that the ego imposes over it. What you may have had was a taste of experiencing reality in an egoless state. The meaningless, hopeless feeling that it left you with was again the ego's way of coming to terms with true reality face on and it didn't like it. But it all goes with the territory of awakening to true reality. Time to drop the rose colored glasses that the ego experiences the world through along with the ego. The good news here is the ego's point of view has been an illusion all along.
  10. @SoonHei No it went away by the next morning. I just wondered why I experienced what I did for a long time afterwards. Lets explore this. Nothing in your room really changed, right? I mean not physically changed. So what did change? What was different?
  11. @SoonHei That was interesting. I think I know what your talking about. I had a similar experiance years ago but yea it's something you don't forget. Reality becomes mostly meaningless, depressing and empty like a child's coloring book without crayons. Sound familiar in a way? It took me some time to see the truth in that experiance.
  12. @SoonHei You can leave out the "sir" part too. Think of me more as a mode of energy expressing itself within consciousness as cetus56.
  13. Reality is experiencing me. I'm not experiencing reality.
  14. @saint_charming7 Did you see the reply I left an hour ago on the topic "Spiritual growth makes unhappy"? Yea it's a freaky feeling to become separate from the body location. When it first happened to me it was spontaneous. I never seen it coming and was completely unexpected. I couldn't find much information on it when I researched it. But I know that feeling of "What was that???" "What just happened?"
  15. @Violina Some ppl don't like that feeling of becoming detached from the body. It is a bit freaky to experiance for the first time.