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  1. In Hinduisim it's known as Potti Samadhi
  2. @okulele This could also be a factor. Highway hypnosis, also known as white line fever, first described in a 1921 article that mentioned the phenomenon of "road hypnotism": driving in a trance-like state while gazing at a fixed point.
  3. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change
  4. @Outer How'd you know I was thinking about the parabrahaman even though I didn't mention it?
  5. @OuterThis is one of the subjects where if you ask 50 ppl you'll get 50 different views. We could throw the word "conscious" or consciousness into the mix too just to make it really complicated. Perception vs awareness vs consciousness. I'll read the link you posted.
  6. @Outer Have you never experianced perfectly empty awareness where even the perceiver was gone?
  7. That's how I perceive it to be. I should add that "true self" and "mine" are all objects of perception. But yes awareness is "no object".
  8. @Ingit Perception needs a perceiver. Awareness extends beyond perceivables and conceivables. in other words perception needs an object to be perceived. Awareness doesn't. It can be perfectly empty.
  9. The greatest gift one can give themself is the freedom to move beyond the self. '
  10. @Nahm Ain't that the truth "That's it, the last time you'll look like today. 'Cause ripples never come back"
  11. @Nahm "Oh why don't you come out- whoever you are. You've followed me quite long enough"