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  1. @Leo Gura Funny you should say this. Yesterday as the dog was taking her morning poop I was thinking "This too is infinity. Beautiful morning sunrises or the dog taking a shit. It's all infinity". Than I contemplated that and saw that infinity knows no such distinctions as between a beautiful sunrise or a dog taking a poop on the lawn. It's all just infinity.
  2. @Reflection I agree. I could also say the old growth supports new growth. Of the one tree.
  3. @Reflection It's just a simple picture of what I see as infinity with all it's outgrowths. If you want to label them each than sure, that's fine. That is reality. As Leo said, reality has infinite resolution.
  4. @Reflection I'm waaaay past these labels and distinctions. I see where you are coming from now.
  5. @Reflection Physics is a part of infinity just as a finger is the infinite hand. Every possibility is an individual outgrowth of infinity. But infinity is always infinity, hand, fingers and all. Just as the picture shows. Yes I do. Why is it the same? Because it's all infinity!!!! Maybe I'm just looking at this differently than you. Physics does not apply to infinity so this is precisely why the hand (infinity) does not change. BTW, if you look really closely you'll see that the forth finger on the thirty-seventh little hand from the left has a stunted growth. That's physics! Just joking there!
  6. @MarkusSweden This has nothing to do with Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment or Spirituality.
  7. @Crystalous The emptiness from which chaos (experience) appears.
  8. @TheEnlightenedWon I've done that before. It's infinite. Is that illusion too?
  9. @MarkusSweden Gotta shut this down. We saw all this before. No room for than, no room for it now.
  10. "You could go on creating distinctions forever. That is the nature of consciousness"
  11. @hundreth@Outer The experience of reality is a projection on a screen of consciousness. The "screen" appears on the absolute. Only the absolute on which the screen appears is truth. The screen-consciousness is Brahman. The absolute on which the screen appears is Para-Brahman. Everything that appears in conscious experience is unreal. A projection which is always fleeting so only relative truth can be found. I've never tried 5meO but it sounds to me like what is being experienced is the screen itself, pure consciousness. In other words it's the closest within conscious experience of the absolute that anyone can have before the absolute swallows them whole, consciousness and all. They are touching the very screen on which consciousness appears on the absolute. Tair through that thin screen and your absorbed completely without a trace. Conscious experience has than surrendered itself and returned to the absolute from which it came.
  12. @Leo Gura You jest but maybe that's a secret passageway to the infinite first discovered by gurus sitting in caves getting bugs up their nose. What could be a more ironic discovery than that? Licking a frog?