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  1. @Tony 845 Just my 2 cents worth. The kids best intrest comes first.
  2. @Shin I said 10,000 words couldn't describe it. I Kept it to 9, 999 .
  3. @Highest The absolute prevades everything. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don't. But it's always here. And nowhere.
  4. The body and mind will continue to knock around within the manifest realm. Why not feel it while it lasts?
  5. @Highest One fleeting glimpse couldn't be described with 10,000 words.
  6. @Tausif Ahmed Welcome aboard. Atheisim, God, perspectives, rationalism, spiritual experiences, illusions, reality itself all arise on one empty screen of consciousness. Consciousness is prior to any experience. You came into this world as consciousness. Nothing would exist if it were not for consciousness. To answer your question. You are not any appearance that arises within consciousness. You are the consciousness on which all appearences (hallucinations) happen. Think movie screen. Any movie can play out on the screen. But the screen itself remains empty and untouched.
  7. @How to be wise Nice! Reminded me of a quote of Nisargadatta "I see the same world as you but I see it differently" The absolute is here - now.
  8. Ever hear of the Mound Builders of north america?
  9. Edit out the "when we die" and make it "when we become enlightened". The "D" word is a little harsh.