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  1. @Bernard I get panic attacks thinking about getting stuck in reality.
  2. @winterknight Never mind. I see what your saying now.
  3. @EvilAngel Nobody is experiencing anything.
  4. There is nothing here of value in this video.
  5. @metwinn You said you felt you had no location and that was causing a fear. Instead of fearing it why not welcome it and explore it more deeply. Maybe it's time to move beyond intellectual knowlage.
  6. @Vladimir Rather than learning how to die why not practice never being born? That kind of cuts the middle man right out of the picture. No "you" to die. Just empty manifest presents. like a breeze blowing through.
  7. @metwinn This is a transitional phase between self and no-self. Let go of the "I am" along with it's fear and dwell in the ever present "I" that has no location.
  8. @Strikr On a smaller scale than a monkey writing all Shakespears books when given an infinite amout of time at a typewriter a broken clock is correct twice a day.
  9. @Tony 845 What I meant was the same driving force that brings unenlightened ppl here brings enlightened ppl. What if everyone in history that ever became awakened just disappeared into a cave never to be seen again? But it doesn't work that way. And good thing it doesn't. Bottom line it's all one consciousness expanding.
  10. @Blissout @Preetom Nisargadatta may have used "I am" interchangeably. One quote is: "stay in the I am and in doing so trancend it". And in another quote: Do not bother about anything you want, or think, or do, just stay put in the thought and feeling, ‘I am’, focusing ‘I am’ firmly in your mind. All kinds of experience may come to you – remain unmoved in the knowledge that all perceivable is transient and only the ‘I am’ endures.