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  1. You are Love. But you aren't conscious of that. But you could become conscious of that if you listened to me rather than try to project egotistical motives on me. Plenty of spiritual teachers are simply not conscious of what Love is. And you are falling into that trap. I pointed that trap out to you, yet you resist taking the trap seriously. What more can I do? I have told you the highest truth. Get it, or don't. Up to you. -Leo Gura
  2. Sensory deprivation tank (float tank)
  3. @Adodd With a bit more practice you can become aware of thoughts just as they begin to emerge at the most subtle level as if they were bubbles rising in a viscous liquid.
  4. There is no such thing as the experience of reality -Nisargadatta
  5. Did you notice there was no "you" yet something remained? Something very subtle.
  6. @Llight Leo warned you already when you were heading into ban territory and here you are at it again.
  7. @Mongu9719 @arvindbd1997 Did the machine elves forget to mention having multiple accounts is against forum guidelines? Which one do you want to keep?
  8. @Raptorsin7 A few examples as a reminder. I like the last one. It gave me a laugh. Creating your own karmic wheel within the forum?
  9. @Eph75 Was just thinking along those same lines. A "strange loop" of negativity feeding negativity feeding negativity.
  10. @electroBeam There are 389 reviews on Amazon for the Muse 2
  11. @Inder All kinds of meditation techniques are not the answer to an unsatisfying job just as they are not the answer to an ill fitting shoe.