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  1. @Socrates Reality is the substance of reality. Reality just happens within itself. Reality has up's and downs as it ebb's and flows_____and all the while it comes and goes. Your question inspired a moment of contemplation and to write something to share. Whatever reality is made of, enjoy it while it's here.
  2. @Ilya If it is true, I wonder what effect consciousness may be having on the findings of particle behavior at CERN. Just something to consider.
  3. There are entities which are in the world, and which act on people. They are here, around us at all times. In daylight, however, it is more difficult to perceive them, simply because the world is familiar to us, and that which is familiar takes precedence. In the darkness, on the other hand, everything is equally strange and very few things take precedence, so we are more susceptible to those entities at night.
  4. @Leo Gura Are Trolls Real? 8 pages worth? If they weren't before-they are now! They've been given life.
  5. Maybe these words of Nisargadatta can help you. That is the reason he said them.
  6. @username No, I haven't academically. I do hope that someday science can find a connection between conscionseness and Qm. Maybe through string theory, Calabi-Yau manifolds ect. Who knows what the future may unlock.
  7. @ElisabethWhenever someone mentions QM and consciousness in the same sentence, Bohm always springs to mind. Whether there is any real meat on the bone there or not you can decide. Bohm discusses this in much more depth in other interviews, while this was just a quick overview. I can say one thing about the man, he wasn't afraid to think outside the box. For whatever it's worth.
  8. @Elisabeth This would be the perfect introduction.
  9. Do you want to travel or don't you? If so you must first purchase a ticket to ride. *Cash and credit not excepted. haha You travel every night now when you sleep. The difference is whether your consciously aware of it or not. If you could be aware of it you could create any world you choose. It is Thought = Form. BTW-your already all of it. You just don't know it yet.
  10. Wouldn't what is truly false also be truth?
  11. @Sheeba Sounds like a taste of ego death. And the first taste is always the most bitter. After this initial blow it gets easier. Maybe now you understand why it's said this work isn't so much about gaining something as it is about getting rid of something-(ego). That depressed feeling your getting is the ego's doing. See how much ego is exposed now? Surprising, isn't it? And uncomfortable too. We've all been there before so it's completely understood what your going through. If you would have done more work on the ego by now, Leo's new video would have sounded like a piece of Heaven to your ears. I'm not kidding you! It would be a complete 180 from what you experienced. Or rather I should say 'your ego experienced'. The good news is that since you are a 'newbie' you won't be getting into this work with huge misconceptions about enlightenment. That in itself puts you ahead of the game from the start. The most important thing you can do now is drop all resistance and just allow everything to be as it has always truly been. Rest in what is- like your floating down a stream. Letting go is a huge aspect of this work. Practice letting go and you will see that nothing changes in reality but only the way it's viewed.
  12. This is what I have up now. The other 2 I've used also
  13. @How to be wise How can people who know what enlightenment is become enlightened?