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  1. @Seed Last night I read your post about the hesitations you have about enlightenment. This morning I read this and it reminded me of your concerns. Master: You must push yourself beyond your limits all the time. -Disciple: But that would be insane. No one can do that! Master: There are lots of things you do now that would have seemed insane to you 10 years ago. Those things themselves did not change but your idea of yourself has changed. What was impossible before is perfectly possible now. And perhaps your success in changing yourself is just a matter of time. You have enough power now to act accordingly, but your old habits stand in your way. Everything we do, everything we are rests in our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word uttered to us would be sufficient to change the course of our lives. But if we don't have enough power, the most magnificent piece of wisdom could be revealed to us and it won't make a bit of difference. What I'm showing you is don't worry. Your not going to do or see or become anything that your not in total acceptance of.
  2. Time is duration. Duration allows for change, movement, growth ect. If it wasn't for time everything would be piled up in one place all at one moment. Which it may very well be the case in reality. But it seems to me that the universe is a sort of warp field on the absolute. Hence such things as time, space, gravity, mind, matter,energy. A vortex of vibrations with light as it's driving force.
  3. Here's something that goes nicely after a toke or two. Put on some headphones, close your eyes and contemplate this.
  4. O.k. forget 'chase'. Why do you need a 'process' or to 'go through' anything to 'reach' what you already are this moment?
  5. In a world full of people only some are to fly. Isn't that Crazy. Seal
  6. @Seed If you take yourself as the body, you have forgotten your true nature. How can you "chase" what you really are? The real question is- What were you before the announcement of your birth? Before the illusion of 'you' as a physical entity came along? I know that is an absurd question to the mind. But this is where only the silence of meditation can reveal the truth. Well, besides for death showing you the truth. But why wait for death to be upon you to realize the truth of it all. Imagine for a moment that death was imminent for the body. You would have no choice but to let the body drop away and you would expand effortlessly into everything. At that point you would probably have one last thought. Why did I spend a lifetime being preoccupied with this body and mind when I am everything- eternally. Wouldn't you feel like you cheated yourself out? All I'm saying is, don't limit yourself to what you 'know' is you. Put trust in something that has no physical proof to it. Something that needs no proof because anything proven will surely fall away.
  7. @Parki If you dared to realize what you truly are, you could swallow the universe.
  8. Q: Where does a Buddhist sleep? A: On a BuddhiRest mattress.
  9. When we dream we see and hear people talking to us. Nothing unusual there. Maybe a little of that slips into our waking state from time to time. Another possibility is that our memory stores all past experiences as if on a hologram. You've heard the old saying about "their entire life flashed before their eyes". Maybe we tap into that reservoir of information from time to time and re-experience something that was actually said to us in the past.
  10. @Mart This probably won't be the last time it happens. As with all else, let it go and carry on.
  11. @Danielle Same thing happened to me two days ago. I was sitting here at the lap top and I heard a voice to my left call my name. What the hell is that? It may have come from my subconscious but I'm not sure.
  12. @Elephant It wasn't an allergic reaction. The walnut husks have a chemical in them that causes staining after contact. That was just as an example though of things that can cause staining. Garden slugs can do it too. Weird!
  13. @Elephant I once had a house with a walnut tree in the yard. I would get what looks like the same stains on my hands hours later from handling/cleaning up the fallen walnuts. You never know.
  14. @Elephant It sure looks like some kind of staining to me. No worries. You probably came into contact with something and don't remember. It's not giving you any weird sensations at that location or anything? Like itching or something?