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  1. @Surfingthewave What is it really about? Becoming one again with your origin.
  2. Why would anyone commit physical suicide when the can just as easily commit suicide of the mind. It's just as effective and a lot less messy.
  3. Sounds real nice. Here in Jersey the state bird is the mosquito.
  4. @Mikael89 The grass grows greener over the septic tank.
  5. I once dreamnt of being a passenger in a car with Jim Morrison of The Doors driving through endless desert. We didn't say a word as just being in the moment was enough. At some point I finally asked: "So Jim, where are we heading anyway? And he replied with a glint in his eye: "We're already there".
  6. Rutgers Agricultural Experiment Station. It's not a seed co. it's a university in the US.
  7. @Aakash There's nothing like serving food that came from your own garden. That's the "Special Spice"
  8. Start with growing a garden. Zuccini is in harvest now. Picked 4 just today.