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  1. As Leo said in one if his videos: To be alive as an ego means to suffer. And still you see around so much egos lost in ignorance. You must be conscious of your suffering to be purified. Suffering itself won't make it.
  2. Hey there I was reading Leo's advice for attaining Enlightenment here in forum recently. It let me wonder a lot. I put so much energy and time into meditation, self-inquiry, concentration, etc every single day, but I am completely dismissing the little (or bigger) fears I face on daily basis. Like fear of opinions of others, fear of mistakes, fear of not being good enough, fear of the unknown, fear of discomfort, fear of regret.. The fear of some of those things is really strong and feels so real, but when I'm doing self-inquiry I don't really feel so much fear. (6 months since I started self-inquiring) I'm afraid of things that just poke to my ego, but when it comes to killing this motherf***er the fear is really not so strong. It got me thing "Am I doing something wrong?". Does my mind play a trick on me when I'm doing self-inquiry? So the question is: Is better to focus fully on self-inquiry and let other things be dissolved by it, or focus on discomforts step by step and eventually face the biggest one, the fear of death? Thanks everybody
  3. Being is so Infinity that it musts contain even the thing we call perspective. What more, every possible perspective. So even though perspectives do not happen in the heads od others, they are there. Just becouse they musts be. This way we could explain just everything. This is why it does not seem like sufficient answer. But maybe it is
  4. @cetus56 Great explanation. I love it. To make it clear once again: I am at one of many stages of this journey. I am aware, at least at some degree, that all there is, is what's happening right know. Nothing is hidden, it is just matter of consciousness. But when I look others into their eyes, it is very easy to locate and project a perspective into their head. But their perspective is just concept, it is not happening. Or in other words, I am not conscious of it. And maybe I will be conscious to that degree one day. Maybe it is all right there, right now and I am just not seeing it. Maybe every bit of this being is conscious and me saying it is not happening is just my ignorance. And by trying to conceptualize about it, I am just creating more fog around myself, fog that allows me to see myself and my believes but not the infitness of being.
  5. @Maxx I was very logical and rational. These were my highest values. And then I realized how hollow these things are. So now I am exploring the other side of pendulum. So even if this makes no sens, it is how I experiencing it right now. When i think about other perspectives that are happeing without experiencing them, this makes me feel separate.
  6. I was talking about solipsism without even knowing that something like this exists. What is it realtionship to Enlightenment? The thing is that I am just confused how these perspectives fit into bigger picture (absolute)? How are they interconnected? How can you become aware of them? Is it through perspectives how the Absolute becomes actualized? I am so grateful for your answers folks.
  7. Death plays a big role in everybody's life. What we do whole day is just avoiding it (by collecting money,by trying to hold to our self-image, by trying to get approval od others,..) Our lives are then about surviving not about living, being. Just by changing your perception of death you will change everything. When you feel bad emotions thats great, that means you get it, at least at conceptual layer. We are saying that you don't exist.
  8. The Truth is that there is noone to die. And just by hearing it, it isn't the Truth. It will become one onced it is experienced.
  9. This thing was in my mind for quite a while. I tried to put it in some understandable way, so I hope you guys will get what I mean. There is this one perspective "I" am experiencing and that is all what is happeing. I mean, you cannot experience the perspective of another person, or animal, or wahtever else. So you cannot even know if others have a perspective. Others can be like robots, without a consciousness, without a perspective and you will never have the chance to know. You don't know if I have a perspective (consciousness) while writing this post, and I don't know if you have one while replaying on this post. How could you know that you are everyone, therefore experiencing everything thru other perspetives? Others are just concepts, just bundaries, just sounds and colors in your visual field. I haven't experienced enlightenment yet, so maybe I'm just deluded on my way there. Therefore this question may sound silly for you. And it will sound silly for me in future too. Anyway i had this feeling to share it. Thanks everyone.
  10. really love this tedx talk
  11. Hey there, I heard from Leo about this assumption of consciousness coming from brain. I realized that I hold this believe very strongly. Now I am trying to let go of it. Have you ever thought about this question? I'm not looking for any logic or well argumented answers. I am curious about your perspectives. Thanks for answers and love ya guys.
  12. Do you have some experiences with drinking matcha tea before meditation? Do you think it can help you getting better in meditation or it is only a shortcut that won't help you in a long run? I mean can you become addicted to it and need it for "good" meditation?