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  1. I think everybody has deep inside desire for truth/Truth. The only way to get it is Enlightenment. It is the only way how you can be truly happy. These problems like addictions and so on aren't really your problems anymore after Enlightenment. And you will work on them because of insipration not despirston. Everything will become perfect and you will create not repair.
  2. After Enlightenment there is no you. Questions like "How it will serve me?" are really irrelevant. There will be no ego to benefit from Enlightenment. You should change your whole approach to it. Ego based motivaton won't bring you enlightenment.
  3. Hey there, I heard from Leo about this assumption of consciousness coming from brain. I realized that I hold this believe very strongly. Now I am trying to let go of it. Have you ever thought about this question? I'm not looking for any logic or well argumented answers. I am curious about your perspectives. Thanks for answers and love ya guys.
  4. @Life Coach It is important to make distinction between ego and the "true you" or the nothing or the god. When you die or become enlightenment the ego die. You created the ego, so it is only an illusion and the whole process of ego death is an illusion. The true you has been always there and will be there forever. So you can never die, and you were not even born at the first place. You just experiencing reality through your body therefore through your senses. When the ego dies there is noone who could experience the reality and you become reality experiencing itself. The experiences of sights, sounds, thoughts, feelings,.. all of this creates mind, the brain. So without brain, there is nothing of that. But all of it was only an interpretation of reality that brain created. Not reality itself. This is in brevity how i see it.
  5. Do you have some experiences with drinking matcha tea before meditation? Do you think it can help you getting better in meditation or it is only a shortcut that won't help you in a long run? I mean can you become addicted to it and need it for "good" meditation?