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  1. There's the blog posts (videos).
  2. Life is the price for fear. /// Love is the prize of life.
  3. Do you say this only because you can't love everybody? I mean I get you, when it's the type of person who only superficially "loves" everybody else because he/she thinks it's a good thing to do but can't actually truly love them, that's understandably oddly irritating. But even when we're talking about such kinds of people, why don't you step up and be the better example?:P Show them what it's like experiencing true love and then see what happens.
  4. @dimitri Exactly.
  5. @Salvijus Yeah, seems like you're right. I guess I got the hang of it now.
  6. @Salvijus Btw, I just noticed... you actually explained karma slightly wrong. Karma does not literally mean "memory" or "data". This is not true. It actually means "action" or "doing", along other similar words. So, for example, when you say "that's my karma", that just means that it's your action or your doing and that you are ultimately responsible for whatever you say, do, think and so on. And all this action (that can be split up in the 4 categories) leaves/builds up memory. That's where the conection between karma and memory comes from, but karma doen't have anything to do with memory inherently. I thought this might be something worth pointing out.
  7. @Salvijus Okay, a very short answer with a long explanation that has heavy Sadhguru-influences all over it😄 But thanks a lot anyways:) I appreciate it.
  8. Since there is such a great misunderstanding of what karma actually is, what it represents, and how it is understood, this thread is basically just me trying to get my understanding right and wondering if anybody else could give me his/her perspective on the matter whether or not what can be regarded as "karmic memory" is basically equivalent or synonymous with what Westerners typically understand as the "subconscious mind" (?).
  9. @Leo Gura Ahhh, come on..:P You've got so much ahead of you, there's no need to worry about that.
  10. Congratulations! We all celebrate with utmost delight the sacred birthday of our Saviour, our Lord, and the Mighty Destroyer of all devilry in existence! Let the light of Consciousness shine brighter and stronger on this glorious day than it ever did, and let it never succumb to the cold and dark shadows of the Ego and all its evil temptations! But, yeah, happy birthday Leo, you’re amazing.😄😊 We would all be in very different places without you, but that’s just how Reality plays out, right...?😉😋
  11. This is exciting! It’s exciting because you’re on the right way, as you started to question and doubt everything a little bit. Here's the thing: Ego emerges due to a lack of -true- love, which is to say that someone cannot truly love something/someone if he only loves it/the person because it/he/she serves him. In other words: if someone/something needs to be a certain way for it/them to be loved, it’s not true love. What I’m trying to get at with all of this is that we have a massive, massive problem with OBJECTIFYING everything. If I’m making you @sausagehead, for example, an object of my evaluations, standards, or subjective judgments, for instance, then this is automatically implying that I do not/don’t really accept you as you are, and, in order to accept/love you, I first need you to change in a certain way. Needless to say that this objectification has been going on for our entire lives which has then, among other things, led us to develop our “Ego” - our sense of self (not -S- elf, but -s- elf 🙃). And, in order to uphold it, to keep it alive, and to feed it, we then go on to objectify ourselves just as much as we objectify others, so that we can make “ourselves” (our Ego) the best, most valued, and most appreciated object that there is. 💥BAM💥 There we have it!😄
  12. @Derek White Okay, sure, I won’t deny that. It couldn’t even be any other way:) But what does that now leave us with? Did you intend to point out something specific with this? I’m kinda confused as to where this is going.
  13. @Hello from Russia Geez, if the cops should ever need a new profiler, you're the man!
  14. I find it to be very fascinating that this is the very first post someone who's new in this forum makes Nonetheless, posing the question whether or not criticism is "correct" or "justified" is such a relative matter. From the guy's perspective it sure is, from someone else's it is not. As obvious as this may be, though, and as Leo has already pointed out in his video on criticism, criticising anybody is automatically criticising oneself. Therefore, I always tend to look for more/deeper understanding of why someone says what they say, rather than putting labels on it and opposing my personal, totally irrelevant views and opinions against that.