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  1. When nobody is looking
  2. Everybody on Sundays be like:
  3. Even if you don't really know him or not really care for what he says in terms of content, just watch how he speaks, behaves and presents himself. He really is one of the very very few individuals I could think of who embody the combination of real character-strength and deep authentic humbleness so amazingly well. Just take a look for yourself, it's absolutely worth it. If you know other people who are as genuinely authentic as he is, be sure to let us/me know about it. (The title is as so often kinda misleading, since he doesn't really talk that much about what is being advertised by it, but a title like that is generally to be expected from a stage orange-like channel as this one [just sayin'])
  4. Nice one!
  5. @Rich1 Shia says:
  6. Doesn't take that long once you're in the flow of writing..:) / / / As I said, focus on what you have right now and what you actually can do to stabilise and maintain your current success and to enhance it rather than being literally afraid and worried about losing it... just holds you back completely unneccearily. No great entrepreneur would always worry and fear about his business fading or collapsing, ever; simply because there's always more business. I mean by that that you just need to shift your focus forwards instead of always looking "back" or "down". If you feel neurotic about losing what you have, to me that also kinda implies that you don't really feel yourself to be worthy of the success that you managed to acquire so far, is that possible? So, maybe try and work on your self-esteem and/or self image a bit. Of course, I don't know you personally which is why I'm slightly guessing here but well, one's mindset is very very important. You already have to feel like what you want to be(come), otherwise you won't really get there. (Or at least not very fast)
  7. May be difficult to do but try to imagine how you would have done the same if you were in their position. And don’t judge while you’re doing it. Simple try to see how it is even possible that someone would do what has been done to you. “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner” - To understand all is to forgive all. Only when you truly understand - when you understand how you would also have done it - only then you can forgive. Because, what even is forgiveness? Essentially it’s the detachment or the figurative “forgetting of” certain thoughts or emotions that you have attached to a particular action of a person before. That’s why people who say that they can’t forgive someone for what they have done just simply can’t see themselves in the other person’s perspective - they can’t take it on as a part of themselves (which is also very critical/important for awakening/enlightenment work in case you’re also into that, perhaps)
  8. Are you attached to success because you simply want to make a lot of money? Or are you attached to it because your survival is dependent on it and you don’t even really care that much about the money? I think that’s an important distinction to be made because it determines what area you have to work on (first/the most). Either way, I think you always simply have to give people what they really need. Sometimes you also have to give them what they want but mostly it’s what they need. Combine that with a good customer service and (obviously) good product-quality and you should probably be fine in regards to your worries about your product reviews, I think. This may be very oversimplified - you certainly know a lot more about the specifics of what you do compared to me - but that’s some advice I could think of right now:) Other than that, Leo’s right when he says that you’re afraid - which is quite understandable and nothing to be even more neurotic about à la “oh fuck, I shouldn’t be afraid, therefore I’m gonna suppress my fear - fear is bad...!”. It’s all fine, as long as we can be honest and confident about it. I don’t exactly know who said it but certainly someone at some point said “Fear is like prepaying for something that hasn’t even occurred yet”. Now, being somewhat precautious is definetely always better in business than running straight ahead with delusional blindfolds on but you do need to watch out to not fall into a hole of constant negative thinking or anxiety or self-doubt, or whatever else. Have trust in your customers showing you what’s right and wrong, but most of all, have trust in yourself. You’re being successful right now so nothing could ever stop you from being successful again at some point. Don’t look at what you might have to lose (because there is none) and much rather look at what you can do, what you can gain and what you can achieve. That should be much better.
  9. LOC-ratings are total nonsense and a major distraction for the ego. One should forget about them and dismiss them as quickly as possible I think. This is not to say that you could never ever describe or classify someone’s level of overall consciousness but there’s no way you could quantify it in any way. What about LOC 1001? Is that legit? Does it exist? Why is 1000 the limit? Are there things you can tick off on a list that you can or can’t do at a certain level? It’s just... it’s just nonsense, really, don’t waste your time on it. I think in the end it’s just another way/method to keep you chasing on and on after something that you can’t get. And only when you’ve given up the desire, the searching and the longing, only then you might be classified as someone with a LOC of 1000. But whatever, no one would ever really care about it anyway. Except the people who are cought up in it and treat it as just another egoic pursuit.
  10. Exactly because time in the commonly understood way which implies that there is a particular "past" that we come from and that there is a "future" we will go to doesn't exist, and there will only ever be this very eternal and unfading NOW, the way you feel right now is the way you will always feel like. The words with which this information is written are very simple indeed but I encourage you to try to grasp the deeper meaning behind them and to fully let the message/insight hit you. There really just isn't any time... not at all. All there is, is NOW. To me, this has been very clear on a conceptual level for quite some time now but keeping myself reminded and aware of this fact on a constant basis definitely turns out to be more challenging than one might expect it to be, always having to go against one's programming and hardwiring. Perhaps "seductive" isn't quite the right word to describe it properly but it surely is fairly easy and also relatively automatic to a certain degree to fall into the usual thinking patterns along the lines of "soon you will feel better/different" "tomorrow's another day and everything will be different again" "just wait until [this or that] happens and then everything's gonna be just fine" etc. "TIME" is simply the exact same NOW "over and over again" if one might put it that way. Therefore, it really is kinda futile to expect things or situations to feel better or different in the "future". You can have everything you want, everything you'd like to feel like right now ,essentially, because there just isn't anything else than NOW. You see, there is no seperation between "back then, and now" or "later/in the future and now". Regarding past and future as something real contrary to regarding them them as just another slice or point of consciousness that always happens Now and simultaneously never even happened (because it has nothing to hang on to - it can't ultimately be defined in the infinite flow of NOWs / consciousness) is really very much like looking at a two-dimensional cube or any other geometrical shape and suddenly seeing it from it's "second" perspective/angle. As a possible conclusion: don't wait for things/events/people to make you feel different or better but start to see how everything that you seemingly experience "in time" is simply just the same NOWness every time again and again. It could also be described as the recognition of one's perpetual I-Am-ness as Ken Wilber likes to call it. The way you "experienced" self-consciousness when you were 10 years old is the exatly the same way as you're experiencing it right now, with the only exception that you now have different dominating thought-patterns and a different baseline of a feeling or 2-3 predominant feelings combined that you like to refer to as your "character". So, the self-image that you have of yourself is actually more defined by the emotions and feelings that you go through the most on a daily basis, more than anything else. But, to not digress any further into another topic I might just stop here, I guess... As always, let me/us know what you think of this.
  11. @peanutspathtotruth That depends on how you interpret "loving a person". If you love them simpy because they are so similar to you and you want to make them even more similar to you (which would then increase your level of love towards them because the one we love most is always ourselves), then you'd probably "fight" for it the way you described it. But, if you can see and accept their differentness and take them in simply how they are and still love them - that's true love because "to love" means identifying yourself or recognizing yourself in others so much that you... love them; you care for them and you value them. Why? Because they're so similar to yourself. But of course I don't really know who you're talking about and in addition to that it's always an individual case, in which case you assumably know best who and what you're talking about:)
  12. 100%, the most important thing of all.