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  1. Leo, I want your baby - right now!! Please fuck me already so we can get this over with, thanks a lot, much appreciated.
  2. @Consept If you really want to get anywhere, then yes, you have to go alone one way or the other. It's a somewhat tricky situation if the "leader's" livelihood depends on it, but essentially true spirituality is the most unattractive thing one could ever go for and hence, should also be portrayed as such to those who may think that they really want it.
  3. So you're one of those guys who purely enjoys fapping without cumming, huh? Interesting... 🤔
  4. Bottom Of The Well I gotta get out I gotta break free Ain't gonna live in misery My mind's made up I'm leaving today Come hell or high water I will break these chains Gonna scratch my way, claw my way, Dig my way, back to the top Cause I never say die, I never give in I never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out From the bottom of the well It's so dark and cold down here I'm all alone but I got no fear Cause I have the will to beat this fate And get back up to the light of day Gonna scratch my way, claw my way, Cause I never say die, I never give in I never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out Digging and clawing and scratching and kicking my way Back to the top I will fight for the light of day Gonna find the way yeah I made a death wish and it came true I'm under water black and blue But if you think I'm done you better think again You better think again cause I don't know the meaning of death I'm gonna scratch my way, claw my way Never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out I'm breaking out of hell
  5. @CreamCat Going against the grain results in a lot of resistance. Going too hard and too radical against the grain leads the "grain" to want to eradicate and get rid of that which goes against it. In other words: the ego simply can't handle too much change all at once. If it knows, deep down, that its death (or at least radical change) is immanent without its consent, it will most certainly lean itself up against that attempt to throw it overboard.
  6. I think we can agree to go light on the porn minimization, right..? Watch out it's a joke!
  7. Depends on what level you're at. Or in other words, at which stage of your "journey". When I discovered the pure goldmine that Leo and were (and still are of course), I'd spend all the free time that I had watching because I've never found anything as valuable as them before on youtube. Of course, with time it got lesser and lesser and now I just watch or rewatch 'em for fun at times. But obviously as one's own consciousness and perspective changes, you also always get something new out of watching them. So that's what still makes it so worthwhile.
  8. @now is forever OMG😂😂😂
  9. @Annoynymous Alright then, that's great. When I discovered her I also found her to be quite interesting at first and I watched some of her videos, but as time went on I found her to be "too far out there", or too unrelateable. At first, I thought she really might have something I might be missing, but as it turned out that obviously wasn't the case at all. That kinda comes back to the point on relying too much, or even at all, on outside authority. Of course, always be open to what others have to say, but don't delude yourself into thinking that you have to succumb to their prespective, teachings or tenets, since you seem to be somehow inferior to them, which is absolutely not the case.
  10. @Annoynymous What do you say? Leo's oppinion doesn't mean shit. Just as anyone else's. What do you feel while watching her content? Let your intuition guide you.
  11. @Leo Gura Can I get one in pink? That'd be rad! Puts me more in touch with my feminine side for sure.
  12. Additionally, even though I do not have the slightest intention to rail against her, what I've also noticed is that in her videos she always talks and presents herself and the topic and content in a very particular way. I always get the feeling while listening to her that she's trying. Trying to convince the listener of something - and doing so always a little too hard. She's also always rather tense, or at least that's the vibe I'm getting from her. As if she's trying to convey to the viewer something along the lines like "Yeah, you really ought to know that I, Teal Swan, know you better than you know yourself and I'm gonna let you feel it so that you'll take this sufficiently serious and gonna go with what I say".
  13. @Annoynymous Yeah, basically it's very simple. You just have to think for yourself. You can always distill some gold nuggets out of anything somebody may say, despite whether one might like them or not Simply remind yourself of what Sadhguru uses to say: "If it's not in your direct experience, it's not true for you". So there you go:) Take what you need, leave out the rest. Never make yourself reliant on any sort of outside authority. Edit: I gotta say though, now that I took a look into her store... I really wouldn't have thought she would push it that far. The concept behind every single item offered is basically simply exploiting the placebo effect. Of course I have to admit that I don't know if the products really have in inherent effect on its user, but I dare to call bullshit on that. To me, she's exploiting the make-believe of the people who go that far with her.