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  1. @Etherial Cat Whow, just from watching those 6min I could already tell that I'm resonating quite strongly with her even though I've never seen any videos of her before! That's really cool. You can tell by her presence that she is/can be really tough and badass if need be but then there's that beautiful contrast of calmness and peace within her that all that strength is embedded in.
  2. @Elisabeth Yeah I have to admit, that selection was created slightly biased because I already assumed that there would be way more votes for the blue section than for any other one for that matter. But it's indeed stories like yours that make it that much more interesting to see where intentionally prejudicial assumptions do not apply perfectly:)
  3. Okay, first of all I'd like you to know that this is my THIRD attempt at replying to you because both times prior I wrote for 15-20min repsepctively and both times I lost my internet connection to the forum. BUT I DON'T CARE, I'LL WRITE IT ALL OVER AGAIN because that's what winners do in life! (joke, but also no joke. Seriously) So look, what you need to do is to regain COMPLETE and FULL responsibility and ownership over your life, because whenever you do not own yourself - someone else will always gladly do it for you. We both know that success and prosperity are not things that are simply served on a silver plate, BUT, what you can actively decide and determine is whether or not you see yourself to be worthy of success. If you see yourself as a winner in life, then guess what: you'll win at it. But if you can't and you've already accustomed yourself long enough to the thought that you will not achieve more in life than minimum wage, then that's what you'll get, it's really that simple. You do create your entire reality all by yourself, including your beliefs of what you do and don't deserve. Ask yourself, do you really want success or do you not want it? It's totally fine either way, but just be aware of the fact that the regret you'll have to face by deciding not to grab life by its balls will be more painful, crushing and depressing than anything else you might needed to face instead of it. Make something out of your life while you still can! Your future self will thank you for that. And if it's not thanking you, than it's going to rip whatever will be left of your sane mind to shreds and pieces for having decided to be a victim instead.
  4. Unfortunately I can't vote myself, but if I could, I'd vote Heavy heavy Blue for my mom and Light Blue/Orange for my dad. As I'm currently still living at home with my parents (at age ~20) it has become a really intense struggle to put up with my mom because she's extreeemely rigid in her behaviour and super moralistic in addition to that. She still values old-fashioned family-values and traditions and always tries to establish a certain "order of decency, authority and power" which is unbelievably limiting in terms of progress and advance in general, let alone self-actualisation. I could go into more detail on her that would be pages long but essentially she's making everyone's life in our family much more difficult than it would need to be, and especially mine, since I'm the one who always tries to point out to her how she's behaving and how it is limiting everybody else (which of course only ever results in very negative reactions and consequences for me in return). Subconsciously and sometimes even consciously she intentionally refuses to learn new things or to make any progress whatsoever as she obviously very firmly believes that she should be correct and right about everything she says and does. I couldn't classify myself as yellow if I dind't say that I wouldn't understand her position and that I don't really blame her for the way she is, but sometimes it's just flat-out frustrating nonetheless.
  5. Let's see what background we all come from and how we've been brought up. You can also share your story of how you relate to your parents presently and how you dealt with your upbringing being in (potential) conflict with advancing yourself and finding your own way in life.
  6. @11modal11 Okay I've listened to what he had to say now and what I can say is that I kinda understand what he means with coral and where he’s going with his understanding of the model, which seems to be very close to the original way it’s supposed to be picked up in a way that doesn’t include self-actualisation or mysticism at all... and I don’t like it as much as Leo has been presenting it to us in a way which -does- deliberately include self-actualisation and mysticism. I also can’t and don’t resonate with the speaker at all in terms of his personality and his way of presenting himself and that which he has to teach to others. But that’s just me of course:) For others it might be interesting/helpful... but just as Leo thruthfully said in another thread somewhere else: Non-duality transcends all [actual and theoretical] stages [that there are and/or could be]. So it’s the best to shoot for anyways😄
  7. What the hell is coral representing anyway? I haven’t yet come across any proper explanation or description of it and yet some of you write about it as if you’d exactly know what you mean:D Could someone please clarify in a general way what coral represents and stands for? And if TJ himself is on this forum, how come he never wrote anything in this thread as of yet, even though it is mainly all about him apparently🤔 just being curious...
  8. This Song Is Just Impossible to be Played Loud Enough. SO MUCH ENERGY!!!
  9. @Leo-Tzu Yeah I heard that one too. I can imagine really well how that comes about.
  10. @Leo-Tzu I've seen Dada's video before as well! Really nice one, his calmness and collectedness was definitely rubbing off on me at the time. Here's another one from my personal favourite "teacher"
  11. @Joseph Maynor Well, that's an assumption. It's your position and of course it's true because it's true for you, most likely based on your experience that taught you that because you needed longer/more years to get to yellow, others must also live that long to get to yellow as well. But, on that basis my position or anybody else's position is also true for them based on their own experience that says something different. Perception is reality.
  12. @Joseph Maynor Yeah, maybe not fully, that'd be highly unlikely, I can agree with you on that. But, you're not exactly "fixed" to one particular stage of course. Being at stage yellow is the best possible position to draw lessons from all the other stages below it and to learn from them. Just remember that S.D. has more to do with values and worldviews rather than actual cheracter traits or personalities.
  13. @Joseph Maynor Are there any age restrictions for S.D.-stages?:P I don't think so, Joseph. Sure, especially when we're talking about Stage Yellow the older you are the more lessons and insights you can incorporate and integrate in your general understanding and the more life-experience you have the better you presumably are at connecting all the dots and such, but generally, if yellow-type thinking is the way one thinks about the world and evaluates it, it should be just fine at any age.
  14. @CreamCat Yeah I thought so too, but I was confused at first because when you consider yourself to be at stage green you don't just aspire to certain ideals but you generally believe to already embody them - hence, the process of "getting there" confused me, but now it's all clear again.
  15. @fireworld What exactly do you mean with "geting there"? Apart from that, I have to agree that if the green-minded people you've met so far are acting more impulsively and think in impractical or even illogical ways, that's due to not having embodied healthy orange yet. As I already kinda mentioned it in my first reply, you have to start seeing and applying S.D. in a more broad and nuanced way. To every stage in Tier1, and even yellow to some degree, there is always an unhealthy side and a healthy side that one might have a tendency to, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the stage itself is "bad", regressive or suboptimal in any way. The degree to which you judge, criticise or demonise any other stage that is not your own stage is the degree to which you are paradigm-locked and egoically identified with that particular stage. You have an invested interest in that particular stage being dominant and superior (because you are obviously convinced that it's the right kind of stage and mentality) - which might work for a while but never over the long run since things are constantly changing and adapting. Even your level of success in life that is corrlated to true fulfillment is in a sense dependent on how well and fluently you're able to rise up in the levels of the spiral and adapt yourself to lower levels that you've been in. Success/fulfilment that is achieved only within one single stage of the spiral never lasts long (for oneself).