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  1. A phenomenal and very well presented audiobook on the practical application of metaphysics, visualisation and conscious creation to actively construct the life of your dreams.
  2. @RiseAbove oh shit, that’s really good!😂😂 now I’ll have to watch that video again...
  3. @Osm thanks mate!
  4. To all those foolish materialists out there
  5. When nobody is looking
  6. Everybody on Sundays be like:
  7. Even if you don't really know him or not really care for what he says in terms of content, just watch how he speaks, behaves and presents himself. He really is one of the very very few individuals I could think of who embody the combination of real character-strength and deep authentic humbleness so amazingly well. Just take a look for yourself, it's absolutely worth it. If you know other people who are as genuinely authentic as he is, be sure to let us/me know about it. (The title is as so often kinda misleading, since he doesn't really talk that much about what is being advertised by it, but a title like that is generally to be expected from a stage orange-like channel as this one [just sayin'])
  8. Nice one!
  9. @Rich1 Shia says:
  10. Doesn't take that long once you're in the flow of writing..:) / / / As I said, focus on what you have right now and what you actually can do to stabilise and maintain your current success and to enhance it rather than being literally afraid and worried about losing it... just holds you back completely unneccearily. No great entrepreneur would always worry and fear about his business fading or collapsing, ever; simply because there's always more business. I mean by that that you just need to shift your focus forwards instead of always looking "back" or "down". If you feel neurotic about losing what you have, to me that also kinda implies that you don't really feel yourself to be worthy of the success that you managed to acquire so far, is that possible? So, maybe try and work on your self-esteem and/or self image a bit. Of course, I don't know you personally which is why I'm slightly guessing here but well, one's mindset is very very important. You already have to feel like what you want to be(come), otherwise you won't really get there. (Or at least not very fast)
  11. May be difficult to do but try to imagine how you would have done the same if you were in their position. And don’t judge while you’re doing it. Simple try to see how it is even possible that someone would do what has been done to you. “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner” - To understand all is to forgive all. Only when you truly understand - when you understand how you would also have done it - only then you can forgive. Because, what even is forgiveness? Essentially it’s the detachment or the figurative “forgetting of” certain thoughts or emotions that you have attached to a particular action of a person before. That’s why people who say that they can’t forgive someone for what they have done just simply can’t see themselves in the other person’s perspective - they can’t take it on as a part of themselves (which is also very critical/important for awakening/enlightenment work in case you’re also into that, perhaps)