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  1. @Julian gabriel The simple answer is No. Don't ask here. Just a friendly warning. Have a good day.
  2. It's as if each person is contained within their own bubble of understanding and at best verbal communication is only the surface of the bubble making limited contact with another bubble. Here is a picture of the forum members ........
  3. @ivankiss Have you seen the movie Arrival. The aliens can communicate vast amounts of information by producing a single logogram.
  4. I say you started before birth. It's the reason you took on this birth in the first place. Perhaps to finish what you started.
  5. The embodiment of Truth has multitudes of avatars.
  6. @BipolarGrowth Let's talk about being. The being behind the avatar. Take Leo for instance. Would you still recognize him even if he manifested as a different avatar at a different time and place?
  7. You can certainly "die" without taking the body with you during meditation. In fact it's almost impossible for most to do so.
  8. @Alan Reji In a sense we are all avatars. The only difference is some see this and some don't.
  9. Don't know who you've been listening to but who ever they are they have a hell of a spiritual ego.
  10. There's a good story about Sri Nisargadatta that when a spiritual seeker would come to him seeking his advise he would first ask them "What is your most deepest insight so far?" And the seeker would give a long answer that they held as truth. And Nisargadatta would just wait till they were finished and no matter what answer they gave he would always reply with "No, that's not it"
  11. Now that you've pressed me I'd have to say the ego- mind is like a moth that is drawn to the flame. Enlightenment works in the most unexpected ways.
  12. If I answered that would be a construct.
  13. I watched your video. You need to get out in total seclusion in nature. You have to be able lose yourself.
  14. If you were to collapse all boundaries that would be a type of samadhi with nature. With practice and a still mind it is possible to collapse the distinction between you and nature/reality. It has happened many times when I sit in nature. Not always, but it does happen often enough. I call it "Gods Eyes". The whole field becomes conscious and everything becomes more alive and vibrant. I have woods behind the house so I'll meditate for a while to still the mind then go out into the woods and just sit not expecting anything to happen. I'll check out your video next.
  15. This. -No separation. No partitions.
  16. The important thing to to keep that insight close to your heart where it will always serve you well.
  17. That is an insight - not a thought. The thought is the memory of the insight.
  18. @RMQualtrough I was hoping the OP would seek his own answers from within.
  19. Do you create reality? Or does reality create you?
  20. Although waves may appear separate from one another they are all of the same ocean.
  21. @Preety_India Stop digging up drama. Fair warning.