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  1. When will you realize all the above is none other then you! You ARE the former choosing to be the latter.
  2. Or perhaps the re-discovery of what has been forgotten.
  3. Practice cessation of the self and it's a sure bet something amazing will happen. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. And once it does there is no denying it. This needs to be shared. ces·sa·tion the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end.
  4. @Tyler Robinson That's child abuse. And it can take all forms both mentally and physically. For instance I know someone who had an abusive mother. She accused her daughter of being a slut even before she knew what the word slut meant.
  5. So you make bad choices in men. What does that have to do with pedophilia? Did someone do something to you when you were young?
  6. When it comes to big time transactions keep in mind they are easier to get into then they are to get out of.
  7. Maybe 10 or 15 min. of contemplation on a question you pose. For instance: What is time? What is space? What do you refer to when you say "I"? Ect. Then an open discussion where they can share their insights with each other.
  8. 30 min. meditation may be a bit long for newbies. 15-20 min. would be more doable as an introduction.
  9. I can relate. One time while doing shrooms the G-f (who was not partaking) decided to get ice from the frige door. The mechanical/grinding sound was bad enough but then a few cubes overshot her glass shattering on the floor. The sound still rings today.
  10. @TheOneReborn Language is like a finger pointing to the moon. If you're busy looking at the finger you'll never see the moon.
  11. You are the 72 virgins and the infinite garden of tasty fruits. By all means enjoy yourself.
  12. @Leo Gura https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSPUDz46GQc
  13. @DrugsBunny State your case and carry on. No more no less.
  14. Let's not have any of that. Keep it civil.
  15. By "we" you must mean you and the mouse in your pocket.
  16. @Questioner Now your catching on! What I'm saying is any resemblance of flight would be an illusion. And a temporary one at best.
  17. If I jump out of an airplane and flap my arms prove to me I'm not flying.
  18. There is plenty of bliss in spirituality. It happens in the absence of "me".
  19. @Nilam See Dr. Ramani on Y-T "Narcissistic Abuse".
  20. And so you hold this world in it's place. Dangling by a thin thread.
  21. "This is not a shared space. For it to be 'shared' there would have to be two. For here there is not two." -Sadhguru
  22. Perhaps that explains the "Black Hole" sometimes encountered during deep meditation. If consciousness is afraid of it's own scope how would that be experienced from the POV of the mind.