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  1. Not that I have ever done DMT but it makes me wonder about encounters with the machine elves. Look at the Arizona recount for proof of their presents. Lol No real difference from the anti-vax movement keeping them gears a' turning. But all being said there is a definite air of "mechanism" about it.
  2. @TheLoneSage What I mean is everything is happening within Love. No exclusions.
  3. Your not tripping balls if you can lay on the floor without holding on.
  4. Sounds like you may have experienced non-localized consciousness. Source
  5. You would know the difference.
  6. @fictional_character You can't pigeon hole God in terms of logic. The question is flawed. -It's all God
  7. The good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. -Lao Tzu.
  8. @Preety_IndiaWhat has been said has an air of truth about it.
  9. What if the wood became a Stradivarius violin instead of a seeming mundane chair. Would it care either way?
  10. A chair is not a chair till someone sits in it. there is no chair. .
  11. Do that. After all it's all you've got for this fleeting moment.
  12. @Da77en What acts as the sensor for the app to monitor your HRV? For instance the EmWave has a sensor that clamps to the ear lobe.
  13. The enlightened one has no preference at all. When they manifest they manifest. When they don't they don't.
  14. Just look around. Does reality need to know anything? All I'm seeing is spontaneous intelligence.
  15. One look at a Persian rug is evidence of their flying skills.