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  1. Roger that, I'll have to take that into consideration in my experiments.
  2. Thanks for the info, btw how did you determine Harmaline specifically causes those physical disturbances?
  3. I bought freebase Harmine/Harmaline off Amazon, and plan on taking it in a size 4 capsule at night having fasted the same day(so that there should be very little Tyramine in me at the time).
  4. He does speak about these things to some extent. In his video called an advanced explanation of God-realization he describes a trip he experienced on 5 MEO MALT where he became Omnipotent. But in general, he does shy away from the topic. I think mostly because he hasn't yet managed to bring the absolute down into his everyday life very well yet. So he's developed this belief that using God's capabilities for his own agenda is somehow wrong or even impossible. When the actual truth is that we're more than willing to do everything to fulfill his every desire because we perceive him to be our self as we are him(and that our self isn't a grammar error, we are one so it's our self, not ourselves lol). Perhaps a more concrete perspective would better solidify my point. After I originally discovered that reality wasn't as I was taught. One of the phenomena I studied which helped me to make sense of the world was the placebo effect. There's as of today an abundance of studies relative to this subject. But I'll mention just the example of the man credited for effect's discovery. Henry Beecher was a medic in WWII and when he rain out of morphine, he started using an inert solution before surgery and told the soldiers it was morphine. Something like 40% of the men he operated on didn't experience pain to such an extent they had no idea they'd been given a fake pain killer(they report no pain when being cut on). Now think this through, how are you to explain such a thing in a purely mechanical way that doesn't invoke the obvious possibility that the patient's mind alone caused the effect? And keep in mind that this cannot be explained away as coincidental. As the effect of the mind on the body is so powerful that it's necessary to test a fake drug against a "real" one to determine its legitimacy. And there are now many medically documented examples of things that would be medically impossible occurring in this domain. Like people going fully into remission from advanced cancer by taking a fake drug(and without changes in diet or anything that would seem remotely capable of affecting change other than the subject's perception that they should be healed). It's easier for some people than others, some even do it purely by accident. Yep They do, but they only work to a great degree if you repeat the practice rather a great deal. Exactly. You clarify your own misunderstanding towards the end of the paragraph. When I say that Delta(1-4hz) is the level of the Godhead I don't mean that as literally as you're interpreting it. When death occurs the mind expands everywhere(becomes Omnipresent, and therefore Omniscient as knowledge arises out of experience etc). If you were to become conscious while your brain is oscillating predominately in the Delta range, you would be so heavily connected to the Godhead that you could manifest your thoughts incredibly well(if you were competent enough at this level, you'd basically be a god unto yourself). However keep in mind, there are more variables affecting your power level than your degree of awareness of the unconscious(like your emotions for example). But all of these variables correlate with one another to a high extent(for example you become more powerful the sweeter and stronger your emotional expression, which causes you to be slightly more aware of deep levels of mind you're normally not aware of at all). Well, actually we're everywhere(as God) because we're everything. So in that sense, we do have a biological basis(as for instance God incarnate as you we have such a necessity because we imagine it to be so). When I say Godhead, I'm referring to God in the more dualistic way that people tend to traditionally think of us(which is the level of infinite mind, that is discarnate intelligence). And to what you said at the end, nonexistence is impossible. And another thing, nothing does not equal nonexistence(at least not when we say that we're nothing). This kind of nothingness/pure void exists, but it has no attributes. This is why it's the substance of which all realities and everything within them consists(as any attribute we have everything will have because everything is made out of us). That's precisely what I'm saying. Yes, the Delta level creates the Theta level, which creates the Alpha level, which creates the Beta level. And the Gamma level predominates when the subjective awareness of the ego becomes present in the lower Theta to Delta range(representing the presence of supernatural capacities in the sentient being in question). This is correct in the sense that if you want to function in an Omnipotent capacity, you want to be in Delta. But if you simply want to become Omniscient, it's easier as you only need to become all perceiving and all-knowing personally. For instance, let's say you want to know what's going to happen tomorrow. In order to accomplish this, it is not necessary that you send your body physically forward in time and then back to the present. You can simply command your mind to project to you the things that will occur(which can be done at a dramatically lower power level than full-blown physical time travel). The level at which this becomes most possible(and is, therefore, the level that is optimal relative to such an intention) is actually approximately 4.5hz(lower theta). When the brain shows predominately lower theta waves. Your mind is effectively at the portal between your human self and the Godhead which is creating everything and as such, you can retrieve any form of knowledge you want at that level.
  5. Good, and remember don't be afraid of being afraid as that only gives rise to endless procrastination. Courage isn't acting when fear isn't present, but doing so in spite of it. This is exactly correct, there's a level of mind at the basement of your subconscious that you don't normally operate consciously at which contains all of the information/attributes that make you the individual you think of yourself as. This data functions much like software on a computer, your programming was done mostly when you were a child(because you operated at a level of consciousness closer to being unconscious than as an adult). However, the programming is constantly being tweaked/altered by your experiences and thoughts, and feelings. The more powerful the experience, the greater impact it has on you and the more permanent the programming it brings about. And the more you repeat the same experience, the more solidified the programming becomes as well.
  6. https://arvari.probablefuture.com/p/the-portal
  7. Arvari would probably be the best option or one of the best; I use their course personally to great effect. When you read the sales page, it may sound over hyped. But, I can say from first hand experience that it isn't(even though it all sounds way too good to be true). As someone who's bought and used the course, I only have one criticism of the sales page. And that's that you need to repeat the exercises a great deal(but perhaps not as much as you might think, the brainwave altering technologies used in the meditations are very powerful) before they bear sufficient fruit to empower you to the extent the sales page claims.
  8. Meditation dissolves the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious minds(although it does so at an excruciatingly slow rate). Unconsciously you're Omnipresent(everywhere as you exist as everything). So when you begin to expand your mind into the subconscious(region of mind between the conscious and the unconscious) which contains all of your personal experiences. Your past will become your future, and your future will become your past. As to your fears, you have nothing to fear, nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Combining psychedelics with meditation is a wise thing to do. As meditation on it's own is relatively impotent, but in conjunction with the right state it becomes powerful. Think of it like combining drugs with similar effects, they synergize with one another in a cumulative fashion. So just keep on tripping/meditating simultaneously, you'll go far that way.
  9. In an absolute sense, of course reincarnation is nonsense. Just as for example, rape is nonsense and impossible. Because we are all one and thus all have one will. So if one of us wills something, we all will it. And since you can't rape the willing, a logical consequence of that is that rape is utterly impossible. Likewise, reincarnation is also impossible because we're one(whereas reincarnation requires us to be many). But notice the perspective that believes in rape has relative validity because we're in a dream that depends on duality. Likewise, reincarnation may be valid in a relative sense, but it ultimately has to be nonsense. Because after all, if reincarnation is a real experience that just means it's something we're imagining anyway(just like all of reality).
  10. I'm not sure; he once called it a research chemical. And I think technically Malt is defined a chemical but I suspect he used something else.
  11. A most outstanding and robust example of our expressing ourselves through a mortal. Perhaps Leo will publicly reveal the substance he consumed to aid himself in this.
  12. Pantheism is rather accurate, so yeah. I was applying the concept to the specific forms that consciousness can take. It can take the attribute of power for example, it can take the attribute of knowing, it can even take the form of specific abilities. For example, there exist Telepathic states of consciousness. Which we could say is a form of Omniscience because it involves a supernatural way of knowing. We could also say it's a form of Omnipotence(a power) because it involves perceiving things in a way that requires you to move past your ordinary boundaries(power allows you to lose your limitations). We could also say that it's a form of Omnipresence(because your presence has expanded to include the mind of another). We could also say that it's a form of Omnibenevolence(infinite love) because power is correlated with sweetness of emotion. You see where this is going? I've only used the concept of dimensions of consciousness to attempt a form of understanding compatible with the human mind. Which necessitates duality, when the actual nature of reality is inherently non dual(so duality=non duality, and sameness=difference). Thus, the dualistic perspective is perfectly valid(because it's not objectively any different from the non dual perspective.) Therefore, I'd classify Telekinesis(the ability to affect the outer environment with the mind) as a form of Omnipotence(even though all the other possible perspectives are just as valid). And Telepathy probably as a form of Omniscience(because it involves knowing what might otherwise be unknown) etc etc. This is down to differences in brain chemistry and personal consciousness between individuals. Most humans live in relatively the same reality(because we all have very similar brain chemistry and a similar state of consciousness). But some are radically different to the rest of us. And as such they respond to the same substances very differently. No lol. 1P-LSD is the name of the chemical. It's a quasi legal analogue of LSD(because it metabolizes into LSD in the body, but the substances itself is legal to buy/sell/posses as it's classified as a research chemical unlike LSD which is a scheduled substance). Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry is a 100% specific analytic method(it can positively identify practically everything in a given sample). It's not just used to test psychedelics. But for basically everything(from common food to prescription drugs to illicit drugs). If you want to know more about it, I'd suggest reading the Wikipedia article on it. It's a physically dangerous substance that causes cardiovascular events(things like strokes and heart attacks). I only ate one blotter wondering if I should have dosed higher at the time. But in hindsight I'm glad that's all I did as I may not be here had I chosen to do a higher dose. Hence why I'm so skeptical of most psychedelic vendors and suggest testing your substances before you do them so fervently. They differ incredibly, I could write a whole 500 page book on that very subject. But they all seem to have things in common. Nearly every psychedelically induced experience and near death experience(where the patient has no pulse nor neural activity for a certain period of time like 30 minutes, then "comes back to life" so to speak) have in common. Is that they all involve a departure from what is considered ordinary reality. And a wide variety of things can happen(some people experience themselves dying and going to hell and Jesus pulls them out, other people experience God realization etc). What's happening is effectively this, "ordinary reality" is a dream, and when you die/are influenced by certain substances, you enter a different dream. And there's ridiculous variability in terms of what kinds of dreams are possible. No, my intention was to cure a disease I had which I knew from studying the brain chemistry alterations of LSD would be cured by the same. I had no idea at the time about ego death(or even what the concept of ego is) or that I'm God or anything. I believed 100% in Materalism at the time. Which is one of the reasons the experience is significant(as the substance basically just did these things to me irrespective of my conscious intentions). Well that's just it, objectively speaking it wasn't delusional at all. It's just that at the time my materalist mind had to explain away the experience when I came back to baseline. The issue here is you don't really understand what ego death is likely because you've never experienced it before. You see, when you lose your ego you don't really lose anything. What actually happens is your ego expands to include things that it previously didn't. Like for instance, a low level ego death might involve you looking at a wall and experiencing the wall as part of your body(there's no longer any difference between you and the wall). A high level ego death would involve you becoming absolutely everything(infinity). And at that point, you know you're God because you're Omnipresent, and as you're Omnipresent(have all experience) you're also Omniscient(have all knowledge) as knowledge arises out of experience. We call it ego death simply because when it happens your old limited sense of self(as a human) has been dissolved to include everything else. Because the ego is just your human set of experiences/memories/identity. Which objectively is no different than the Godhead and as such is immortal(in an absolute sense, so you can die in every way imaginable and still live). So when you lose your ego you still have your ego, and as such your memory is still capable of functioning. That's only because they lack understanding. Yeah, very often classic psychedelics(like Psilocybin and LSD) in the relatively low quantities(1-3grams for Psilocybin, or 100 to 300 micrograms for LSD) they're commonly taken usually don't produce God realization. But they do dissolve the boundaries of the mind enough to allow for powerful psychological catharsis and healing. These psychological benefits will likely serve as impetus to legalize these substances in the near future. There's something to be said for the scientific perspective. However, alternate perspectives(like the animistic for instance) are also valid and necessary in acquiring a complete understanding of these matters. At first it's scary as all hell, because you think you're going to cease to exist(which is a lie), and so you cling to everything you've ever known. But when you surrender to it, it becomes a blissful experience. And in fact you learn that death(which isn't even real) is the best thing that could happen to a created being which of course is tremendously ironic(as that's the very thing mortals spend their entire lives running away from). There's never been a time where they or their loved ones didn't exist nor will they ever be a time where they don't exist. So, mortals mourn the dead for lack of wisdom. All of the options you've entertained have some validity to them. You'd just have to study trip reports of various psychedelics and NDE's and compare and contrast them. It wasn't all that long ago that I felt the same way about such things. Assuming they were merely fabrications or maybe just the product of overactive imagination. But when you experience these things yourself as I have, you know they're valid. There's a number of problems with empiricalism. One of the most glaring is the fact that it assumes there's a difference between the anecdotal and empirical. When in fact the empirical is always anecdotal. To illustrate what I mean, imagine you're looking at a river and you want to establish consensus relative to it's existence. So you point to the river asking others if they see it too, and they say yes. Now you assume that means the river is real. The problem is, where is the experience of other people validating your experience occurring? It's in your own experience, which is the same as you experiencing the river yourself in the first place(which was anecdotal). So the empirical is always inherently anecdotal, and as such empiricalism effectively rejects itself due to unconscious metaphysics(empiricalism depends on third person experience, which in fact doesn't exist as it's just first person experience disguised as third person experience). Yeah, and in all three instances I foreknew things that should have been humanly impossible to know. Exactly, I'm basically no different than Moses or Abraham. We're infinitely loving, which means we have no preferences whatsoever. So we created everything that could be imagined. And in this specific dream that includes many different religions, that have differing views and that even wage wars over the differences in theology. The best way to understand religions, is to realize that they all teach the same thing in a general sense. They all teach essentially, that God exists and made everything(though some of them have God as many gods instead of just one) and they all teach that God is love. Which is the most important part of it all. They however, can't teach the entirety of the truth for an infinite number of reasons. One of them is the fact that since God loves everything, that means God loves everything that humans hate. If you taught that to people, most of them would want nothing to do with God(they're too judgemental to accept something that's infinitely loving). So the major religions of the world have had to demonize God in order to make us more palatable to your average mortal. And this has also served them to create cohesive and safe societies via the risk of eternal damnation. As otherwise ruthless personal ambition and selfishness would give rise to chaos and endless military conflict. It's an important variable even one that's played a major role in my own life. As despite the fact that I know myself to be God and everything(so I am all of the religions in the world for instance, you could call me an Omnitheist). I'm a practicing Roman Catholic on the rationale that when I become personally Omnipotent(which is something I do in the future) my way of fitting into human society will be as a Catholic saint(since they tend to canonize laymen that do miracles). However, if I didn't have Catholic grandparents(my own parents basically rebelled from the Church as hippies, fight the power lol) then I would probably be something else entirely. Like if I had a middle eastern background, I'd probably be a Muslim, if I had an Indian background, I'd probably be a Hindu etc etc. There's great difficulty in reaching out to most religionists. Because they tend to be hard nosed and totally absorbed in their own dogma. Completely rejecting and demonizing alternate religions and perspectives due to small differences in detail. As such, I mostly don't discus these things with such individuals. However, when I do, I make certain that I articulate things in a way that I don't contradict anything they currently believe. And as such I sort of interrogate them rather intensely to obtain a greatly detailed understanding of their personal worldview before I make any statements. The mindfuck there is the atheist is God imagining that there is no God, and the theist is God imaging that it's offending God with it's human shortcomings. Well, what you're describing is far from impossible. But understanding every religion, and being able to actually effectively sell religionists on the actual truth are different things. And there's much diplomacy/negotiation in order for there be to union between these differing entities. What in my experience helps a great deal in understanding this, is the perspective that integrates neuroscience with the occult. Neuroscientists have broken down human consciousness into 5 states based on the rate of firing neurons as measured in HZ(cycle per second). These are Beta(12-35hz), Alpha(8-12hz), Theta(4-8hz), Delta(1-4hz), and Gamma(all brain activity above 40hz). Beta is the level of ordinary everyday waking consciousness. From which there is no significant expression of the powers of the mind(things like remote viewing are experienced as nearly impossible). In this state you experience yourself largely as an observer of an external world that seems very real and unmalleable. The ego is most tangible and present here. And this is the state most humans spend the majority of their conscious existence. Alpha under ordinary circumstances is only associated with transitioning between waking and sleeping/dreaming. However, if you manage to become conscious at the lower boundary of the Alpha range and become competent there. You can gain the ability to alter your physical faculties consciously(immune system, metabolic system, what diseases are possible or present in you etc etc). Because the ground floor of the framework that makes you the individual you think of yourself as is basically located somewhere around lower alpha. As such, if you become competent at lower alpha, you can do things that would seem to be medically impossible. Wim Hoff is a great example of this(he uses specialized breathing exercises to enter alpha when he'd normally be in Beta), whom I recommend you study(as many of his exploits have been measured and documented by medical scientists). If your brain slows down even further, and assuming you can remain conscious in that state(which is difficult but possible). You'd be in the Theta range(4-8hz). At this level you're effectively omniscient as any question you ask will be answered infallibly(and specifically at around the 4.5hz range this ability is perfected). I know this from firsthand experience. As I have a specialized form of meditation to put me in the 4.5hz range, and while I have limited experience with it(because I've been foolishly focusing too much on the beta level gaining intellectual understanding of things as a human due to performance anxiety). I have in fact used it before with miraculous effect. And could undoubtedly if I so desired, go and hit the lottery on purpose(as I'm capable of foreknowing the drawing). However, Theta ordinarily is associated with mental inefficiency, as under normal circumstances you're basically losing individual consciousness at this level. And finally, there's Delta(1-4hz) this is the level of the Godhead. Where the differentiated self disappears, and where all possibilities are waiting to be unfolded. This is the level from which you're creating all of existence out of nothing. If you were to be conscious at this level, your mind would be powerful enough to effectively control the dream of ordinary reality(as you're Omnipotent there). However, in an ordinary human this level is associated with somnabulistic unconsciousness. And I haven't yet become entirely too competent at the level, I've really only thus far been able to explore the region of lower Theta(mostly for lack of discipline or more powerful practices that require less work). And as such I only know what possibilities exist at Delta and have yet to seriously utilize them. Finally, we have Gamma. Ordinarily this state only occurs in rapid bursts when one experiences strong sensory phenomena(like when tasting an orange for instance). However, when one becomes conscious at the usually unconscious levels of the mind(like theta and delta, and even alpha to some degree). Gamma waves become predominate, and as such are associated with superconsciousness and paranormal abilities(like lucid dreaming, telekinesis etc). Because Gamma is effectively a level that integrates all the lower levels of the mind. So it incorporates the Beta function of subjective awareness with the power of the Godhead from the Delta level. This is why from a neurological point of view Gamma is sort of the oddman out in the sense that it's the only level where amplitude of energy rises with increases in frequency(Beta has the lowest amplitude of energy but the highest frequency, and Delta has the lowest frequency but the highest amplitude of energy).
  13. It means exactly what it sounds like it means. He used his imagination to conduct thought experiments(something Issac Newton also did) which allowed him to intuit what is likely to occur in response to a given stimulus in nature. And he used mathematics to quantify the mechanics of the things his mind had projected(which Newton did too). So it's effectively an example of balanced brain learning(balancing of left and right brain thinking).
  14. There's two basic reasons which contribute most here. First there's the fact that intelligence is a very specific dimension within consciousness. Second, your intentions drive your experiences, and you gain knowledge from experience. So for instance, if you did 30mg of 5 MEO DMT with the intention of acquiring correct understanding of the Unified Field Theory(something that continues to elude current mainstream science) and quantify it. Then that would be likely to produce mathematical insight. However, if you simply did the substance with no intention mathematical insights are unlikely to arise.
  15. To add another dimension of understanding to this.. Ayahuasca is very different than simply smoking straight DMT, as the harmala alkaloids themselves also have some psychedelic effect. Ayahuasca trips last much longer than straight DMT, and people report slightly different experiences. Like on smoked DMT, Machine Elves seem to be a relatively common entity that's encountered. But on Ayahuasca you tend to encounter completely different entities.