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  1. Chanting the bija mantras or listening to the appropriate sounds for activating the chakra work in my experience. You can sleep listening to the sounds.
  2. @Leo Gura Could you maybe elaborate on the difference between being awake and AWAKE?
  3. On numerous occasions. The first time I was merely testing the waters by doing a single seed of Wrightii. I made a report of it on the forum, and after all the fearful feedback from other users I decided not to discuss my future Datura trips.
  4. That was the major roadblock I encountered studying its effects. I never really had a good idea of how it would affect me until I did it myself.
  5. Would it not be more interesting to find some other means of achieving the same thing?
  6. There's some naivete in your understanding of what your mind is and the different layers of awareness you have as a human. Your unconscious mind is doing many things of which you're not aware. Such as creating the entire universe out of nothing and ensuring it doesn't self-destruct. This level of your mind has all the attributes traditionally ascribed to God. There are levels of mental operation between the conscious and unconscious. That which we call subconscious. Which essentially blurs the line between you being God and human. As such, it's for instance possible to know things that are humanly impossible to know if you manage to become conscious at ordinarily subconscious levels of mental operation. Lucid dreaming is one method by which you can and will become aware of deeper levels of your mind than normally would be possible. Now with all that being said, it is likely prudent for you to ground yourself in a religion. Maybe convert to Catholicism and even see an exorcist if you believe that would help you. You can think of it as a continuation of walking the path you already have in the past, experimenting with Catholic practices (like attending church preferably a traditional Latin mass, praying the rosary etc). As simply doing numerous occult rituals blindly, without having any real knowledge or understanding of what you're doing is a great way of placing yourself in harm's way.
  7. @gettoefl This reminds me of every chess game I've seen ChatGPT play. The bot makes illegal moves about the half the time, that operate on a set of rules that are largely irrelevant to a real game.
  8. All that exists is imaginary. So, if God made matter separate from the substance of imagination, then that matter wouldn't exist. This is fundamentally why Materialism is significantly flawed. And why Materialism's reality "behind the scenes" apart from perception is impossible to substantiate. This is simply false. The defect in your logic is the materialistic understanding of what matter is. Matter is dreamt up out of nothing, just like all the objects that the same matter allegedly can build. Matter, as materialism understands it is equivalent to nothing in actuality. Therefore, it isn't a limitation to be unable to as you put it make a universe fundamentally out of matter. What do you mean by this? That God can imagine itself going into nonexistence, or the universe God has warped itself into being can be unimagined? In either event, this seems to be non sequitur.
  9. In 2021, I did almost nothing other than chant the Bija mantras for the first 5 chakras. A practice that in 2022 had evolved into me testing the more lazy method of listening to chakra frequencies only. Anyway, I'd choose one chakra/mantra at a time, and I'd simply repeat the mantra over and over as swiftly as possible as opposed to holding the syllable drawn out over 10 or more seconds like is normally done. Anyway, I would alternate between mantras regularly, the longest I ever stuck with the same sound/chakra was 6 days. The reason for this being that this kind of monomaniacal focus gave rise to imbalances that forced me to work on a different chakra. Like when I went 4 days straight chanting VAM, various things happened, but one of them is significant retardation of circulation. I would get cold and start shaking in 75-degree weather. At the time I switched to RAM to balance myself out and it worked. I discovered that when I became heart chakra dominant the inverse of what happened when I was in Swadishthana would occur. I slept listening to Tibetan singing bowls attuned to Anahata, then after I woke up, I went out in 40-degree weather and my entire body remained warm, even the tips of my fingers. And mind you I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and no coat. I chanted RAM for 5 days straight once, I became so violent and aggressive that I feared I might become a criminal or a rapist, so I stopped and went to a different chakra. Now that I've somewhat thoroughly described some of the more adverse effects I experienced. I'll talk more about benign and even positive side. The first time I did this practice with HAM. It had a long-lasting impact on me. For the first time in me at that time 22 years of living, I cleaned my room, and very thoroughly. Which is now a habit that has remained with me even to this day, despite the fact that I've long since quit doing this kind of Sadhana. Every time I would chant HAM for 5 hours or more in a day, the space element became very prominent. It felt cold, but not necessarily in a dangerous way to my biology. And I had a sense of holiness and power. With heart chakra activation, I've never really noticed the air element itself, but my body always became warmer whenever I became dominant there. I've also felt the Earth and water elements, they become unmistakably noticeable when chanting LAM or VAM respectively. Something I've realized is that reading this you might not know that I mean these elemental effects last like the whole day. Had I kept chanting the same mantra for longer periods, it probably would have become more pronounced and gradually longer lasting with repeated practice approaching permanence. Of course, the same can likely be said of nearly any impact that these and many other Sadhanas have.
  10. @Mixcoatl You can remember the future, you just haven't yet learned how.
  11. In my mind it's very simple. You as God imagined yourself to be a normal waking human with certain limitations being aided by a slight variation of the same human with different limitations. That in no way contradicts the notion that you're imagining reality, if anything it could even be viewed as confirmation of such.
  12. You don't need a video for that. Simply influence yourself by repetitious thought. This can even be done successfully sober, but it takes so much effort that it's not worth avoiding substances.
  13. As far as what Freemasons do, and Freemasonry is "all about". You can be certain that any publicly known information is likely not to be relevant. Otherwise, it wouldn't be much of a secret society, would it?
  14. Of course, though the overwhelming majority of experiences of this nature tend not to involve such a scenario. But usually instead feature people becoming inanimate objects, or alien creatures you can't normally access.
  15. Of course, I've gone through that myself. Hell, probably all of us that become God realized have. There are so many ways a human self can take issue to accepting the truth about itself and the reality within which it dreams itself to be, that it's next to impossible not to have egoic backlash.