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  1. What if next time you're lucid dreaming, you tell the dream exactly what you've told me, what would happen?
  2. I've been able to do this in the waking world before, but I'll stipulate that it tends to be much easier in sleeping dreams. They're both a creation of ours/God, it's just that the sleeping dreams are closer to the self than the waking dream, so the self has to expand its horizons in order to see the waking world as a personal hallucination.
  3. What would happen if all the day long you thought mentally to yourself "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming." or "I'm dreaming and I know it. I'm dreaming and I know it."? What kind of impact might that have on your sleeping dreams, in light of how sleeping dreams often reiterate experiences from the waking dream? And, given that novel experiences from sleeping dreams on occasion carry over into the waking world, how would that, if you practiced it for a long period impact your waking world experience?
  4. To say nothing about the fact that early in the video he claims that all religions are the same pagan religion, in spite of many obvious differences that exist between them. I was originally going to respond on a scientific basis to claims he makes in the video. But he makes so many errors, many of which seem very difficult to make as silly as they are. And so I'll just state rather simply that yes, essentially all of the scientific claims in the video are untrue or at least mostly untrue. And the "official narrative" as it were is dramatically more accurate than 434's positions here. I wouldn't say that 434 has fallen into as Leo would say "a trap of spiritual work", but that he's rather, relying on ordinary human cognition, and reasoning with it very poorly led himself substantially astray, as many flat earthers have done, or really all flat earthers since the Earth is, in fact, a Spheroidal object approximating perfect sphericity. Though I suppose you could argue that doing real spiritual work in some humans will give head to certain untenable conspiracy theories. As the individual becomes aware of the illusory nature of their existence, that narrative colors how they see everything, leading them into paranoid delusions. The solution from my standpoint is very simple, and that would be either to practice extreme openmindedness to the point of accepting mainstream views as being potentially correct even if you're convinced that they're total bullshit. Or even better, you could develop your intuition to such a high degree that you automatically see through the false narratives. I know I said I wouldn't comment on his scientific claims, but I find it interesting that towards the end of the video he mentions concave earth theory as a serious possibility. Which demonstrates that he's at least not certain as to what the shape of the Earth is. I feel that what I'm about to say here goes without saying. But the things of his I've cited in the past, that I know to have validity in my own experience I stand by. It isn't logical to dismiss a source entirely simply because they made a mistake, no matter how stupid that mistake may be.
  5. At that spacetime, I had a rather ordinary worldview, minus the fact that I knew some instances of psychic phenomena were real and that humans were capable of demonstrating the same. The being in question actually caused me to realize that I'm God. Which inevitably led me to realize that "they" aren't actually other than me, so "paradoxically" I caused myself to awaken. So to answer your question directly, I went from probably being very similar to where you are now to realizing that all of existence is a personal hallucination of mine, all because of the being in question.
  6. The knowledge that everything is one thing and not many brings incredible clarity, and most likely you'll only be able to realize such a thing from non-dual experience, though there are other perhaps less likely ways of doing it. What makes you say this? From what I gather, most humans experience hyper-dimensional aliens and deities on DMT. So it would seem to me that we're more so studying God in the form of lesser gods and goddesses. As opposed to having God consciousness in the highest capacity of duality that God consciousness can afford. Though I suppose you could argue there's some kind of hypothetical upper limit to this, beyond which non-duality becomes effectively mandatory to go any further. However, it would be my contention that such a limit is likely to be arbitrary and therefore can be dropped.
  7. And yet, I've experienced a highly evolved being that managed to manipulate my waking reality from my sleeping dreams. And many other lucid dreamers have encountered other dream characters who were also capable of manipulating the dream environment to the same extent as the "main dreamer" from the waking world, and on some occasions, the dream characters altered the waking world in some way. It just goes to show that there's great potential for diversity and a variety of possibilities in dreams.
  8. A dreamed space time continuum is an illusion consisting of nothing. And just as your sleeping dream's spacetime is an illusion born out of nothingness, so also is your waking world spacetime continuum an illusion. So the simple answer to your question is, if other dream characters of yours are dreaming up other dream characters within their own dream(of which you would be one of them) then their dream isn't happening anywhere because it's exactly the same as your dreams which aren't tacking place anywhere or within any mechanical system.
  9. I'm pretty sure you lost him when he said "Lol what the fuck, this forum sucks balls."
  10. Well yes, but really my point was founded ultimately on the understanding that real life is much like a video game. In a video game, the world forms around the player character for the sake of the player character, and all of the game's reality is grounded in the experience of the gamer. Real life is a dream that fundamentally operates on very similar principles. In that, you're creating the entire universe out of nothing always, starting with your human self, then funneling out into everything that's immediately close to your human self like family and friends, and then out to things further removed from you including maybe your country and countrymen you've never met, and this process is ongoing until eventually, we reach things you've never before experienced as a human self and things you can't even imagine or conceptualize as a human. And at that point, things become so abstract and undefined that it's not really possible to put them into words anymore. It's perhaps tricky because there's not actually any difference between you imaging that the other has their own experience by you constructing them in real-time, and them actually having their own experience. Indeed, it contains accounts of human experience that if you were to ask me, everyone should be interested in discovering.
  11. Some NDEs do produce awakening however because death is not some kind of simple binary process where either you're dead or alive. It's more like "death" is another aspect of life though we could say it's an entirely different realm of existence, and as such, just as you can dip your toes a little in a pool or do a cannonball from on high, so also you can invade the shall we call it afterlife minorly or majorly.
  12. God of course could do this, whether we are doing this or not is another matter entirely, however. And from my standpoint, the people that have answered your query seem to be missing the fact that it's possible to live death(awakening), and as such this whole notion of you have to awaken and therefore be dead at some point is poppycock. Our actual motivations for making humans mortal has to do with a different set of parameters entirely. But the bottom line is that it's being done out of love because that's always the foundation of God's agenda.
  13. I agree with that, but I'm open-minded enough to entertain such things anyway. Well, in my own understanding awareness as we're describing it here boils down to the degree of lucidity of the entity. Or basically, if you realize that you've been interacting with your own mind and that's what reality is, or whether you realize yourself to be God. So nonduality probably isn't necessary for awakening, certainly it wasn't in my own experience anyway. They're like two different aspects of higher consciousness experience, though because most people will awaken through psychedelics which tend to produce non-dual experiences, it seems probable that you'll experience both at some point, and because of that the two are likely to be conflated.
  14. @RMQualtrough This is certainly an interesting line of reasoning. However, you can't be forced to do anything at least not in any ultimate sense because the thing outside of you forcing you to do or experience something is also you. So free will isn't any different from total enslavement, though obviously in the human experience there is a sharply defined difference between the two. And as a side note, you don't even need to be in the appropriate states of consciousness to bring reality under your mental control. You can do that just from a normal human state as has been demonstrated numerous times in the past. This is only particularly effective when done with herculean levels of repetition though. Unless of course, there's some kind of possibility for humans that I'm missing, which is definitely possible.
  15. @Laxx I perceive you to be a hedonistic if in fact, I am correct. Then you'd probably profit from doing ketamine. Though it doesn't produce permanent effects, or at least not normally anyway. Either that or MDMA, you can derive great pleasure from it also. You could try to meditate to achieve this, but in my judgment, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. At least not given conventional Vipassana meditation anyway.