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  1. Universal Consciousness is where it's at one-ness one·ness /ˈwə(n)nəs/ noun 1. the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts. "the oneness of man and nature" 2. the fact or state of being one in number. "belief in the oneness of God" Take some mdma and watch a music video and a porno and eventually you can do it sober. And If you've gone through "The Process" to be at a level to experience this Xxx*⚠ "CAUTIONED" ⚠ *xxX THIS SINGULARITY STATE MAY BE FEARFULLY CHARGED IF YOU FEEL UNCONFORTABLE YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE TO STOP AND HAVE GOD OR THE ABSOLUTE WITHIN TAKE WHAT YOU SAW EXPERIENCED AWAY FROM YOU ( I abided in this state for about a year solid ) Look straight up while standing or sitting and eyes up so you don't see your nose or eye brows until there's no you there just sensations of "your" body and you'll notice your imagination creates the rest. So once you have that you can imagine anyone standing there and that's how you'll look and eventually feel. You can train your mind to see this always so everywhere you go and everything you see yourself it'll be set as whoever or as the ideal self you want. You can do this to anyone who's over the phone or around the corner. Copy and paste that same technique to everything. Once you stay aware of how we imagine all or our surroundings all of the time. Its not delusional thinking it's creating and its fun especially when you actually start to see things transform and feel it transform right then and there. I'm putting the next one on YouTube as a tutorial. How to manifest a bigger penis and how to change your features. We are powerful beyond measure we are beyond all that can be imagined or understood at that ultimate level but what we're capable of is anything. All the technology of the Future already exists and is accessible now once you embodied and actualized Your Truth and or The Truth that is for you and your greatest timeline and experience possible and you'll even have some previews of that tech along the way. Telepathy,Telekinesis,Psychic abilities, and fully embodiment of anyone and feeling all of them in many ways from a distance. You can even experience what it's like to be pregnant as a man and have getting high on anything without having to pay or actually do the drug itself. Everything is right there in your direct experience. You are is and are whatever it is you seek. It's fun when merged with video games, movies,porn and being fully in the game feeling gunshots and living it for real to the point you may have to nurf yourself just talk to the Field that You have authority over espeacially in your own home and space to get the experience you want. Help IS THERE TOO IF YOU NEED IT TO facilitate WITH you so your not your on your own and haven't met your Devine counter part or Crew solo it or ask for help from Your Being. (The Absolute or Field)
  2. You when you experience being awake and consciously aware that you are not breathing and your is not pumping for about a month ? you are not ever goin back to being a normal ever. Shit gets sureal real fuckin quick...just hold on!
  3. I like to meditate watching "tranny porn" (orgie compilation) to see and experience oness and universal consciousness.
  4. To accept,acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace what we are then what we reject. Love it and you wont suffer it. It's ok to be and like it or have what you are and gravitate towards it. Alow your heart to lead beside your mind and love what you desire.. Sire!
  5. @Bujo prayer, fasting, and fear is your friend. If your fearfully God will reward with peace if you pray to him and make sure you get, I'm fuckin with you it's just a figment of your consciousness manifestated as sound are color arising and will go away with lots of alcohol your mind go back to normieville where the sheep run the world and you'll have plenty of lonely and boring kind of life. Or you hurt yourself physically and reality seems to go on pause and cater to you after that. Or get an invega shot shut it all down but that's like 2 grand unless you have insurance.
  6. @Visionary I embrace what is too. Good advice. I say Fuck you to what i dont like and embrace myself first and change my reality to fit my narrative that i set forth. Because your infinite its your choice where you wanna abide.
  7. Just use your spiritual GIFTS that you create and have made for you. Say, "I Am Stoic" embody being stoic and watch you anger leave you. Remember your training and asked yourself what is anger in my direct experience and then negate it. You can even say "anger negated" your powerful beyond measure, there is infinite power in your words. Speak life, claim the goodness negate the bullshit. Amen! And Goddamn!
  8. @Yimpa cool, very cool shit even though it was terrible as fuck at first. Makes me appreciate sensations like a motherfucker because its more than belief even though your beliefs are what change your reality and create personal heavens and hells because we are what we are. Thank you brother for your response
  9. Conventional death is possible to experience consciously.Ive have my heart stopped multiple times for long and short periods of time. I've experienced life without any heartbeat or breathing and was still walking and talking like a normal person so I had no life in me but the sensation of the skin while everything in me was like lead. I was fully corpse mode and still standing. I've even experienced the reincarnation process consciously that took over 10 months, there was a reality i call Beetlejuice world haha scary as fuck but im glad to have experienced it. Anyone else experience this yet? Im aware I'm "advanced" but I'm really hoping someone else has experienced this on this forum. Being dead while also being conscious really solidifies the fact that I'm Life itself. There's levels to this shit apparently and even though I don't give a fuck I also give lots of fucks. Not a joke, just what is for me.
  10. What ego? I am what is. Old people are now babies and so babies are future versions of us and are also not. There is no ego. I just am what I are. Feel me brother? In any given moment, you are being what your being. So, in any given moment you are what you are, and that's it. Being genuine goes full circle because you can be a genuine liar but your still being what you are. One can't help but be as it is, the way it is, as Is in any given moment. Even the fact that one can control itself is still being what you are. I hope you understand this.
  11. @Osaid I appreciate your words and your message only had me concerned for the ones who may perceive it differently. Thank you for all the love you share by spreading these messages that you do. Spending your time and energy devoted to God is where it's at. I'm just trying to do my best also and being one who leads by showing what a good follower looks like. Thank you again brother
  12. The Truth isnt just what i say it is, i am what is. Leo is an advanced version of me relative to where I'm at in life but in the absolute perspective is not as advanced as me because I have embodied the absolute the most where as Leo has embodied some of the absolute but none of the bad qualities of the absolute or evil or dark side so he hasn't embodied fully. So because he hasn't embodied fully he is less advanced but also he's more advanced because he knows more, at the same time that knowledge was used against him just as it was used against me on my journey, but I didn't know as much as he did so I didn't have his toughest Journey as he did knowledge wise, but had a tough as hell Journey as i am, embodying the contrast and having to have that cleansed from my soul, because even though I am the absolute, I'm not the absolute right now, I'm the absolute being Adrian. So as Adrian, having embodied both fully as I can as I am, I suffered my spiritual journey equally but as someone like Aaron Abke who is a future version of me, had an awesome life with a tough Spiritual Awakening but all spiritual Awakenings are kind of tough,when one realizes what's really real isn't real anymore but had an awesome life and peaceful Awakening in a way and in comparison to mine, and is now awakened and has an awesome life. The best God said to me was, The ones that would be the most advanced version of myself would be the one who never awakens and appreciates everything he or she has and also knows God at the end, finds out there is no end it's a peaceful transition that seamless, but never feard death at all at the same time. I know this because God revealed it to me. Me being a child of God, my heavenly Father told me so. "For in Him we Live and Move and have our Being." You are Adrian You are Love. I am what is! Therefore, I am what I am, so am the Truth, as Is.
  13. *Self inquiry. *Contemplating questions that you want to know about Reality. *Body scans, witch help cover mindfulness and noticing when and where and why your thoughts and sensations arise. It also helps build your muscle of placing your awareness on.. anything really, it can get really strong, like really really strong.
  14. @EmJay your more than welcome. I empathize with you, I just went through a similar process so I know how the simple answers almost always come back around and have always been the same, but gone over again with a deeper understanding and very similar but so different at the same time revisited from another angle. The Awakening process was like a deep remembering and a journey home but then another deep remembering back to the beginning of the journey with profound insight and a journey back home again. Like heaven meets earth, God becomes more human and human becomes more of a mystery. Welcome back to earth, Our Home. Family in the One