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  1. The universe doesn't have a beginning, which is something you can discover via omniscience or omnipotence. And the big bang is essentially a human delusion, it involves an explosion bringing time and space into existence, when in fact time is eternal as there would need to be a time prior to time in order for time to come into existence. It's possible however for Earth's specific spacetime continuum illusion to have entered existence, but only within another spacetime continuum illusion that existed before it. And at some point, you have eternity if you go back far enough in history, as otherwise, you'd have an infinite regression loop with no beginning which would be the same as time never having existed at all.
  2. We invented logic, so it's only logical that we would be beyond its grasp and any limit-defining capability logic may have. Why would Buddhism tell us that all separate beings are an illusion occurring within one entity? Why would they tell us that reality is a dreamed-up illusory existence? There are many things that Buddhism has gotten right. All because, at least this is my own personal hot take because the Buddha is an import from India, and Hinduism/the Yogic traditions are among some of the highest quality religious/scientific communities in history.
  3. Materalism is so deeply ensconced in the consciousness of our culture, that it's all too easy for us to delude ourselves into denying the veracity of the truths gleaned from drug-induced experiences. From my perspective now, it's almost amazing that he can maintain the worldview he does and also have had the radical experiences he's reported. It's reminiscent of a story I heard when studying Huna. Where Hewahewa, who was the tribe's prophet, encountered Christian westerners. He reasoned that because of their advanced tech, they must assuredly be practicing a form of magick superior to that of his own people. And when Hewahewa heard the legends of the mighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth resurrecting the dead, he practically salivated over the possibility of meeting Christians because he assumed they could do the things their Lord and Savior allegedly did. Hewahewa was somewhat adept in his practice, and had divined future events many times before in service to his tribe, and also did many other supernatural acts successfully. So it's only natural from his point of view that the amazing feats Jesus did in the bible could be humanly possible, even though he(Hewahewa) wasn't so powerful. Of course, when he actually met these people, he was profoundly disappointed. Because he discovered that they couldn't even do magickal things he found very basic to do, and was amazed at how wrong the assumptions of his conscious mind were about the capabilities of this foreign culture. Sometimes when listening to people like Adeptus Psychonautica speak about their experiences, then go on to reject the obvious teachings behind them, I can't help but feel as if I know how Hewahewa must have felt when he finally got to meet the Great Christian not Miracle workers.
  4. Yes, you have a clear understanding of the differences which exist between Leo's methodology and that of Buddhists. Though, as it's probably become obvious, you seem to have missed the fact that Leo essentially has one goal, at least consciously anyway. And that's the quest to obtain the most accurate understanding and knowledge of the truths which are of the greatest importance. This is contrasted by Buddhism's prime motivation of the reduction of human suffering, which is mostly unrelated to truth-seeking. However, these different motivations have some parallels in that because Buddhism seeks to accomplish this goal via spiritual means, they accidentally stumble on the kinds of truths Leo seeks out from time to time. I'm speaking here, mostly based on my own experience, where I accidentally awakened trying to acquire certain special knowledge for purely utilitarian reasons through spiritual practice. As such, it makes sense to me that Buddhism's similarities to Leo's teachings arose in this fashion.
  5. Gradual dosing is indubitably a very wise practice. @amanen And yeah, I've done extensive research on certain substances on Erowid and have been mostly disappointed with the rarity of reports where the tripper had a good reason for tripping. There are hardly any instances of entheogenic use, it's mostly just college kids telling tales about the time they wanted to get fucked up. It can be useful to help determine how a substance is likely to impact human consciousness irrespective of any other variable, but individuals such as myself and others on the forum here never just go and do a drug like that, so it's not the most useful information ever.
  6. Are you certain it was actual LSD and not contaminated with something else?
  7. @spiritual memes Interesting, you weren't on Lithium at the time by chance?
  8. Perhaps a better question to ask would be does the world stop existing if you shut off all of your senses since you can still detect things with closed eyes. The answer is not easy to articulate, because reality is a hallucination of yours, so in that way it wouldn't exist anymore because there's no one to hallucinate that it exists. The problem with saying that, is that you aren't the human entity you think of yourself as, but instead you're absolutely everything, so if there were other humans still hallucinating that they exist in a world, you're them so in that sense it still exists, just not for you in your specific form of which you're conscious as a self.
  9. I have found a way, however, it's far from being perfected and isn't even in use by myself, as I haven't worked the bugs out of it yet, it would be perceived as me being irresponsible to discuss it here also. So, I'm currently considering either finding a different way or devising some kind of possible modification that may make it better/less potentially deleterious.
  10. This reminds me of when I had been lucid dreaming just before I experienced my first God realization that would stick with me. Where I knew I had to be in a sleeping dream, but the damn thing functioned like the waking world whenever I tried to control it or do something "impossible". I was so flustered when I returned to the waking state at how I couldn't control my own imagination/reality.
  11. @Holymoly Pretty much any question you have about spirituality is unlikely to be a stupid question. Since we're talking about something that's so excessive in terms what any normal human can experience, even a question that may seem stupid to us certainly won't seem stupid to your peers.
  12. Of course. Not at all, from the absolute perspective, all is literally one so all infinities and finities become the same thing, hence why the illusion of opposites is the genesis of much human confusion as such. Right. Well sure, but it would be more acutely accurate to say that thoughts give structure to feelings much as the spacetime continuum illusion gives form to the air in which it dwells(the air and space are one absolutely, and the air arises out of and within space). A hell of a thing isn't it? To imagine that your imagination is actually someway other than the way it actually is, maya is deliciously twisted.
  13. Eh, it would appear Leo's far too afraid of ya know physically killing himself to do Datura. You might want to make your trolls more accurate next time with a little more research first.
  14. Or a box of benadryl, that'll do ya real nice.
  15. Because everything you experience and ever have experienced is a product of your mind, it tends to conform to the sum expectations of your thoughts and feelings. It is possible to become aware of this as a human entity even while sober, by trying to change some aspect of your reality persistently by redefining it. One such example might have or perhaps should have some relevance to your body and health. If you think that you're perfectly healthy, you tend to become that way or at least more in that direction. How faithfully reality conforms to this kind of deliberate magickal exertion by the ego is of course predicated on your state of consciousness, on nearly any mind-altering substance, it works far better than when sober. When sober, in my experience at least, it takes a minimum of 10,000's of repetitions of a thought before I start to notice any serious evidence of reality conforming to my expectations(I've spent whole days and weeks thinking the same thought all day long over and over again). Though, as I got more experience with this practice, after long periods of rest and working again I'd notice changes much faster than I could before, you start to become aware of very acute changes you'd never before would have noticed it would seem.
  16. I just about performed a facedesk when I read this. The reason the sun still rises, and the birds still sing etc when you have erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with us being indifferent to it, and everything to do with the fact that one is not directly related to or relevant to the other. If we were truly indifferent, would we have so many humans working tirelessly to cure erectile dysfunction through new pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and other implements? It's true that we're totally indifferent, and an impersonal force, but we're simultaneously a very personal sentient being, with specific agendas and capabilities. The laws as they are at least in my country(US), in fact define it as rape so this is a contradictory statement. You sure about that?
  17. The keyword here is most, Lina Medina gave birth when she was 5 years old, which essentially means she entered puberty between the ages of 0-4. Obviously, whether statutory rape laws would apply should probably be based on the duration of time the child/teen has been in puberty or some similar puberty-centric medical definition, and not some arbitrary number that's too high even for the majority of normal humans. *Most of you guys So there's only one way to skin a cat in the infinitude of the mind of God? I'd never use this phraseology of "the only way" myself unless I'm trying to manipulate someone into doing something specific. Also, is it loving to think that only love is the valid option? Why should hatred be loved less than love?
  18. Perhaps a more precise way of articulating it would be to say that it's a shame Leo either doesn't realize he can do it or hasn't discovered how to do so, given the restraints he experiences.
  19. It's a shame Leo can't reach out through the monitor's screen and slip a couple tabs of acid under your tongue.
  20. Playing this manner of ego games with @Razard86 is unlikely to bear fruit. If you ask me, however, I say that children shouldn't have their minds sullied by the lewd things of adults argues a good man and a good citizen.
  21. I have myself felt that our western culture alleviates teenagers of too much responsibility on the basis of "oh, they're kids they don't know what they're doing". When I was 9 years old I used to fantasize about fucking 20-year-old girls like crazy. Now maybe not all children enter puberty at that age, but something I've realized is that there could be situations, albeit with supreme scarcity where a child actually rapes an adult. And yet under our statutory rape laws, the victim would be considered the aggressor. And it might even be true that teenagers having sex with one another could be charged with raping one another under the same law. This whole statutory rape law applying to humans in or even post-puberty is some pythonesque absurdum.
  22. This is a different science than what is being practiced. It is essentially a generalistic ideal of what science could or should be. The same fact pattern exists within religion, as an idealistic concept religion is pure and only pertains to the truth, in practice, it's however something very different.
  23. The truth of infinite love has no impact on whether anything is right or wrong. So it would be better to say that it's good for instance, for the highly empathic person who goes on a crusade killing paedophiles to do so, as obviously, they're acting out of love trying to defend prepubescent children from predation. For the same reason that it's good for the paedophile to be as they are, because that's also an instance of love, even if it's a highly selfish form of it.