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  1. We all have felt that intuitive hit to do something in our lives, what is this? How does intuition relate to consciousness? Maybe we’re supposed to live in alignment to our inner voice/whispers from infinite intelligence. Idk man.
  2. Few months ago I went to bed just normally and fell asleep like I do every other night. But no, bam. INFINITY. I woke up and was speechless on my bed for about 10 minutes. It all made sense. It’s just infinite.
  3. I love this question. Like: I love how it makes me appreciate duality/oneness more, like knowing deep deep down everyone is me it makes me appreciate duality. Enjoy the illusion of other because it would get boring being just you. This is amazing! I love how I left clues for myself!!! This has to be my favourite. It’s like I designed this whole thing and left clues and I’m slowly finding them = understanding reality and me creating my dream life. Dislike: Nothing! Only my ego has something bad to say. (maybe how challenging at times life can be) but it all works out in my favour anyway
  4. I was having an afternoon sleep and I felt like I was having some sort of DMT trip. That awkward place between sleep and being awake I was in this vortex and I was hearing this strong DMT sound. I was transported to this random room and I felt like I was dying and reality was a distant memory. I’ve had this sort of this happen before when I sleep, what is going on?! I’ve been staying away from social media, all of that low vibe stuff maybe my consciousness is going up at a higher speed so I’m more open to these experiences. When I woke up I felt the message that said “thoughts become things”
  5. I'm assuming it doesn't stay. This means when I leave legal documentation for my children (house etc), it's pointless because won't everything just return back to infinite consciousness? LMAO (GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR) Lmao, no need to write a will or plan for others when I die.
  6. Everything returns back to ONE. Love the truth being hidden in plain sight. So many metaphors and symbols in this video.
  7. It feels like that when I have an ego death experience I die and then I come back to reality. But when I actually die It's like I know where I'm going I've been here before. Am I supposed to die before I actually die? Is this the goal in this dream/life? What value can this give to us?
  8. My first ever God realisation moment was when I was high on weed whilst doing nitrous oxide. I saw everyone in the room as just God who forgot itself in its own dream. The funny thing was my friend at the time said to me before the experience "you'll become God doing this". I didn't believe her but BAM off I went. Went back to my retail job after that with a total different perspective on what life was.
  9. I hadn't drunk any alcohol for over 4+ months and I was sober from any drugs too. My head was CLEAR and my ability to experience high levels of consciousness and 'god mode' was heightened. I was even having experiences of the infinite mind and was able to touch on that 'god' and 'oneness' feeling often. Last weekend I went out and drunk alcohol and my capacity to understand high levels of consciousness dropped significantly post drinking even for 5+ days after. That shit is designed to keep you asleep in this dream. Drinking the alcohol KILLED my capacity to think/experience higher levels of consciousness. I'm only starting to get it back with determination and faith.
  10. I can imagine if you’re the only thing in existence you would get very lonely /bored with it just being ‘you’. So obviously God created the illusion of duality. I’m sharing this because it has made me appreciate ‘others’ more. Leo is right, Nirvana is amazing and being/experiencing the ONEness. But you also would want to experience others too. This life is such a gift, enjoy the drama play of yourself.
  11. I fell asleep last night just normally and then while I was asleep I 'dreamt' or had an 'experience' that it is all INFINITE. After I woke up I checked my phone and it was midnight on the dot. Like I woke up into another state of consciousness/world. It was like a psychedelic experience but I was shocked that it happened whilst I was just sleeping. I thought I was going to die. My ego was holding onto dear life. Takeaway - We are all animals in a cage, thinking that this paradigm is all that is but on the other side lies INFINITY.
  12. The amount of layers within reality is literally infinite it blows my socks off. I want to award God a PHD for being really really intelligent. So smart this design is.
  13. Does this mean any limits I have in my mind are all made and constructed by me? Have I gone crazy? One level I feel like I can have anything I want since I'm the only thing in existence but at the same time my ego says no I've lost the plot.
  14. It’s a riddle. Life is one giant riddle that you try and solve.