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  1. The only person evil thoughts can harm is the person having those thoughts. You can do meditation and surround yourself with a big pink bubble of light, in your mind. This big pink bubble will keep any evil thought out. Try it, you will feel better.
  2. @Tim R Do you remember back 2 years or so when everyone was only involved in their own lives and the idea of a pandemic was the furthest thing on our minds? We all didn't spend anytime worrying about it ever happening. And then it happened to our utter surprise and our way of life is changing everyday. See, worrying too much about the condition of the planet, other than making sure we do the things needed to keep our corner of it clean, is a waste of time. Something we never thought about or thought would happen could happen and it could just reverse the direction it looks like we are going in right now. So worrying isn't going to help the issue. Drop the worrying and let whatever happens happen. We have no control. We really don't.
  3. @Emerald It sounds like he's too young to go to bars or drink. But he won't confirm or comment on age which makes it pretty hard to give good advise. @Vivaldo First of all, my husband and I tried what you are proposing and it wasn't a turn on for either of us. My husband gagged lol. I suggest you familiarize yourself with female anatomy by exploring with your hands first. If a female finds you to be a turn on in the first place, she'll let you go pretty far with that but don't try the big moves on her unless she is pushing for it. You'll get there soon enough and you may not even like it. And just a warning, I'm not sure why you would want to even put your junk in her mouth. If she realizes she isn't into it , women have teeth don't forget and they can use them, then you won't have to worry about being a virgin anymore. So start slowly. Ask. Chat her up, be complimentary. Ask her about herself, don't just talk about yourself or your boring hobby of stamp collecting. Keep thing on a light note, but work your way closer to her. Give her some light touches as often as you can. Make physical contact in a subtle way. Women need some physical touches and not anywhere like her butt or breasts at first. Make an excuse to get an arm around her, like ask if she's cold would she like you to warm her up *wink wink.. Women are sensative around the neck and feeling a man's warm breath on her neck and mouth along with a firm hand guiding her is a turn on.I don't mean forcing he r, just use a gentle hand to guide her head and lips closer. Use your tongue on her lips and mouth but don't be sloppy. That is simulated sex. Talk suggestively if you get the vibe she's into you. I don't mean make dirty jokes. I mean tell her she is a very attractive woman, point out what you find attractive but don't use primitive disrespectful language and don't use lines. Don't use words like "ass" or "tits". That won't win you points. As you name off her facial attractions, if you are already speaking softly in her ear you can give her little kisses (not loud and not sloppy) on each spot. I broke up with a guy once because he was a sloppy kisser. When she turns her head to you, draws closer and seems focused on your lips, she is waiting for a kiss. Don't do it close mouthed, blech. Part her lips gently with the tip of your tongue and feel her mouth and tongue. Don't just press. Invade her mouth like you wish you could do to her pussy. By this time she'll be getting hot for you, if she doesn't throw you off. If that happens, apologize and back up again. But if she's game and your'e in a private spot, you have permission to move down to her breasts with your hands and start kissing little kisses down her neck right to the top of her breasts. Murmur things about her beautiful breasts. If she's supper hot, she may take off her top or start undressing you. This is when you need a very private spot. Just go with it. Copy what she's doing Help her undress if that's what she's doing but no rushing. Try to make the mood last. Don't worry,by the time you are naked, being naked won't even cross your mind. But women are not like microwaves. You cannot just push a few buttons, wait one minute for her to be hot. Women are more like the electric burners on a stove. It takes some time to heat up. So don't rush. Ask if she's okay, or if she really wants to go further. No matter what some man on a dating advice site tells you, if she says no, then no means no. Period. There is no fooling around on this one. Some dating websites tell you she's just playing games. Well, she may push away not really meaning it, but when she says no, then you need to back the "f"off and ask what's wrong. It may take effort when you've got your genitals working against you, but if you don't want to get her pregnant or worse, have her tell a friend or someone who encourages her to charge rape, then never force it. Read this book: It comes with illustrations and so much information, I can't begin to tell you. There are all kinds of tips on fastest way to turn a woman on; the most important parts of a woman's vagina and which parts to stimulate and how. It gives you step by step instructions for the best sex when you get to that point. It gives you positions with illustrations on how to get the reaction you want out of them.
  4. @peanutspathtotruth Resistance is a major reason in our imaginary world for suffering. If we resist it, it appears to persist. This is why, I know little about it, buddhism places emphasis on not resisting, Catholicism and other main religions place importance on suffering and accepting. In Christianity, Christ taught to not resist attacks with counter attack because you only prolong your suffering; he also taught not to judge (he is not quoted as saying not to judge others, but judging at all) because judging makes us ultimately unhappy and comes back to haunt us. This is a rule to live by and so religions which are also creations of God , teach us this path to inner peace. Also, suffering, appears to be one of the best motivators there is to make us devote ourselves to spiritual growth, to grow out of our usual stupor and torpor to thirst for spiritual awakening.
  5. I'm pretty sure that ivermectin is probably effective for worms in horses and I can see using it as a curative for humans who are infected by these worms especially in countries with fewer cheap meds and people who don't have other affordable curatives. Worms! I said, not Covid. If anyone here has medical knowledge, how does a worm medication have an effect on a virus exactly? If I'm sick with any virus, I don't go running to my dr. for a deworming med. If I had worms then I might give it a try. I just don't see the connection between treating a virus even though a new virus and how a dewormer would have any effect. Somebody show me some double blind studies that unequivocally show that this dewormer works on covid. Then there is the argument that big pharma is behind all this. Big pharma is invested in many other things besides pharma and bringing down the world's economies by starting a pandemic, thereby losing their investment profits and bankrupting their investments in other products doesn't make any sense to me. Very short sighted thinking. If this is the way they want to assist some shadow organization, it's a very poor plan. Same thing with some sort of deep state. Long term, how does wiping out a large part of the population of every country in the world benefit some shadow gov't? No one is going to get rich from that and it's all about money and power. So if you wipe out all your constituents who will be left to bow at the feet of the deep state leaders? Kind of a self defeating tactic. This idea has been around for decades and yet nothing has ever come of it. We had the early 1900's flu pandemic that wiped out a significant part of populations all over the world. And yet, no one stepped forward to arrange to divvy up who was left over. Why was that? That would have been the opportunity supposedly "they" would have been waiting for. Again, that one is just grabbing at straws. The world has had plague after plague and I don't think some shadow organization that included Hillary or Bill Gates had anything to do with those. So who or what was it back then? Picking up a history book and tracing these plagues back generally tends to point in the direction of not enough sanitation back in those times, and the proliferation of rats. Maybe it's some super smart rats that were breeding back then?
  6. I found that vid to be incredibly funny. When asked for evidence the caller had nothing, didn't know what he was looking at, didn't know how to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. He quoted the book, "1981" which I also read but is a work of fiction. And that's what he's using as his underlying thesis. "1981" is a scary story, but you could just as well take a 1950 science fiction movie as some kind of prophecy. But there was one good lesson in the video by whoever the host of the program was and that was how to engage these people when they come at you with their conspiracy theory. He didn't just outright slam the guy. He asked serious questions, suggested they look things up together, generally gave the other guy plenty of opportunity to show his "proof." And as they continued the other guy started to drop his defenses. The host only planted some seeds of doubt, but didn't dismiss the other guy outright until the very end when the other guy wanted to advertise himself. I thought that was smart on the host's part. In the end though you can't reason with unreasonable people and when you think about it, the anti-vaxxer crowd are all signing their own death warrants. So they will become a smaller group to deal with as we go along and I wish them all good luck with their endeavor if that is their choice of how they wish to go.
  7. Once you already have it, it's too late t to get the covid vaxx. You have to wait until after you're recovered. But Ivermectin can have fatal side effects. Wouldn't add to the load on his ailing body from mixing horse de-wormer into it if I was him,
  8. @Vladimir Death is not real. If you are a materialist, that statement will sound crazy. Long ago I would have said what you are saying. But you still have consciousness even though to others you may appear lifeless. All that we term as death is just consciousness having switched to another story, but consciousness still carries on. There is no hell, satan, or separation from the divine consciousness. We cannot be separated from who we are. We are representations of Life and Life is who and what we are. Nothing can change Life to the absence of life (called death), as life is unchangeable except we ourselves choose to change. As Life is Love, there is no capability for creation of destructive forces. The world that now appears is only an imaginary phenomenon.
  9. @blessedlion1993 Ken Wilber is ill. He has a chronic disease,. Perhaps at times he's not able to function fully, even though he's brilliant.
  10. Wow, it seems so odd to me to read posts where guys are putting so much study and effort into the whole dating thing. It sounds so desperate. I'm not gonna get into statistics. If that's your groove go ahead and look, but you better not post about it. There are ways that these studies can be slanted one way or the other and that the researcher can be prejudiced without realizing it. Maybe it's because I'm married but I just have no interest in looking up stats and I wouldn't base my behavior in social situations on them. You have to put yourself into situations you may not be comfortable with, but you can't become a tennis star by reading a book, you have to do actual hands on practicing. Why don't you look up a list of famous stars who were real womanizers and also short. There were and are some hollywood actors who were quite short and still women were after them like white on rice. I just binge watched a dutch made t.v. series where the lead barely came up to the top of his female counterpart's head and yet he was soooo hot. I can't tell you how he managed to portray so much sex appeal but I was wishing I could speak dutch and lived in Holland (only a day dream, I lived in Germany several years close to the Dutch border so buzzing over there on a day trip was no big deal, but...I didn't care for the people all that much. Besides I'm married.) Anyways, this actor probably started off as just a regular dude, but he's had acting lessons, so he can exude sexiness at the drop of a hat . In fact all actors, at least the good ones can do the same. Who knows. Acting is a skill, so it can be learned. You could do some online courses and learn it. All you're doing when you go out looking for a girl is acting a part. You don't need much, or to change your natural features if you can act the role you want to and you know how. Go for it!
  11. @Preety_India i did do what someone here suggested and it worked. There was this guy back in my past who took a fancy to me, but even though he was nice enough I just couldn't get past a common birth defect he had around his mouth. It had been corrected, but it still made me uncomfortable to kiss him. I couldn't see how I could marry him and be attracted enough to have sex with him. And otoh, he was pushing and pushing to make out which I couldn't stand. So I thought about it and decided to make myself unattractive as I could to him. I did nothing physical, but I adopted a very annoying personality when we went out, so that he would get fed up and stop calling. I remember the last date when I began playing with the buttons on the sound in his car. We were driving somewhere and I turned the music way up and changed the station, he turned it back down and I turned it back up to ear shattering. I continued to be a brat and when he brought me home, he couldn't wait to get rid of me which was exactly what I wanted. He didn't call me back again either which suited me just fine. I gave him the option to drop me which was less damaging to his pride and I got what I wanted as well. You could try to do something similar that fits into your culture. Since your parents are strict, behave yourself when they are in close range, but if they leave you alone with this chosen one, become annoying, make snide comments, be disagreeable. It might work. It did for me.
  12. I just watched some videos on youtube about families having to split up because one member has gone down the rabbit holey of conspiracy theories and is a fanatic. You cannot reason with these people once they are convinced the conspiracy is true. Over here in the U.S. the biggest conspiracy is that the world is being run by a shadow government that works in secret with many politicians involved and that they run a paedophile ring that cannibalizes babies. It's all completely crazy and rational people don't believe such nonsense. But it is helpful to watch some of the videos on youtube made by people who have had an awakening that these theories were just crazy and they gave that craziness up. There are also vids of families who had to cut contact with their family members and some by psychologists who specialize in deprogramming conspiracy theory believers. I believe you will not convince your mother to see things your way, unless she comes to her senses on her own. Arguing doesn't work. I think you should tell her that no matter what, you love her, but you are still going to follow your dream in the U.K. Even if she tells you not to ever come back, she will probably wake up to the manipulation she has been victim of, and you will reunite one day. She has some paranoia that made her believe these conspiracies are real. But there are people who recover and go back to normal behavior. Things will all work out, you'll see.
  13. @EugeneTheSage Is there any way you could take a job as a tour guide in Germany or become a part time English or German instructor? Those are not usually long term careers. They pay just enough to maybe rent a room and buy your food while you work on your 3D development career. I'm pretty sure you can find a guru somewhere around who does satsang where you can meet others of the same spiritual level. You may not find everything all in one place, but if you compromise a bit, you probably can piece together the things you're looking for.
  14. @BipolarGrowth When referring to non-duality we are forced to speak on two levels. Our language requires terms that refer to the delusion we currently appear to be living in. Non-duality requires entirely different terminology. There is no language specifically to explain what it is. Mostly we can only describe what the delusion is not. "Netti netti." That is why it appears to be just all dualistic terminology. As you listen to lectures or read up on it, you will have to distinguish which level is being spoken of, the dualistic or non-dualistic. And the terms will switch back and forth from one sentence to another. This is tantamount to learning a new language without a glossary, or dictionary or curriculum for learning it. It can't be learned over night no matter what you try. Even Eckartd Tolle who went through his experience in an instant did not try to express any concepts for years until he had studied ACIM, Buddhism and Advaita to learn the most helpful terms so that he could express it.
  15. @roopepa The most difficult part of ACIM to wrap my head around was the concept of guilt. But I think it best not to spend too much time focusing on analyzing what you don't really understand. Analyzing is a function of the monkey mind and keeps you distracted from the main message. My conclusion about all the references to guilt is that the woman who channeled and wrote down what she was told to write and authored ACIM was a psychologist and most psychology included the teaching of Freud and Freud often used the concept of guilt in his teaching. So as this woman was taking dictation some of Freud's teachings such as guilt was the closest she could come to explaining the idea of how the "separation" apparently made it's appearance inside a fictional, delusional world view. To a mind convinced that it has trespassed against the greatest most powerful being in the universe it would most likely be a great cause for terror and feelings of guilt. And that would occasion more guilt and thoughts of having to hide from what you've done, which in one instant could create in the frightened mind an entire universe appearing to be real based on fear and foreboding. This is as far as I've gotten with the concept of guilt, but I have not spent all my time trying to analyze it. On occasion it drifts into my mind and something rings a bell and then the thought drifts out again. Understanding every nut and bolt of this or that concept is attachment to concepts and will slow you down. Just let it pass like a fish passing by in a stream.. Eventually the puzzle pieces will fall into place and the complete picture will be visible.