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  1. I got one here in about two weeks as well. Which one are you going to? Just ask for a chair if you think you're going to need one, just don't get so comfortable that it makes you sleepy and not alert. Will it change you? I mean for 10 days if you put in the full effort the effect is pretty substantial, but ultimately if it changes you is mostly up to whether or not you keep up a consistent practice from their on or if you just revert to old habits.
  2. Oh lord. It's possible, even beneficial, to have a sober conversation about potential consequences of usage. Education is proven to lower fear and increase pain threshold, so an objective education on all possibilities positive and negative should be laid out to someone before they use it. The worse case scenario is someone using a drug after being told by some of these hippy new age doofs that they are perfect magic substances that have no potential for negative consequences and then receiving said negative consequences. It's the same thing with even fairly benign drugs like weed, people rave about how magically perfect the substance is. Yet, studies trickle out more and more showing that long term usage does actually damage the brain in terms of decreasing grey matter in important areas of the brain leading to more impulsive behavior. Basically similar sort of traits that someone who has damaged their brain from concussion.
  3. I feel sick in a clean way on the tail end of being sick anyways. It's how your body recovers from sickness, gets rid of bad shit, you fast, and by the time you're recovering you usually feel really fresh and good. I doubt that kambo did anything but poison your ass. And it without a doubt DOES NOT heal AIDS or cancer. That's horrible misinfo.
  4. Sure, I agree with that. You can make all kinds of claims about what you consider to be your 'self.' But, it is impossible for the brain to perceive something that is primary to its existence. Would you agree?
  5. Not even the person knows lol, that's funny part. The human brain cannot by definition recognize enlightenment, so why would anyone claim that they are? It's because they're deluded that's why.
  6. Anti-depressants generally numb the high and low spikes of your neurotransmitters which are associated with what you probably define as happiness. If you became enlightened while on anti-depressants you would still have a numbing of those emotions, you'd just have a lack of certain thoughts and concepts superimposed onto reality by your mind relating to yourself and the external world.
  7. I'm going on a retreat during as similar time. I'm also building momentum up to a solid 5 hours a day before I go on it. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I'm just trying to give you perspective. You don't need to build up to 5 hours a day, but I'd say 1 to 2 every day for a few weeks before the retreat would really help you. 25 minutes, as you'll find, is almost nothing in comparison to what you'll be doing on the retreat. The less you build up, the more pain you go through. But pain is good for you, so good luck haha. Edit: Another quick recommendation is to switch your diet to vegetarian 3 or 4 days out from the retreat. The diet change causes a change in your body that could be conceivably uncomfortable. Trust me, you'll hear people's bellies make funny noises days 2 through 4 for this very reason. You left on day 2, so you basically never even started. You have to get over the hump of the first 3 to 4 days. If you can consistently hit about an hour of meditation a day I'd say you're ready for a retreat.
  8. You didn't write 'I think' before stating that part about physical addiction. Weed might, MIGHT, have physical withdrawal symptoms with chronic use. The general consensus is that it doesn't have any form of physical addiction properties. The addiction if there is one is purely related to psychological reasons. With psychedelics yes there is the tolerance issue, but that just lessens the effectiveness of the drug, it doesn't stop people from taking it. There are plenty of people who use LSD, for example, who clearly have addiction issues.
  9. The fuck are you talking about? There's less risk of physical addiction than there is with coffee. It's not even worth talking about, doofus. I'd bet my life that any slight physical addiction to cannabis is comparable to a physical addiction to any psychedelic from chronic use.
  10. @Epiphany_Inspired I don't wish you the best because you will get the best no matter what the outcome. You are where you are supposed to be, now. Surrender to all outcomes. <3
  11. Story of my life. I can't keep the stuff around my house for that reason. That being said, if used in moderation it can be useful for gaining insight and understanding into how your mind works. It's a good tool. Plus, believe it or not, psychedelics become a chronic crutch for many people as well.
  12. It is not uncommon to have anxiety, panic, or paranoia. But those aren't necessarily life destroying consequences either. Most of the time that comes from irronsponsible dosing, or the person who's taking it has a tendency towards those things. The life destroying consequences, however, are fairly rare occurrences. The smart thing to do is to start with baby doses to see how you react and have a trip sitter. Never take what's called a "heroic dose" they are pointless and you're asking for negative consequences by pointlessly overloading your brain with this chemical.
  13. Great find. Love the minimalist approach.
  14. I experience a tingling sensation in my nuts and have sexual thoughts while reading your posts, Nom Noms. I'm getting good at this already. Do I pass your test, senpai?
  15. Every word in my post is just 'noise.' Every word ever written is 'noise.'