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  1. The room stays dark? That's going to feel like a month with your lack of ability to tell the time. I'm also curious what places are doing something like this. Seems somewhat psychologically dangerous if you aren't ready tbh.
  2. If you have family that has had mental illness show up due to drugs than the answer is a definitive no. I believe you already know this, but want to go onto this forum and have other people justify your decision to take them anyways. You're welcome to do so, but you're playing Russian roulette with your mental health. If you are going to do them anyways stick to small doses and avoid certain psychedelics. I'd probably do a small amount of mescaline or psilosybin if I were you.
  3. Sorry dude, didn't mean to upset you. I'll stop. I was just curious, bud. *hugs*
  4. Sure you didn't smoke PCP? Don't do drugs when you're not sure what it is. That's really, really dumb.
  5. Yea, I almost brought the injury issue up. I run on concrete with shoes, which is probably going to give me minor injuries at some point. So, this is definitely something to consider. Swimming on the other hand is incredible in this aspect, but you'll need an olympic sized pool which probably means paying for a gym membership and having to commute there. Thanks for bringing that up.
  6. Yea, I agree about your bit on wishing you never heard about enlightenment. I think it held me back for a while. About three months ago I kind of spontaneously stopped caring about about and believing in enlightenment. I see all the babble and mouth noise bullshit 'enlightenment this' 'enlightenment that' for what it is. Best thing that ever happened to me so far for my progress. Whenever I talk about caring about what other's think of me I mean more in a pragmatic sense of 'will this person respond to the information I give them in a positive way that will help their life?' Or will they hear me talk about meditation and will it put a psychological wall up between me and them and push them further from the idea? This is mainly what I'm getting at @Nahm. I'm coming at this from a stand point of understanding people and how they will respond to the information given. Talking about enlightenment could serve to move someone further away from it, depending on the contents of their mind. I think this is very important to understand. What do you think? Funny, my atheistic friends have been the most open minded and I've even got a few of them mediating. Like I said before, understanding the social situation is incredibly important. Understanding the people you talk to and how they think is incredibly important. Atheists tend to be scientifically minded and rational. So, come at them from that perspective. Talk about the pragmatic, rational, real world benefits of meditation. Show them peer reviewed scientific studies talking about the many psychological benefits. This is what I mean when I talk about considering the thoughts of others.
  7. You don't? I mean, I'd imagine that figuring out other people and what they think has a very pragmatic value in terms of how you interact with the world. I would never imagine, even when someone is enlightened, that they wouldn't consider what others think at all. Now, I would imagine that an enlightened person wouldn't consider another's thoughts in terms of being judged negatively. But to the previous point, consider this example: What if by predicting how another will think about you and perceive you would give you the proper information to interact with them in a way that puts them closer to enlightenment or greater life fulfillment? Wouldn't an enlightened person do that? It wouldn't make sense that they wouldn't.
  8. I relate to this as well. If I intuit a girl is a little bit emotional damaged she instantly gets like 120% sexier. I'm talking the type of girl that if you fail to have sex with her at least 3 times a day she accuses you of being gay. Good times. God speed, OP. God speed.
  9. I don't know, because I'm not enlightened. To answer the 'what if' scenario. I probably would talk about it sometimes, but again I think the same social rules apply. A lot of people are going to just see you as a wacky spiritual person that likes eastern religions. I'd imagine if I were talking to the right people I probably would bring it up.
  10. The answer is: In the right way, in the right situations. Don't be socially retarded. You have to gage the person and the social situation to see if it's appropriate for the person and the time. I talk about the fact that I meditate all the time with people are normal mostly a-religious people. I purposefully talk about it in a way so that they will accept the idea as normal. If you have any supernatural beliefs enlightenment included, I'd avoid talking about it with people until you're certain they're open minded and they want to hear about it. Otherwise, you're going to have the opposite of the intended effect.
  11. Oh, my made up story about Jim Carrey is not true? Fancy that. I was just annoyed with what he was saying at the time for some reason so I made a cunty post.
  12. I'm not sure. My only concern would be the fact that the object your concentrating on is not one that has a consistent stimuli. That's something I figure is important in this work. I usually will use the object that is the skin on the tip of my right thumb when it's not touching anything at all. Or I'll use the breath. Both have a consistent stimuli to focus on, even though the breath is more dynamic than the thumb, there is still always something concrete to focus on. This is not to say what you're doing is necessarily bad or less effective. But it could potentially be.
  13. Shit man, I relate to this so hard. In my office there's this problem where different parts of management are in this stupid political ego battle and it's hard not to get sucked into it. I'm not entirely blameless, sometimes I get sucked into it in some sort of fashion. It takes a ton of conscious effort not to assimilate into the patterns of the social group that you happened to be a part of. I'd love to hear other wiser people who've gone through this before talk about how they dealt with it. For the most part when I'm the most well behaved I try to relate to other's in a compassionate way and practice mindfulness consistently throughout the day. I also take random 10 to 15 minute breaks to meditate, which seems to help marginally.
  14. He's obviously just parroting some canned neo advaita phrases and ideas we've all heard over and over again. Like I said, it's pretty clear he's using this as a new belief system, a new religion, for himself to cope with personal difficulties in his life.
  15. Wow, 100 days of that, huh? I think I'd need a few years before I could think of attempting something like that. Interesting that they found use in using a form of cold submersion as well. Fascinating stuff though, I like Shinzen.