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  1. I have to purify my conscious mind until I can be the perfect manager.
  2. Maybe without the depression and pain because I will be loved?
  3. @Hello from Russia I work in oil and gas, like my father.
  4. Seriously, I prefer meditation and a simpler life. It seriously makes me feel extreme depression every day. Too much responsibility on my plate. I don't even need the money! I live off of 25k a year, drive a used Honda and live 2 minutes from my job. No kids. There's a guy working right next to me with 7 kids! Wtf am I doing? I need to find a woman to get pregnant and have a family, or just save up to millionaire and quit. My life is 10/10 terrible! Depression is an understatement. What is wrong with me. There are people in third world countries in poverty whom are waaaay happier. Spirituality gone wrong. Please fire me from this forum I beg you, please God pls ?
  5. I'm a Buddhist by practice, but I sit outside of a Catholic church like a humble beggar. The only way I walk in is if the son of God holds my hand on the way in himself. I wait patiently and with an open heart.
  6. I work for my father, my family, and God.
  7. I have 10% off my next rosary from Vaticangift.com if anyone wants to become an honorary Catholic.
  8. I am 2 points from getting banned from the last internet forum I'll ever be apart of. ?
  9. Wage slaves smoke marijauna's and are young.
  10. SUE MY MESSAGE? My word. I feel ostracized, unaccepted, and hated by you. Now I go into work today with LESS confidence then I had before that I'm doing the right thing. I might be a little less effective at work. ANd I will be a little less happy around my family. My life and view points that I've lived by for many years are under assault.
  11. I'm the biggest winner on this forum probably. Top 10% income, greatest country on earth, USA. Low cost of living. I agree with literally everything Leo says and the alien stuff? It's GREAT! You are posting way too much about how dumb Leo is and how smart you are. You're probably a tween living off pixie sticks that your mother bought you.