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  1. No one is attempting to make predictions necessarily (although maybe it can happen that way). In my personal experiences the foreknowledge of the future or knowledge of other's thoughts and feelings comes without effort. It is almost entirely involuntary. Frankly, the experience can be extremely unwanted at times, it's not necessarily something that's always pleasant. It can be extraordinarily unpleasant. A lot of the mystical elements are completely involuntary and that is a very consistent characteristic of that element of reality. It's not something that you just decide to do spontaneously. As in "I could use some money let me conjure up the winning lottery numbers."
  2. Not everyone is a mystic with drugs in the way I am talking about. Sober and continuous mysticism is mainly what I'm referring to.
  3. Creating mystical experience can have to do with God worship and I do believe that it has to do with the intensity by which you worship. If you are genuinely willing to cast your soul into the hyperbolic flames of hell temporarily in pursuit of truth, you will most certainly become a mystic.
  4. As far as my personal understanding of the mysticism as a whole, physic abilities could encompass one small facet of the greater mystical experience. Mysticism is not necessarily defined very well by anyone, because it has to do with the infinite nature of reality and it expressing itself through mostly those who are intensely spiritual or religious. And it doesn't necessarily exclude psychic phenomenon. In fact, it very well can include things that would be considered just that. In my view it's extremely difficult to say that mysticism includes 'X' or doesn't include 'Y.' It really has a very general and broad application, so you kind of have to not rely on strict definition. I think there's a foundation in strong spiritual or religious practice, but beyond that it starts to become less defined as you get into more specific conscious experiences. I may lose you here with this. I think you're confusing mystical states of awakening or enlightenment with what I'm talking about. Mystics are not always enlightened, in fact, you can have a very unenlightened mystic. It's possible. It's a bit of a doozy to parse this out if you're not already privy to what I'm talking about. It's gonna be difficult to go here in a text conversation.
  5. Totally get you. I'm more saying it's just hard to parse out the genuine mystic versus a person that's delusional. I'm more interested in hearing from people who have undoubtedly experience strong mystical phenomenon. If you you are genuinely a mystic the authentic nature of the experience extremely obvious. Granted if you are beginning to cross that threshold it can be subtle enough to not recognize what's happening. I will never point to any person who posts here and tell them they are delusional. Not my goal.
  6. As far as my understanding, from experience and others description you definitely do not necessarily have a choice. The mystical state simply becomes an aspect of your reality. As in you simply cross the threshold outside of modern societies idea of the limited natural world. For me it is unavoidable, but to your point it is extremely easy to become attached to the supernatural experiences. Like desiring foreknowledge of future events. Well, it goes outside of the bounds of natural materialistic science and would be considered supernatural by those in modern culture. That's basically what I mean. I'm fairly certain that mysticism is not necessarily a feminine thing, I don't see it as gendered at all. Although, your ability to ascend (or descend) into a mystical state depends on your belief set, so I could see one gender being statistically favored in becoming a mystic? But I recognize your historic examples as a good point to consider. That being said, the natural difference in the psychology of the different genders would definitely very much influence how the mystical state would express itself. Ultimately, the content of the mystical state is almost entirely subjective and personal. I'm extremely unconfused about what I'm referring to as mysticism, just for the record. The historical use of the word maybe confused with multiple definitions and it is a very hard thing to pin down because of the infinite ways in which it can express itself. There are mystical experiences that I think most spiritual people wouldn't even recognize as experiences that are possible because of how absurd they are. It's just a really difficult thing to pin down and then there is the tendency for people to be genuinely delusional about experiencing something that is mystical. Like a the false interpretation of reality that a schizophrenic may have, or just someone with false beliefs about reality. There's a difference between those who are delusional about having mystical experience and those who actual do.
  7. I'm just curious. I know for almost for a fact, like 99.9% positive that there is a real deep mystic on this board. It's a hard topic to talk about, because most people I don't understand the experience of mysticism first hand. However, I'm extremely curious how common the phenomenon is, and what form it takes, because the form it takes seems to be painted completely by your past experiences. When I ask if there are any real mystics I'm talking about people who have undeniable experiences of the supernatural on a regular basis, such as different forms of clairvoyance. I also think that the phenomenon happens on a very large sliding scale of intensity. From experiences of basic supernatural levels of empathy, to full on getting actual visions of future events, knowing others thoughts and feelings, and an infinite other possibilities via channeling infinite wisdom and intelligence. Does anyone have an extremely vetted source of information that I read that would extremely accurately portray what mysticism is? Kind of in the vain of Evelyn Underhill's work on mysticism, which seems after as I've seen to be one of the most genuine and real accounts portrayed in an extremely intellectual and academic way. However, some of it is a little too long winded, wordy, and based on a lot of intellectualization and concepts. I have trouble relating and understanding all of it completely. Any other good portrayals? There's the obvious Life of a Yogi of course, more artful and colorful version. Any thoughts?
  8. I've experienced life forms in a alternate universes and existences that are impossible in this universe while my physical body in this universe sleeps. I'd like to become a gay alien if I could tbh. Like the gayest alien in all our finite universe. That would be my dream come true. I want to become infinite gayness.
  9. Good first serious lesson in life. My advice to you as someone who has experienced many things in life. The world can be extraordinarily ruthless. Prepare for it as if you are ready to go to war. That advice could save your life.
  10. I love UFO's. I would like to expand to become one.
  11. To permanently expand your reality. I'm living a mystical existence. I experience magic everyday, real magic. Partly due to psychedelics, meditation, and contemplation on reality. Just don't be surprised if your mystical existence isn't what you thought it would be.
  12. Dear Diary, I had the greatest night ever. I was out with my potential future boyfriend who apparently just wants sex. Future boyfriends boss drinks with us and apparently doesn't want us together. So she got this pretty attractive guy, Bryn, with a masters degree in engineering to hang out with us so that future boyfriend would lose interest in me. The whole plan backfired because Bryn ended up really liked me and not future boyfriend. Bryn literally seemed romantically interested in me as the night went on. And on top that we went to a busy gay bar and guys kept coming to our table trying to hit on me making future boyfriend jealous. I don't know if I'm going to date future boyfriend, but after last night I feel like a dime peace. I'm a 10 in the gay world. And if you want to fuck me, you definitely have to take me to dinner first, you douche.
  13. It is the word of God.
  14. Some gay guys are super thirsty. If you've expressed that you don't want him to do that, acting that way is not cool. Girls deal with this kind of behavior all the time. It's basic creep behavior, which knows no particular preference. @Preety_India I get why you would say that, because girls are preyed on in this manner. But it's a bit different with a gay guy and a grown man. I bet that @ivankiss doesn't feel threatened by this guy in that he probably doesn't feel in danger. I just wouldn't go drinking with this guy, because he could try to date rape you. Don't report him to the police unless there is a really good reason to. That's my opinion.
  15. What would be the motivation of the US government to kill him? They literally were about to extradite him and then immediately put him in jail for the rest of his life. I need a motivation in order to consider the possibility. The dude was just a tax thief essentially. It's not like he had secret sex scandal information about high ranking people in society like the other guy that was actually whack'd.