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  1. Porn and now this is rotting the minds of young people everywhere. This is the product of unfettered capitalism. Eventually you are left with a society that pleases itself by reducing every human need and want down to a convenient commercialized version of itself. Sex, relationships, food, art. All of it erodes one of the most important part of a functioning society; the discipline and level of personal responsibility individuals take to better themselves and those around them.
  2. Conscious capitalism? He'll have to justify those 5 dollar boxes of strawberries first and then maybe I'll listen.
  3. Yea, I'm being a bit harsh most likely. I haven't really watched much of his stuff, it just never appealed to me. To each their own.
  4. I've never liked JP's video's because it always felt like he had a smug sense of superiority over the types of people he criticizes. I don't personally feel attacked by them, but I get the sense there's a bit of narcissism in his brand of comedy. And then of course, he shields himself from any criticism completely by claiming that everything he says is parody.
  5. Great post, man. Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Seems there are a tremendous number of things to read about. I appreciate you enlightening me on some avenues to go down. I've spent a fair amount of time studying monetary economics. Especially in regards to centralized banking and MMT. My interest in economics really began in my quest to learn whether or not different social programs like UHC or free college where economically viable. Economics always seemed like the one last bastion of legitimacy the conservative ideology had when I was younger.
  6. Who do you think would be more effective at implementing said draconian measures? Authoritarian China or a more Libertarian US? A lot of your criticisms in regards to specific mistakes the Chinese government made in response to this crisis are legitimate. But, you also fail to acknowledge the flip side of that which is that they were extremely effective in limiting the spread of the disease due to a strong centralized authoritarian response. It's fair to say that most likely they were more effective at limiting the spread of the disease than the US, where you can barely get half the countries population to wear masks let alone implement any meaningful change.
  7. You've studied economics, right? What are your favorite countries to read about in terms of economic case studies? For example, when I was trying to understand national debt I looked at Japan and Greece which was fascinating and very educational on that subject.
  8. I'm pretty sure most people idealize Marx, because socialism itself was born out of his economic philosophy. Marx viewed society as a progression towards the abolishment of socioeconomic classes. There's a lot of really good idea's there. I believe that Marx's ideas actually came way too early and that he was ahead of his time. Capitalism > Socialism > Communism A big part of economic philosophy and the success in its application is beholden to the development of the people within that economic system. Which is why its important that certain idea's are only applied in a society that is properly developed and ready for them. Edit: Man, some of you guys are so hung up on spiral dynamics you should start a religion around it. Why can't you just have a conversation rather than get hung up on categorizing absolutely everything to a color? @nitramadas A quick glance at your post history shows that pretty much every post you make mentions SD. Which color/stage gets so obsessed and hung up on a conceptual framework that literally everything they say is rooted in said conceptual framework? Just curious. Your posts are like the quintessential example of someone who uses SD to act as if the content of your posts are of some sort of higher tier caliber. It's literally the SD version of holier than thou.
  9. It's like the new age version of the Christians who always say this is the president that ushers in the end times.
  10. Damn, that was a well put. 👍
  11. I've never really understood the mentality of blaming the entirety of the sins of a massive complex multigenerational system on a person. From your point of view every American president is some sort of abject genocidal maniac. The geopolitical context of all conflict is extremely complex. Obama wasn't in the middle east somewhere shoveling Arab babies into a literal meat grinder.
  12. Psychedelic experience fundamentally breaks down and makes you question the narrative of how reality works and what it is. Conspiracies also sort of overturn that same narrative, but replace it with something even more complex and delusional. It's easy to see how someone could be mislead down that path.
  13. Idk why, but I've been binging videos of Obama lately. Really interesting stuff if you closely analyze his behavior. He's extremely practiced and has extreme mental fortitude to constantly act as calm as he does in every situation.
  14. Lol he's the absolute worst. One minute he's like, ok guys we have to be careful how we criticize Biden because I care about educating and convincing people and then literally in the next breath, "All republicans are part of a nazi death cult, they hate black people and they want you to die." He literally says that stuff, I shake my head every time. Maybe I'll call into his show and debate him over it, with love of course.