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  1. That's a great idea, I'll try this with my future wife.
  2. It's just youtube video, man. I think you'll be ok, unless your into that sort of thing I know a guy.
  3. I am a massive unenlightened jerk. I listened to Leo's teachings and choose filth over love. Narcissism is my way of being God. I love others and not myself. Hehe 😭😢😥👽💦🤢🤮
  4. Huh? 🤔
  5. What is this handsome man in the gif saying and what did you intend to communicate by posting it? 🤔🙂
  6. Never use a fictional character like James Bond as a standard for how you approach women, treat women, or behave as a person generally. It will almost certainly get you no where. It's much better to focus and develop your own character as a person. Being attractive to women is a by product of being a high functioning person who is successful emotionally, physically, and financially. And also grab your nuts and actually make a huge effort to approach women. Be ok with failure. 🙂
  7. Good question. There is a massive chasm between Leo's teachings and what is considered new age. New age is an umbrella term for a lot of different beliefs and ideologies most of which are extremely surface level and superficial in nature. That is the primary difference. What Leo teaches about is the vast depth of reality and enlightenment. This is far different than the majority of new age concepts like crystal healing or a lot of other seemingly silly things that pot heads with dreads do (not to hate on those types of people I love them, they're awesome in their own way ). From the outside people will probably view Leo's stuff as new age. But, upon further inspection and understanding I believe that it's not really a fair classification. Spiritual or existential philosophy is more apt.
  8. I have only good will in our conversation. 🙂 I'm not trying to make you feel defensive. Only want to share a perspective based on experience. Much love, and good luck. 👍
  9. @machiavelli "@Heart of Space See you yourself are confusing with normal waking conscious reality and higher states of consciousness." I'm not. I'm saying that they are all part of the same whole infinite reality. The reality you talk about which is governed by natural laws is a finite peice of that whole. "My point was if by doing intense meditation, taking psychedelic could transform you into GOD HEAD and thereby changing your own reality which is based upon laws created by you itself which has infinite design in it. This makes it simply magic. Not intelligence." Intelligence and magic are not mutually exclusive. They are also just words. You have a particular issue with the word intelligence, I do not. I use both the word magic and intelligence where I see it fits. If you do not want to use the word intelligence, that is up to you and I cannot fault you for that. "I am more into believing that god (we) does limit of what it can do in reality. You are hell bent in believing that you can even turn mountain into gold by imagination and everbody around you will see it in" normal waking consciousness. So why do all spiritual masters say " God Limit itself to experience what we call life ". God is infinity, no? Infinity would include both realities you mentioned here. You seem to take some specific issue with the turning the mountain into gold part of infinity and not the consistent natural world governed by laws part of infinity. "The smartphone, computer you are using is build by scientist who worked day and night to invent this thing we called technology . You youself rely on your smartphone made by them . So why dont you simply materialize smartphones, computers etc by doing meditation work , psychedelic?" We do. We materialize everything from the scientists to the computer chips and wiring inside the smart phone. I think you are having a bit of difficulty comprehending the nature of infinity, which is entirely understandable. If I'm being honest I have the exact same problem, it is a difficult cookie to crack. 🙂
  10. @machiavelli You come across as intelligent and I completely understand where you are coming from. If you do genuinely want a good response to the concerns you raised definitely make sure you read both my posts with sincerety and an open mind. The answers that I gave are the best thing for you to hear right now in terms of where you are at intellectually. Much love, man. 🙂
  11. I do believe that. But I also believe you can exist in a world with unbreakable entirely consistent natural laws as you believe you do. That is the nature of infinity, all things exist. Your perception of your world is legitimate and is real, but so is mine where magic is real. The biggest difference between you and me is that I am open minded to all things and you are not. I don't judge you for that, I would just invite you to be open to possibilities.
  12. Ok, simply replace materialist paradigm with whatever skeptical paradigm you prefer. Although, I guarantee you your skepticism is seated fully in empiricism which is highly materialist in nature. Skeptics in modern day are fundamentally materialists by nature. You are stuck and attached to your tiny infinitesimal slice of reality and because of that you are completely incredulous when looking at Leo's claims. The only way for you to see or understand even slightly the nature of Leo's claims is to do your own due diligence, open your mind to them, and do a vast amount of extremely hard spiritual labor. Then and only then perhaps one day you will understand. The key here is not for others to convince you, it is for you to be able to convince yourself. And if you're fully committed to your skepticism no one here can do anything for you. Honestly, after this post the thread could appropriately end, there's not much point to further conversation. 🙂
  13. These threads are difficult. Those coming from a materialist paradigm will never be able to open there mind enough to be able to understand and experience the infinite nature of consciousness without great effort. In fact, it's completely pointless to engage in this conversation or debate in the first place. It is 1000 % the duty of those who are stuck within the materialist paradigm to escape it. Otherwise this conversation is pointless.
  14. Do you think highly conscious people would want to engage in a game of "let's see who can give eachother more brain damage by bludgeoning eachother with our fists, elbows, knees, and shins?" Fighters say they love fighting, what they truly mean to say is they love the money, accolades, and adrenaline experience. That's something far different then the highest love that highly conscious people talk about.