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  1. I've experienced life forms in a alternate universes and existences that are impossible in this universe while my physical body in this universe sleeps. I'd like to become a gay alien if I could tbh. Like the gayest alien in all our finite universe. That would be my dream come true. I want to become infinite gayness.
  2. Good first serious lesson in life. My advice to you as someone who has experienced many things in life. The world can be extraordinarily ruthless. Prepare for it as if you are ready to go to war. That advice could save your life.
  3. I love UFO's. I would like to expand to become one.
  4. To permanently expand your reality. I'm living a mystical existence. I experience magic everyday, real magic. Partly due to psychedelics, meditation, and contemplation on reality. Just don't be surprised if your mystical existence isn't what you thought it would be.
  5. Dear Diary, I had the greatest night ever. I was out with my potential future boyfriend who apparently just wants sex. Future boyfriends boss drinks with us and apparently doesn't want us together. So she got this pretty attractive guy, Bryn, with a masters degree in engineering to hang out with us so that future boyfriend would lose interest in me. The whole plan backfired because Bryn ended up really liked me and not future boyfriend. Bryn literally seemed romantically interested in me as the night went on. And on top that we went to a busy gay bar and guys kept coming to our table trying to hit on me making future boyfriend jealous. I don't know if I'm going to date future boyfriend, but after last night I feel like a dime peace. I'm a 10 in the gay world. And if you want to fuck me, you definitely have to take me to dinner first, you douche.
  6. It is the word of God.
  7. Some gay guys are super thirsty. If you've expressed that you don't want him to do that, acting that way is not cool. Girls deal with this kind of behavior all the time. It's basic creep behavior, which knows no particular preference. @Preety_India I get why you would say that, because girls are preyed on in this manner. But it's a bit different with a gay guy and a grown man. I bet that @ivankiss doesn't feel threatened by this guy in that he probably doesn't feel in danger. I just wouldn't go drinking with this guy, because he could try to date rape you. Don't report him to the police unless there is a really good reason to. That's my opinion.
  8. What would be the motivation of the US government to kill him? They literally were about to extradite him and then immediately put him in jail for the rest of his life. I need a motivation in order to consider the possibility. The dude was just a tax thief essentially. It's not like he had secret sex scandal information about high ranking people in society like the other guy that was actually whack'd.
  9. https://www.fhfa.gov/AboutUs/Reports/ReportDocuments/2021Q1_HPI.pdf This is in depth analysis and pricing data for housing. Yea, I'm pretty economically saavy and I can't really make a solid prediction on what the future holds. It's such a strange environment. I'm hoping for a market correction for the prices of housing and automobiles, but I won't hold my breath. I'm almost certain that there has to be a correction, but how big will that correction be? I don't know. Man, if you have kids it might be a good time to start getting nervous about their financial security. Like take this shit seriously, you are going to want to be a personal finance expert to live a solid middle class to upper middle class lifestyle and also properly save for your retirement. That is, unless there is a drastic change to the system. I hate to be a doomer, but economically speaking this stuff is not good for normal people.
  10. Watch this scene. Stop and contemplate what you saw and then continue reading my post. Now, in your interpretation, why do you think an alien species would send something that could perceived as so inflammatory to highly fearful beings? It's completely open to interpretation. Now I haven't looked up what the writers intended, or what Sagan himself intended, but I have my own interpretation. I believe it to be quite profound if you sit and ponder it. The further you move away from earth, the older the signals that originate from earth get. So effectively what you know is that these aliens have received the signals which preceded one of the darkest moments on human history. What's clear is these aliens are communicating that they have seen, or are about to see everything after that moment in time. The greatest human atrocities, the things that we as humans have the most shame for. What I think they are trying to do is, say that "we communicate to you with the full knowledge of your greatest atrocities, and we still want humanity to participate in the greater macrocosm of the universe." The subtext of that being that even though human beings have suffered great evil at their own hands you should not have shame in it because it is a natural part of evolution and growth for human kind. The beings of this higher civilization do not demonize humanity for their past, but they know that human beings themselves have to come to terms with the darkest shadow's of their past. You guys should really watch this movie. It's a gem.
  11. Check out these sources: https://publish.manheim.com/en/services/consulting/used-vehicle-value-index.html https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/price-trends/
  12. The housing market is a lot more healthy than it used to be. The real story that everyone should be talking about right now is the auto industry. In a single year, you have a 133% increase in average car prices. In the case of pick up trucks you have an 150% increase. This is because of predatory financing practices and low interest rates. Also, there is a chip shortage which constrains car manufacturer supply which won't be back to normal till potentially 2023. This is outrageous. Even if you are rich I beg you to not buy new cars from dealerships. Boycott the auto industry. By old beater cars from a grandma. Fuck the auto industry, fuck their greed. Let them burn. Ok, maybe not because I don't want people in the industry to lose their jobs. I also don't want an economic collapse. I just want more social responsibility and honest business practices.
  13. Steven Crowder is a massive bully and manipulator. No one should give him any attention negative or positive. Ignore him as thoroughly as possible. That means not watching video's from youtubers you like doing drama video's with him involved. I repeat, do not watch anything with that mans name on it. Please don't, he doesn't deserve to take space in your mind.
  14. Find the right balance. I too have gotten to the point where I took my evolution so seriously that I actually felt negatively when I would go out and have fun with friends instead of concentrating on personal development. Maybe your next evolution is making peace with meeting your needs for socializing without feeling like you're missing out on something. You can do both, what's important is that you are happy.