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  1. @dyslexicCnut Nothing wrong with alternate perspectives. If you honestly look at them you'll find multiple true ways if looking at it. It's just that this perspective tends to trigger you.
  2. I just want to add that I fell asleep shortly after my last post and I had a vivid related nightmare. I was driving down a street on a motorcycle, with a handgun during the evening (this is not something I normally do, I don't own either a handgun or motorcycle). A bullet zinged past me from a parking lot to the right of me, a nearby motorcycle cop pursued the guy who shot it, also on a motorcycle, which erupted in a back and forth gun fight and then chase. I drive further down the street and get stuck at a left turn lane red light, which a bunch of others also on motorcycles. The chase between the cop and the shooter makes its way down the street where the shooter, struck by a bullet, crashes just at the red light and still alive with his weapon. He, bloodied and disoriented, slowly gets up and starts firing into the crowd of people I was in at the red light. I am in a life or death fight or flight and even though I had a handgun I chose to cower behind the crowd of people to shield myself from the incoming bullets. Somehow the cop had ran out of bullets in the initial shooting and was right next to me. I gave him my gun and he proceeded to empty it into the shooter's head killing him. Covered in some blood and shaking from adrenaline he pulls out his wallet and tries to give me money to pay for the bullets he used in my gun. I was also in shock and shaking and I said to the cop, "no sir, my tip is being able to go home and see my family again... you're a hero." He just sat there in shock fumbling his dollar bills staining them with bloody prints from his shaky hands. Then I woke up, my heart was pounding and to be honest I feel a little shocked by that nightmare. I guess you could say my dreams were trying to give me an exercise in empathy like no other. I'm going back to sleep now, hopefully to dream something pleasant now lol.
  3. Well it would obviously be 'pussy-people,' duh.
  4. I can see the perspective of some of the people who are pointing out things that counter the one sided narrative that this was a cold blooded murder. There are certainly a lot of valid points being made. I'd also like to add a couple things. It's important to keep in mind that there is a greater socioeconomic context and history of oppression, which this particular event symbolizes. Sure I agree, it's not pure example of a cold blooded murder. George Floyd was murdered though, just not specifically by Derek Chauvin. He was murdered the complex multi-generational oppressive environment that produced him, his behaviors, and his psychological state when interacting with police. Even though there are arguments to be made in regards to the relative innocence of the officers involved, I think that it is reasonable to expect better. Why not analyze this interaction and try to see how the cops could have handled the situation so that it had a better outcome? Maybe physical restraint was needed, but why are our cops not trained extensively in non-lethal grappling techniques that would have saved Georges life? I believe that we and our police could do better.
  5. You're right, there is potential for abuse with all tools. I like how that sounds, I'll check it out.
  6. I mean when you chart types of thinking in such a way do you not think that is a mistake that someone could make? You think so?
  7. I think he's self-destructing. These video's are legit comedy at this point and I don't say that in a pejorative way.
  8. I think if you actually articulated a complex well reasoned point that we could discuss it would probably be fine. You just kind of blurted out vague political concepts with zero thought behind it.
  9. In the same way someone can experience pain and have no negative emotional reaction to it. Depression can be a physical problem that causes physical symptoms, it's not just psychological. Get me?
  10. The dollar inflating has absolutely nothing to do with the NSA. If the dollar falls to zero it will not affect the NSA 0.1%
  11. Yea, I think it is an American phenomenon. There aren't really libertarians in Europe eh? None of the "lets go back to the gold standard" types?
  12. Anarcho-capitalists and small government types slob all over the knob of bitcoin because it's a newer superior form of the gold standard.
  13. It is an anarchist dream in the sense that they believe it's actually a superior form of currency in terms of the functionality and success of your economy. I would debate God himself if he disagreed with me on that point and it would be an easy debate to win. Decentralized deflationary currency would absolutely never work as well as a centralized one. Period.
  14. I recommend a book on this subject. It basically highlights some of the economic turmoil caused by competing currencies on the global market. The basic idea is that each country has incentive to manipulate the value of their currency relative to others in order to gain economic advantage in trade. The problem is that the inevitable conclusion to these currency wars is that they are ultimately destructive to all parties. Now of course the USA wants a global currency, but they also want to be in control of that currency much like the FED currently controls the creation of US dollars. Obviously, there are a few major super powers that will not bend the knee to this since accepting a global currency as the currency for your country means that the US would have 100% economic power over you. But it's interesting non-the-less that they are slowly pushing in that direction. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
  15. Tell that to the ladies I've been trying to shtoop. They just point and laugh.