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  1. I don't follow any yoga routine. I just use my 3rd eye to induce a natural intuitive yoga that directly activates the parts of the body and feelings, which creates direct progress. Doing yoga routines, like on youtube, are like trying to shoot a target blindfolded.
  2. I am the gayest cuck on this forum and am an authority on gay subjects and even I do not entirely approve of medical intervention in gender confusion issues. I believe to resolve sexual/gender issues spiritually it takes too much work for a normal person. Hormones can actually allow someone to live very happily. You can legitimately be behaviorally confused when it comes to gender expression and sexual expression. Estrogen can resolve those feelings entirely (for a feminine male). Hormones can push you far more into one or the other (masculine or feminine). I've taken testosterone and turned into a very unconfused heterosexual and I've had high estrogen temporarily and turned into a female. Hormones are king. Cosmetic surgeries be damned though. I don't believe they are the answer. I don't know what the one hundred percent right answer is. It's a difficult subject.
  3. The cultural forces grooming men into identifying as straight is one thousand times stronger. Technically, you can groom someone into fucking the gender they're not attracted to. Gay men have been doing it for hundreds of years. Closeted gay men with kids are all over the place due to expectations from society and parents everywhere for their child to have the gender expression they desire. There are many pathways for heteronormative behavior in society though. The idea that you could effectively groom straight men into being gay is absolutely idiotic. Plus, they're not using the shame and fear that heteronormative society is.
  4. Women on dating apps are not that great. My recommendation is to do enough psychedelics and spiritual practice to open your Ajna (3rd eye) Chakra so that you have access to your clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Then present yourself in as many situations as possible with attractive women with an open navel and heart chakra. Have strong and pure intentions to attract a partner. Go for the taller ones, relative to your height. Like similar height females. You need good genes so your baby is a successful person. Trust me, this is underrated 10 out of 10 advice. No expert will give you this sort of incredible advice.
  5. As a gay submissive cuck I have to say that it is very uncouth to have feelings of jealousy over your gender and other genders. I sure do like this thread and this forum. It gives me, a gay submissive cuck, and chance to express this attribute in a way that I should. Spirituality. Praise our lord, Jesus. Amen.
  6. Well, I guess I'll keep working on my awakening. Looks like a good friend will help.
  7. Like accepting Christ as your lord and savior?
  8. I am certainly triggered by this thread! How dare someone claim that they are the only enlightened one and then claim that everyone else is NOT enlightened. This is disgusting behavior!. I am insulted.
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  11. Choc-o-late, chocolatay, Willy Wonkas Chocolate, chocolate
  12. The democrats just need to wave a gay flag, burp and fart out some progressive terms for the children, and then ultimately appeal to all the rational adults by having mildly left policy. Oh and bribe the media to throw Bernie Sanders under the bus again.