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  1. If you're listening to some entity's advice, at least find out what its intentions are, what is it getting out of this relationship etc. A figure in dark robes doesn't seem like what a loving being would appear as.
  2. He should try biodynamic craniosacral therapy
  3. Anger can also be a healthy reaction to having your boundaries violated.
  4. Not true. It's just experienced differently, in a more subconscious way, like everything in sleep.
  5. When I wake up in the morning, a have a sense that time has passed. If I didn't experience time, it would feel like I just blinked and it's already morning.
  6. There's actually no entity behind your eyes that's looking. That's a misperception, not an eternal situation.
  7. I think it's obvious that someone who is a part of chains of causation cannot circumvent them.
  8. That very longing for trial & tribulation that you experienced was suffering. If you weren't still suffering you wouldn't be looking for something else. The heaven wasn't good enough.
  9. Watch Leo for entertainment, kinda like how you read trip reports on erowid.
  10. How do you know this? But even if that were true, this logic is like saying, why do activities that increase dopamine if I can just snort some cocaine and have a much higher level of dopamine than any of those activities will ever produce. Why have a romantic relationship if I can just take mdma and feel way more love than I would in a relationship. Just because an experience is mediated by a certain chemical doesn't mean it's good enough to take that chemical and have the experience. This is also not taking into the account that if one is having a spontaneous awakening, it means they're ready; neurotransmitters are a byproduct of that readiness, not a cause.
  11. I think people who say they want Truth for its own sake are lying. If you intuitively knew that Truth is horrible, you would never look for it. You'd try to stay as ignorant as possible. The reason you want it is because you're suffering and want to come back to your natural state which is free of suffering. If you were utterly happy and content being ignorant you wouldn't even think about Truth. Buddhism is just honest about this.
  12. I doubt you actually believe that when you're in deep suffering.
  13. Trampolining to high levels of consciousness is not the same as reaching them and staying there.
  14. It seems like you're trying to jump to some advanced stages of Realization without going through the first stages and laying the foundation. You need to awaken your self first before you can sacrifice it.
  15. Deep sleep is a state of total ignorance.