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  1. Accepting "I am god" as a belief simply leads to a big spiritual ego. One becomes god by disappearing into it, and then there's no one to claim "I am god". Only the ego claims it when it comes back.
  2. The ego has no control because it's a fiction; it cannot have any functions. Also, the ego and the individual are not the same. You can see/feel your body, but you can't find the entity that claims to own it.
  3. Why would you get vaccinated after you've recovered if you already have a better immunity against it than vaccinated people?
  4. Official data shows that those who were sick with covid earlier are 6 times less likely to get sick with the delta variant than those who got phizer/moderna vaccine. Immunity from being exposed to the virus is way better against new variants than vaccines. It also lasts longer.
  5. Having good food and getting my dick sucked.
  6. Spiritual ego is simply a more subtle form of ego. It usually sounds like: "I am God", "I am pure awareness" etc.
  7. Leo is so stubborn with his beliefs that no matter how much evidence you provide, he's gonna repeat the same thing over and over, like a parrot.
  8. Why do models usually look like they have no soul?
  9. True. And the quality of energy you get from them is very low since most of them are very energetically unhealthy. Sleeping with anybody who pays you does that. Many of them are also drug users.
  10. In my experience, girls who were less experienced were more fun sexually than the more experienced ones.
  11. There is a reason why women are generally more inclined towards committed relationships, as opposed to men. There is an energetic component to sex that is different for men and women. For a man it's beneficial (if the women he sleeps with are energetically healthy) and for a woman it's the opposite. That's why there's a stigma associated with women having many sexual partners ,and men get respect for the same thing.
  12. You can be extremely confident and very deluded at the same time.
  13. If you're looking for an awakening that doesn't go after 20 minutes, you're better off without psychedelics.
  14. This is simply not true. Just look at countries with low vaccination rates.
  15. Open-mindedness is only good when it's regarding things that Leo allows himself to be open-minded about.