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  1. Less respect for easy lay in general.
  2. How does saying the Ukraine invasion is wrong imply we think U.S. actions are right? About half of Americans have opposed all military intervention of the U.S..
  3. Imagination and pretending are concepts of the mind, so is "the absolute pretending", everything is real.
  4. Your use of the terms idealism and nihilism are opposite of your definitions, you have an idealist philosophy that you can take and do whatever you want without it having effect so long as the direct victim is unaware, that's not nihilism, nihilism would be that there are indirect consequences just that they are only the consequences of reality not 'karma' or 'hell' or bad luck, etc. I don't see anyone here saying the problem is karma/etc., they're saying there is a real tangible repercussion.
  5. No ones talking about romance, and no one would want to be a nihilist, that's why they all kill themselves.
  6. There's only three users out of thirty in this thread that don't think there's a problem and haven't tried to put Leo on the ignore list. You can't put any mods on ignore for some reason. I think he posts inflammatory claims to get people chatting and coming up with insights, but I think it drives the insightful people away.
  7. The reason nihilism is nill is because you don't enjoy it.
  8. Under-standing Under; below, lower standing; position, status, or Not trying to suggest anything just asking your perspective, don't you think something more along the lines of ultimately just appreciating, is more 'awake'? "Appreciating" including understanding but ultimately 'that's all you care about'?
  9. I'm a guy, and I have a big libido, which is MORE of a reason not to cheat, I can have sex as much as I want with my girlfriend. If you have a good relationship it's always open season, if you're on the prowl then you won't have a good relationship and will always be slobbering over some floozy at the bar or whatever hoping to get some, I just kiss my girlfriend on the neck and it's on.
  10. People don't cheat for sex, they cheat for the relationship or opportunity for a relationship. Do you think it is okay for your wife to have sex and fall in love with another man and leave you? *Porn is fake, you don't understand human relationships.
  11. Cheating is accepted in southern france or polygamy? Big difference. We know you're a troll.
  12. Your example proves my point; the billionaire doesn't care about the ferrari because he has all cars, you don't care about your girlfriend. Who enjoys the ferrari more, the billionaire, or the working stiff that polishes it every saturday.
  13. The notion people connect on a deep level seems so airy fairy to me, if you both have the ability to "connect on a deeper level" then you already are, it doesn't require interaction, anyone beyond surface level is already deeply connected to anyone without any "deep conversations".