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  1. What's wrong man?
  2. No, I would prefer Phillips over Biden, very few people vote in Primary elections.
  3. Did you see they took out Russia's huge spy plane and another warship recently?
  4. Reuters › europe Ukrainian drones hit Rosneft refinery in Russia - source 8 hours ago — Ukrainian drones attacked a Rosneft-owned oil refinery in southern Russia in the latest such strike on Russian energy infrastructure, What's the next step in the war? Ukraine is getting a batch of F16s soon. Is Russia too weak now to use tactical nukes in fear of NATO intervention? I Imagine Putin dramatically ratcheting up his tact, I see no other option besides retreat which seems unlikely for Putin, I do still think he could be removed from office anytime, I have no good explanation why other than a hunch though.
  5. Sleep also affects my eating habits, it can slow metabolism and magnify stress throwing my entire eating habits out of whack, if I don't sleep well it greatly reduces my appetite which leads to eating at a later inconvenient time and causing low energy and mood, a recipe for disaster. The basics work for me, trying to be satiated from healthy food that I like really curbs cravings, figuring out healthy food that I like and having it available when I need it, weekly meal prep is great for that.
  6. Peterson is only a warrior for money, he gets paid by conservative special interest groups a lot of money for his appearances.
  7. I think your logic is based on the false premise that open mindedness is lack of self. I agree dissociation is lack of self, but open mindedness could never be a true no self state. Open mindedness implies thought, thinking, which is self based, there's no 'thought' when there's no self to think. Open mindedness is broader concepts, not no concepts.
  8. Dissociation seems like the opposite of open minded to me, it seems more like over stimulation of beliefs actually, or the lack of mind altogether, complete closed mindedness.
  9. @thierry I think it's supposed to be used to understand or empathize with other people better. I haven't studied it or care for it but it doesn't seem like it should be said to have levels of consciousness but rather intellectuality, even 'tier 2' it's intellectuality not consciousness. Consciousness is awareness, tier 2 is just aware of different concepts, so intellectuality.