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  1. Any position you cling to is dogma. The dogma of actualized.org are positions like "I am God", "Consciousness is the ultimate reality", "Understanding is the most important thing", "You can understand ultimate reality", "Without psychedelics you can't attain deep realizations", "I (Leo) am the most awake person on the planet" etc. It's full of dogma.
  2. Everyone on this forum is more awake than Leo. Leo is the least awake person here.
  3. Where exactly did you ask me what type of practices I have done? I didn't necessarily want you to stand up to Leo. I was just curious about your reaction. I don't consider myself enlightened or awake so I don't need to prove anything in that regard. I'm also not someone without any practice experience whatsoever who's just reading spiritual books or something. I did a 40 day meditation retreat, 8+ hours of meditation every day. I've sat and stared at the wall 3+ hours in one sitting, not 30 minutes. I did a bunch of psychedelic retreats etc. So your "insight" into what I've done or haven't done is completely off.
  4. Whether I have direct experience or not you have no clue. So shut the fuck up.
  5. I took Leo's post and replaced "enlightened" with "awake". So you can direct your message to Leo. And you should stop playing a psychic, pretending to know things you don't. Because you're plain wrong.
  6. For you to be "awake" God has to imagine that you one day you "became awake". You have a whole story that you tell yourself of how it happened, when it happened, where it happened, and what it means.
  7. These "I am the only one awake" posts get more desperate as time goes on.
  8. Some teachers are just bad and the way they teach confuses people. You can take action and change your life, all of that happens without a separate doer. You won't find that idea in Buddhism or traditional Advaita Vedanta. It's a new invention by half-baked "gurus".
  9. The awakening process can trigger latent mental issues which needs to be cleared out of the system, but such states have nothing to do with awakening itself. It's just latent karma being purged.
  10. You don't need to get rid of them. Just understanding on a deep level that they won't ultimately fulfill you is enough. I think most people who pursue awakening do, otherwise they wouldn't even be interested in it.
  11. Suffering is the price of ignorance, not the prize of existence. If everybody was in touch with their pure essence none of this shit would happen.
  12. The fact you get so triggered about it means solipsism is a belief you have and you have doubts about it.
  13. A relationship that is based on you making a girl feel strong emotions is not going to last. It's a superficial relationship. Essentially, it's like learning to press certain buttons in her brain which causes her brain to produce certain hormones and makes her a drug addict (her drug being you). The moment you're tired of doing it she'll start looking for another drug dealer. And you'll get tired of it because it's unnatural.
  14. Jeff's message is an antidote to spiritual bypassing, that's where his focus is. He's not really concerned with awakening.
  15. I think it would be a compliment for Zizek if I say he's a fool?
  16. It's pretty weird to think of spirituality as "who outsmarted whom". "How dare you think you're smarter than me" comes from a deep insecurity. But if we play that game, who is more likely to be wrong, someone who thinks they've outsmarted Leo, or someone who thinks they've outsmarted Jesus, Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji and pretty much all of the greatest sages that ever lived on this planet?
  17. You would have to know the experience of every person who lives and has ever lived to claim things like "no one dares this", "no one has ever done it", "they have only speculated" etc. That's purely dogmatic thinking.
  18. There is a big difference between an experience and a realization. Leo may have had experiences of no-self but he hasn't realized it. He's still battling with his ego on a daily basis pretending to have transcended human spirituality.
  19. Good for you for listening to your intuition and holding your ground. Unless you're in the risk group you didn't need it.
  20. Yes because consciousness is not permanent.
  21. It's a distraction if you use meditation is a means to avoid something in your experience.
  22. You can also avoid cumming every time you have sex. This will make you interested in having sex more often. Takes some discipline.
  23. Why do you assume he's so spiritually developed? You may be more developed than him, for all you know.
  24. The idea that your spiritual evolution is completely disconnected from your behaviour is ludicrous. If you've experienced some profound states but are not embodying that then you just experienced some profound states. You're not more evolved than others because you took some substance and had some deep experiences. In fact, you may be more delusional than them if you now believe you're more evolved and justify acting out your egoic tendencies with ideas such as "There is no evil", "It's all Love" or some other similar bullshit.