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  1. Emergency department will have antipsychotics. People refer to them as trip killers. if you can stick it out, you should follow bensenbiz’s advice and try concentrating on your breathing. Your thinking causes you to panic. No thinking, no panic. usually, in difficult kinda moments I tell myself: “Ain’t shit. I’ve seen worse” all the trips I have ever taken turned out fine. There’s nothing to be afraid of. you will come out stronger out of this. This is your baptism of fire
  2. Leo's plugging video: In the video Leo tells you to “wrap rubber band around 0.5-0.6 ml measurement on the syringe.” I wrapped my rubber band on 0.45 measurement (halfway between 0.4ml and 0.5ml) because that's what 3.5 cms corresponds to on the syringe. Ways to go from here: 1) Keep upping your dose. 30mgs isn't that strong of a trip for me but I dissolved 5-meo-dmt in a nasal spray. Things become abstract for me at 40mgs but nasal IS MILDER than plugging for the same amount. I wouldn't get stuck on this belief that "30 is a lot". 2) You've assumed that your batch has degraded over time. But have you considered that you've got a bad (mild) batch? I notice how 5-meo-dmt from Canada has a bit of a different character that the one from the Netherlands. I'm sure there's some variety between the batches from the same lab produced at different times (2023 vs 2022). People have complained about bad batches on this forum before. So maybe just get some HCL from both Canada and Europe and compare them. 3) You can give 5-meo-malt a go. Malt has this kind feel about it. It's not as joy-producing as mdma for me, but I agree with others that it's a gentle tryptamine (I won't go into detail how I'm planning to combine 5-meo-malt and 5-meo-dmt).
  3. @Vincent S I’ve got freebase which I will convert to acetate salt using vinegar. The plan is to dissolve the salt in water and then spray it up my nose. Your quote says something about “hurting my nose” and then mentions a possibility of “going ph neutral”. Any idea about how I can make the converted salt not to burn my nose? I actually haven’t checked if the acetate does indeed cause my nose to burn or itch yet when it's part of a nasal spray solution. Maybe it’s a non-issue
  4. Hi fellas. Wanted to share a post I created the other day in another thread. I think this could be an appropriate place for that post as I think nasal spray is an amazing ROA. Gerhard also mentioned that plugging and spraying feel different (his words were that these ROAs "affect different chakras" or something of that nature), with which I agree. Gerhard Fourie's volumetric dosing using nasal spray (contains entertaining and illustrative pictures). One thing that OBEler pointed out was that an extra 7mg per spray might be too big a jump. Therefore, add twice as much water (10ml vs 20ml) for the same amount of substance. Or, equally, halve the amount of the substance (467mgs vs 234mgs) for the same amount of water. That will get you 3.5mgs of the substance per spray, which may be a wiser dose increment. My spray nozzle delivers 0.150ml of solution per spray but I've seen sprays that deliver 0.120ml or 0.200ml of water per spray. Doesn't make that much of a difference but I'd say that probably 0.120ml is better than 0.200ml as you'll have less water in your nose.
  5. @halfknots I recently ordered freebase. If i dissolve it in vinegar, will it burn my nose? HCL doesn't. My plan is to use the converted freebase in the nasal spray mentioned above. I remember Leo saying that converting freebase yields you 20% more chemical. Does it mean that I'll get 1.2 grams of salt if I start with a gram of freebase when weighed on my scales? Or does it mean that the gram will still weight a gram but it will be 20% more potent? Update: Did a little searching on the 5-meo-dmt megathread and found the following two posts. Converting freebase to acetate Converting HCL to freebase on dmt-nexus
  6. The other week Gerhard Fourie recorded a video about volumetric dosing using a nasal spray. I can't seem to find this video any longer. I assume Youtube has deleted it. I created a nasal solution following the steps as laid out by Gerhard and it's my favourite route of administration at the moment. I like it more than snorting because the experience feels much more potent with the spray given the same amount of chemical. The results are much more consistent as well. With snorting you get clumps of material not dissolving, putting your straw not deep enough into your nostril, etc. Maybe you can master the sniffing technique. I didn't. So I'm seeing snorting as a good way to start so that you can acclimate yourself to the chemical but ultimately you'll need to give it up for something better. When I plugged either 5-Meo-Malt or 5-Meo-Dmt, I'd always get a ego backlash. I can't say why that is. Maybe it's because plugging is more potent than nasal. Maybe it's because I needed to clear out some negative energy. If you don't know what "ego backlash" is, watch the corresponding video on Leo's Youtube channel. But if you have ever had drug comedowns, that's basically what it means. Anyways, I'm revisiting plugging later. I only have had positive experiences with the nasal spray. Burning has never been an issue for me, even with sniffing, but spray can help with that problem too. I also haven't had an issue with feeling sick when using spray on a full stomach. But then I've only plugged on an empty stomach. So I don't know if I get that particular problem in the first place. I created a step-by-step guide replicating the Gerhard's deleted video on Youtube and shared it with some on these forums. Posting it again for manuel bon's benefit. First you need to determine how much solution each spray delivers in one spray. Maybe you can figure this out by reading the description on the spray bottle, but I couldn’t, even after having spent some time at my local pharmacy looking at different brands. Here’s a simple trick Gerhard mentioned: 1) Weigh your solution first. 2) Spray the nasal spray 5 times. 3) Weigh it again. 4) Subtract the difference and divide it by 5. (40.721 - 39.976) / 5 = 0.150ml So I get 0.150ml per spray for my nasal spray. Next, take the nozzle off the bottle using a Philips screwdriver So a little bit of maths. I know my bottle will fit 10ml of water. 10ml / 0.15ml per spray = 67 sprays. I know that a red 10mg scoop fits around 7mgs of 5-meo-dmt and I want one spray to deliver one 10mg red scoop. So 7mgs * 67 sprays = 467mgs of 5-meo-dmt I put a rollie paper under the chemical to make the job of delivering the powder into the nasal spray bottle easier. Roll the paper into a tube and upend it into the bottle. Or alternatively use the plastic tray may have been supplied with the scales. Now measure 10ml of water And off you go blasting into the infinite Plugging is probably superior anyway, but it's always best to try all the options and understand what works best for you. Like, Gerhard said that he uses his nasal spray while out on public for microdosing (concerts and such). I remember Girzo mentioning he goes around puffing n,n-dmt smoke from his vape. I used the spray while hiking, keeping the dose low enough to still be able to walk. The hike was very colourful and amazing. I think this could be a good solution for someone for tried plugging but feels the experience was too intense.
  7. Giulio Bevilacqua, I'm down with whatever other word that you or others might find more streamlined and implying fewer implications. The important part is that it's something undesirable for ronda that persists after the trip and there's a way to get rid of it. I don't think ronda needs to discuss his continued interest in psychedelics with the psychiatrist. Simply that he needs the persistent penises to go away and that they were caused by psychedelics. From my experience, the psychiatrist will mention that it's a bad idea to use psychedelics if they cause this type of consequences, but they don't see that their job includes cajoling you or teaching you life. Another thing is that I don't think that psychiatrists understand psychedelics at all but it's not important. What is important is that they can prescribe antipsychotics. You can be the judge when to return to doing psychedelics again, which from ronda's description I don't think he should stop doing for good. Only temporarily until the undesired effects go away. ronda, do these penises have any significance to you on an intuition level? Usually people have a pretty good idea what they are unhappy about from their past. You'll need to look into whatever trauma you haven't healed from.
  8. ronda, if you find these penises too intrusive, go and see a psychiatrist and ask him/her to give you antipsychotics. I actually think very highly of them in general. These days some of antipsychotics don’t have any side effects. I sometimes even take them to improve concentration when I’m in a dreamy mood. You take a pill and within the next hour, you feel incredibly better. There's no downside to them. Only upside. Psychiatrist may tell you to keep taking them. But I feel you can stop taking them when the undesired effects go away
  9. I snorted my first 10 mg scoop of 5-meo-malt this morning (the scoop is 10 mgs, the corresponding amount of substance was around 7-8 mgs, I'd venture). There should supposedly be some burning sensation, but I FELT NONE. To me 5-meo-malt feels milder than 5-meo-dmt. Overall, a pleasant experience (in the sense that I wasn't scared out of my wits like I was on a scoop of 5-meo-dmt). Plugging and nebulizing a spray are both good but don't discount just snorting a scoop. For me it works perfectly.