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  1. What is Truth? Truth can’t be spoken, it can only be experienced. And this experience takes place in the mind and manifests in reality. The world is truth.
  2. To clarify my point, it seems to me that true Yellow contains certain components that would be very difficult for someone of below average intelligence. They’d need at least a foundational understanding of history and psychology, and be able to see the paradoxical relations within complex systems. Perhaps there’s a less intellectual version of yellow that’s more intuitively based, but otherwise it’s seems that cognitive enhancement or genetic engineering would be required to create a stage yellow society. I guess what I’m getting at is who is currently stage yellow who isn’t also a fairly advanced intellectual?
  3. I’ve been thinking about what the world’s continuing development up the spiral might look like in the next 200 years. Stage Orange seems feasible almost anywhere as much of the developing world is starting to industrialize and I expect stage blue religions to continue to decline. Certainly pockets of purple, red and blue will continue to exist for a long time, but I expect that blue will eventually reduce to around the influence that purple has today. Majority Green also seems possible, but more ambitious. I expect some of the issues with capitalism and technology to become more obvious in the coming decades, which should push people in this direction. Also, if affluence and security continues to increase, then more of the world will resemble the life conditions in Europe which facilitate Stage Green. However, attaining Stage Green requires a substantial increase in compassion, which I see as a major challenge for much of the population even with improving life conditions. The stage I’m more skeptical of is yellow, because it seems to require an understanding of abstract concepts that would be very difficult for the average person. Considering a Green/Yellow society that would be the precursor to a full Yellow society, certainly life conditions would have improved dramatically. The education system would have improved dramatically as well, promoting abstract reasoning, critical thinking, and deep conceptual understanding. Even so, most people don’t seem intrinsically drawn to intellectual topics. I could see about 30% of the population being stage yellow, about the same percentage that currently go to college in the US, but after that it seems like stage yellow requires a certain level of intelligence that would limit most people. For those who have studied spiral dynamics, do you think majority Stage Yellow is possible without some kind of mass scale cognitive enhancement?
  4. I find it interesting that I didn’t mention marriage or children in the original post, yet that’s what a lot of people used as an explanation. The standard of men being providers applies to a certain extent to all age groups and regardless if the people involved are considering marriage and family. Also, once the kids are in school this no longer applies, so this is only a valid justification for a few years out of 60+ years of adulthood.
  5. @electroBeam Isn’t an aspect of Infinite Love its continuous transformation and evolution? A crucial aspect of growth and change is questioning the status quo. I don’t think it’s inherently unspiritual to point out a social issue.
  6. Women are adults with equal rights and abilities, so why are men, at least to a certain extent, still expected to provide for them? Why would men do this? What do men get in return? Men aren’t the parents of the women they date, so it just seems really stupid and unnatural. Sure women provide men with emotional support, companionship, affection, and various other things depending on the individual, but men provide all those things to women too. Of course there are lots of women with successful careers who don’t expect this, but in general men are largely judged based on what kind of job they have, whereas women, with the exception of shallow men who care mostly about appearance, are evaluated more so for their personal qualities, which I think is a much more reasonable standard. This phenomenon could be explained in terms of evolutionary biology or as an after-effect of traditional gender roles, but isn’t it contrary to the values of modern liberal democracy? Doesn’t that standard suggest that women are inherently more valuable, while men have to give the products of their labor to women in exchange for their attention?
  7. @Nak Khid The idea of what is being perfect by definition seems strangely similar to social Darwinism or radical conservatism, even though it’s framed as a higher consciousness way of thinking. Another weird paradox I suppose.
  8. I’m becoming more conscious of the cruelty of the capitalist system, and the cruelty inherent to most of our social and political systems. However, given that other systems throughout history and in many other parts of the world were if anything worse, it seems to be inherent to survival itself rather than to any particular system. Even if reality is infinite, it seems that more entities will want to exist in any given space than will be able to, at least in realms of existence resembling this one. Therefore wouldn’t cruelty be a huge survival advantage? And wouldn’t you expect any entity that exists to have a certain amount of it? Cooperation, of course, is also a very effective survival strategy, but even so a certain level of enforced conformity and exclusion would need to be present to keep things functional. So how can reality be Infinite Love, as Leo has been emphasizing recently, if cruelty is so essential to how beings maintain themselves? One answer could be that I only view cruelty as a negative out of fear of falling victim to it. Would that then make cruelty good by definition because it exists? Although it seems like cruelty would decrease as beings reach higher levels of consciousness.
  9. I'm currently 8 months into a relationship, and up until now we've been seeing each other 3 days a week. Recently she was furloughed from her part time job, and my hours were cut from 5 days a week down to 3. So now she wants us to spend more time together. I agreed to increase it to 4 days last week, but now this week she doesn't think that's enough. She told me she's jealous of her roommate who gets to she her boyfriend almost every day. So I guess I'm just looking for some feedback on what seems reasonable. Am I neglecting her because I want to have a few days to myself?
  10. I've been dating someone for less than 3 months and they're developing an unhealthy attachment to me. She has mental health issues, so I don't think it's good for her. The relationship is going well, I'd just like for her to be a bit less intense and be ok when I'm not around. Not sure how to help with that or how to prevent things from getting more out of control
  11. I just see ego and lies all around me. I've been considering different career paths, and everything seems to boil down to manipulating people in order to get some money. Money is completely meaningless anyway, and people spend it on silly things. You can survive pretty comfortably on $30,000 a year, so I don't see why people want more than that. So much suffering is inflicted upon people and we're doing so much damage to our future. And the thing is most people aren't actively malevolent, they're just either too lazy to pay attention or just don't care. Politics is so full of shit. Even people I agree with are full of shit in their own way. We have so much work to do collectively, but very little of it is getting done. I feel like the world is a giant machine of ego and devilry and everything I could do would just feed back into it. Even those who oppose the system end up being a controlled opposition, to appease everyone else and give them false hope. It's gotten to the point where I just don't want to do anything. I'm not depressed, I love myself and I love life. I just don't want to be manipulated by the system. There's so many lies, I'm just looking for truth. I've been reading lots of great books, but no source is a hundred percent pure. I sometimes lose motivation to read something when I realize it's only giving me a partial perspective. I feel like 99% of people over 30 have sold their soul to society. They have bad marriages, mediocre kids, meaningless jobs and are content to waste their entire lives. I'm in my early twenties now and get so much terrible advise. I'm conscious enough to reject it, because I feel like the modern world has descended into total nihilism. I can't imagine myself becoming like the people I see around me, but don't see viable alternatives. I absolutely love life, but I'd happily die to avoid becoming a slave. Maybe that's the key to finding truth: Put meaning ahead of survival
  12. Since I was young, I've been very distrusting of authority and culture. Everyone around me seemed way too conformist, like they were blindly accepting the ideas of other people and acting only in the ways that were expected of them. Therefore it seemed like I couldn't find truth from any outside source and decided to rely exclusively on my own judgement. As a result I was very selfish, rebellious, and angry as a child. Of course that kind of egotism didn't work out well for me, and I gradually learned discipline and self control. By the time I was about 12 years old, I was also very distrustful of myself, seeing the potential of self deception in my emotions and impulses. And yet I also understood even more clearly the problems of the collective. If I couldn't receive truth from others, and I couldn't find truth within myself, then where was it to be found? That's when I decided I wanted to become a scientist. I saw science as the only valid source of truth, because I viewed it as separate from all human bias. It was only when I arrived at university that I started to see the problems with academia and institutions. I began to contemplate the potentially dangerous technologies that science was leading to, and that corporate interests distort it from being a pure pursuit of the truth. Leo's talked a lot about epistemology and he's talked a lot about the Absolute and awakenings. His teachings have been incredibly valuable, but what I'm still wondering is where is a valid source of conceptual relative truth? It seems like everything out in the world is clouded by collective ego, and my own thoughts and feeling are clouded by my individual ego.
  13. @Keyhole She had a knife to her throat and said she almost did it. I don't know if that technically qualifies as an attempt. I don't know if I want to be a hero, but I would like the opportunity to help someone. I wouldn't call myself dead inside, although I have had some nihilistic phases.
  14. @LordFall You bring up a good question which I'll need to devote some serious contemplation to. What is it about me that attracts and is attracted to girls with mental health issues? This has happened to me before, but in the past it was much less severe.
  15. Thanks for the thoughtful responses eveyone! There's some good information in this thread! Update: She had a suicide attempt about a week and a half ago. She seems to be doing a lot better now. She's now open to getting help, but still hesitant. I've learned that her family situation is pretty rough, and that it's contributed a lot to these issues. We've gotten a lot closer over the past month. She really is very sweet, caring and accepting despite her mental health issues. I really want to make this work but am starting to understand that it might be necessary to step away @Leo Gura Thanks for your insights on this topic! I'll keep that in mind as I move forward. At a certain point I might have to accept that there isn't gonna be a way to make things work. @remember That's important to keep in mind as well. Individual situations are distinct, so our judgement shouldn't be clouded by trying to fit a story to some abstract stereotype of "the toxic relationship".