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  1. Wearing makeup (other than for costume or artistic purposes) is a form of manipulation. On a subconscious level, they're lying about their level of youth and fertility. This isn't only to attract men, but perhaps more importantly to intimidate other women. (Women who say they wear it for themselves are being self deceptive.) I'm not blaming women, as our culture strongly supports this, and cosmetic and beauty companies exploit this to make massive profits. Also, women who are highly attractive are more likely to be stuck up and lack consciousness, as receiving large amounts of positive attention can easily inflate someone's ego. Your resentment could be a sign that you should look for higher consciousness romantic partners. Resentment is a natural emotion, but it can become toxic. Understanding why people act the way they do along with doing consciousness work will generally reduce this. If you experience insecurity, then I'm sure there other posts discussing that, but the main thing to realize is that these women are not actually high value in a dating sense. Our culture is very shallow and materialistic, so it pedestalizes them, but look at your own values in a romantic partner, and you'll realize that they're quite lacking in higher consciousness virtues.
  2. Well for me having repeated experiences of the lack of consciousness of girls my age has gradually made me jaded about relationships. I wouldn't say that I've completely transcended the desire for one, but I've mostly lost interest at this point. I see two possible paths for myself, either I will find a well functioning relationship with a relatively conscious person fairly soon, or I'll naturally transcend those desires within the next few years. Getting your heart brutally broken is a good way to detach yourself, although it's definitely not a pleasant solution, and it'll be a huge distraction for awhile. Modern culture will tell you that you should continue seeking out new relationships regardless of how badly past ones have failed - otherwise known as Einstein's definition of insanity. But hopefully you've evolved beyond such mass cultural delusions. As far as sex is concerned, I find that masturbating in moderation takes care of that fairly well. I view it as akin to eating junk food: not an ideal habit, but esentially harmless if not done too often. Ultimately it comes down to your core values. If you focus intently on solo personal development work, then you should naturally transcend conflicting desires over time. However, if you're able to find a high consciousness woman to start a relationship with, then it could potentially boost rather than hinder your growth.
  3. I've been out of high school for 4 years now, and I get what you mean. I went to a large university and had a really hard time meeting people. The old sense of community was gone. (Although a lot of people I know say they had even better friendships in college, so maybe it's just that I have poor social skills.) I also had a crush in high school that I never acted on, and just in general I wish I had gotten to know people better when I had the chance. I've since lost contact with almost everyone, mostly because I haven't put in the effort to maintain those contacts. Although the thing is, back in high school I felt like I had to be very inauthentic to get by in a social environment everyday. Whereas now, I'm very isolated, but I feel like I can do and be what I want and not worry about it. Maybe the harsh truth is that it's actually better not to know people. That way you can project your fantasies onto them rather than having to see their true dark side. I feel like knowing someone just ruins them in a way. Or at least that's how it was with me and my ex-girlfriend senior year of high school. It was a really bad break up, and I never really got closure. I wound up quitting all my extracurriculars, and my grades slipped a bit. To this day I have recurring dreams about being back in high school. It's like in a weird way I didn't finish and a part of me is trapped there or something.
  4. Enlightenment certainly seems complex with Leo shooting hours and hours of metaphysical videos, and the multitude of different techniques, and the dozens of books on the booklist, and the endless forum discussions... Yet fundamentally it's one of the simplest things there is: just surender everything and become One with Truth. Maybe all the abstractions and complications are necessary in order to trick the ego into letting go - the thing it would otherwise least want to do Imteresting paradox I noticed
  5. @Leo Gura Yes very true! Thanks for the wise advice, I think that something like that is my true calling! Your latest episode on survival was fantastic by the way! It helped me realize how much of an identity I had formed around getting a PhD back when I was stuck at stage orange
  6. I think the key is that Self-Actualization is about inner growth, wheras Life Purpose is an outward attempt to improve the external world. (I'm using inner and outer in the everyday sense, even though metaphysically there's no distinction) The other issue is that Self-Actualization is a very broad domain, including any theories and practices that could improve yourself or your life in any one of a countless number of facets. Try to narrow it down to what specifically draws you to self-actualize at your deepest, viseral level. (For myself, I've narrowed it down to the pursuit of truth, but even that is way too broad) Then try to apply that idea to an aspect of the world that could be improved. In a sense that is just Self-Actualization because you are identical to the entire world, but in another sense Life Purpose is a separate endeavor.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I guess what I meant was I think I need to abandon science in the institutional sense, i.e. getting a PhD and doing large scale orthodox research. I've been considering learning a trade while I continue to develop myself, and then doing independent work on the side that's scientific in the more holistic sense But I'm debating this from a strategic perspective. It can be very difficult to change systems from within due to strong collective ego and paradigm lock. So that's why I think it would be better for me to remain independent. Although I could be wrong, and be throwing away an opportunity to make a big impact. I also have to consider the bias of my personal ego resisting complying with large institutions.
  8. Issac Newton was a very different man than how mainstream culture portrays him. Most people know him as a mathematician and physicist, but the truth is he actually spent over 90% of his time on alchemy and hermeticism. While these practices seem primative by today's standards, they were the precursor to modern science. More significantly though, the real value of hermetic practices was psychological rather than physical. Aspects of Christian mysticism were also involved. In fact, mathematics to Newton was more of a means to the end of knowing the nature of God. So despite basically being the father of modern science, Newton was no mere rationalist. He had a genuine desire for a more holistic truth. This contrasts starkly with modern science, which has largely abandoned truth and become simply a means to produce technology. It clings to its rationalist, materialist, reductionistic paradigm, and can't even consider knowledge that lies outside of that. It brings me no joy to say this, as it was my dream to become a scientist since I was a kid, but I must now abandon that dream in order to seek truth in another way. Maybe someday science can return to its origins and become a more holistic natural philosophy, because sadly I don't think Newton would approve of his legacy.
  9. Maybe find a way to become a Stage Turquoise musician. I really have no idea what that would look like, but in theory it's certainly possible. Or if you have another idea for a life purpose, then you can always continue music on the side, or better yet find a way to integrate it with something seemingly unrelated! Limiting beliefs are a huge trap here, because ultimately it all comes down to creativity. Who knows what possibilities there could be! One of my father's friends is a musician. He's a native Hawaiian and adapts traditional Hawaiian stories into Western style music. He tours all over the US and is able to impact lots of people because he performs from a very authentic place. Not only is he technically talented, but he's able to convey emotions that make the stories come alive for people who wouldn't otherwise get to experience that culture! So music can certainly be high consciousness if done in the right way, but by all means explore other possibilities as well!
  10. Well in one sense the present is all there is and the past is just in the imagination, but in another sense the boundaries between past, present, and future are the greater illusion. Your past is implicitly expressed in what you currently are, and, since being is in a way identical to becoming, so is your future. The traps of dwelling on the past have been expressed above, but I wouldn't say it's inherently unspiritual to do so. Personal evolution is a natural instinct, just as cosmic evolution is a property of the universe as a whole. Modern industrial society wants people to behave in mechanical, unchanging ways for decades and to strive to climb up constructed corporate ladders. This is an unnatural state for man. So I wouldn't sabotage the progress you've already made, but keep finding ways to become better and better versions of yourself. Ultimately that's what we're all doing here.
  11. Thanks for the advise everyone! I guess I've just got to be patient and gain some more life experience @Leo Gura The life purpose course is very well made! I plan to redo it in a year or two and hopefully I can get some great results!
  12. So I've tried a few different jobs and a couple of college majors, and I'm having trouble deciding what to do next. Every time I try something I end up quitting within 6 months. I was more idealistic when I was younger and thus more motivated, but after the past few years I'm just feeling really jaded with college and career stuff. I don't think it's depression, because I'm still really passionate about reading books, contemplation, spending time in nature, practicing music, etc. I'm still very new to spiritual work, so I don't think it could dark night of the soul or anything like that. (My sympathies to anyone going through that by the way, I've heard that it can be brutal.) I am autistic, so that could have something to do with it. I'm very resistant to conforming to any kind of institution or structure because of that. I mainly just feel out of place in the world, and don't feel like it's worth the effort to try anything else. I have completed Leo's life purpose course. Probably the best insight from that was nailing down truth as my higher consciousness virtue, not exactly sure how to go about pursuing truth though. Leo did say that it can be difficult to get results from the course if you haven't had much life experience. I'm only 22 now, so maybe I just need to experience more things in order to figure stuff out.
  13. That’s really interesting! I once had a dream where at the end there was an image with no one seeing it. It was super weird!
  14. I’m considering checking one out and was wondering if anyone’s had experience with this. Unitarian Universalism doesn’t have any official dogmas, but is open to wisdom from all spiritual and philosophical traditions. I thought it might be a good way to learn more about spirituality and have a sense of community for self-actualizing. However, it was originally a Christian church, so I’m wondering if it’ll have some of the same traps of traditional religion. If anyone has experience with this, do you think it’s something worth looking into?
  15. I suppose it’s possible. If we imagine a time in the future where most of the population is yellow, then lower consciousness people would remain stuck at green. Although, stage green tends to value compassion and nonviolence, so it’ll be a bit different than the extremism we see today.