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  1. Can you talk more about psychotherapy as it relates to enlightenment? Are all therapists enlightened? Are most?
  2. @LaucherJunge what do you hope to achieve through letting go?
  3. Hello guys. I come with a question/discussion, What is friendship? Why do we make friends? What does it provide us? Is it a reptilian tendency? Is it a societal coping strategy? An extension of your self? What is the true reason for human connection? Post opinions . Interested to hear what you guys think.
  4. Hi all. I was told that some buddhists believe that women are unable to achieve nirvana/enlightenment. Their only hope for liberation is to be reincarnated as a male. So, what gives? Where did this belief come from? Anyone have any insight on this? Here are some resources I found on the matter: http://newbuddhist.com/discussion/21694/only-men-find-nirvana http://buddhists.livejournal.com/740846.html https://protectingnyingma2.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/can-women-achieve-enlightenment/
  5. please, tell me more about how you've mastered zen oh wise one
  6. @Nahm you can't assume what happens when we die, now. Were we in a euphria before we were born?
  7. @Marinus Simple duality We all know the term. Happy/Sad, Up/Down, Yin/Yang. You can't have one without the other. The higher the High.... the lower the Low. This is the way of things and there's nothing we can do about it. Work on finding your center and work on feeling comfortable in the "eh, neutral" It's a balance game . Just try not to get hurt.
  8. @thehero sounds like poetry my friend . i would let you sing me to sleep every night if you would let me.
  9. @Shu I wish I could help you How do you think AA got started?
  10. @ajasatya Those words almost made me cry.
  11. Snowballed like a good thought/insight! Do you think a strong enough mind can conceive a paradox? Or is it, by nature, impossible.