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  1. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Could you please share your binural beats resources forum, thanks
  2. I'm aware that there are books on your list specifically about these techniques, but for many of us there are much more practical books to read that are much more foundational. I currently have a daily meditation routine but I would like to add Kriya yoga to it. I will eventually read the books but in between now and when I do, learning a few basic techniques would be fantastic.
  3. @universe That's some solid advice. Cheers mate
  4. Just from alone the daily habits for spiritual seeking are: Meditation (Which includes do nothing, mindfulness, strong determination sitting, etc) Contemplation Concentration Self Inquiry Kriya Yoga Holotropic Breathwork I'm sure there's more but this is all I can think of I'm confused of how to balance these practices. Do you alternate between them? If so, which ones? At the moment I practice a mindfulness of the breath for 30 minutes daily. I'm only 20 years old so I have a lot of other important things to correct in my life before I can fully dedicate myself to seeking, e.g, life purpose, dating and relationships, self-esteem, etc. All of these things require other practices that must be done daily (visualizations, affirmations, etc). I'm also a university student. There's only 24 hours in a day and to attempt to do all of these things everyday would be madness. I'd really appreciate advice on what to focus on, thanks.
  5. @Serotoninluv I'd love to experiment with mushrooms especially, but no dealers offer it in Sydney . The deep web's an option but I'm wary of getting caught I've been looking for a shrooms supplier for 8 months with no luck now. If only mankind weren't so fucking stupid to criminalise something that could be our saviour....fuuuuuu
  6. The first time I took a single tab of what was supposed to be 160 ug The second time I took 2 tabs of what was supposed to be 105 ug each. A friend I took it with has been taking psychedelics for some number of years now. He says the experience it produced was not unexpected of the dose (for his trip). Also, I trust the dealer. I'm not sure how acid is produced so it's possible that I had a batch that wasn't spread evenly across all tabs? I apologise for not painting a clear picture, the acid was astronomically powerful but more in a sensory phenomenal aspect-to the point where I was drained by the end of the trip. But there was nothing 'spiritual'/metaphysical' about it at the same time. The most profound it got was a mental state where concepts lose their self-evidence for a little while. Not that that's something that isn't profound, but I was expecting to just be handed an insight just because I took a drug. After reading what people have said-I think I just need to be patient with the acid. I haven't done close to 1% of the spiritual work to begin to feel frustrated yet. I still have a lot to learn and the acid is probably just reflecting my crude level of spiritual development. I need to cultivate a practice of self inquiry.
  7. @WorknMan The batch tested positive for an indole. Also, a friend who's experienced with psychedelics took a tab and claims it was good acid. Yep, pretty sure.
  8. @Serotoninluv First Trip: 160 ug. I woke up before the sunrise and spent the trip at a park. I spent it with 2 friends. Most of it was spent observing my friend who was having a paradigm shattering insight (breaking his stage orange models). Second: 210 ug. I spent it near the coast with 1 friend. Most of the trip was spent sitting quietly observing the nature around us. Although I knew it would have been better to do it alone, I wasn't comfortable as it was the first time I had ever dealt with a powerful psychedelic before. Since then, I've watched Leos video on how to use psychedelics, and have also read 3 books from Martin Ball including 'being human'. I'll be tripping alone next month and this time I understand what set and setting is ideal.
  9. I'm currently a 20 year old University student studying abroad in Australia. The only psychedelic I have access to is lsd. The first 2 experiences I've had were rather disappointing. Although I felt an increased ability to observe and be present it wasn't anything too profound. I felt as if though my brain was fried after the experience-it was utterly exhausting and overstimulating although enjoyable. To put it clearly, if it wasn't for Leo I would probably think they're a waste of time/only for a fun experience. I'm not sure if there is something wrong (either something I was doing or lsd is the wrong substance) or if I just need to keep going and be patient for results. I could order different psychedelics off the deep web and experiment for myself, but I'm afraid of the legal ramifications if I get caught as I stay in a University accommodation and have no other place to send the stuff to. So I'm stuck with lsd for now. I'm quite inexperienced with psychedelics as you can tell. So I wanted to ask you guys: Is LSD good enough for spiritual purposes or would a tryptamine be more suitable? What did it take until the psychedelic yielded some tangible results (aka gaining an insight) Just to reiterate; this post is not about the sourcing of psychedelics-only if lsd is a good enough psychedelic to work with in the long term.
  10. This post is not about where to source psychedelics. I'm currently in an Australia in university in Sydney and was thinking about ordering psychedelics to my accommodation through the deep web. The issue is that I live on campus in a university run accommodation. I'm an international student so there is no other option for place of delivery. How likely is it that I will get into legal trouble? Any advice on the precautions to take? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I'm 20 years old and have sucked with women for my whole life and have a low self esteem and fear of rejection. I really feel that this is a huge hindrance to my personal development journey as I just don't know how to: Approach girls Talk to them (create sexual tension) Lead the conversation to sex, and everything in between I'm motivated to become good with girls not only because of sexual desire, but because I feel I need to be disillusioned by sex and fulfil it as a basic need so I can focus on more important aspects of life such as life purpose and pursuing enlightenment. I've been recommended to read 'the game' by Neil Straus, and 'how to be a 3% man' by Corey Wayne. I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend me high quality books as there is a lot of low quality information regarding this sub-field of self-help. (Or if you've read the ones I've mentioned, advice on which books to read first?) Online courses and lectures would also be appreciated. PS. I realize the low self esteem is a separate issue that needs to be dealt with. This post is just for the purpose of pick-up though, thanks.
  12. @Misagh That makes a lot of sense. I guess its a matter of 'recognising yourself in the mirror' as Martin Ball eloquently described seeing entities and whatnot.