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  1. fucken dank <3 good for him. That's reassuring news for people using psychedelics as a path i suppose.
  2. So...Does anyone know how Marty's doing? There's not many long term users of 5-meo to observe so this situation is a pretty big deal.
  3. It's an amazing experience, You have no choice but to surrender if you want to enjoy your float, I'd love to experiment floating with psychedelics if I had a personal pod. Throughout my session as I relaxed deeper and deeper I just started self-inquiring naturally. Your clarity will increase as there is no distracting stimulation and it becomes much more clear that you are not the body...from that point....well what else is there to do except try and locate the 'perciever'? It was extremely organic and I carried the session into the rest of my day. I also had some rushes of energy in my head (although I think this is a side effect from kriya yoga that I've been exeriencing recently-feels like someone just whacked a gong in the middle of my head yet it's not a physical sensation, quite difficult to describe tbh). Downsides are that it was just 1 hour and I paid 89aud for it...So yeah, quite expensive and too short. I also didn't like the fact that my spine wasn't upright. You have more clarity in the sense that there is no distraction but the fact that you are lying down does make it a little more difficult to concentrate your awareness on something specific. Also, if you're 6 feet or taller the standard size of the pod may be too small for you. I was juuust the right height so I could fit without touching either end of the pod. PS: the float centres seem like they're quite SD green in culture, or at least the one I went to anyway. Who doesn't love hippies <3
  4. Super fascinating stuff, I've never heard of the guy before this but he seems like a visionary type. Listening to this just makes me wonder what kriya yogis are truly capable of and how much more there is to learn...
  5. This happened to me before but it didn't last, my body felt incredible while it did though. Check this out Sadhguru talks about this a lot as well.
  6. What is evolution existentially? How could all of creation be moving towards more love if it's already 'infinite'?
  7. One of my favourite ted talks and an excellent example on the relativity of perception. (This may have already been posted)
  8. Amazing first 2 songs, the rest are ok. It's an Alan Watts lecture with chill-step music in the background.
  9. "Just a suggestion" It's got nothing to do with being distracted. Please mind your judgemental tone.
  10. @Leo Gura I think your lectures could be improved by this simple addition. I find that it boosts concentration and improves information retention when I compare videos that I've watched with vs without music. It obviously cant just be any kind of music so, something like this is what I listen to when I read: Binaural beats could be something to look into as well. Just a suggestion, have a nice day mate.
  11. One of those books reviews a host of schools based on: 1. Technique quality 2. Amount of Dogma 3. Strength of presence Read it and make your own decision. I for one will continue to practice my kriya routine until I learn Sadhgurus kriyas. Then I'll see which one I'm better suited to.
  12. From talking to a lot of people who've smoked a lot of cannabis, they say that the trip is much more organic when they consume strains that are balanced with thc and cbd. In strains that are higher in thc but low in cbd they say it doesn't quite feel right but its better if your intent is for entertainment rather than spiritual work. If I'm not mistaken people have been selectively breeding cannabis for strains more potent in thc and the numbers have changed drastically over the last 30 years or so. The cannabis used nowadays (high thc-low cbd) is probably not what the hindu sadhus have been using.
  13. @Pernani Some people have reported this during energy healing and other such things. They say it's your body detoxing. I've experienced this from Reiki and a 'kundalini activator'.
  14. The logic is that the more weed consumed the more dopamine is released. Correct me if I'm wrong?