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  1. I will purposely only be eating fruit (not even going to drink water). I feel my body is much more alive with fruit. I'll give a water fast a try as well sometime though.
  2. Thanks, I'll try it man
  3. Absolutely, the changes are physiological as well as psychological. I have a lot more clarity and mental focus which has great carryover to EQ. I also have a lot more energy and for some reason my body naturally wakes up earlier now-as a result there's a lot more balance in my life as its brought balance to my daily routines. You get what you put into it though. On days that I lazily do the exercises I don't feel like it was that much different to when I was meditating with a mindfulness of the breath technique. On days that I do it with full involvement it feels like you're micro-dosed on a psychedelic afterwards. Lastly though its just less boring than mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness gets a little dry after 30 minutes for me. But with Kriya 30 minutes goes by very quickly.
  4. I feel like what I eat heavily impacts the quality of an acid trip. In fact I vaguely remember Neem Karoli Baba (Ram Dass's/Richard Alperts guru) mentioning how people used to fast before tripping in ancient times or something of the sort. Hence, in a few weeks time I will go on a fruitarian diet a day before I trip (135 ug) -I'll let you guys know my results. Please let me know if you have any experience, recommendations or information regarding pre-trip setting advice thanks.
  5. YES SIR! I've nailed down a Kriya practice (holy shit it's strong) but I'm only 20 so the next decade will be about my life purpose, emotional healing, studying the theory, a little bit of ayahuasca+vipassana retreats here and there and just generally constructing an authentic lifestyle. I'll start the hardcore seeking in due time. I'll catch up someday
  6. What I've noticed is that watching Leo's videos makes me frustrated and angry at the world. Although incredibly powerful for inner growth, it has a tendency to make me overly intellectual and stuck in my head when relating to others. I've always thought of Leo as lacking 'that special something' when compared to the charisma of a mystic such as Alan Watts, Rupert Spira, etc...That is until he came back from his 30-day retreat. There's this little glint in his eyes that sparks that same feeling of presence now. Obviously nowhere near the same degree as those I mentioned above but Fucken christ, the man's moving into turquoise!!I Leo if you're reading this, I'm genuinely happy for you. You're a lot more authentic than you were before and it really shows. I cant speak for anyone else but I would be a lost puppy had I never found You are a beam of light in this dark age, thanks for everything.
  7. Could you share the resources you found to learn all of this please?
  8. Elliot and Leo have by far been the most influential people in my life. Even though Elliot is charismatic and empowering, I feel he's become somewhat myopic in his views and his understanding of the spiral is poor. E.g, he views Donald Trump as an 'Alpha male' when he's really just exhibiting signs of stage red. Not to say that he isn't an incredibly wise man. He is. There's plenty to learn from him and I would love to be a part of his grounding camp after I finish university. I just feel he's gone a bit ideological with his ideas of masculinity vs. femininity and alpha male talk. There's something off...I cant exactly put my finger on it but something ticks me off about the way he carries himself. Look at his second London real interview for example. #breatheintoyourballs
  9. Hi forum, I'm from a country where psychedelics are illegal and I have very limited access to safe and good quality ones. Please recommend any places that offer psychedelics as a healing/spiritual modality so we can all have a list of the best places around the planet. so far I've found these places:
  10. Leo's already covered this topic: Enjoy ^^
  11. I will add it to my list, cheers mate!
  12. If reality is infinite-shouldn't the levels of embodiment also be infinite? No matter how deeply you embody the absolute, wont there always be more to embody? If not, will personalities always have aspects of the old conditioned mind patterns? Context: I'm asking so I can put the 'personality' of an enlightened being such as sadhguru into perspective
  13. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Could you please share your binural beats resources forum, thanks