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  1. @Farnaby It might not be as bad as you expect. I took SInovac (since it was the only one available at the time) and everyone who took it had a mild 1st dose and an awful 2nd one. The opposite happened to me-my first dose was a bit of a shitshow and the second one was mild. I've never heard of people having horrible side effects for both doses regardless of vaccine brand. As far as I've seen, it's either mild->shitty or shitty->mild.
  2. @Michael569 I always learn from your thorough replies my dude. Appreciate the detailed answers, as always 🙏
  3. @machiavelli I'm assuming you never watched Leos spiral dynamics series, because ^That, unfortunately, wont work. The content isn't the problem. It's how they process information and filter it through their worldviews. You remove idol worship from their minds and they will simply replace it with another dogma. Pretty bog-standard stage blue religious type thinking. The ego-mind will turn black into white and white into black. You misunderstand the nature of the problem. Watch the spiral dynamics series (link in the post on page 1), otherwise you're just wasting your time. This website is a fucking goldmine dude. You can continue complaining or understand the issue you described at a deeper level.
  4. I take it then, the only question is: "To what degree are you conscious of what is?" Correct?
  5. You're right. Ideology keeps you paradigm locked. What I gather is that you're basically asking; how does one escape paradigm lock? But before we jump the gun, lets slow down a second. Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants instant solutions and answers. Not many are willing to really understand the problem at the roots first. So then, if you're sincere in what you're asking, I'd suggest you to spend time understanding why people get paradigm locked in the first place. And for that, you've come to the perfect place. Some of my favourite videos: Spiral dynamics series: P.S, just to reiterate, please do not commit the mistake of failing to make a distinction between idol worshipping and genuine tantric practices. Leo's got an amazing episode on the importance of making high quality, fine grained distinctions as well btw. Good luck brother.
  6. There are many tanrtic paths that involve the consecration of objects into deities and goddesses. It's not just a metaphorical 'worship'. What they're worshipping has been transformed into a device to raise your consciousness through mantras, various rituals, or maybe even direct pranic/life-force manipulation, etc. The 'gods' they worship are nothing more than tools. Maybe they will be very devotional to it, but that's just another device for spiritual growth; using a deity as a point of devotion. Like all world religions, it usually sprang from deep wisdom and mysticism but got hijacked by collective ego. But of course, the majority of people that worship idols are dogmatic sheep. And even those that aren't, I'm inclined to think at least the majority of practitioners are tribalistic and stage purple-ish. Of course, I could be wrong. Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater is all I'm saying.
  7. I'm not well informed on ecological sustainability, many of you on the other hand, I think would be. This video challenged a lot of my previous perspectives. I was under the impression that the most worthwhile thing to do for sustainability is to give up meat. Now I'm not so sure. I'd like to hear your perspectives on this topic. I'd also like to hear your suggestions on what the most impactful things we can change in our lifestyle. Edit: I'd prefer to keep the morality of killing animals out of this conversation if possible, as that's a whole other discussion for another time and would convolute the clarity of the intended topic.
  8. Dr. James Cooke: Bernardo Kastrup: Adventures through the mind: Damien Echols:
  9. before I get banned lol, I do have something to share: This is a reddit forum specifically for 5MEO, might contain some insightful trip reports, etc
  10. Hey guys, I feel like this could have possibly been answered before, not sure tho. But is freebase suitable for plugging?
  11. bruh... This is hilarious but also a mockery Just donate to his patreon if you want to show your gratitude to leo lol
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine isha kriya is quite good for begginers, if you have a few hundred hours of meditation under your belt, simply watching the 3rd eye with awareness of the breath is better and produces a bigger change in consciousness (at least for me anyways). I've also tried the chit shakti meditation for success and that's pretty fantastic, definitely check that out. I do that every single night before bed. There are other chit shakti meditations for health, relationships etc but I cant say for those because I've never tried. Talking about sadhguru's techniques in general tho, I've been initiated into shambhavi mahamudra, it's not as strong as the techniques in leos booklist but it comes close, I'd say to about 65% of strength comparatively. Please dont take that figure seriously btw, it cant actually be quantified. It's a solid kriya overall. Shambhavi is the very first course you take before moving onto a higher meditative process in Isha, so considering that, the techniques that are taught by imitation definitely aren't watered down. On the other hand, most of the stuff you learn from the app by default is watered down because it's for the public audience.
  13. should still be available here: