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  1. I understand that this topic is about science in general. However i did read once a semi-spiritual explanation on why the second law of thermodynamics is false. The objection was that closed systems do not exists and i somehow forgot the explanation why. Does anyone have an idea why or did any reading about this topic?
  2. A person uses his astral body to manipulate objects outside of himself. The astral doubble reacts to thought and obeys the will of the mind. Most people do not have a spiritual/psychic sight activated. So it seems miraculous to them when objects are manipulated by the persons astral body in which they cannot see. It is a possible explanation but i do not think anything like this is recorded on camera.
  3. He has very liberating viewpoints and i admire his understanding of the different topics presented in the podcasts. Thanks for the share.
  4. The Qanon purge has spread to Patreon.
  5. We could be visited by them solely out of curiosity with no self-serving agenda that we project onto them. As they could have advanced technologically by travelling through transversable wormholes and even collectively transcended the ego-mind into unconditional love. Their intelligence and attunement would be far beyond ours and so they stay undetected from our knowledge. Maybe some of them transcended the physical plane and that is why we have not found any "alien" life for that matter.
  6. Qanon related content creators are also banned on YouTube and their content possibly erased as well. Edit: Channels like Redpill78, PrayingMedic, Destroyingtheillusion X22Report,Edge of Wonder, SGTReport,AndWeKnow, JustinformedTalk, and more are all gone from the platform since yesterday.
  7. There is no crime in eating meat from a universal standpoint. We were raised to eat meat from early childhood so we are all innocent in this matter. However, eating meat makes your body more "dense" and therefore slows down you spiritual evolution a bit. You also get the animal characteristic of the animal you are consuming. It also slows down the spiritual evolution of the animals as we continuously kill them. We are interconnected with the animals and therefore we slow our spiritual evolution down by killing them. By slowing them down we slowing ourself into Godhood. There are huge dark energy flowing from the butcher houses off the slaughtered animals into our earth that as seen by some clairvoyants, and that "dark energy" makes our collective couscioussness more depressed and psychotic without it knowing . It is also "immoral" to have other people butcher the animals for us and degrade their spiritual insight while we avoid the consequences by buying meat in the supermarket. There are also "Good" stuff to this but this is the "bad" stuff i have read.
  8. 1. The New Earth - Eckhart Tolle 2. Kybalion - Three Initiates 3. Bhagavad Gita 4. The voice of silence - Helena Blavatsky 5. Be as you are - Ramana Maharshi (David Godman)
  9. As the unitive stage consist of 0,5% of the US population. Can there something be even rarer? In 2013 i came across Bill Harris (founder of Holosync) blogpost of his explanation of Susanne Cook-Greuter's model. Instead of the ego stopping at the unitive stage, it continues through the 5 stages of tozan after as a continuation of this model. Basically: First stage of Tozan: Satori, realization that you way beyond this ego. Second stage: A strive toward the Absolute that one has realized. The ego starts to identify itself more as the absolute for every other realization of it. Third stage: The ego is totally identified with the Absolute (atleast a idea of it). As the Absolute does not have a end or beginning, the ego is then experiencing a minimum of suffering. As in in pre-first stage it was identified with its family, material things etc. which are relative and have a end and beginning. Usually somone behaves to freedomly and ignoring karmic effect in this stage. Fourth stage: The ego is shattered into million pieces as it is disidentifiedcompletely in one blow after ignoring karmic effect and thinking " It is being in the form of God but being equal with God". Basically this is where the functions of repression and denial are shattered as the ego cannot ignore cause and effect anymore. Everything from the uncouscious rises up to be integrated as the ego is shattered at this stage. Resulting into the ultimate "Dark night of the soul". Fifth stage: Basically the integration of the relative and the trascendental. Was long since i contemplated this model so take it with a grain of salt. I have some experience that i can backup this model with but will be possibly written in another post. There is another similair model by a western mystic named Evelyn Underhill that i think is pointing toward this. She named the steps as follows: (1) Awakening or conversion, (2) Purification of the Self, (3) Illumination (4) The Dark Night of the Soul, (5) Union or Unitive life. I have a link of short explanation of these stages and ideas from other traditions. Example website There are some models that can explain the ego embrace beyond the unitive stage of the Susanne Cook-Greuter's model, do we have more possible explanation models for this? Anyway, you are welcome to decostruct this idea. (If there is someone that is interested in the explanation of the 5 stages of tozan by Bill Harris / Genpo Roshi then there is this file. As unfortunately i cannot access his blog so i have a word file that i snatched from a blog. 5stagesoftozanbillharris.doc)
  10. Have heard and read from many sources that this might be the case. Like: -Tom Delong from Blink-182 had interviews with highly classified military personnel discussing these crafts and the book Sekret Machines is a hint about it. -There are 16 seasons of a show called Cosmic Disclosure on the platform Gaia with few different whistleblowers that have come out and told their story in the secret space programs. - Mainstream news sources like The Drive: Warzone reported a patent from the navy of a hybrid aerospace-underwater craft. - Different Steven Greer resources. - If you are into Qanon then these posts can be a good hint. - Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018) documentary. - The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. 40 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses testify before 6 former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence for extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1947 - At my country, Rauni-leena Lukkanen-kilde the former head surgeon of the Finnish Lappland had a ufo arrived besides her home after she had lunch with a conference attendee and was asked if she wanted to see a ufo. The radio was overwhelmed with the responses of witnesses at that time. I read that USA,Russia,China, Germany and Italy etc. has these technologies. These technologies can easily erase all poverty and highly increase the living standard of earths inhabitants. There are many pop culture terms about this and honestly not much science about it has been released yet. Some whistleblowers have told that the release of these technologies are inevitable in few years or decades. That is why they release bits of info to the public. As to prepare this to happen. It is not about whether these theories are true or not. It is whether our countries are actually hiding these technologies away from the public and why?
  11. I understand that these system are different. I can study the Gelug lineage, but unfortunately the Nyingma is something i want to avoid. As a good describable quote says: "The Nyingmapa School is often described as being little more than the indigenous Bon religion of Tibet with a thin veneer of Buddhism laid over the surface.". There is a theory of the soul of Gautama "who being unable to witness any longer the desecration of Buddhist philosophy by the false priests" in tibet, had to be reincarnated as Tsongkhapa, the founder of Gelug lineage to reform Buddhism in Tibet . This theory might still be biased.
  12. I do not know anything of western spiritual teachings besides a few western turquoise teachers. Eastern and original Theosophical teachings is the knowledge i base my views on. What do you think is black magic practices in western culture?
  13. Guess i have to research about the regulations as i have plane tickets to Norway on 5th June. Had to change the date because of the Coronavirus outbreak in April. SAS sells tickets to Norway but Finnair canceled all flights until the end of June.