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  1. Because, Consciousness is absolutely free. when you see through the illusion of the separate self, the question of free will naturally drops away, and then you simply have absolute Freedom as consciousness.
  2. Enjoyed that quiz to be honest.
  3. I get you, I've been exactly where you describe. What helped me was realizing 'enlightenment' is not simply some future idealistic moment, but its actually LIVING the understanding meaning living happiness, joy, fun, beauty, creativity etc etc and that is all there is! Literally, do whatever the fuck you love doing and just enjoy life, be happy and have fun! Otherwise you will simply live the rest of your days in your head telling you its not okay to enjoy life, its more than okay, in fact you are doing Truth / Enlightenment / Absolute Truth whatever you want to call it a disservice by not allowing yourself to enjoy this amazing creation we call life! Its meant to be fun!
  4. Complete freedom; do whatever the fuck you want basically. St Augustine put it best- 'Love and do whatever you want.' Not everything has to be utilitarian e.g. playing sport because you love it instead of simply Running to lose weight Just spend your life doing whatever you love and that will be dynamic, for example, what I love now at 21 I'm almost certain will be very different in a couple decades. Also, finding your LP / main projects to focus your time on is probably going to be helpful, and that could be an innumerable amount of things.
  5. @DocWatts I understand about the Moral Hazard, but to me that is more of an issue with Crony Capitalism, than true free markets, which sounds like a bit of a copout I know. If their was actual competition and not companies in bed with the government monopolizing industries I do feel the predatory aspect would lessen as consumers would go where they are treated best, for example, I'm happy to admit that I am looking into Private Healthcare over here as have been warned by relatives that the NHS is not going to be up to scratch over the next 5-10 years, he gave me this warning Pre-Covid so I can only imagine what it is like now. However, to give an example of public healthcare, I live in the UK and it isn't the paradise it is made out to be by many other countries. Of course it is much better than what is seen in the US but that is a topic for another day as you guys get fucked from both ends sadly from what I have seen lmao. Every year, we are told it is 'Overwhelmed' and needs more funding, and I mean every year. You can pretty much predict the headlines before they are written. I am not saying the NHS is the devil either, they have been great to me and my family over the years, but in the UK its sort of an unwritten sin not to question it, almost a little Cult like, which doesn't sit right with me, because if you can't question things, you can't have discussions on how they can be improved. Comcast- I agree, but in a fair private industry, one that isn't constantly bailed out, you have losses and businesses going out of business. Again, this is often prevented due to Short-Termism and X party not wanting to take the hit for destroying X industry, even though it is clear it needs to go. My rebuttal to this would be the same as any Socialist rebuttal- the 3 issues I mentioned before & an additional one. Also, if it was the case that running at Cost was more efficient, why would you simply limit this to X industries? When its not your money, you don't give nowhere near as much of a fuck about it. Here's an example, at my old school, each department got a budget each year from the local Council / Gov, and if they didn't spend this, it would be reduced. Therefore, come the end of the Fiscal year they would buy pointless shit they didn't need just so this budget wouldn't get reduced. If this was there own money, and not taxpayers / borrowed this would NEVER happen. Also, if this was the case, why has throughout history privatization of industries led to a far superior product / service, more efficient industry and a better experience for the consumers. I was lucky enough not to experience the 1970s in the UK where what pretty much most Left Wing governments propose happened- Nationalization, Higher Taxation etc. However, it was by far the least prosperous decade for us since WW2. And, while she divided the nation due to destroying certain industries and the short term pain this caused, Thatcher did spearhead economic growth throughout the 80s. Not to mention the rise of Extremism such as the national front was occurring due to the pain of the 70s. I know this is a very left leaning forum, but when looking at the data and real world examples of these proposals, not much really strikes me as actually being great in practice, even though it sounds great in theory. And, I'm also just playing devils advocate and trying to get as many opinions on each and every issue. I've also been reading a lot of Economics books (Including Karl Marx) and must say I have taken a liken to the Austrian School. But, I did vote Corbyn (UK sanders) in 2019, but defo would not do that now. For example, We've just re-nationalized the Railways in the UK literally yesterday, so I guess that will be a good example over the coming decade to see how that goes, although I wouldn't say it was ever truly Private, and it seems like more Gov intervention to fix the issues Gov intervention caused.
  6. @DocWatts What about if it is shown that these industries function better privatised? For example, in the UK when we De-Nationalised a lot of our industries we saw much more prosperity than we did when they were nationalised. Surely, it’s simply all about testing & whatever proves to be the most effective at providing the most prosperity for the most amount of people is best? And, that’s not to say their isn’t short term pain, but isn’t that to be expected with any system? Also, we have to remember, any public industry is not simply “free” but funded by taxes and / or borrowing (unsustainable of course) therefore, you are taking away X purchasing power of these people, and potentially preventing other sectors growth if said industry becomes bloated & inefficient, which is seems like a looooot of nationalised industries do as no matter how they perform, they get funding & often more when they perform badly. @amorri1010 Hmm still not convinced these function better than markets at all. What value form replaces prices then? And, how do you know what a society want. Sometimes I think people forget, economics isn’t a hard science, it’s based on Human actions, and humans are strange creatures lmao, I mean spend enough time on any social media platform and you realise no government could have the knowledge or know how to satisfy the myriad of desires & wants humans have.
  7. @Husseinisdoingfine Can I see your rebuttal of it then please? Or a country that actually thrived without Markets? Theory is great, but I would like to see an actual working solution of a Market-Less economy which we have not seen, despite plenty of attempts.
  8. I am so glad to hear you say this Leo, I can't take any socialist seriously who doesn't have a rebuttal to the Economic Calculation Problem that plagued 20th Century socialism.
  9. @Joel3102 Of course I would say this, but it’s genuinely the rise of Bitcoin & Crypto overall that has given Austrians another little run in the spotlight, at least that’s how I found them. Through Roger Ver (BCH advocate) who is a big advocate for P2P electronic money / economic freedom.
  10. @Joel3102 YESS!!! Thank You!!! I'm so glad someone else here has read some of the great Austrians (my favorite Economics school of thought) This is why I don't think Pure Socialism / Communism can ever work, one of the best ideas I have heard is replacing the welfare state with a Negative Income Tax (NIT), its such a simple yet profound way of helping the most impoverished in a nation. I also think the real issue countries face isn't so much 'Inequality' but serious Poverty, I don't think Billionaires would be hated like they are if everyone had a higher baseline, and if we shifted the focus from 'we have to make them poorer to make us richer', to making everyone more prosperous globally, I think that is a much more appealing standpoint that everyone wants? @Leo Gura Are you referring to Market Socialism?- 'Market socialism is a type of economic system involving the public, cooperative, or social ownership of the means of production in the framework of a market economy.' Or are you referring to Social Democracy (e.g. Bernie style)
  11. @Michal__ haha, exactly. I think a lot of the time it can be a spiritual ego / bypass issue. Like we all know working out & eating clean is good for our physical & mental well-being, so by simply saying it’s “not spiritual” is an easy way to get out of disciplining yourself and letting yourself off the hook. Could it also be a sign of a Blue / Orange shadow since to me it seems like a sign of healthy aspects of these stages if you have a good body & take care of yourself etc
  12. @Leo Gura When you get back into Training, who are you going to follow for training & nutrition advice out of interest? I like Greg Doucette & people like him as they openly admit they use Steroids My biggest pet peeves is the young “fake nattys” as they are targeting 14-25 year olds and giving them a lot of false hope, which is very dangerous imo. Gymshark really Need to sort this out.
  13. I’ll never stop going to the gym, I absolutely love how good it makes you feel and look. yes, I do it for health and because working out is fun & helps me maintain healthy eating & healthy habits such as discipline, routine and just healthy blue / orange habits. But, there’s defo an element of “Ego” in terms of comparing my body to last year, 2 years ago & wanting to look as good as possible, but it can also be seen as an “art” of testing your body well & sculpting it. There is also a way to do it sustainably- no drugs / Sarms etc, only using healthy supplements, maingaining instead of constant bulk / cut cycles which really isn’t great for you, using proper form, adding in cardio, other forms of exercise Its just like most sports & to be honest most things in life, they can be done from an egotistical / unconscious perspective or they can be made more & more conscious etc But, at the end of the day, life is all about having fun & enjoying yourself, so if you enjoy the process of working out & getting jacked, and aren’t causing harm, then do it! It also brings a myriad of physical / mental health benefits I haven’t even mentioned here
  14. I made a post early last year about the WHM and how great it was. So, as an update here's the key takeaways- Cold Showers / Cold Therapy is amazing and I'll likely do forms of it forever, its even better when combined with Heat Therapy (Sauna) etc The breathing method is best used in conjunction with the cold, there's a reason they are taught together by Wim Best benefits of WHM that effect daily life- Deep relaxation, increased energy, improved breathing (duh), Improved mood. Science behind it- The studies have shown improved Immune function, this is from a survey regarding WHM- https://www.wimhofmethod.com/benefits & has a list of all the benefits reported, pretty much its amazing lmao I mean I could go on but basically, I highly recommend Practicing it, Cold Shower & The breathing method are the BEST way I've found to start my day, but of course these things are subjective and it may not work as well for everyone, but I don't see many reasons not to try it. Also, these are the 5 other best biohacks I've found in the last year that have been awesome (not technically spirituality related like WHM but still) Air Purifier- Most recent, but greatest impact. Was waking up with stuffy nose often & due to living with smokers, this has been a lifesaver. Saunas- Imo, Saunas allow you to meditate & relax on a wayyyyy deeper level, they are also amazing for your health, Dr Rhonda Patrick covers this well. Grounding- Since I live in the UK this is mainly done on Grounding mats & bedsheets, recommend the 'Earthing' documentary for a rundown on this, such a simple addition. Purified Water- One most people know about but found this water bottle which made it so convenient & now will never drink tap water no matter where I go- https://www.livelarq.com/ (Also, I started using fluoride free toothpaste but I know that's controversial haha) Not a Biohack but thanks to @Michael569 I allowed myself relaxation time & to enjoy downtime instead of always focusing on growth & business etc, paradoxically it has helped me grow my business even faster. I just mean things like enjoying movies, drinking with friends, games, sports, just having fun with Gf / friends etc and essentially enjoying life! Sleep Cycle / Supplements- Fix your sleep & you won't regret it, I'd also add morning Nootropics