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  1. Do you stick it up your butt or her butt? Asking for a friend.
  2. Anything by Hesse is great. Check out "The Way of Being" by Joseph Knecht. The whole book is a conversation between Father and Son.
  3. Your investment should be directly correlated with your understanding. If you understand what bitcoin is, how and why it works, buy it. If you don't understand it, better not to buy.
  4. Do not make assumptions my friend. I am just asking a simple question.
  5. @Leo Gura In your direct daily experience, is time flowing linearly or non-linearly?
  6. I got something even better. He needs to tattoo an image of Donald Trump.
  7. I always wanted to go Meta.
  8. His current highest vision is to get you laid. There is no history. Enjoy the present.
  9. @OneIntoOne You are putting Leo on a pedestal. You have assumed how a guru looks like. You are the guru.
  10. Success is a Reality manifesting your desires. If you got everything you wanted, you too will think you are better than others.
  11. You only need one book: The Alabaster Girl by Zan Perrion. You are welcome.
  12. Good work, but I agree with @Flowerfaeiry. Try to come up with original content. Be creative. Don't spread the words of others since you might be just spreading their propaganda.
  13. That is what You think.
  14. If one is not in a meditative state while doing work/study, One has not mastered meditation.
  15. Check out the Fayman Lectures:
  16. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. - Isaac Asimov Those who go to war do not know how to resolve their disagreements peacefully. When both parties are convinced that they are right, they must fight over the right to be proven right. War is always won by he who is more right.
  17. The senses are perceived through thought as sensations. They are not just thought because sensing precedes thought. If you identify with thoughts too much, try a mediation practice. What you saw during your trip was real, but it is no longer real. Only the present is real. Trying to think of the past as Absolute is your delusion.
  18. We can't validate your subjective experience. From your description, you have had a glimpse, which should open your mind to a reality beyond materialism. I will tell you one thing... You have not transcended the ego until you love the ego. If you want to grow spiritually, you should love the finite. Do not go chasing high states, but rather use these experiences to grow your base state.
  19. You can't judge anyone's internal state from the outside. Make sure you are not spiritually bypassing all your life's problems. Evaluate every few months your internal happiness. If you are not improving your happiness level, you have to change something. Rinse and repeat. You can't actualize yourself if you are worried about money, working, or other people's opinions of you.
  20. Donald Trump is your daddy... Read his books.
  21. When the brand falls out of favor, just change the name.
  22. I didn't say you are right or wrong. I can sense the negativity in the tone of voice you write. Don't blame others. They have done the best they could. If you can do better, get into the arena and change things. Blaming others helps no one.
  23. Send me all your lies, and I will give you the truth. Take that pointing finger towards yourself. It will be more accurate.